Aisha's relatives
- relatives to Aisha Campbell
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  • Aisha's last name was Campbell.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Aisha showed the class a photo of her first dance recital, when she was near seven or eight year old; her grandmother had been sick but managed to come anyway.


  • Aisha's grandmother (a different grandmother from the one shown in Aisha's childhood photograph in 239-RBT1) was in town, and Aisha went home to spend some time with her.
  • Aisha's grandmother was wise, asking Aisha if she wanted to be part of a club like the one that had turned her down because her parents didn't make enough money; she told Aisha that she had to be strong and confident inside and rise above it all, and that some people had very small minds.
  • Aisha's grandmother gave Aisha a heart necklace which had been in their family for generations; she told Aisha that love conquered all.
  • Aisha's grandmother heard Aisha's communicator going off; Aisha told her that it was her alarm, reminding her of a meeting she'd forgotten about.


  • Looking at young Aisha in an unknown time period in Africa, Ashalla, the leader of Tanya's camp, said it was as if she were looking at her own reflection fifty years ago.
  • When young Aisha remembered her mom telling her about her great aunt Ashalla, Ashalla said it was a sign that Aisha was home.
  • Zordon told young Aisha, who had traveled from the past (see "Orb of Doom") into an unknown time in Africa, that her decision to stay in Africa had altered the course of her family's history, and she would find that they had joined her when time was corrected.

    Aisha's parents
    - parents of Aisha Campbell
    Aisha's parents
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    First Appearance: 308-ABWD
    Last Appearance: 308-ABWD


  • In the Youth Center, Aisha's parents were dressed in business attire.
  • When Kim admitted to her mom that she was unsure about moving to France to live with her mom and her mom's fiancee, Aisha and her parents invited Kim to live with them for the rest of the school year; Kim decided to finish up the school year and then go to France, and her mom agreed, once Aisha's parents assured her that it was no imposition, that it would be better for Kim to finish school in Angel Grove.
  • Aisha's parents were happy to welcome Kim into their family.


  • Aisha's parents had let Kim start a new garden at their house.


  • Aisha's membership into the Angel Girls Club was turned down because her parents didn't make enough money; Kim told Veronica that Aisha's dad had a very good job.

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