Alpha Five
- sentient robot, former Command Center and Power Chamber assistant (101- DOTD through 503-SIT3)
Alpha Five
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 519-PTT2
Pictures: original form, original form (long shot), common form (shown at right), temporary new body, temporary new body (long shot)


  • Alpha Five, Zordon's Command Center assistant, thought that the earthquake caused by Rita's presence was "the big one" and that they'd all be destroyed.
  • Alpha was clutching what looked like a teddy bear with a robotic head when the earthquake struck the Command Center.
  • Alpha would use the exclamation "Ai yi yi" in moments which invoked emotions of any kind, from panic to elation (most commonly panic); in more extreme situations, the exclamation could contain four "yi"'s or, in rare cases, six "yi"'s.
  • On Alpha's chest was a yellow stylized lightning bolt similar to the Power Rangers' stylized lightning bolt symbol, but backwards.
  • Alpha didn't seem at all prepared for Rita's attack.
  • Zordon told Alpha to summon "five overbearing and overemotional humans": teenagers.
  • Alpha was initially opposed to using teenagers as Rangers.
  • After the teens had teleported into the Command Center, Alpha wasn't in sight until Billy began meddling with the controls, at which point Alpha rushed out to stop him, tripping in the process.
  • Billy called Alpha a "fully-sentient, multi-functional automaton."
  • Alpha's circuits overloaded from Kim's "not!" joke.
  • Alpha seemed to be unfamiliar with the concept of humor.


  • When the teens had arrived in the Command Center, Alpha asked the "homeboys" and "homegirls" what had brought them to "the hood," and Zack told him he'd been watching too much TV.
  • While Alpha was tinkering with the blue communicator, he suddenly began running randomly around the Command Center.
  • Zordon and Alpha fixed the communicators, enabling the teens to communicate and teleport with them.


  • Unless Zack was exaggerating the urgency of Alpha's request, Alpha had told Zack that he wanted to talk with him about something extremely important, while all Alpha wanted was dance lessons.
  • Some time after the Rangers' battle with the Minotaur, Alpha was so busy practicing his dance steps that he kept shorting out the control panel, causing some static over the communicators.


  • In the Command Center, Alpha was holding his robot-headed teddy bear.
  • While Jason was fighting King Sphinx in the children's theater, Alpha was in a panic because Jason was somehow isolated and contact was impossible.
  • Alpha had Billy, Zack, Kim, and Trini put their hands together and bring forth their Power Crystals; then, following Zordon's instruction, Alpha tapped the Morphing Grid and teleported the sack of Power Crystals to Jason while merely holding the sack in his hands.


  • Wearing a chef's hat and holding a hand mixer and a wooden spoon, Alpha told the teens he would help them with the food for the festival; either he was late in offering help with the original food, or he was aware of the food fight that had ruined much of the food.
  • Alpha made extra spicy subs to defeat Pudgy Pig a bit too late, but then teleported the trays to the teens to help out with the festival; he did so seemingly by force of will while holding them.


  • It seemed as though Alpha teleported the teens right out of the hallway at school without giving them any warning.
  • Zordon had Alpha go to a dimensional gap that contained a singing squash; though Alpha was reluctant, he teleported by pressing in his two lower yellow buttons on his chestplate, causing him to teleport in white energy to the dimensional gap.
  • Alpha's internal defense system was an electrical field which shocked anyone who touched his head; it did so as he was surrounded by Putties while retrieving the singing squash.


  • After learning that Kim was in a plane that was going down, Alpha told her to morph out of there if her life was in danger, but Bulk and Skull were also in the plane, unconscious.
  • Alpha and/or Zordon had sent a message to Angel Grove Airport so there would be an ambulance waiting when the plane landed, presumably because Alpha and Zordon had learned by then that Steve (the pilot) was unconscious or hurt.


  • Alpha's lower chest lights were momentarily red rather than yellow; this happened again in 110-FPIS, 115-SwPl, and 116-BigS.


  • Once Alpha had returned Sylvia to normal by dumping a bucket of water on her in Billy's garage, he muttered, "Detection alert," then, "Hiding," several times as he went to stand motionless in the corner.


  • Except in a few shots throughout the episode, Alpha's torso had a slightly different design, including lower yellow buttons which were far apart rather than close; the frequency of the reappearances of the close yellow buttons would slowly taper off until a last appearance in 246- RGR3.
  • Upon discovering that the Genie's power source was the lamp, Alpha planned to "zap" it in the teleporter.
  • When briefed on the dangers of improperly destroying the lamp, Alpha remarked, "saving a planet is certainly not as easy as it used to be."
  • Alpha made the magic lamp dissolve with white energy from the Command Center's teleporter; the giant Genie then vanished in white energy as well.


  • Alpha was angry with Rita for capturing Maria and suspending her from a rope so that the Rangers would bring her the Power Eggs.


  • Alpha recharged at a stand with a red electrical orb suspended at about head height; he was unaware of his surroundings and probably unconscious while recharging.
  • Green Ranger inserted a virus disc into the slot in the top of the yellow panel in Alpha's back; the slot was vertical such that the disc had to be inserted downward into it.
  • Alpha had a recharge port under the back of his right shoulder plate.
  • Alpha managed to send the teens a warped, skipping transmission, despite being infected with a virus disc.
  • Billy's removal of the disc partially cured Alpha, but his memory chips remained scrambled.
  • Alpha temporarily shut down when his quasitronic circuitry overloaded.


  • Billy removed Alpha's backplate to make repairs; he was soon online again and began searching for Zordon's signal.


  • Alpha hadn't seen Scorpina in over ten thousand years.


  • Green Ranger shut Alpha down by removing a small transparent clip from Alpha's lower back.
  • Alpha's backup systems kicked in as Green Ranger continued his efforts to banish Zordon to another dimension.
  • When the restrained Green Ranger threatened Alpha, Alpha decided to see who he really was; Green Ranger escaped before Alpha had the chance.
  • Alpha asked Billy about the chances of bringing Zordon back, and Billy said about 10%.


  • Alpha's exaggerated pessimism ("Rita will rule the world!  She'll enslave mankind!  She'll destroy the Command Center again!") convinced the teens not to give up.
  • Alpha successfully re-established the computer linkup between the Command Center and Zordon.
  • Zordon was very proud of Alpha's leadership capabilities in his absence.


  • Alpha said there was no known cure for Shellshock's stoplight freeze ray, but Zordon then spoke of the rare flower called the deandra which could reverse the effects of the ray.


  • After the battle with Spit Flower, Tommy had Alpha help him put the finishing touches on the model float he was rebuilding for Kim in Billy's garage.
  • Alpha didn't know the names of the tools Tommy was using.


  • Alpha casually strolled into the masquerade party in the Youth Center; he'd wanted to party with the teens, and he figured the party would be the perfect opportunity, as everyone was wearing a disguise.
  • Alpha wasn't shown in the Command Center when the teens teleported in, but he was then present despite having been at the masquerade party earlier.
  • Alpha's head spun around when Zordon described the Super Putties.
  • Not seeing Alpha at the masquerade party after the Rangers' battle with the Frankenstein monster, Billy wondered what had happened to Alpha, yet Alpha had been in the Command Center for the teens' debriefing about the Super Putties.
  • Once Alpha was shown at the party again, Kim called him by name in front of other people at the party.
  • Ernie awarded the blue ribbon for the costume contest to Alpha.
  • Alpha left the Youth Center pursued by three girls, Bulk, and Skull.


  • Smoke was coming from Alpha as he watched the Rangers being transported to the Island of Illusion.


  • Alpha tried to boost their signal to the Island of Illusion by rerouting the main computer's microflux transponder; in trying this, he accidentally blew a fuse, causing him to yelp in pain.
  • When Alpha tried the bypass circuit, the controls repeatedly zapped Alpha's posterior with white energy bolts.
  • When Alpha touched a button on the supposedly repaired control panel, a spark sent him running out of control through the Command Center; Alpha then kicked the control panel, causing it to smoke from the bottom.


  • Zordon and Alpha had encountered Cyclopsis ten thousand years ago.
  • After Rita had summoned Lokar and used his power to reconstruct Cyclopsis, Alpha was scanning the computer memory for more data on Lokar while Zordon had the teens wait for their Zords to re-energize.


  • Alpha discovered that because Rita was on Earth, the Command Center computer was able to penetrate her data bank, giving them access to her files of spells and secrets and allowing them to reduce her power or even stop her altogether.
  • After the Rangers' victory, Alpha, holding a gold handkerchief, sneezed and explained that he'd caught a computer virus.


  • Alpha called Zordon "Sir."


  • Alpha designed a spray to temporarily relieve Jason from his itching spell, but the spray wore off when morphed Jason fought Fighting Flea.


  • Alpha made a chemical coating that would shield the Rangers' suits from Jellyfish; when he applied it to the suits, they temporarily sparkled with rapid, thin, white lines.


  • Alpha said he was Billy's friend.
  • Under Rita's spell, Billy deactivated Alpha by ripping something black from Alpha's backside; Trini later reactivated him.


  • Alpha thought for the teens to use their Power Coins to bring back Zordon.
  • Alpha said that Zordon's return was too emotional for his robotic neurons.


  • Alpha made a blue device bearing the Triceratops symbol to blow foam on Grumble Bee, presumably to disrupt his ability to generate sonic attacks.


  • Alpha watched the filming of Kim's episode of Trick or Treat on the Viewing Globe.


  • When the Rangers retreated after being blasted by the weapons of the Mutant Rangers, it was revealed that Alpha had prepared new and more powerful Power Weapons (which looked identical to the old ones) in case of such an emergency; the new weapons appeared in the Rangers' hands in their respective energy colors, with Tommy also getting a new Dragon Dagger.


  • Alpha said Zedd's power was unmatched by anything they'd ever seen before.


  • After Pirantishead had frozen four of the Dinozords and taken control of the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, Zordon said it was fortunate that they'd anticipated Zedd's return and had Alpha prepare for "phase two."
  • After Zordon had told the Rangers about the need for new Zords, Alpha walked the helmetless Rangers outside of the Command Center, where the five seemingly immaterial Thunderzords flew overheard through a dark, stormy sky.


  • When the Rangers prepared to assemble the Power Blaster to stall for time, Alpha was afraid that the Rangers would destroy the evil Zords and thus be unable to control the Thunderzords; the Rangers ended up aiming the Power Blaster at the Zords briefly but then firing at Pirantishead instead.
  • Following Zordon's instructions after Zedd had stripped the Dinozords of their power and sunk them into a lava pit, Alpha managed to save enough of the Dinozords to create the Thunderzords.
  • Alpha excitedly cheered for the Rangers as they powered up their Thunderzords, causing Zordon to chuckle.


  • After Zordon had de-ionized and the teens had left, Alpha moped about being left alone in the "big, scary Command Center."
  • Alpha was bored, so he looked at the park in the Viewing Globe; upon seeing young Dylan having lost his mother, Alpha decided he didn't need the Rangers to save the day, so he teleported with white energy by pressing his two yellow chest buttons, first declaring, "Alpha Ranger to the rescue!"
  • Alpha appeared from white energy, sitting down, on the park trail directly in front of Bulk and Skull, who then ran away screaming.
  • Alpha told Dylan, "I'm Alpha Five, Command Center prototype."
  • Alpha wasn't familiar with soccer.
  • Primator, disguised as Billy, reprimanded Alpha and tried to get him to take him to the Command Center.
  • Primator was unable to hold his illusion upon seeing his reflection in the top of Alpha's head, but Alpha's head was a dull gold color, not at all reflective.
  • When Primator grabbed Alpha and demanded that he take him to the Command Center, Alpha activated his self-destruct program with his center, small, oblong buttons, sending tiny pink specks flickering across his body, and he then grew prone.
  • There were over ten minutes in Alpha's self-destruct timer.
  • Billy used the controls on Alpha's chest to disarm his self-destruct sequence with two seconds remaining.
  • Although he knew Alpha had meant well, Zordon reprimanded Alpha for leaving the Command Center without telling the teens.
  • When Trini joked that she thought Alpha would be grounded for a few thousand years, he was upset that he'd never learn to play soccer.


  • Alpha had soaked the enchanted shades in a special energy beam so that when Zack and Billy put them on, they removed the hallucination spell over the two teens.


  • Alpha told Kim that reenergizing Tommy the way they had done before was no longer an option.


  • Tommy told Kim the results of Alpha's bioscan on him would come in the next day.
  • When Zordon told Tommy the next day that their last effort to restore his powers had failed, Alpha was still attempting to pinpoint the source of the hologram from the future.


  • As the teens' plan to find Tommy to cheer Jason up had been interrupted by Goldar, Alpha located Tommy on the Viewing Globe after the Rangers had escaped from the Dimension of Doom.


  • When Alpha pointed out that all was safe and secure in Angel Grove, Zordon suggested they use the lull to prepare for the secret mission they had to embark upon; he had Alpha ready the master control panel and prepare to transport into the hidden chamber.
  • After Alpha adjusted the controls, Zordon's image dispersed into his side cylinders, and after saying preparations were complete, Alpha walked through a doorway of light which had appeared.
  • Before entering the doorway of light, Alpha remarked to himself, "This is so exciting. I can't believe the big day is finally here."
  • While creating the White Ranger, Alpha was walking around in the hidden chamber, beside the table on which White Ranger was lying, but Zordon couldn't be seen as he gave instructions to Alpha and participated in the Ranger-creation process.
    ?   Watching through a ceiling grate of the hidden chamber, Billy remarked to himself fairly loudly about Zordon and Alpha creating a new Ranger; it seemed as though Zordon and Alpha should have been able to hear him.


  • In the Command Center after the completion of the White Ranger, Alpha brought the master control panel back online and restored full power; Zordon then reappeared in his tube from his side cylinders; Alpha, excited, told him everything was ready and that it was time to summon the Rangers.
  • When the teens were delighted to discover that Tommy was the White Ranger, Alpha pretended to rub his eyes and sighed happily at all the human emotion.
  • The Thunderzords had been damaged in the fight with giant Nimrod in 217-WhL1; Zordon had Billy and Trini teleport to the damaged Zords to begin repair on them, saying Alpha would provide them with all the information they needed; the Assault Team later appeared to be repaired by the end of White Ranger's fight with giant Nimrod.


  • When Tommy, Kim, and Billy needed the help of Jason, Zack, and Trini, who had no one to take care of the kids they were chaperoning, Alpha went to take the three chaperoning teens' places; since it was Halloween, he was able to pass undetected.


  • After Tommy, Kim, and Billy had called the Command Center following the abduction of Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson, Zordon told Alpha to use his scanners to locate Trini, Zack, and Jason, then teleport them to the Command Center immediately; this would have given the three no time to move to a discreet location.


  • Zordon said it was imperative they establish the location coordinates of the kidnapped Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson; when the computer reported that they were in a closed area in another dimension, Alpha realized they must've been taken to Zedd's "Dimension of Despair."
  • When Zordon pointed out after the destruction of Hatchasaurus the continued need for the Rangers to attend to both Terror Blossom and the captured Stone Canyon teens, Alpha had the Rangers split up into two teams again.


  • Saying Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were the only other people to know the identities of the Power Rangers, Zordon told the three that Alpha had conducted an analysis on their background and determined them to be model citizens: loyal, fair, and trustworthy; he then had them take the following vow: "I swear upon the forces of goodness to maintain the secret of the true identities of the Power Rangers."


  • After Goldar and Scorpina had grown, Zordon, fearing the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord wouldn't be strong enough, had Alpha boost the power output of the Thunder Ultrazord.


  • Alpha was looking forward to surprising the Rangers with the Power Cannon, which he was constructing in the Command Center.


  • In reference to three of the teens having been demorphed and given amnesia by Scatterbrain, Alpha admitted to Zordon that he'd never been so worried.


  • When Alpha exclaimed "Ai yi yi" while watching the Megatigerzord battle giant Cannontop, Zordon gave him a brief speech about having faith in Tommy's ability to lead the Power Rangers to victory.


  • Alpha didn't seem familiar with the Bookala.
  • From the Command Center, Alpha monitored Zedd's recharging of Serpentera.


  • Sensing a disturbance in the Earth's rotation, caused by the Rock of Time, Alpha programmed the computer to monitor the teens while he tried to fix the Earth's rotation.
  • Zordon had Alpha construct a remote molecular descrambler device to restore the six kids back to teens.
  • Alpha was terrified by their current predicament.


  • Zordon sent Alpha to the park with the laser stun scanner to stop Goldar from taking from young Bulk and Skull the photograph in which the six kids were trapped.
  • Alpha teleported with white energy.
  • Alpha used the laser stun scanner to temporarily freeze Goldar and Photomare in their tracks with white energy.
  • A bit later, Alpha teleported into the main hallway in Angel Grove High School in front of Mr. Caplan, carrying his descrambler instead of the stun device; Mr. Caplan said hello, then Alpha realized he'd teleported to the wrong hallway and vanished.
  • Alpha had mentioned teleporting into the wrong hallway, but he then teleported into Miss Appleby's room (where young Bulk and Skull were), which was off the main hallway which he called the wrong one.
  • Alpha used the laser stun scanner to cause young Bulk and Skull to fall asleep and lose their recent memories.
  • When Zordon spoke to Alpha remotely, the kids, near Alpha, could hear the transmission.


  • Alpha missed the teens while they were in Australia.
  • Alpha went for a little walk outside when Zordon told him they shouldn't have to worry about any emergencies while the teens were gone.
  • There were some wildflowers in the desert around the Command Center, but Alpha noted that it was still quite barren, so he tapped into the Morphing Grid and caused some flowers to emerge from the ground.
  • With two Putties to hold Alpha, Finster teleported to the area where Alpha was outside the Command Center and forcefully inserted a virus disc which turned Alpha evil.
  • Evil Alpha had the teens morph and teleport to the abandoned Spectre Theater (secretly a power vortex) in downtown Angel Grove, then wait for further instructions.
  • Evil Alpha shut down Zordon's communicator so he couldn't warn the teens, then soon muted Zordon so he didn't have to listen to him.
  • Evil Alpha made a blue moustache, a headband of flowers, blue hair, and old-fashioned glasses appear on Zordon's image.


  • Watching the Rangers fight a slew of monsters in the Spectre Theater, evil Alpha remarked that it was better than cable TV, and cheaper as well.
  • When Zordon referred to the Rangers as Alpha's friends, evil Alpha laughed at the idea, since the Rangers were always teleporting here and there, getting all the glory, but now, he said, he would be famous for destroying the Rangers.
  • Evil Alpha secretly teleported Bulk and Skull into the Outback in Australian wilderness outfits.
  • Evil Alpha made Zordon dissolve with white energy into his side columns.
  • Evil Alpha remotely cut off the Zords' power supply, suddenly shutting down all power to the shields, allowing the reactor (presumably the Thunder Megazord's) to take a major hit.
  • Evil Alpha then teleported the Rangers back to the Spectre Theater.


  • When the alarm sounded, evil Alpha knew that it meant Zedd must have sent monsters and Putties to guard the Rangers in the theater.
  • Evil Alpha gloated that the Command Center would be all his, then said he thought he liked this bad guy stuff.
  • After Rita and Zedd had married, evil Alpha grabbed his buttocks and shrieked, then said something big must be happening on the moon.
  • Evil Alpha threatened to ionize the whole Command Center when Billy approached him, but Billy successfully removed the virus disc, reverting Alpha to normal.
  • Alpha later teleported Bulk and Skull back to where they had been earlier, back in their normal clothes.


  • When Zordon described the wizard as his old rival, the Wizard of Deception, Alpha exclaimed that there was no telling what he'd do.


  • Following Billy's idea, Alpha created a handheld electromagnet with a range of ten yards for White Ranger to use to retrieve Saba from Rita.


  • Alpha temporarily had a thin black tube connecting his helmet to his back.


  • An Alpha was in the Command Center in the year 1880, but based on Alpha Five's calculated age (see below), this was probably Alpha Four, later shown to be deactivated in the Command Center basement in present day.
  • The lower yellow lights on 1880's Alpha's chestplate were far apart, while early Alpha Five had had close lights but later changed to this form.


  • Alpha was sitting on the step leading to the Viewing Globe, very sad; he explained to Zordon that he'd been monitoring the galactic scanner when he picked up a distress signal from Edenoi.
  • Edenoi was the home planet of Alpha Five.
  • Alpha's memory banks contained many fond memories of Edenoi.
  • King Lexian, Edenoi's leader, had assembled and given life to Alpha Five; since Edenoite generations were apparently no longer than a century, Alpha must have been created in the 20th century and merely shared the memories of Alphas before him.
  • Alpha was distressed because his scan had detected no trace of Lexian, and Edenoi appeared to be under heavy attack.
  • Billy was surprised that Alpha, a robot, sounded sad, but Alpha had on many occasions demonstrated the capacity for emotion.
  • Alpha said Lexian was like a father to him.
  • Alpha was deeply touched by the teens willingness to investigate the situation on Edenoi for his sake.
  • Tommy explained to Dex that they'd come because their friend "Alpha Five" had believed the Edenoites were in danger, and Dex replied that friends of "Alpha" were friends of theirs.


  • Alpha was frustrated because, as he said, they'd never been out of contact with the Rangers for so long, but the communicators' new chips were supposed to allow communication over the distance to Edenoi.


  • Alpha and Zordon had found a map to Ninjor's temple when they'd originally found the Power Coins; based on Alpha's calculated age, this had to have been a previous Alpha.
  • When the teens convinced Zordon to allow Alpha to give the teens the map to the temple, Alpha handed the map to Billy.


  • After repairing the Viewing Globe, Alpha recognized the Tenga Warriors on sight, and he knew Rito's full name.


  • Alpha recognized the Vampirus monster on sight.


  • Scanning the liquids into which five of the Rangers had been transformed, Alpha said he didn't have the formulas in his memory banks for the type of conversion that would turn the Rangers back to normal and that he hadn't been programmed for this.


  • Alpha's power source was independent from the Command Center.
  • Trying to think of an explanation for the shutdown of the Command Center and Zordon, Alpha realized there was only one person familiar with their entire command system: Billy.
  • When Zedd's monster Hate Master was spreading hate throughout Angel Grove, Alpha said he hated Zedd, but then he took it back, since that's what Zedd wanted.
  • Aisha thought for Alpha to use his internal power to teleport her out of the Command Center.
  • When Aisha activated the feed between Alpha and the Command Center computer (a length of wire running from the computer, up the bottom of Alpha's chestplate) with one of the round buttons on his chest, Alpha was able to pinpoint the source of the power blockage, coming from the Juice Bar.
  • Alpha didn't have enough power to get Aisha all the way to the Juice Bar, but he did have the power to teleport her to the park.


  • Since the Face Stealer was clearly a dangerous monster, Zordon said the Rangers would need the added power of Titanus to defeat him, then asked Alpha if he had made all the necessary modifications to accommodate the Ninja Ultrazord; Alpha was still completing them.


  • Searching for a power source that could substitute for Kimberly's stolen Power Coin, Alpha said he was so nervous that all the silicone [sic] was sweating out of his central processor.
  • Timidly poking his head out from behind a console after being forced to teleport Zedd into the Command Center, Alpha called Zedd "Ed," as though he knew that Rito's calling him "Ed" bothered him.


  • Alpha said Zordon was never wrong.
  • When told to contact the teens, Alpha hoped they weren't off scuba diving.
  • Zordon told the Rangers that to stop the Crabby Cabbie, they would have to surround him from all sides, and to do that, they would need faster, new vehicles; Alpha knew that Zordon was referring to the new Shark Cycles without his even mentioning the vehicles' names.
  • Seeing the Shark Cycles for the first time, Billy told Alpha he'd really outdone himself (although it hadn't yet been stated that Alpha had created the cycles).
  • Alpha told the Rangers that he'd equipped the Shark Cycles with several battle features, should they find themselves in trouble.


  • Kim had Alpha teleport Kat to the Command Center to be the new Pink Ranger, having asked Alpha and Kat to be ready in case the teens and Zordon had convinced her to go to Florida to train for the Pan Global Games.


  • On Christmas Eve, the Command Center's interior was decorated with an assortment of Christmas decorations.


  • Master Vile's arrival on the moon temporarily disabled Alpha, as well as the Command Center's lights and communication.
  • Perhaps having anticipated Master Vile's arrival, Zordon and Alpha had been working on the Metallic Armor to protect the Rangers in battle.


  • As Master Vile worked to summon the Orb of Doom on the moon, a gravitational disturbance from the moon decalibrated the Command Center's instruments; Alpha and Zordon were both concerned by the activity.


  • The Orb of Doom had reverted the Command Center to its past form, but Alpha and Zordon retained their memories of the present.
  • At this point in the past, Alpha and Zordon had been spring cleaning, and Alpha had unplugged the control panel (thus deactivating the Command Center) to plug in the vacuum cleaner.
  • When Zordon refused to give the six kids powers, young Billy mentioned that they needed more Rangers, prompting Alpha to think to call the Aquitian Rangers; Zordon had thought of this, but he knew Earth's atmosphere would be inhospitable to them and that they would be putting their lives at great risk; the six kids convinced him to call the Aquitians anyway.
  • Alpha told Zordon that the Aquitian Rangers would want them to call them for help.


  • Before leaving to disarm the implosion device that had been planted outside the Command Center, Alpha told the kids not to worry, as there would always be an Alpha Six if something should happen to him.
  • Alpha teleported the six kids out of the Command Center after young Aisha had told him they loved him; only once the kids were gone did he say he loved them too.
  • Outside, Alpha nervously used a device to deactivate the implosion device's main core with purple energy, then he snipped a wire on the implosion device, stopping the fuse in its tracks.
  • While defusing the implosion device, Alpha was sweating, and he wiped off his visor with a small hand wiper blade.
  • Alpha said next time he would try it with his eyes open.
  • Later, Alpha briefed the Aquitian Rangers on the Earth Rangers' powers, and young Billy prepared a briefing on the summoning and operating of the Shogunzords.


  • Cestro helped Alpha fix the Command Center's retro-animating circuits; they hadn't been running right lately.
  • Zordon and Alpha expressed no surprise that Billy's age had been restored. (Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • Billy gave credit to Alpha for helping him to assemble four of the five Zeo Subcrystals.


  • After the Zeo Crystal had restored time, the five teens teleported to the lake to say goodbye to the Aquitian Rangers while Tanya stayed with Alpha for him to begin explaining all of the details of being a Ranger.
  • Alpha was explaining to Tanya, "Morphing is when you..." when Rito and Goldar teleported into the Command Center and stole the Zeo Crystal; Alpha suddenly shouted, "Ai yi yi! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"
  • When explosions began rocking the Command Center after Rito and Goldar had left and the teens had returned, Zordon and Alpha ordered the six teens to evacuate, but they wouldn't leave, not wanting to leave Alpha behind; Alpha used the controls to teleport the teens to an area within view of the Command Center's mountain.
  • As the Command Center continued to explode, Alpha looked up at Zordon's tube, in which Zordon may or may not have been at the time, and screamed, "Ai yi yi yi yi! Zordon, I don't know what to do! Ai yi yi yi yi!!"


  • In Tommy's flashback of the destruction of the Command Center, Alpha's voice was momentarily slurred, covering up his "I don't know what to do" line which he had originally said in 343-HdA2. (Note: There were two versions of this episode, one of which did not have this flashback.)
  • After the Zeo Crystal had sent the six teens falling into the Command Center basement and begun reconstructing the Command Center exterior, the teens wandered through the tunnels in search of the source of a loud clunk and a vibrating noise; they soon heard Alpha's echoing voice (seemingly coming from above) saying, "Re-established communication with data pathways. Serial port enabled."
  • Immediately afterward, Alpha exclaimed, "Ai yi yi!" just before the tunnels quaked with what seemed an explosion; around that time, the Command Center exterior had been completely rebuilt, and Billy theorized that the noise had been the foundation re-settling.
  • When the six teens appeared in the Power Chamber after stepping into the vortex as he had verbally instructed them, Alpha emerged from the Alpha-shaped recess in the wall (beside Zordon's new tube) and greeted them.
  • Alpha explained, "The Power Chamber has always been here. We knew there could be a time when the Command Center would become vulnerable to an attack."
  • When the teens asked about Zordon, Alpha nervously (almost sadly) apologized deeply and realized he should have told them the news right away; in the continuation of this scene in 402-AZB2, however, his reply to the teens' same inquiry was different, as he cheerfully told them Zordon was just fine.


  • Zordon asked the six teens how they liked his and Alpha's surprise, the Power Chamber; he told them that Alpha had been working on it for months.
  • The teens' battery of questions about the Machine Empire made Alpha temporarily short out, begin to smoke, and shoot sparks from the bump on his head.
  • When, perhaps another day, at the outdoor cafe, Tommy asked what they would do if the Machine Empire launched a full assault since the old Zords were gone, Billy replied, "We're working on that. You won't believe what we came up with."; apparently, he had been collaborating with Zordon and/or Alpha in working on the Zeozords.


  • Billy and Alpha were shown walking in from the direction of the Power Chamber's east entrance as Billy protested the Rangers' using the Zeozords before they could be tested.


  • Excited along with Alpha about the new Zeo Battle Helmets, Billy remarked that he and the others could've used the helmets back in "the old days"; Alpha joked that it was a shame they'd had to get by with only bows and arrows.
  • When the Rangers needed to use the Battle Helmets without first testing them, Alpha tried to warn that the helmets could backfire, but Billy insisted there was no other choice.


  • After the teens had morphed to fight Boohoo and Cogs, Tommy told Kat to stay with Joey while he and the others did battle; Alpha soon teleported in to take Kat's place to allow Kat to join the others in battle.
  • Yellow energy bolts from a Cog's spear electrocuted Alpha, shorting him out.
  • Soon afterward, Billy was running diagnostics on Alpha, who was now sitting up, deactivated, on the Power Chamber's medical table.
  • Billy did something to Alpha's chest to bring him back to life.


  • As the Rangers tested the Zeo Jet Cycles around a lake, Kat noted that Billy and Alpha had worked really hard on the bikes.


  • Billy told the Rangers that he and Alpha had been working on a new device that might break up evil Puppetman's frequency; Alpha said the Defender Wheel was designed to spin at a certain RPM which would probably be able to counter Puppetman's frequency.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed evil Puppetman, Alpha reassembled the robot, this time with a deflector to prevent Mondo from regaining control.


  • Adam suggested taking a sample of Rocky's mutant, metal-eating plant to Alpha to ask about it, and then Rocky, apparently not having heard Adam, got the same idea, and they left to take the sample to Alpha after Rocky had clipped off a bit of its leaf.


  • Alpha said he'd never seen a computer virus quite like Mean Screen's; it had somehow managed to infiltrate the Power Chamber's computer network and was spreading so quickly that he couldn't isolate it long enough to destroy it; it kept branching into different systems.
  • Alpha had been working to reconfigure the Defender Wheel; after making it immune to Mean Screen's virus, Alpha teleported it to the Rangers.


  • When Tommy teleported into the Power Chamber in the middle of the night, Alpha was standing motionless in his recess in the wall, with a yellow nightcap on his head; when Tommy woke him, Alpha was startled, initially thinking that Tommy was an intruder.


  • When the Rangers considered the implications of Defector's possibly being truthful in his rebellion from the Machine Empire, Alpha noted that he would finally have some company of his own kind.


  • Billy and Alpha worked together to complete the Zeo Cannon.


  • Around Christmastime, the Power Chamber's exterior had Christmas lights all over it; inside was a Christmas tree, holly leaves, and Christmas lights, and on the Pink Ranger's head in the gallery was a Santa hat; there was a large red bow on the base of Zordon's tube.
  • Alpha opened a large gold box from Zordon (who was smiling), and it was a pair of bunny slippers which he loved.
  • Alpha's present to Zordon, something he'd programmed himself, was the image of a Santa hat and red scarf on Zordon's image; Zordon chuckled and thanked Alpha, saying it was very thoughtful.


  • In the Power Chamber after the Gold Ranger had arrived and used Pyramidas to destroy giant Wolfbane, Alpha told the teens that he didn't yet have any word on Billy; Billy then entered the Power Chamber without any real explanation for his absence during the Gold Ranger's appearance.


  • When the teens went to the Power Chamber for debriefing on the latest monster, Somnibot, and discussed altering her frequency, they wondered where Billy was; Alpha said he was sure Billy would be there soon.
  • Alpha adjusted the Rangers' Zeo power frequencies to protect them from Somnibot, but he needed Billy's help for one final calculation.


  • Gold Ranger knew Zordon and Alpha's names, leaving them to wonder how he knew them.


  • Alpha accompanied the six Rangers and Billy as they went outside into the mountains to look at the Super Zeozords for the first time. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • Alpha had a sense of scent; he was able to smell that the Rangers stank from Stenchy's rank ray.


  • Alpha lamented that the Power Chamber felt so empty without Billy there; Zordon, after agreeing, explained that it had been important for Billy to go to Triforia and help the Trey with their unification process.
  • As a temporary solution to allow the Rangers to use the Super Zeozords without Tommy, Alpha devised a remote much like the old Falconzord remote, allowing Super Zeozord Five to fight giant Cruel Chrome with the other Super Zeozords.
  • After Cruel Chrome (having been created from Detective Stone's "wavejumper," as Alpha called it) was destroyed, Alpha replaced the waverunner with an identical one.


  • Alpha was pleased when it appeared that the teens had stopped by the Power Chamber for a surprise visit; they were actually there because of Tommy's suspicion that time was repeating itself.


  • While Kat and old Billy went to the Youth Center as Billy looked for a lost invention that might reverse his rapid aging, the other teens worked with various chemicals in the Power Chamber; for no apparent reason, Alpha then rolled through the room a skeleton display bearing a sign which read, "Very old."


  • Alpha ran a test on Jason to determine the reason for the waning of the Gold Ranger powers.
  • The Rangers summoned the Zeozords to fight giant Gasket and Archerina, but when the Zeo Megazord was quickly overpowered, Alpha thought to pilot the Red Battlezord and Super Zeozords by remote.
  • The Super Zeo Megazord, being controlled remotely by Alpha, threw one saber at giant Archerina, knocking the bow from her hands.


  • Alpha, working the energy analyzer to scan Jason, wished Billy were there, but Zordon reassured him he was doing fine.

    500-TPRM Alpha Five's new body

  • Alpha now had a shiny, redesigned body, but he was still Alpha Five.
  • After Lerigot had landed on Earth one evening, Alpha walked in from the northwestern entrance to tell Zordon of Lerigot's arrival.
  • Alpha looked around for Zordon, who wasn't in his tube; Zordon then shimmered into existence in his tube, and Alpha said Zordon had startled him.
  • Lerigot said "Alpha" several times as Tommy and Kat approached him.
  • Alpha seemed quite familiar with Lerigot's weakness to the sun; he explained that although the sun had taken its toll on Lerigot, the treatment he was receiving on the medical table would at least temporarily restore his life force.
  • Alpha and Lerigot, being good friends, could communicate with purring and clicking sounds.
  • After Justin had taken Rocky's place as the Blue Ranger, Alpha had had to give him a crash-course in driving.


  • As the teens prepared for their graduation, Alpha said through Adam's communicator that Zordon needed them in the Power Chamber right away, then chuckled.
  • Alpha had made a cake all by himself to celebrate the teens' graduation; only Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Justin came to the Power Chamber to receive the gift.
  • Alpha's cake, bearing the words, "Congratulations Rangers!", had what looked like black, yellow, red, pink, and blue Ninja Ranger figurines on it.
  • Alpha said he was so happy he could cry.
  • Alpha wouldn't let Justin touch the other teens' graduation cake.
  • When Bulk and Skull's chimp chattering came in over the Power Chamber's audio system, Alpha said he'd never seen anything like the transmission before.


  • Monitoring a wormhole on the Viewing Screen as he and Zordon secretly prepared for their imminent departure to Eltar, Alpha remarked, "Oh, isn't it exciting?"
  • When he suddenly realized Justin was in the room, Alpha quickly turned off the Viewing Screen.
  • Alpha was nervous and defensive; after Justin had left, Alpha remarked that that had been a close one; Zordon said the time would come to tell the teens soon enough.
  • Alpha soon told Zordon the wormhole would be completely open soon, but it would only remain open for a matter of moments, so Zordon had Alpha send a message to send for Lerigot right away so they would be prepared.
  • When the time was growing close and Lerigot still hadn't replied, Alpha was worried, but Zordon reminded him that Lerigot had never let them down in the past.
  • After appearing in the Power Chamber, Lerigot asked Zordon and Alpha if they were going home soon, and Alpha told him they were.
  • Zordon told Alpha to call the teens as soon as the wormhole was ready.


  • When the four teens found Lerigot in the Power Chamber after Zordon had called them, they assumed he'd come all this way just for their graduation, but Zordon said he was afraid there was more to it; as Alpha sobbed, he continued, "There is no easy way to tell you this, Rangers. ... Lerigot has returned to give me my freedom. I will soon return to my home planet to rejoin my own family. I realize this is difficult, Rangers, but the time has come to bid farewell."
  • The four teens were shocked to learn that Zordon, and Alpha too, were leaving; when they wondered who would cover their backs, as Tanya said, he replied that he'd made arrangements so that they wouldn't be alone.
  • When Porto's wormhole closer was beginning to close the wormhole, Zordon said if they didn't hurry, they might have to stay, and that perhaps they'd be able to return home another time.
  • Once the Rangers had returned after making the vehicles retreat, Zordon told the Rangers that due to Divatox's wormhole-closing device, he and Alpha had to leave right away; his final speech was, "Words cannot express the gifts you have given me and the people of Earth. We will miss you dearly."
  • With the Rangers again forming a circle around him, Lerigot again produced gold sparkles from his Golden Key, and the sparkles surrounded and dissolved Zordon's image, then more swept up Alpha, then the two swirls of gold sparkles flew out the main cylinder of the Power Chamber's exterior and into the wormhole in space.
  • The wormhole closer began to make the wormhole close on Alpha and Zordon; if it closed on them, they would be gone forever.
  • The wormhole closer shut off after giant Amphibitor had been destroyed, and Zordon and Alpha's gold streaks then finished passing through the wormhole.
  • When the Rangers returned after destroying Amphibitor and disabling the wormhole closer, Lerigot told them that Zordon and Alpha were home, and he then left.
  • Alpha Six's body was identical to the one Alpha Five had recently obtained; since the two Alphas were not shown together with the same body, it's possible there was only one such new, shiny body.


  • After appearing in the ceremony chamber for the teens' passing on of their powers to the new teens, Zordon told the teens, "Rangers, it is so good to see you again. Alpha [Five] and I are honored to participate in this historic transformation."; Alpha Five then appeared in his old body from white energy in front of Zordon's tube; nearby was Alpha Six in the shiny body.


  • On Eltar, Zordon and Alpha Five had built robotic duplicates of the teens, mentally identical to the originals, and the teens now tested them for several days to see how real the robot teens were and whether they could endure the battle against evil.


  • Alpha Five remained unaccounted for after the fall of Eltar and Zordon's capture; it may be noted that Blue Senturion apparently survived despite having gone to Eltar to help fight the invasion.

    Pilot Episode Alpha Five, pilot episode

  • Alpha had a completely different body, yet he was still Alpha Five.
  • Alpha feared the earthquake felt in the Command Center was "the big one."
  • Alpha said he'd been afraid of Zoltar's selecting teenagers.
  • Alpha greeted the teens as "dudes and dudettes" after they'd been teleported into the Command Center.
  • Impressed, Billy referred to Alpha as a "fully-sentient, multifunctional automaton."
  • Billy pushed a button on Alpha's chest, causing Alpha to turn around.
  • Zoltar referred to Alpha as his trusted assistant.
  • Alpha simply chuckled in response to Kim's "psych!" joke, while in 101- DOTD, he'd shorted out as a result of Kim's similar "not!" joke, having been unfamiliar with the concept of humor.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Having cared for Zordon before the great battle with Rita, Alpha (an unknown model) found a way to maintain communication following Zordon's imprisonment in his time warp by constructing an interdimensional communication device in the Command Center.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • According to the introductory narration, Alpha Five helped Zordon seek out six extraordinary teenagers (presumably the modern-day team) to become a "superhuman fighting force."
  • Alpha still used the "ai yi yi" exclamation. Alpha Five, MMPR: The Movie
  • Alpha's body was redesigned, with a shiny, less wide head and a smaller lightning bolt which now had multicolored lines of light running through its black display; he had tiny gold shoulder plating and a much larger dome on the top of his head; he was also taller and thinner, and all parts of his body which had been a dull golden color were now gold and shiny.
  • Alpha karate chopped Ivan in the stomach, but his attack did nothing to repel the intruder.
  • A purple energy bolt from Ivan's finger spun Alpha's head around and made him stagger around the Command Center, muttering to himself.
  • After Ivan had ravaged the Command Center and the teens had arrived some time later, Alpha was mentally back to normal, but his body was weak and slightly singed; he told the teens he would be fine.
  • Alpha told the teens that the power (see "Monolith") on the distant planet of Phaedos might be able to save Zordon.
  • When Zordon wanted to contact the teens on Phaedos, Alpha looked for a vertical deflector to try to contact them through the Viewing Globe.
  • When the Rangers used their combined energies to repair the Command Center and revive Zordon, Alpha also regained his shininess.

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