- extraterrestrial life forms (excluding space colonists and other non-Earthlings otherwise known to be human)
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  • Rita threatened to turn Finster into a Sipian slug if he didn't make the monster she wanted.
  • Upon discovering that her henchmen were sleeping rather than preparing for the Rangers' arrival, Rita said she ought to turn them all into Octavian slime toads.


  • Finster used, among other traits, the strength of ten angry Octavian slime toads to create Dark Warrior.


  • Gooney bird eggs, large and blue with green spots and filled with green goo, were quite rare; when Squatt and Baboo ate the gooney bird eggs Fang had been saving in Angel Grove Park for lunch, the monster threatened to tear them apart.


  • In a book on UFOs, Bulk read about the powers of the ability to fly unassisted, disappearance on command, and super strength and concluded that the Power Rangers were definitely extraterrestrials; he and Skull drew white lines on the grass in the park to attract UFOs and the Rangers, and soon the Bookala's ship flew over them.


  • Watching Repellator chase Bulk and Skull on Earth, Zedd remarked that it was better than "big-time space wrestling."


  • Watching Centiback rapidly dance around in front of him to try to have Rita and Zedd give him another chance, Zedd remarked that the monster looked like a "Drovian warthog with a hotfoot." (Source: 311-FD&L outtake segment)


  • At Angel Grove Pines to sabotage warning signs, three silver Cogs carried snowboards and wore odd snowboarding hats bearing the designs of the generic "Gray" type of alien.


  • Prince Gasket used Video Vulture to broadcast the fight between Zeo Ranger Five and Gold Ranger in the Machine Empire; his intended audience is uncertain, but Rita and Zedd on the moon and the teens in the Power Chamber received the broadcast.


  • Trider, a lizardman alien who was the most powerful warrior of the planet Horath, a planet conquered by Prince Gasket, told Bulk and Skull in a cell of the Machine Arena that Gasket took the best warriors from each planet he conquered and put their powers in his machine monsters; Trider worked with Bulk and Skull, whom he assumed were the most powerful Earthlings, to sabotage the Machine Arena.
  • Trider told Bulk and Skull that when he returned to Horath, he and his people would make legends of the two.


  • A group of people taking the Angel Grove Monster Tour weren't impressed when Bulk and Skull said they'd seen an alien spacecraft (Divatox's subcraft) land in the lake; a girl said she'd seen some aliens once, and another man said he'd seen an alien ship too.


  • Among Divatox's ideas for the disposal of the Phantom Ranger was to feed him to the giant squid on "planet Vrenom" (spelling uncertain).


  • There were lunar bats flying around the Space Base's balcony; Divatox transformed one into Count Nocturn.
  • After being sprayed with the antidote gas Alpha had made from the enzymes of a lunar bat, Carlos was temporarily cured of his vampiric symptoms, but as long as Count Nocturn existed, Dimitria said, he would remain under the monster's spell; the monster was later destroyed.


  • DECA spoke over 3,000 languages, some of them presumably alien.


  • The day after seeing the Dark Fortress in the night sky, Bulk read about Professor Phenomenus, an expert on aliens, in the newspaper.
  • At the mention of aliens while speaking through his mailbox with Bulk and Skull, the Professor screeched up to Bulk and Skull in his modified purple RV, on which were the words, "Phenomenus Ingenious Inc." and the quote: "Universal dispersal of alien intruders."
  • Later, the Professor stopped the RV outside a NASADA guard booth, and Bulk and Skull assumed he'd brilliantly stopped there because of their top-secret alien spacecraft or their satellites and telescopes the size of cannons, but he had actually stopped because of a flat tire.
  • Suddenly, the Professor's alien detector inside the RV went off, and the three looked under the RV as the Professor called out, "There! Aliens!" while using the chirping striped wand device; moments later, three Quantrons suddenly appeared, startling them but making the Professor laugh.


  • As the Megaship flew through space, Andros was alone on the bridge searching galaxies for life with a transparent starmap showing various planets.
  • DECA told Andros no lifeforms were detected in the galaxy he was searching, so he had her scan the next sector, the Delta sector.
  • Driving down a road, Professor Phenomenus told Bulk and Skull that there were aliens right here on Earth, a concept which intrigued them, yet why they would've found this unusual after five straight years of attacks from evil space aliens is unclear.
  • The Professor explained that the aliens came as seedling aliens, eggs which grew larger with "each breath of the horrible creatures' insides," then one day broke out and attacked.
  • The Professor stopped and had himself, Bulk, and Skull explore a watermelon patch, where he thought a watermelon was an alien pod, but they soon found it was merely a seedless watermelon.


  • In the Onyx Tavern on the planet Onyx were numerous monsters, mutants, and aliens; see "Onyx" for a more detailed list of visitors.
  • Among the creatures in the Onyx Tavern was a "Gray" alien, with a very high collar on his tunic or outfit; he was talking with another creature, it seemed.
  • Soon, the Gray walked over to Psycho Yellow and began talking animatedly with her; another Gray was sitting further down at the end of the bar.


  • The Lunatick monster was capable of speech, but it was in an unknown alien language; this was relatively unique among monsters (and aliens, for that matter).


  • Moments after Ashley directed the scan for Darkonda's lab toward quadrant 989.2 after DECA had calculated the source vector data, DECA detected multiple lifeform energies, making the teens suspect they'd found it.


  • After defending the baby alien Seymour from Jakarak, Andros told Seymour to be a good little "monster" and run on home, as his mom was probably wondering where he was; such naming, as well as the similarities between Seymour and Jakarak, blur the distinction between aliens and monsters.


  • Organized by Astronema, Divatox would conquer Gratha despite the efforts of the Aquitian Rangers; the Machine Empire would conquer Phantom Ranger's home planet despite the efforts of Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion, as well as conquering the Rebels on KO-35; Rita and Zedd would conquer the defenseless Vica Galaxy despite the efforts of Gold Ranger; finally, Astronema would conquer Earth.
  • As the attacks were happening, Cassie was bewildered to see that Rita and Zedd were attacking the Vica Galaxy; as the Vica had no defenses, they wouldn't know what had hit them, according to Carlos.
  • Hours later, a hologram of Ecliptor's head appeared in the sky above each of the villain armies on the various planets, and he spoke, "Dark Specter is no more. Astronema, princess of evil, is now your supreme leader. It is for her that we fight, and for her we will conquer the universe! Good will be destroyed, and evil will rule."
  • After Ecliptor's speech, his face was replaced by Astronema's, looking down on her armies, and the villains began to bow in reverence.


  • Shortly, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • The next Earth morning, a wave of gold energy from Zordon's destruction radiated outward from the Dark Fortress near Earth as a ring of energy which spread throughout the universe; when the wave passed over the armies of evil, they were dissolved into piles of sand, with the exception of a few villains who were purified into human forms.
  • When all of the Machine Empire and its army was turned into piles of sand in the desert on Phantom's home planet, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion got up and looked around in amazement.
  • When the wave hit Rita and Zedd's forces, Rita and Zedd were the only survivors among their army; they had been transformed into a human couple in preppie clothes who danced away happily, confusing Gold Ranger.
  • The fate of evil technology, such as Velocifighters and Quadrafighters, is unknown.
  • On Gratha, Divatox was running through the jungle trying to escape when the wave hit, making her trip; she then found herself with long, flowing black hair, wearing a white dress identical to Dimitria's, and she was delighted to be alive.


  • When the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture on its flight, Commander Stanton warned everyone of the approaching alien ship and had them enter secured areas, telling them it wasn't a drill; people began fleeing inside buildings immediately after the word of an alien ship approaching, as though they were quite familiar with the possibility of an alien threat on their voyage.


  • In the Onyx Tavern, formerly populated by villains, there were numerous aliens, animal-based past monsters, and human-like tough guys, but each human having a slight modification/mutation in the face (see "Onyx" for further details).


  • When Kegler was explaining gravitational physics to Trakeena, she asked if he was speaking English, and he replied that he was; how evil space aliens, as well as most other aliens, managed to speak English is unknown.


  • According to a definition in Trakeena's video archives, Power Rangers were human beings with superhuman strengths and abilities whose fighting abilities far exceeded any other human and many non-human lifeforms.

    730-TenP alien merchant

  • On an orange planet with a blue sky from the surface (see Rashon), an alien with a black insectoid face (described as an "evil messenger" on the Fox Kids website) landed a craft, meeting up with Deviot on the surface.
  • Presenting a black case with a chain for a handle, the alien asked a question in an alien language, and Deviot presented the key in response, telling him to give him the box.
  • The alien allowed Deviot to unlock the box, and he removed the five Psycho Ranger data cards, wrapped in an embroidered black silklike cloth.
  • Behind Deviot, the alien had drawn a sword, but Deviot, apparently not having suspected treachery, turned and blasted, making the alien fall and explode.
  • When Andros arrived later, finding he was too late, Deviot had left behind the alien's flaming cloak, the discarded sword and case, and the abandoned spacecraft.


  • Stanton said much about the planet they'd probed (Mirinoi) looked very familiar: oxygen atmosphere, water, and carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as they knew it.


  • After Scorpius's cocoon had mutated Trakeena into a superpowered green form, her face was anatomically similar to a "Gray" alien, with almond-shaped (compound) eyes, no nose, and a small mouth opening from which her pink tongue occasionally licked.

    Pilot Episode

  • A TV anchorman referred to the space dumpster as the first alien object ever found.

    - hostile cloaked humanoid beings on the planet Kadix
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    First Appearance: 620-SvSv
    Last Appearance: 620-SvSv


  • On a desert planet called Kadix, the teens were collecting samples of certain pods for an unknown reason.
  • Andros told the teens, "Okay, guys, let's just find one more and that should do it for now."
  • With each of the teens wearing a translucent black sack, full of what looked like wood shavings, and carrying a spade, the teens dug up a good sample, a pod buried in the ground with small vine-like tendrils which had been sticking above the ground.
  • Ashley put the pod into Andros's sack, and he told them to get back to the ship and put it with the others.
  • As the teens walked away, four desert trees turned into brown-cloaked humanoid beings with unseen black-covered faces, wearing gloves, pants, and boots.
  • Suddenly, dozens of the beings emerged and surrounded the teens silently; Andros, unfamiliar with the beings but agreeing with the others that they didn't look friendly, had them flee, and all of the teens but Andros discarded their sacks to run.
  • Once they'd gotten somewhat close to the ship, the teens stopped, and Andros had them morph; afterwards, as they fought the beings, Andros slung his sack around like a weapon, apparently not concerned about damaging its contents.
  • Carlos said there were too many of them, and Andros agreed, deciding they should get out of there.
  • Just outside the Megaship, Andros gave Cassie his sack, telling her to get "them" inside; T.J., then Andros, began shooting the aliens to hold them back, then Andros finally sealed the hatch, but they attempted to attack the ship, opening exterior panels and attacking them.
  • Minutes later, after the Megaship had fallen back to Kadix due to the attacks of the Lunatick monster, having hatched from a pod the teens had collected and then having been flung from the Megaship's hull during the crash, the cloaked beings approached the ship, described by DECA as hostile aliens.
  • The Rangers emerged from the sliding door of the Megaship with their weapons and spotted Lunatick; he shouted something in an alien language, and dozens of the cloaked beings rushed forward to attack.
  • The Rangers fought the beings while at least holding their weapons, if not using them.
  • During the fight, several beings boarded the Megaship before Andros had DECA seal all doors.
  • More beings outside attacked exterior panels, and DECA announced a malfunction in the healing chamber, after which Zhane soon awoke from his cryogenic tube.
  • One being's swipe to Andros's morphed chest made him spark.


  • According to the Power Rangers in Space VCD collection, the Kadix beings were named Hideons.

    Galaxy Book thieves and collector creature
    - deceased alien travelers formerly in possession of Galaxy Book (before 718-ReMi), and accompanying monstrous alien
    collector creature
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    First Appearance: 718-ReMi
    Last Appearance: 718-ReMi
    Pictures: alien ship, crewmember skull, collector creature (shown at right)


  • One day, somewhere between the Earth and the Eurolean Galaxy, Terra Venture received a static-filled emergency transmission from an alien (referred to in this guide as an alien crewmember) begging for help; their ship was under attack, with explosions in the background, and the alien frantically didn't know if anyone could hear him.
  • The alien crewmember had protrusions from his head and had a somewhat humanoid face but was distinctly alien.
  • With a headset, Stanton replied, telling him to identify his position, but the alien crewmember kept pleading for help, not hearing him.
  • Presumably weeks or months later (see "Missing time"), Terra Venture came within ten kilometers of the alien ship, and a crew of soldiers approached in a heliship, not seeing any sign of an ongoing attack.
  • The alien vessel had a thin middle section and a wide head, with a tail portion for the engines; the ship was probably ten times or more the length of the heliship.
  • The heliship pressed its side against a docking port on the side of the middle of the thin middle section of the alien ship, and what looked like an acetylene torch cut through a metal wall inside the ship, making a doorway for the Terra Venture soldiers, but the area behind the soldiers appeared to be part of the ship as well.
  • Inside, the ship's corridors were dark and covered in webbing of some sort.
  • Soon, Mike discovered a sticky goo beneath his boot and followed a trail to a wall vault nearby leaking green ooze; there were several other vaults along the bottom of the wall.
  • Mike opened the panel to the vault, revealing the web- and/or slime- covered skeletal remains of one of the alien crewmembers.
  • One soldier said it looked like the alien had been trying to get out; Mike reported that he thought they'd found one of the crewmembers, or what was left of him, and Stanton told Mike to proceed with caution.
  • Up ahead, Leo found some metal double doors, slightly open with green slime on their insides, and the soldiers pulled them open, revealing the ravaged and web-covered bridge where a control wall was still looping the distress transmission, which had been recorded an unknown period of time in the past.
  • At the bridge's transmission seat was a crewmember's skeleton wrapped in sticky webbing; a faint glow briefly came from its chest inside.
  • Slightly disgusted, Leo pulled open sticky flaps/panels that might've been clothing, a cocoon, or even the alien's chest cavity; he revealed and pulled out the Galaxy Book.
  • Mike reported to Terra Venture that the message had been playing over and over and that whatever had been there was now long gone, but Kai suddenly detected an unknown lifeform rapidly moving in an erratic path through the tunnels toward the soldiers; it had probably reacted to the disturbing of the Galaxy Book.
  • There was firing in the tunnel outside, with the unseen alien creature quickly leaving, and soldiers were firing rapid yellow energy bursts from their rifles.
  • A female soldier urgently said something had grabbed Jasper, one of the soldiers, from the shadows.
  • As the soldiers moved through the tunnels, a bit of slime landed on Leo's rifle; he and Mike froze for a moment but then shouted to the others, aiming up at the creature on the ceiling.
  • The alien creature, with a humanoid physique but quite monstrous features, dropped down and attacked, slashing them and their weapons, knocking them back.
  • Leo grabbed his dropped rifle after being knocked back and shot at the creature, but it leapt up the wall onto the ceiling, where it crawled along dodging the laser fire, then dropped down and shoved Leo against a railing, making him drop the Galaxy Book over the edge.
  • Mike blasted the alien in the back, making it retreat; Leo was left exhausted but fine.
  • Leo said they were the only ones left, and Mike said they had to get his team back; Leo then realized the book was missing from his pack.
  • Below, near a cobwebbed crewmember skeleton, the alien creature picked up the Galaxy Book, the front square of which was glowing blue.
  • Walking on grating over a red area, Mike and Leo examined the webbing all over the floor, wondering what it was.
  • The two took a ladder down into the webby red area below, discovering numerous webbed cocoons containing the lost unconscious soldiers, whom they freed and awoke.
  • To enter the ship and help evacuate soldiers, the four Galaxy Rangers had to blast their way through another large metal wall.
  • As the last soldiers were released from their cocoons, Leo saw a glowing spot of light near the chest of an alien crewmember skeleton in a cocoon, and he tore it open to find the Galaxy Book having been recently placed inside the cocoon over the crewmember's chest.
  • As the soldiers climbed up, Leo told Mike he'd gotten the book, but just then, the creature from the ceiling peeked around the corner, apparently preparing to attack.
  • Leo and Mike grabbed their weapons off the floor and ran in another direction to buy the others some time as they fled.
  • The creature leapt sideways onto a wall pipe and then leapt off it.
  • Running from the creature, Leo and Mike unleashed a barrage of laser fire on the alien, stunning it, but explosions from stray fire began to erupt in the background, and the two ran off, knowing the place was about to blow.
  • Further down the corridor, Mike and Leo found a large door with a wall button, but it didn't work, so Leo thought for them to blast the door, causing it to fly off, revealing the vacuum of space which nearly sucked them out before they ducked beside the doorway.
  • As the alien creature ran down the tunnel growling and swiping its claws in the air, Leo and Mike agreed it wasn't looking good.
  • Just then, the heliship flew up beside the doorway.
  • After Leo had jumped across the void into the heliship, Mike began to leap holding the Galaxy Book, but the alien creature caught his foot, and Leo caught his hand from the heliship.
  • As explosions continued in the rear of the alien ship, morphed Kai flew by on his Jet Jammer and slashed the creature with his Quasar Saber, making it let go.
  • With Mike inside, the heliship flew away as explosions rocked the alien ship, even breaking a large side rear section off the large vessel.
  • As the heliship flew away, it was enveloped by the final massive fiery explosion of the alien vessel but managed to escape unharmed.
  • The reader will note that the alien creature's behavior was far more complicated than mere hostility; it showed extreme protectiveness for the Galaxy Book, an almost reverent regard for the people it cocooned (evidently giving the Galaxy Book to the - albeit long dead - alien crewmembers on two separate occasions), and no real evidence for hostility except when directly fired upon.

    - alien trader, discovered lost pink Quasar Saber in field (732-PQsS)
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    First Appearance: 732-PQsS
    Last Appearance: 732-PQsS


  • One day, the Pink Galaxy Ranger's Quasar Saber flew down to the planet Gwinnet and was found by a short humanoid named Runtus who'd been working in the field; Runtus was a little person with bronze, craggly skin, a beard, and a suit which included goggles.
  • Runtus was astounded by his find, and he brandished the Quasar Saber victoriously.
  • Runtus's name comes from the end credits and was confirmed by the Fox Kids website.
  • In a dream, Kendrix's ghost told Maya her saber had fallen into the wrong hands; why the saber had gone to Gwinnet is unknown.
  • Later, Runtus (actually Deviot in disguise) was weighing gold nuggets (possibly the payment Runtus had received for selling the saber) as Deviot's monsters Spikaka and Ironite stood guard outside his cabin; meanwhile, the real Runtus was gagged and tied up elsewhere in the cabin.
  • After Deviot had mislead the Rangers to the planet Kirassa, he returned to normal form and removed the gag from Runtus, demanding to know where the saber really was; Runtus told him it was on Onyx, at the auction.

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