- former student, teen martial artist; current veterinarian? (since 343-HdA2)
- former Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (228-PTr2 through 336-CEvF)
Aisha, circa season 2
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Full Name: Aisha Campbell (234-WSmF)
First Appearance: 222-NjE1
Last Appearance: 343-HdA2
Pictures: Aisha circa season 2 (shown at right), Aisha circa season 3, young Aisha
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  • Aisha and Kim simultaneously stopped Jacob's runaway stroller just before it and Jacob would've gone off a cliff.
  • Participating in the ninja competition alongside Rocky and Adam, Aisha landed seven successful attacks against her opponent(s) and had five landed on her; Adam and Rocky had ratios of 7 to 1 and 3 to 2, respectively.
  • Trapped in the Cave of Despair with Rocky, Adam, and Mr. Anderson, Aisha began using a hairpin from her hair to pick the lock on the chains restraining them; in 223-NjE2, she successfully opened the lock.


  • When Rocky and Adam were pessimistic as the Serpent of Darkness approached, Mr. Anderson reminded the three teens that they'd always been optimistic, and Aisha noted that the Power Rangers might save them.


  • Aisha's number in the Stone Canyon Triathalon was 146.
  • Aisha knew a bit about broadcast frequencies, as she'd spent the last three summers working at a radio station.
  • When Rocky picked up Billy's device which was now on the walkway instead of the grass, it was misshapen, with wires hanging out of it, yet Aisha was able to miraculously fix it in approximately thirteen seconds, mostly by tucking loose wires back into the casing.


  • Kim and Aisha sat together by a tree on the teens' picnic with the World Teen Summit members.


  • Aisha had thought transferring to Angel Grove High would be a big deal, but in the middle of their first day there, she, Rocky, and Adam now agreed that it was simple.
  • Seeing Aisha finding her locker while he emerged from Miss Appleby's classroom, Bulk told Aisha she looked nice on her first day and then offered to help her with her locker; she let him look at the card which contained her locker combination, and he ended up accidentally pulling the locker door off, causing what looked like a large assortment of fruit to fall out; this appeared to be Aisha's first time locating her locker, so the fruit probably wasn't hers.


  • Aisha took Trini's place as the Yellow Ranger.
  • Zordon told Aisha she was spirited and clever.


  • At school, Aisha told Adam that Sarah Diaz, a girl on the volleyball team, thought he was cute.
  • Aisha didn't like Sabrina (actually Scorpina in disguise) after she was quite rude to Aisha while meeting Adam.
  • Adam was planning on going hiking with Sabrina the next day, and he invited Aisha along for her to get to know Sabrina better; Aisha agreed to go but still didn't like Sabrina.
  • After she and Adam were confronted by the revealed Scorpina, Aisha told the villainess, "I knew there was something I didn't like about you!  I mean, besides your hair and your clothes."
  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword tied Adam and Aisha to a tree; neither Adam nor Aisha could then reach their Morphers; Blue Ranger later freed them.
  • Aisha appeared to be at the vice-versa dance alone.


  • Aisha told the amnesic Kimberly that she was Aisha's best friend; she said they went shopping together every day.
  • Kim had told Aisha they didn't need a reason to shop, but now in her amnesic state, Kim thought that it had been pathetic of her.
  • Discovering that Kim no longer liked to shop, Aisha remarked that Scatterbrain was more powerful than any of them had imagined.


  • During the Putty fight, Aisha called Zordon to tell him that there were Putties everywhere; Zordon sent Rocky to help, but the teens were soon able to defeat the Putties without Rocky's help after all.


  • Aisha gave a report on the history of television in Miss Appleby's class.


  • Aisha and Kim thought Firefighter Newman was cute.
  • Firefighter Newman selected Aisha to be Fire Safety Captain for Fire Safety Week because, among all of the students' essays, hers was the best.
  • Aisha's last name was Campbell.
  • The next morning, Aisha gave the class a talk about overloading electrical outlets.
  • In the middle of Aisha's fire safety demonstration, Aisha and Kim went on a tangent about gelling hair before curling.
  • After Bulk had shorted out a plug in class, Aisha disconnected the wires and sprayed the plug with a fire extinguisher; she then reminded the class that water and electricity didn't mix (although the short hadn't been due to water).
  • Aisha had Billy, Kim, and Tommy put up fire safety flyers in the Youth Center.
  • Billy seemed a bit intimidated by Aisha when she was giving them more flyers to put up.
  • Tommy was going to the park to meet Rocky and Adam for a run, and Aisha told him if he was going by the mall to put some flyers up there, and also at the library, the gas station, and the arcade.
  • Aisha insisted that Ernie fix the Juice Bar's minor problems immediately rather than by next week; Billy noted (with possible sarcasm) that Ernie seemed genuinely concerned, and she defensively explained that she was responsibe for the safety of everyone there and that she couldn't take any chances.
  • Aisha was rude when Tommy explained that they'd never made it to the mall (due to being attacked by Putties); she told him he'd better hurry if he was going to go to the library also.
  • Aisha wanted Ernie to take apart his juice machine so she could check the wiring.
  • After she, Kim, and Billy were shown Flame Head in the Command Center, Aisha stopped Kim and Billy from morphing as the two were reaching for their Morphers following Kim's call for the three of them; she said she would go to the park to fight the monster, which she said was hers, and she told Kim and Billy to stay in the Command Center to find some way to defeat it; Kim and Billy protested, but Zordon had them let her go alone.
  • During the Putty fight, morphed Aisha tried to do all the fighting, interrupting the other Rangers' fights with Putties; she even kicked a Putty in the back, knocking it into morphed Adam and sending the Putty and Adam tumbling back.
  • Zordon soon had Alpha teleport the four Rangers back to the Command Center; he told Aisha that he'd let her go to the park to learn an important lesson about teamwork (although she showed no sign of having learned a lesson during that time).
  • After words from Zordon and Tommy, Aisha finally realized the value of teamwork, saying she guessed she had a lot to learn about being a Power Ranger.
  • When Flame Head blew a stream of fire at the Rangers, Aisha had the Rangers combine their powers for an energy barrier which, as Aisha predicted, deflected the fire back at the monster.
  • In the Juice Bar after Flame Head was destroyed, Aisha apologized to the teens for the way she'd been acting.
  • Ernie gave Aisha a congratulations cake for her service as Fire Safety Captain.


  • To help the Bookala flee from Lord Zedd, Aisha thought to use a decoy Bookala to trick Zedd.
  • Aisha jokingly told the Bookala to steer clear from the Rangers if he were ever on this side of the universe again; most of the teens seemed unamused by her joke, but Tommy got a good chuckle out of it.


  • Shawna seemed annoyed that Aisha had transferred to Angel Grove High; Aisha reminded her that she'd been unable to do anything about being transferred.
  • Shawna was angry that Aisha didn't ever call her, but Aisha said she'd tried to call but that they kept missing each other, and that she had been really busy.
  • Aisha took Shawna and Kim to the park so they could get to know each other.
  • Aisha thought she and Shawna had known each other since the second grade, but Shawna corrected her that it was the first.
  • After Goldar had kidnapped Kim and Shawna from right next to Aisha, Aisha felt she'd failed as a Power Ranger, but Zordon reassured her that no one was blaming her; they were later rescued unharmed.


  • Billy put his hand on Aisha's shoulder as the three teens went to get some lunch.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Aisha showed the class a photo of her first dance recital when she was somewhere near seven or eight years old; her grandmother had been sick but managed to come anyway.
  • When the Rock of Time turned back time, young Aisha had long braids.
  • After young Bulk and Skull's prank on young Kim had backfired, young Aisha explained to Miss Appleby exactly what had happened.
  • Young Aisha gave young Kim a tissue, saying she never left home without one.
  • While the six kids were in the park, young Aisha taught young Kim a dance.


  • Aisha got long braids in her hair some time after learning in Miss Appleby's class that she and the other teens would be going to Australia but before going to the train station to go to the airport.


  • Helmetless Aisha was shown with her old hairstyle in the Command Center, but she would retain the braids at all times afterward.


  • Aisha, who hated rats, shrieked in alarm when three rats had crawled up behind her as she sat against a wall outside.


  • Aisha convinced Kim to run against Tommy for class president, saying it would be a clean race and that they needed more women in student government.


  • At the Angel Grove High book fair, a girl told Aisha they had a book on the career table on how to break into the fashion business, and Aisha said someone was finally talking her language.


  • Aisha said she loved reading.
  • Aisha used colored pencils to draw the stolen toys back into the storybook in which Tommy, Rocky, and Kim were trapped.


  • Aisha called Kim on the Juice Bar's phone to ask her how she was feeling today, as she was at home sick with the flu.


  • Aisha asked Dex his name even though one of his companions had already called him "Prince Dex."


  • After the teens had received their ninja powers and beaten the Tengas, Aisha looked forward to fighting Rito again.


  • When told that Kim had good and bad news, Aisha said she always liked the good news first.
  • Aisha thought Kim's mom's fiancee, a French painter, was cute.
  • That night, Kim talked on the phone with Aisha about Kim's having to move to Paris, with Kim in bed and Aisha in the upstairs room of her house.
  • Kim told Aisha that she couldn't just quit being a Ranger, and Aisha told her to meet them in the park before school the next day and that they'd think of something.
  • When Kim later admitted to her mom that she was unsure about moving to France to live with her mom and her mom's fiancee, Aisha and her parents invited Kim to live with them for the rest of the school year; Kim decided to finish up the school year and then go to France, and her mom agreed, once Aisha's parents assured her that it was no imposition, that it would be better for Kim to finish school in Angel Grove.


  • Billy and Aisha were having lunch together at the Juice Bar when Adam came in.
  • While the other four teens remained in the Command Center, Aisha accompanied Adam as he looked for his lantern, even though Alpha had promised to call if anything happened.


  • When morphed Billy charged Marvo the Meanie, morphed Aisha followed along, and the others' calling out for them not to rush in failed to prevent Billy and Aisha from attacking.
  • Marvo fired an orange energy beam from his hand, turning the Yellow and Blue Rangers into Ranger-colored liquids in different glass containers used in a laboratory; they were later restored by Rocky and Alpha.


  • Aisha and Billy were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class.
  • Before being turned into a football by Centiback, morphed Aisha simply cheered in the distance as morphed Rocky ran through a line of Tengas and attacked Centiback.


  • The Face Stealer stole Aisha's face and soul; she was freed when the other Rangers used ancient Kahmalan masks against the monster.


  • When Kim was accepted into the Angel Girls Club but Aisha wasn't, Aisha thought the reason was that Veronica just hated her, but the real reason was that her parents didn't make enough money.
  • Aisha had thought her family was doing great, since they had a nice house, and Aisha didn't need anything.
  • Aisha went home to spend some time with her grandmother while she was in town.
  • Aisha's grandmother gave her a heart necklace which had been in their family for generations.


  • When she and Alpha were trapped in the powerless Command Center, Aisha thought for Alpha to use his internal power to teleport her out to stop the disruption, coming from the Juice Bar.
  • Before leaving, Aisha gave Alpha her necklace, the energies of which might have offered some protection against Hate Master's hate spell; she said that if she could restore the Command Center's power, Alpha would need it to block the spell on the others.
  • By remembering her grandmother's words of wisdom about love conquering all, Aisha resisted the hate spell without her necklace and with Hate Master having obtained soil touched by her; Hate Master then left to recharge.
  • With the power back, Alpha used the love in Aisha's necklace to create a positive energy beam to counteract Hate Master's spell.
  • Kim and Aisha joined the Angel Girls Club together after Veronica had been kicked out and the turning down of less wealthy girls had ceased.


  • The invisible Miss Chief used love potion to make Bulk fall in love with Aisha, who happened to be walking by at the time; she was weirded out by his interest in her.
  • Aisha said, "Thank goodness," when it was found that Kim's infatuation with Skull was due to a love potion.
  • Bulk was trying to woo Aisha in the hallway at school when Finster's antidote cured him from the love spell, at which point they both nervously parted.
  • At the Junior Police Ball, Billy told Aisha, "Come on. Let's dance."; she jokingly feigned indecision and then quickly agreed, and as they held hands while going to the dance area, Aisha seemed to skip happily.


  • Aisha did volunteer work at the animal shelter with Dr. Wheeler.
  • Aisha loved working with animals.
  • Aisha and Kim found P.C., a white cat, in the park and liked her a lot.
  • Later that same day, Aisha brought P.C. to the outdoor cafe, where she met up with Tommy, Billy, and Kim.
  • When Kim asked if they got to keep the cat, Aisha said she had to try to find her a home at the animal shelter, but if no one claimed her by the end of the day (oddly, the same day they'd found the cat), she was theirs.
  • Aisha thought Tommy was a great guy who was sure to understand how Kim's gymnastics had given her little time to spend with him.
  • Aisha and Kim spend some time looking for P.C. after the cat had left the house when Kim had accidentally left the door open, but they then went to the Juice Bar without finding P.C..


  • Aisha found P.C. in the park just after Kat had left.


  • Aisha and Kim showed Kat around Angel Grove, shopping as they went.


  • Aisha was working at the animal shelter again.
  • After Crabby Cabbie was destroyed, Aisha had gone back to the animal shelter but had told Rocky that after everything Kim had gone through, dinner was on her.


  • On Christmas Eve, seemingly before Kim had given her powers to Kat (see "When" section), Aisha worked with Kim in the Youth Center to teach kids to sing Christmas carols for the Christmas Eve party.


  • When Tommy was suffering from junk food cravings due to having ingested the shrunken Ravenator monster, Aisha got the idea to test Tommy's resistance with an enormous sundae; once Tommy had resisted the sundae, Ravenator flew out of his mouth and expanded to normal size.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to give a ten-minute report on a language, Kat and Aisha tried to teach a chimp, Kelly, some sign language signals to demonstrate for the class.
  • In Aisha's house with Kelly, Aisha and Kat read sign language books.
  • Aisha and Kat left Kelly alone upstairs as they got something to eat, and Kelly left the house through the front door.
  • The day of the report, Kat's and Aisha's report went well; Kelly demonstrated a large number of signs.


  • Aisha entered herself and Kat in a contest for Angel Grove High's new school song.
  • Aisha loved to write music.
  • Both Aisha and Kat could sing.
  • Some time later, Aisha and Kat bought a lot of clothes at the mall in preparation for the singing contest.
  • Later still, the two girls were at Aisha's house practicing, using the same keyboard, headphones, and microphones as they'd used in the music room at Angel Grove High.
  • At the song contest, Aisha's and Kat's song was "Angel," performed with the same equipment as before, but without the headphones.
  • The lyrics to "Angel" were as follows: "Here we fly at Angel Grove High, and here we rise at Angel Grove High-y-igh. And we'll take on all the limits, and the obstacles of the roads ahead, the ways ahead, are always, they're always bright. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. An... gel... Gro... ove.... High."
  • The judges chose Aisha and Kat's song for Angel Grove High's new school song.


  • Before the six kids were evacuated from the Command Center in the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom") for Alpha to defuse the implosion device outside, young Aisha told Alpha they loved him.


  • Watching with the kids and Billy as Mayor Carrington presented the Aquitian Rangers with the Golden Star medals for bravery, young Aisha was ludicrously optimistic; she said she thought everything was okay again, but the Power Coins and regenerator had been destroyed, the Aquitian Rangers couldn't stay on Earth indefinitely, and they currently had no way to restore time.


  • When Zordon warned the kids and Billy of the danger of trying to get giant Bratboy (young Bulk) to fight from within, young Aisha said that Bulk was their friend and they had to try, and young Rocky nodded in agreement; this reaction from young Aisha came not long after young Rocky's private teasing of Bulk to Aisha had caused young Bulk and Skull to put Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in danger by throwing innertubes down on them from a bridge above the waterslide they had ridden down.

    339-WYTh young Aisha

  • Tideus sent young Aisha off on her Zeo quest, telling her to look to her heritage.


  • On her Zeo quest, young Aisha appeared in an African savannah in what seemed to be the present (see "Tanya").
  • When the kids and Billy thought of young Aisha on her quest, young Adam said that Aisha could take care of herself.
  • Young Aisha wore her communicator on the wrong wrist in this episode.
  • As young Aisha and young Tanya ran through the savannah, with Tanya panicking that the sun had gone down, the sun was still a good distance above the horizon.


  • Young Aisha and young Tanya reached the camp after nightfall.
  • Young Aisha apologized to Ashalla, the camp leader, for any trouble Tanya's rescuing of her might have caused.
  • Looking at young Aisha, Ashalla said it was as if she were looking at her own reflection fifty years ago.
  • When young Aisha remembered her mom telling her about her great aunt Ashalla, Ashalla said it was a sign that Aisha was home.
  • Ashalla told young Aisha that she, Aisha, had come to learn, to reach her potential, and to deliver them from this time of great struggle, in which the animals were sick from a plague and thus threatened the camp; she said that Aisha was the chosen one.
  • When young Aisha interjected that she had been sent there on a quest to find something, Ashalla said that she had often called on the power of her personal talisman (actually the yellow Zeo Subcrystal in a small chest) when she was unsure; she gave it to Aisha now in hopes that she would stay.
  • Yellow energy flowed up young Aisha's arms when she held it, and the subcrystal became colorless.
  • When young Aisha exclaimed that the subcrystal was what she had been sent there to find, Ashalla said that they had been told that there would be a time when it would save them and that perhaps that day had arrived.
  • The next morning, young Tanya had agreed to return to Aisha's home in Aisha's place with the yellow Zeo Subcrystal.
  • Based on what Aisha had told her, young Tanya was able to identify Zordon and Billy correctly.
  • Young Aisha told Zordon that she had to stay, since, with her knowledge of animals and her experience as a Power Ranger, she knew she could help find a cure for the animal plague threatening Tanya's camp.
  • Zordon told young Aisha that her decision to stay in Africa had altered the course of her family's history, and she would find that they had joined her when time was corrected (see "Orb of Doom").
  • Young Aisha acknowledged that this was the answer to her quest.
  • As young Aisha gave the yellow Zeo Subcrystal to young Tanya, yellow energy flowed up Tanya's arms from the subcrystal.
  • Young Aisha kept her communicator after sending young Tanya back with the yellow subcrystal in her place.
  • After the Zeo Crystal had returned time to the present, Zordon had Alpha locate Aisha in Africa again to make sure that she had made the transition safely; Aisha, a teen again, walked back to Ashalla, and Ashalla hugged her, telling her, "Welcome home, child," not appearing confused that Aisha had left as a child but returned as a teen.


  • Apparently the same day as the Sloans had found the lost tiki of Auric but had had it stolen by Louie Kaboom, a package from Aisha arrived at Kat's house for Tanya; in the package along with the key to Auric and a map to Mysterio Island was the following letter:

    Dear Tanya,

    Ashalla asked me to send you this key.  Your parents wanted you to have it.  This is the key to the lost tiki of Auric.  I'm also sending you a map that was found in your parents' belongings.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Knowing that Bulk and Skull didn't have parachutes on, Aisha invited them to "lead on" as they prepared to skydive; the teens laughed once Kim had pointed out just in time that the two punks weren't wearing parachutes.
  • The dark, unfinished building into which the Rangers pursued the ooze beings gave Adam the creeps, and Aisha agreed with him.
  • As the teens entered the ravaged Command Center, Aisha wondered what had happened there, even though Billy had already pointed out the ooze on the door.
  • Dulcea told Aisha she was the bear, fierce and unstoppable.
  • When the teens were attacked by an animate dinosaur skeleton in the Neola Jungle on Phaedos, Aisha backed herself up against a slope and was rescued by Rocky.
  • When the Ninjetti teens were battling the Gatekeepers outside the monolith, Aisha backed herself into a small crevice in a rock wall and was rescued a second time by Rocky.
  • Aisha told Fred she'd heard he was in line to be a Ranger one of these days.

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