Alpha robots
- series of sentient robots, generally aides to Power Rangers
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  • Alpha Five identified himself as "Alpha Five, Command Center prototype."

    251-WWR2 Alpha Four?

  • An Alpha was in the Command Center in the year 1880, but based on Alpha Five's calculated age (see below), this was probably Alpha Four, later shown to be deactivated in the Command Center basement in present day.
  • The 1880's Command Center alarm was going off before Kim had teleported in; presumably it had been tripped by the Putties, Goldar, and Needlenose, but Zordon and Alpha, both active at the time, were unaware of the creatures in Angel Grove until Kim spoke of them.
  • The lower yellow lights on 1880's Alpha's chestplate were far apart, while early Alpha Five had had close lights but later changed to this form.
  • When the Pink Ranger first teleported into the Command Center in 1880, Alpha initially mistook her for an intruder but was then startled to see she was a Power Ranger.
  • When Kim told Zordon she was from the future and had been made a Ranger to help fight Lord Zedd and Rita, Alpha exclaimed, "Ai yi yi!  Rita and Zedd?!  Where?!"
  • Upon seeing that Goldar, Needlenose, and Putties were indeed attacking Angel Grove (currently a wild west town), Alpha asked Zordon what they were going to do.


  • Edenoi was the home planet of Alpha Five.
  • King Lexian, Edenoi's leader, had assembled and given life to Alpha Five; since Edenoite generations were apparently no longer than a century, Alpha may have been created in the 20th century and merely shared the memories of Alphas before him.
  • Tommy explained to Dex that they'd come to Edenoi because their friend "Alpha Five" had believed the Edenoites were in danger, and Dex replied that friends of "Alpha" were friends of theirs.


  • Alpha and Zordon had found a map to Ninjor's temple when they'd originally found the Power Coins; based on Alpha Five's calculated age, this may have been a previous Alpha.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Alpha Five, before leaving to disarm the implosion device that had been planted outside the Command Center, told the kids not to worry, as there would always be an Alpha Six if something should happen to him.


  • An armless Alpha upper body was shown covered in cobwebs in a cardboard box labeled "Command Center" in the Command Center's basement.


  • In the basement after time was restored was a black hard plastic crate with red lettering which read "Alpha 4."


  • Alpha now had a shiny, redesigned body, but he was still Alpha Five.


  • After Zordon and Alpha Five had left for Eltar, Alpha Six walked into the Power Chamber from the northwest doorway soon before Dimitria made her entrance as Zordon's replacement. Alpha Six
  • Alpha Six's body was identical to the one Alpha Five had recently obtained; since the two Alphas were not shown together with the same body, it's possible there was only one such new, shiny body.
  • Alpha Six used the phrase, "Yo yo yo," in place of Alpha Five's, "Ai yi yi," though his use of the phrase was not provoked by extreme emotion like Alpha Five's "Ai yi yi"'s had been.
  • Alpha Six called himself the latest and greatest in a long line of Alphas.


  • Arriving in white energy to witness the teens' passing of their powers to the new teens, Alpha Five had his old body; nearby was Alpha Six in the shiny body.


  • Inside, Carlos said they'd have to wait until they got back to Earth before Alpha Six's speech board could be fixed, but Andros then took Alpha aside and fixed him with spare Alpha parts he apparently happened to have lying around in the cargo bay.
  • As Andros worked on Alpha's back, he asked the robot his mission, and Alpha, cycling through different voices, spoke, "My mission is to protect the Power Rangers.  And their quest, to protect the universe from the forces of evil.  One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers."
  • When the repairs were done, Alpha spoke with a chirpy voice and used "Ay yi yi yi yi," sounding much like Alpha Five; Andros explained he didn't have a computer chip of Alpha's old voice, but Alpha cheerfully replied he was happy with his new voice.

    Pilot Episode

  • Alpha Five had a completely different body, yet he was still Alpha Five.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Having cared for Zordon before the great battle with Rita, Alpha (an unknown model) found a way to maintain communication following Zordon's imprisonment in his time warp by constructing an interdimensional communication device in the Command Center.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Alpha Five had a quite different body, yet he was still Alpha Five.

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