- high-ranking Time Force Officer from the year 3000; apparent descendant of Wes; former fiance of Jen (901-Fut1 through 939-EOT2)
- former Red Time Force Ranger (through 901-FrtF1, again in 929-FiAF through 930-DeDf)
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 939-EOT2


  • In a warehouse in Millennium City, Ransik prepared to escape into the past; having snuck in unseen, Alex eventually stepped out from between a stacks of crates, morphed as the Red Time Force Ranger.
  • Alex held outward his Time Force Badge and proclaimed to Ransik, "In the name of Time Force, I place you under arrest!"
  • Ransik and Alex told each other that neither one knew what he was up against, implying that it was their first face-to-face encounter.
  • When lunged at by Ransik, Alex spun sideways as he flipped back and grasped his Chrono-Saber (which was imbedded in the time gate's controls); they proceeded to clash at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Soon, a massive explosion blew out the warehouse's large front door; Alex then emerged leading out a defeated and shackled Ransik.
  • Alex demorphed in front of dozens of his fellow Time Force Officers.
  • Alex, an average-height man with slicked-back dark hair, possibly in his late teens or early twenties, wore a Time Force uniform identical to all others save for two differences: his right breast patch was doubled like Captain Logan's, and his undershirt was pea-green rather than black.
  • Captain Logan approached Alex and commended him; Alex thanked him, calling him, "Sir," and they exchanged salutes; Alex then handed over the confiscated time device and explained Ransik's plot.
  • Alex smirked when commenting to Logan that now Ransik wouldn't be going anywhere for a long time.
  • On his way past Jen, Captain Logan touched her arm and whispered, "Take care of him, Jen," implying he knew of their relationship.
  • Jen lovingly smiled at Alex; he didn't initially smile but did so when they embraced in a firm but warm hug.
  • Possibly the next day, Alex sat between Jen and Captain Logan on the front row of the courtroom while awaiting the verdict on Ransik; he could be seen leaning aside to speak to Logan, and he was soon on the balcony outside with Jen.
  • On a small balcony on the outside of one of the upper floors of the courthouse, Alex noted to Jen that now that Ransik and his gang were put away for good, they had a little more time to spend together; she smiled and replied that it'd be a nice change to actually have a date with her boyfriend, but he turned to her and said he was thinking of something "a little more permanent."
  • Alex held up a small crystal case from the palm of his hand, stunning Jen as he removed an engagement ring from within the case and slipped it on her left ring finger, asking with a cool smile, "Jennifer, will you marry me?"
  • Jen smiled widely, giggled, and gave him a loving hug; Alex ended the hug abruptly and asked if that meant yes, to which she laughed excitedly and replied, "Yes!" before hugging him deeply again.
  • As Alex stared into Jen's eyes, he reminded her that after Ransik was locked up, "it's you and me," to which she lovingly added, "forever."
  • At this point, the court reconvened, and Alex took Jen's hand as they returned inside.
  • Though Jen excitedly showed off her engagment ring to Trip, Lucas, and Katie on her way back to her and Alex's front-row seats, Alex made no contact with them.
  • Alex was wearing his Chrono-Morpher on his left wrist, over the cuff of his uniform's sleeve.
  • The morning after Ransik had escaped from Jen and her teammates, a radio dispatcher announced to all units that a "Code Red" was in progress at the prison (which was on an island); Alex, driving down a city road in a patrol car, swerved into a U-turn and responded that he was on his way.
  • Confronting Ransik on the prison landing pad, morphed Alex told Ransik he'd brought him in once, and he would do it again, but Ransik scoffed, perhaps having previously feigned defeat.
  • Ransik and morphed Alex clashed with their weapons, with Ransik soon grappling Alex; when Jen and her teammates arrived, Ransik pushed Alex forward and delivered a powerful blow to his back, resulting in a surge of blue electricity over Alex's limply staggering body; Alex then collapsed and was engulfed in a massive explosion.
  • When the smoke cleared, the Red Ranger was lying on the ground, his arm stretched out; Alex groaned Jen's name weakly and then involuntarily demorphed.
  • Jen cradled Alex on her lap, his face and hands covered with various smudges, bloody scrapes, and marks.
  • Alex weakly gave his Chrono-Morpher to Jen and added four more were in the Time Ship; only with them could they stop Ransik.
  • Jen shook her head and sobbed, "No!  I can't!" but Alex insisted she could; he weakly made her promise him that she wouldn't stop until she captured Ransik, no matter what, and she did.
  • Wiping the tears from Jen's cheek, Alex said, "You and me..." and she finished, "forever."; Alex then grunted a final time and dropped his bloody hand lifelessly against the cement.
  • Ransik later remarked of his battle (perhaps suspiciously) that it had been far too easy.
  • On the landing pad, a medic took over, pulling her away from Alex's body; she struggled angrily but eventually let the medical team try to resuscitate him.


  • According to internal documents associated with the show, Alex's last name was Drake.

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