Alpha Six
- sentient robot, former Power Chamber assistant (503-SIT3 through 545-CIS2)
- former Astro Megaship assistant (601-FON1 through 744-End2)
Alpha Six
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First Appearance: 503-SIT3
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Pictures: Alpha Six (shown at right)
Alpha Six (long shot)


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Alpha Five, before leaving to disarm the implosion device that had been planted outside the Command Center, told the six kids not to worry, as there would always be an Alpha Six if something should happen to him.


  • Alpha Five now had a new shiny body which would primarily be associated with Alpha Six.


  • The four teens were shocked to learn that Zordon, and Alpha Five too, were leaving; when they wondered who would cover their backs, as Tanya said, Zordon replied that he'd made arrangements so that they wouldn't be alone.
  • After a wormhole had been opened from Earth to Eltar for Zordon to return home, Dimitria was already on her way through the wormhole before Lerigot gave Zordon his freedom; there was only one being, however, according to Divatox's subcraft's sensors, traveling to Earth, so Alpha Six was presumably already in the Power Chamber at the time.
  • Gold sparkles from Lerigot's Golden Key surrounded and dissolved Zordon's image, then more swept up Alpha Five, then the two swirls of gold sparkles flew out the main cylinder of the Power Chamber's exterior and into the wormhole in space.
  • After Lerigot had left once Zordon and Alpha Five's sparkles had made it through the wormhole, Alpha Six walked into the Power Chamber from the northwest doorway.
  • Alpha Six's body was identical to the one Alpha Five had recently obtained; since the two Alphas were not shown together with the same body, it's possible there was only one such new, shiny body.
  • Alpha Six had an antagonistic personality and spoke with a New York accent.
  • Alpha Six used the phrase, "Yo yo yo," in place of Alpha Five's, "Ai yi yi," though his use of the phrase was not provoked by extreme emotion like Alpha Five's "Ai yi yi"'s had been.
  • Alpha Six called himself the latest and greatest in a long line of Alphas.
  • When Dimitria arrived in the Power Chamber, Alpha welcomed her, then told the Rangers who she was, chuckling that she made quite an entrance.


  • After apparently watching as four of the teens were beaten up and captured by Shadow Rangers, leaving Tommy to retreat to the Power Chamber, Alpha playfully leapt at Tommy with a karate stance and remarked on how the Shadow Rangers had really been beating the teens.
  • Tommy was impatient with Alpha Six's playful attitude over the capture of the other teens, and when Dimitria wouldn't answer his question about the Shadow Rangers' powers, he was frustrated, wanting her to tell him what to do about finding the teens and fighting the Shadow Rangers.
  • Alpha told Tommy he didn't get it, that Dimitria was from Inquiris, as in "inquire," and that she didn't give answers, only questions; Tommy adamantly brought up that Zordon would always guide them, but Alpha replied, "Yo yo yo! Look, she ain't Zordon. And you don't have a lot of time, so you'd better get with the program, slick."


  • When the alarm was going off as the rest of the teens entered the Power Chamber, Alpha was irritated by the sound of the alarm and fumbled to turn it off.


  • Alpha was disgusted by the mushiness of Kat's fond talk to Justin that she knew he was too smart not to figure out a solution to his problem with Reggie and Junior.


  • Alpha described Blue Senturion to the four teens as being a robot; apparently, he wasn't familiar with Blue Senturion.
  • When Tommy called Alpha to come with wire cutters to disable the detonator inside Blue Senturion, Alpha's head flew down, and his body then appeared from it.
  • Holding wire cutters and wearing a toolbelt, Alpha told the Rangers (or perhaps just Tommy or even Blue Senturion) they were lucky, as he hadn't been able to find the wire cutters the previous week.
  • After opening Blue Senturion's back panel, Alpha snipped a yellow wire, causing Blue Senturion's right arm to go up; Justin snipped a different wire, raising his other arm; finally, they decided it had to be the purple one, and they disabled the detonator by cutting the purple wire.


  • Arriving in white energy to witness the teens' passing of their powers to the new teens, Alpha Five had his old body; nearby was Alpha Six in the shiny body.


  • Just as Alpha called the teens in regard to recent vanishings in Angel Grove, Translucitor made the Power Chamber, Alpha, and Dimitria vanish as well, shifting them into an alternate dimension of invisibility.


  • After Havoc, Divatox's brother, had sent a transmission to the Power Chamber telling the Rangers to meet him at the Angel Grove Pier to discuss their terms of surrender or he would destroy the Earth, Alpha said sarcastically that he couldn't wait to meet the rest of the family; apparently this had been the first time Alpha had met Havoc.


  • Alpha was distraught as Phantom led the Rangers underground, but Dimitria told him not to lose hope.
  • Alpha wasn't familiar with the sound of Artillatron's engines roaring.


  • After Havoc had ambushed the Phantom, Alpha knew Havoc was after the Power Ruby rather than the Phantom, but actually, both Havoc and Divatox had also wanted revenge on the Phantom.


  • The teens tested some new booster fuel formulas designed by Alpha for Lightning Cruiser.


  • After Carlos had been turned into a vampire by Count Nocturn, Alpha made an antidote from the enzymes of a lunar bat, and he had the medical table spray Carlos with the antidote gas, temporarily curing his vampiric symptoms.


  • Alpha made an antidote for Justin's super strength, which was incompatible with his Ranger powers.


  • In the Power Chamber, the computer indicated from the components stolen by Piranhatron that Divatox was building a remote control system for her Zords (plural), but Alpha then seemed surprised by the arrival of a second evil Zord, the Sharkzord.
  • As the Catzord was overloading from Rygog's using too much power, Alpha suggested the power inversion, and as the Rangers activated it, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out from Catzord's chest and charged up the Rescuezords; Ashley, consulting her Turbo Navigator, then happily announced that they were back online.


  • The Power Chamber's sensors apparently didn't detect Divatox and her army setting up in the desert at the base of the Power Chamber's mountain, but when they charged immediately after Dimitria and Blue Senturion had left, Alpha suddenly realized they'd been discovered.
  • Learning that Divatox's army of Piranhatron was closing in on the Power Chamber, T.J. had the Rangers go outside to try to stop the invasion, despite Alpha's warnings.


  • When the Piranhatron swarmed into the Power Chamber, Alpha seemed unable to defend himself, but fortunately, the Rangers defended him against the Piranhatrons' attacks.
  • Alpha was last shown in the Power Chamber when Elgar threw a hammer into Zordon's and Dimitria's empty plasma tube; he was not shown in the room when Divatox detonated the building.
  • After the explosion, Alpha was dirty and trapped under a bit of rubble but seemingly unharmed; whether he had hidden from the Piranhatron during their search for the Rangers in the rubble, or whether they had merely ignored Alpha, is unknown.
  • Alpha looked at the rubble in despair, saying the Power Chamber had been his home.
  • Alpha was dismayed by the loss of Dimitria, Blue Senturion, the Megazords, and now the Power Chamber.
  • Carlos said they had to go to the Cimmerian planet, and when Cassie replied that they'd promised Dimitria to stay and protect the Earth, Carlos pointed out that Divatox was gone now, leaving the Earth safe; as Ashley responded that Divatox was only temporarily gone, Alpha suddenly remembered something and began to dig up a black box from the rubble.
  • Having the teens help him unearth the black box, Alpha explained that it held the power decoder; he said it had all the secret codes and that they were going to need it.
  • It was apparently Justin, not Alpha, who thought to go to NASADA for a way to chase after Divatox.
  • After Justin had convinced General Norquist to let the Rangers use the shuttle by mentioning "Eltar," Alpha and the four teens entered the Megashuttle and were taken into space.


  • As the Megashuttle drifted through space some time later, Alpha was now cleaner; his chest was especially clean, and the yellow light panels beside the lightning bolt on his chest were now lit, though the left one barely worked, only flickering on occasionally.
  • T.J. asked Alpha how long until they got to Eltar, but Alpha spoke in nonsense syllables: "Eltar is stippy linguay ay-way too kimmy-ko quandrag nip ninna-mat."
  • As the teens helped him to his feet, Alpha mumbled some more syllables, and when asked if he wasn't feeling well, Alpha sneezed and then said, "Eetox sees is fine Diva-turp N.O.," apparently trying to mention Divatox.
  • Carlos opened Alpha's back and immediately removed his broken speech circuit board, which T.J. figured had been damaged in the Power Chamber explosion.
  • After the Astro Megaship had opened up and sealed the shuttle inside it, the teens and Alpha soon found themselves in a corridor of the Megaship.
  • While the teens investigated the engine room, Alpha, still holding the black box from the Power Chamber rubble, seemed to shudder with anxiety shortly after he'd spoken some nonsense.
  • Once the teens had eventually happened upon the bridge, Alpha went to the "Computer Systems" console and began using a keyboard there.
  • When T.J. warned Alpha to be careful, asking him if he knew what he was doing, Alpha casually replied, "Course of. Gum teep doing very ubba-dubba wah zubba-wubba."; he then brought up an image on the viewscreen, telling them, "Screen view o-yu."
  • Alpha brought up a display of a planet that looked just like Jupiter, and when T.J. asked Alpha what planet it was so they could try to figure out where they were, Alpha replied, "O-yu Retipuje," which is the phonetic reversal of "Jupiter," but the shuttle should have taken them far beyond Jupiter on their voyage toward Eltar.
  • Soon, when the computer beeped just as Andros was returning to the Megaship, Alpha tried to call T.J. and Ashley over, saying, "Teesh! A.J.! Neek worph naka hortoo. Eezy go-- okie--!"
  • Upon entering from the direction of the workbay and seeing T.J., Ashley, and Alpha on the bridge, morphed Andros was startled and soon ran when he saw Cassie and Carlos happening to walk up from the workbay as well.
  • Just as Alpha rushed up exclaiming, "Sregnar!", a sphinx ship sent by Astronema blasted the Megaship, knocking everyone into the wall. (Source: "Straight-nah" modified to "Sregnar" ("Rangers" backwards) by Josh)
  • After Andros had taken the Megalift to the bridge, the teens and Alpha, looking for another way to the bridge, stumbled upon the engine room, where the engines were now disabled due to a loose cable, but they soon fixed it, and Alpha started the engines back up from a control kiosk.


  • Soon after the teens had met Andros on the surface of the planet where the Megaship had crash-landed, Carlos was in the ship's engine room attempting to repair Alpha following DECA's instructions.
  • At the time, Alpha appeared to be a good bit cleaner than before.
  • Alpha's back panel was removed, and Carlos was working inside a circular hole in Alpha's back which had been revealed by the missing panel.
  • Instructed by DECA to connect terminal B-34 to terminal M-78, Carlos sarcastically asked if she knew how many little terminals there were in there, and she replied 3,004,700,903.
  • After Carlos seemed to short something out, Alpha sneezed, and DECA said gazundheit, making Alpha say something and chuckle.
  • Later, Carlos said they'd have to wait until they got back to Earth before Alpha's speech board could be fixed, but Andros then took Alpha aside and fixed him with spare Alpha parts he apparently happened to have lying around in the cargo bay.
  • As Andros worked on Alpha's back, he asked the robot his mission, and Alpha, cycling through different voices, spoke, "My mission is to protect the Power Rangers. And their quest, to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers."
  • When the repairs were done, Alpha spoke with a chirpy voice and used "Ay yi yi yi yi," sounding much like Alpha Five; Andros explained he didn't have a computer chip of Alpha's old voice, but Alpha cheerfully replied he was happy with his new voice.
  • Later, as the teens walked toward the shuttle after the Megaship had left, they suddenly noticed Alpha wasn't with them despite having thought he was.
  • As Andros had the Mega Accelerator set to Hyper Rush 3, Alpha, having stowed away in the Megaship, entered, surprising him mildly; Alpha told him he was making a big mistake, telling him the five of them had the same mission and were supposed to be a team; DECA agreed that Alpha had a valid point.
  • Andros rudely insisted that he worked alone and didn't need them, but Alpha made him think about the fact that if he were going to rescue Zordon, he'd need all the help he could get, and Andros had DECA turn the Megaship around after remembering the teens' words about working together.
  • As the five Rangers entered the Megaship's bridge after their first battle together, Alpha was holding the black box he'd salvaged from the Power Chamber; the box now had wires hooked up to it, and Alpha appeared to push some buttons on the top of the box, saying, "I think I've finally gotten it!"
  • Soon, Alpha broke the code for the Astro Megazord; he explained to the Rangers, "This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the Megaship, creating the Astro Megazord. It's all part of Zordon's master plan!"
  • Later, once the teens had decided to set a course for Earth, Alpha turned off DECA's voice when she was telling him how complex setting courses was.


  • As the Rangers flew the Megashuttle down to NASADA from the Megaship in Earth orbit, Alpha operated the front center "Flight Control" section on the bridge; at other times, he would often switch between unmanned stations while the teens worked.
  • Alpha's left chest panel still flickered on occasion throughout this episode.
  • Once the Dark Fortress had begun to destroy NASADA, Alpha told the Rangers they had to hurry and save the shuttle.


  • When the five Rangers were confronted by giant Ecliptor on KO-35, Carlos called Alpha and told him to fire the Megalasers at Ecliptor; Alpha did so from the front center seat on the bridge, making Ecliptor retreat.


  • When the Rangers were chained up below on the planet Kalderon and confronted by the giant Clawhammer monster, Alpha thought to take the ship down to the planet, thinking they couldn't help from up there, and he then called for the Astro Megazord transformation.
  • Alpha reflected an energy attack back at Clawhammer, then had the Megazord go on the offensive, at which point it was slashed badly and nearly thrown into a lava pit.
  • After the battle and the transmission of three recovered data discs to NASADA, Alpha looked at the final, burnt disc and wondered if they'd been close to finding Zordon.


  • After the Rangers' Simudeck practice, Alpha reminded the Earthen teens it was time for their math midterms.


  • As the Rangers struggled in the Astro Megazord against the Delta Megazord after it had been turned evil by Astronema's Evilyzer, Andros called Alpha to tell him to calculate a frequency to attempt reverse polarization (as had removed the evil spell from the Ninja Turtles in 604-ShSh); although the frequency was unknown, Andros asked for the closest estimate, and Alpha gave 03 at .28.


  • On the bridge, Ashley and Cassie, listening to Andros's report from an alien planet, were frightened as Andros told them why they had to go to KO-35 immediately but that the girls first had to restrain Carlos, who had been stung by a Barillian Bug, before he turned into a monster.
  • Hearing a struggle as they approached the infirmary after soon returning to the Megaship, T.J. and Andros ran in and found Ashley and Cassie having been knocked down, with Alpha sitting motionless on a bench beside the med table.
  • Soon, while Ashley was alone guarding the bridge, Bug-Carlos was somewhere in the ship, and Bug-Cassie had just escaped from her restraints in the infirmary, Alpha was silently staggering up to Ashley as she looked at the scene in the viewscreen.
  • When one Bug monster, then the other, began forcing open the bridge doors, Alpha was in the center watching suspensefully but silently as Ashley stood ready to shoot.
  • After DECA had announced an imminent door failure, Alpha cowered behind Ashley and exclaimed that they were doomed.
  • Helping Cassie up after T.J. had cured her and Carlos with an antidote from KO-35, Alpha said all of their vital signs seemed to be stable.
  • Alpha worriedly wished the Rangers good luck as they ran out to help Andros against Darkonda.


  • After obtaining keycards from the planet Onyx, Andros gave them to Alpha for analysis, and he soon verified that they were genuine and had come from Eltar.


  • On the bridge as the Astro Delta Megazord was being trashed by giant Darkonda and his spawn monster, Alpha told the Rangers he'd decoded part of the keycards, and they indicated a massive weapon on one of Jupiter's moons.
  • Once the Rangers had flown off with the keycards in the Delta Mega, Alpha had to pilot the Astro Megazord alone against both villains.
  • Some time later as the Astro Megazord was being beaten senseless by Darkonda, Andros called Alpha to tell him to hold on, as they were coming.
  • When the energy levels hit 0%, as announced by DECA's dying voice, the Megazord sparked and collapsed; struggling to get back to the controls, Alpha said they had to get back up, but when Darkonda approached the fallen Megazord, Alpha lamented that this was it.
  • Seeing the Mega Voyager standing above after it had destroyed Darkonda, Alpha wasn't sure whether it was the Rangers.
  • Telling Alpha they owed him and DECA one, Andros asked Alpha how he felt; Alpha joked that he thought he needed a vacation.
  • Later in the engine room, Cassie used a rod scanner to determine that circuitry A46 through C47 on a large square panel were all burnt, and Alpha sighed that the circuitry would take days to reconfigure.


  • When Astronema, disguised as Ashley, came out of a room and was fixing her hair, she was surprised by Alpha's presence; she pointed her finger at him and called him a "rusty little--" but he gently grasped her finger and cheerfully told her he'd just wanted to bring her her birthday present.
  • "Ashley" was suspicious, thinking Alpha wanted something in return, but he told her it was just because she was his friend, startling her.
  • Alpha told her to open the box; she tapped it suspiciously, then opened it and removed the gift, a music-playing figurine couple.
  • Alpha wished Ashley a happy birthday and then skipped off down the corridor, humming happily and giggling.
  • Astronema was mesmerized by the sweet music, and she softly remarked to herself that no one had ever been truly nice to her before.
  • Soon regaining her standard bad attitude, Astronema frowned, remarking, "Stupid robot," and threw the gift into the nearby Refuse chute.
  • Later, Alpha wandered into a storage room on Megadeck 6 looking for the teens; hearing voices, Alpha opened a dark sub-closet and found the three missing teens hanging upside-down from the ceiling.


  • As alien beings began to force the bridge doors open while the Megaship was down on Kadix, Alpha warned them to stay back, threatening that he knew karate; when they suddenly retreated, he thought they'd been intimidated by him.
  • Looking at Alpha after finding him on the bridge after his two years of cryogenic sleep, Zhane said, "You must be Alpha. Hey."; Andros, however may have mentioned Alpha before heading off to the shuttle with the others.
  • Later, as the five teens approached the bridge, Zhane was telling the mesmerized Alpha a story about a giant monster grabbing him and lifting him up.
  • Slipping his Digimorpher out of his belt and clicking it open, Zhane described grabbing the Digimorpher and calling his Silver Cycle.
  • Amused, Andros corrected, "As I recall, I was the one he grabbed and lifted up."
  • Smiling, Zhane told Alpha he'd have to finish the story later, and Alpha said he couldn't wait.


  • When a jealous Andros made Zhane stay behind as they went after Darkonda's lab, Alpha told Zhane not to worry about it and offered him a cup of milk.
  • Later, Alpha was sitting in wait in the engine room, where Zhane had asked him to wait to talk with him.
  • Zhane asked if Alpha could keep a secret, then admitted there was something wrong with his morphing powers and that he needed Alpha's help.


  • Another day, presumably the next day, Alpha looked at a panel device and the readout on the kiosk by the wall and found that it was serious; when Zhane pressed for more information, Alpha said he didn't have much time: after two and a half minutes, Alpha said, Zhane would demorph every time.
  • Later back in the infirmary, Alpha found that Zhane's morphing energy had slowly been drained during his hypersleep, and he now needed a concentrated dose of high-voltage electricity to restore it.
  • Other that that, Alpha, said, he was perfectly healthy; grinning, Zhane beckoned Alpha closer to tell him a secret, and when he said the others thought he was dying, Alpha was shocked, saying he had to tell them the truth, but Zhane didn't think so.
  • Soon on the bridge after the other Rangers had left without him, Zhane was frustrated, asking, "What good is the Silver Ranger if he can't even morph?"
  • Suddenly inspired, Zhane had DECA bring up a global weather map, and he looked at a spectrographic worldmap on a monitor, planning to find a lightning storm.
  • Alpha firmly told Zhane it was too dangerous, but Zhane said it was his only chance.
  • When the map zoomed in on California, Zhane pinpointed a red storm cluster in southeastern California and ran off to go to it despite Alpha's yells otherwise.


  • As Zhane happily strutted down the hall toward the workbay with a bouquet for his date with Astronema, Zhane hid when he heard Alpha in the bridge fretting over the Rangers' situation against Horror Bull.
  • Alpha found Zhane sneaking by, having been trying to reach him, and had the put-out Zhane look at the situation, dragging him into the bridge; Alpha's whining eventually convinced Zhane to go help.


  • Some time after Carlos had accidentally injured Cassie's arm in battle on Earth, the Megaship appeared to be orbiting KO-35 as Alpha and a cheerful Cassie (with a sling on her arm) played a game of checkers on a black board with gold and silver pieces.
  • On another day, Alpha was quietly cheering Carlos on, holding a black water bottle and towel with a whistle around his neck, as Adam circled a blindfolded Carlos on a mat in the park.
  • Carlos became so frustrated with Adam's harsh training that he shouted that he was no Power Ranger and ran off.
  • Alpha wondered what they were going to do, and Adam wasn't sure as he drank some water; Alpha asked whether he thought Carlos would be all right, and Adam replied, "Saving the world's not an easy business. He's gonna have to make his own decisions now, just like any other Power Ranger."
  • Adam thoughtfully remarked that he sometimes wished he were still a Power Ranger, and he reached into his black bag and pulled out a charred Power Morpher with the equally charred Mastodon Power Coin in it.
  • Adam asked Alpha whether he thought the thing still worked, and Alpha gasped and held it, telling him he must never use it, as the Power Coins had been destroyed, which meant morphing could destroy him.
  • Adam smiled, took the Morpher back, and told him it had just been a thought; he was then contemplative as he put the Morpher back in his bag and sipped his water while Alpha walked off, worriedly wiping his robot forehead with his towel.
  • In the park another day, Alpha was telling Adam that what he was doing was really great and that he should keep it up, when Carlos walked up and told Adam he'd quit the team.
  • As Carlos walked away, he was blasted by Lizwizard, and Adam was attacked by Quantrons; Alpha, meanwhile, watched nervously.


  • To get Alpha's attention after convincing the teens to chain themselves up so she could trick Dark Specter into letting them in to rescue Zordon, Astronema spoke, "Robot," and Alpha politely asked her to call him Alpha; she told him to open a communication channel, and as he did so, he grumbled to himself that it wouldn't hurt her to say please.
  • Staring straight ahead, Astronema politely said, "Please, Alpha."


  • After the teens had made Karone an honorary Power Ranger, giving her a purple-themed flight suit and a purple communicator, Alpha exclaimed that now he'd seen everything.


  • A short while after Psycho Yellow had infected the Mega Voyager and giant Psycho Black had shackled the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord, Psycho Red was pummeling Andros below when Alpha flew the Astro Megazord down to help.


  • At the Synthetron, Alpha fixed various foods for Andros's alien stoway friend Seymour until the alien lost consciousness; in the infirmary, Alpha used a stethoscope and guessed it had only been a bad case of indigestion.


  • After the three teens had located Andros and Carlos in the forcefield-encased Secret City, Alpha came in with three blue backpacks carrying an aerial probe to find the antenna, some detonators to destroy it, and Astro Blasters for when they ran into trouble.


  • While the Rangers fought the resurrected Psycho Rangers in Secret City, Andros told Alpha to get ahold of Zhane and tell him to go after the data cards in the control room.
  • As Zhane restored group after group of people, Alpha teleported each group to Angel Grove.


  • Probably months later, the Megaship was flying through space as Alpha played a chess game on the bridge with DECA; the chessboard consisted of small clusters of clear and dark blue crystal squares at different heights, with approximately equal numbers of black and white pieces captured.
  • Alpha awaited DECA's move, and she told him her move in what seemed like a slightly more human voice than she'd had before; Alpha went along with her choice, but told her not to say he hadn't warned her, causing her to change her move.
  • Pretending to think for a moment, Alpha amusedly put DECA in checkmate; DECA was alarmed, and Alpha giggled that her first move would have won.
  • At the "Astro Megaship Alert Systems" console on the bridge after the Megaship had been trapped in an energy web while the Rangers were down on the planet Forza, Alpha was intrigued by a green grid on a black screen; suddenly, the grid merged into a green point of light which flew in and landed in the bridge, becoming Ecliptor.
  • Alpha rushed to the engine portion of the center stations and set DECA to security password access only.
  • Ecliptor hurled Alpha across the bridge, then told DECA that the ship's top-secret data files were now under his control; when DECA asked him to enter his security password, Ecliptor used his sword to slash off her camera above "Computer Systems"; she then told him from "Operations & Safety" that that was an invalid entry and to please try again.
  • Ecliptor approached Alpha, whom he knew knew the password, telling him to give it to him or he'd turn him into a hundred transistor radios.
  • Backing out of the bridge timidly, Alpha hit the door controls, and the door slammed shut on Ecliptor, pinning him on the floor beneath the doorway.
  • Watching as Alpha fled down the hallway, DECA congratulated Alpha on his nice move, and he cheerfully thanked her.
  • Alpha then timidly scurried into a dark cargo room and noted that if Ecliptor got the password, he'd control the ship, and DECA, from a camera above him, agreed, telling him they couldn't let him get it.
  • Alpha tried to hide further in the cargo room but was found; he refused his last chance to give Ecliptor the password.
  • As Ecliptor prepared to strike, DECA suddenly tilted the ship, making towers of containers fall on Ecliptor, burying him.
  • Before fleeing, Alpha teased Ecliptor from the doorway; Ecliptor shot a green energy bolt from his sword, missing but scaring Alpha off.
  • Soon, Ecliptor got in the Megalift and asked which deck the Hyper Accelerators were on; DECA told him and took him there as ordered, but on Megadeck 6, Alpha, congratulating DECA, had emptied a silver case of hundreds of silver balls on the floor outside the Megalift doors, making Ecliptor fall when he stepped out.
  • Ecliptor soon forced his way through the engine room door with his sword, planning to do some reprogramming.
  • Hiding behind some bins, Alpha opened the bay doors slightly, nearly sucking Ecliptor outside.
  • Ecliptor grabbed the doors, shot the control panel with a green energy bolt from his sword, and got back inside before the doors sealed; Alpha fled.
  • Later, as the teens surveyed the destruction in the moonbase after Ecliptor had gone there and attacked it, Alpha regretted not stopping Ecliptor, but Ashley was glad they hadn't lost the Megaship, thanks to him and DECA.


  • Later, after Zhane had left the Megaship as it was going down over Earth, its engines disabled, Alpha eventually called the teens to tell them of Dark Specter's destruction.


  • Once Andros, Zhane, and Karone had decided to return to Earth from KO-35 with the four teens, T.J. told Alpha, "Let's go home," and he cheerfully replied, "You've got it, Rangers!"


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, the Megaship (lacking the Megashuttle) was aboard Terra Venture and had been converted into a museum; DECA was the announcer, and Alpha was a tour guide.
  • After Kai had come in and ushered everyone out of the Megaship, Alpha asked what was going on; Kai uninformatively replied that the ship was being recommissioned for a special top secret assignment, flashing a GSA ID card.
  • Alpha asked if that meant what he thought it meant, and Kai replied affirmatively that she was going to fly again; Damon, now standing in the doorway, thought it was a joke.
  • Damon said he knew the Megaship inside and out and insisted that it was a museum and not a spaceship; Alpha added that no one had told him about any secret mission, indicating that GSA communication with Alpha was apparently a standard practice.
  • Skeptical of the supposed GSA mission, Damon asked for Kai's orders, forcing Kai to admit that he didn't have any.
  • Kai told Damon that his friends had flown through a dimensional portal to save another world, but the portal had closed; Damon began to leave, not believing him.
  • Kai said the Megaship was the only craft that had a chance of making it through, adding that if he couldn't save his friends, then they were gone forever.
  • Kai needed Damon's help, saying the Megaship had flown in there (Terra Venture) and it now had to fly out, but Damon doubted it could even get off the ground.
  • After Damon had left, Kai told DECA to close the exit ramps, and she did so; Kai then told Alpha he needed his help, and Alpha nervously agreed.
  • Later, as Damon was flying the Megaship through space toward a portal, Kai asked Alpha if the ship would survive the energy flux, upsetting Damon.
  • The Megaship eventually landed on Mirinoi, and Kai and Damon left to help the others; when Damon, Kai, Leo, Kendrix, and Maya later entered as the morphed Galaxy Rangers with their helmets off, Alpha exclaimed, "Ay yi yi! Power Rangers!! B--but how?"
  • Alpha was shocked, unable to believe that the Rangers were back, and he said it was too good to be true.


  • To get to the Megaship in the docking bay, Maya confidently led Leo and Damon through a GSA-style hallway, and after looking around, they accessed a restricted airlock to the Megaship bearing a sign which read, "Closed, Do Not Open."
  • No explanation for the Megaship's residence in the docking bay or the restricted airlock were given, although Alpha may have requested the access and privacy for Ranger business.
  • As Leo, Maya, and Damon prepared to take the Megaship to help animals in trouble that Maya had heard (the Galactabeasts), Kendrix and Kai protested through a monitor from the Science Division, but Alpha casually walked behind Leo to do something at a rear station, not listening to the protests and apparently in support of the rescue mission.
  • Later, as the three teens ran out to go to a planet below after Maya had heard the animals again, Alpha told them to be careful.


  • The Rangers somehow used fake Quasar Sabers of unknown origin to trick Furio and Horn into revealing the location of the Transdaggers; how they had learned of the Transdaggers is unknown, although they may have obtained information and fake sabers from Alpha during their search for Leo.


  • As Furio and Stingwingers were stuck in the elevator leading up to Command Headquarters, Alpha called the Rangers to tell them of Furio's attack but told them he had something to help them against Furio.
  • The workbay had been converted into a Jet Jammer bay.
  • Introducing the Jet Jammers, Alpha said they were the only other way to get to the command tower, since Furio was stuck in the elevator, but why teleportation had been ruled out is unknown.
  • Alpha said DECA and he had just completed building the Jammers for the Rangers.
  • As the Rangers got in, Alpha begged them to be careful.
  • Kendrix cheerfully told Alpha they'd let him know how the Jammers performed.
  • Later, Alpha was in cheerful agreement as the Rangers flew stowawy Matthew back to Earth from Terra Venture in the Megaship.


  • Alpha would often call the teens over the Transmorphers to alert them to monster attacks.


  • After being rescued from an explosion by Magna Defender, Leo was asleep and bandaged on the Megaship infirmary bed with Alpha monitoring the displays.
  • Leo awoke, and, sitting up, slid off an armband with wires; Alpha was pleased that Leo was awake, but asked where he thought he was going; Leo replied, "He needs me."
  • Leo insisted he had to go despite Alpha telling him he wasn't ready.


  • Shortly after Chillyfish's freezing of Terra Venture and everyone but the Rangers, Alpha was still functioning in the Megaship and able to communicate with the Rangers.


  • Shortly after Chillyfish's freezing of Terra Venture and everyone but the Rangers, Alpha was still functioning in the Megaship and able to communicate with the Rangers.
  • After four of the Rangers had been struck by Chillyfish's freeze needles, Leo brought the unmorphed, weak, pale, and barely conscious teens into the Megaship, which was dark and filled with mist.
  • His voice chattering as icicles were hanging off his head, Alpha weakly gave the four teens silver blankets to put over them; he managed to tell Leo he was the only one not frozen before he went offline against the wall, the lights on his body shutting off.
  • In the Jammer bay, the Jet Jammers were powerless, as were the Astro Cycles elsewhere in the ship.
  • Following Chillyfish's destruction, all of the systems came back on, and Alpha came back on.


  • Alpha was absent from the bridge as the teens flew the Megaship after the Lights of Orion one night.


  • Alpha was concerned as the injured Leo lay in the Megaship infirmary, and the teens would have Alpha keep an eye on him while they went to fight the Shark Brothers.


  • In the Megaship, Alpha told the teens of Magna Defender's attempts in Torozord to cause a meltdown to blow up the Mountain Dome, and they would arrive in the Galaxy Megazord to stop him.
  • Alpha would later monitor the critical situation with the lava pit and would eventually observe the temperature stabilizing, thinking the Rangers had done it, when in actuality Magna Defender had sacrificed himself to save the colony.


  • While Mike was in the infirmary after being defeated by Chameliac, Alpha had been as yet unable to scan the disc Mike had found, as it had been badly damaged in the fight.
  • Later on the Megaship bridge, Mike, ignoring Alpha's instruction that he should be in bed, inserted the damaged minidisc into a black reader device; DECA announced reconstruction of sectors 07-2459, and on the monitor formed schematics of the laser dish, which was the only retrievable data.


  • After all of the teens but Leo had been abducted by Psycho Rangers, Mike was with Alpha in the bridge when Leo entered with Andros, making the robot exclaim in shock; Alpha was startled that Andros was back, quite pleased to see him again.
  • After Alpha had hugged a little long, Andros told him it was great to see him too, but right now they had to worry about the other Rangers.
  • Soon after Andros had taken his Astro Morpher from the Megaship's Power Vault to help rescue the other Galaxy teens, the other four Space teens secretly arrived on the Megaship and took their Morphers, shocking Alpha when he happened to pass by.
  • Joining the others in battle, Cassie said they'd thought the Galaxy teens could use a little help.
  • After the apparent destruction of the Psycho Rangers, the eleven teens cheerfully entered the Megaship bridge, and Alpha couldn't believe they were all there at once, saying it was just like the good old days.
  • Carlos explained that they'd known to come when Alpha had sent out a distress signal.


  • Immediately after the Rangers' first victory with Karone as the new Pink Ranger, Alpha called them to report a threat to Terra Venture.


  • After Leo's powers had been drained in battle with Magnetox, Alpha scanned him on the infirmary, finding his powers were gone.
  • Maya knew they needed to do something, and Alpha said he'd try to figure something out, before Karone volunteered information on the lost armor keys.


  • After Grunchor had been unwittingly released by the GSA into Terra Venture a while after the colony had been sucked into the Lost Galaxy, Alpha called the teens and told them he'd detected "a monster" inside the highway tunnel.


  • As Terra Venture was in an electrical cloud, Leo and Kai were at the computer in their room before they were supposed to meet Alpha at the Megaship, but Kai decided to stay.
  • As Leo entered from the lift, Alpha called out to him from the Jammer bay, examining the wrecked green Jet Jammer, telling Leo he'd never seen a Jammer that damaged.
  • Alpha said he hadn't known Damon was in a fight, and Leo said he wasn't; when asked how the engine had been destroyed, Leo realized Damon's nightmare had been real, and he found he was unable to contact Kai and Damon.


  • After the Rangers had destroyed the resurrected Freaky Tiki, Teksa, and Horn, armored Mike joined them, saying Alpha had detected the arrival of two more monsters they'd previously destroyed.


  • As the nigh-invulnerable Titanisaur attacked a second time, this time in the city dome, Alpha told the Rangers of the attack and soon called Mike in Command Headquarters to have him help.


  • Although Terra Venture had smashed against Mirinoi's moon and only the city dome remained, the Megaship had still survived somehow.
  • From the Megaship bridge as Stratoforce and Centaurus were being covered with Stingwingers outside the city dome, Alpha called Leo to tell him the Megazords were in trouble; they would soon be demolished by the exploding insects.
  • As the Scorpion Stinger prepared to blast shuttles in space, the Megaship flew in blasting its Megalasers, manned by the helmetless Rangers on the bridge.
  • The Scorpion Stinger violently rammed the Megaship and grabbed its front in its pincers, crushing the top and bottom, and Alpha would go to the engine room.
  • In the engine room, Alpha exclaimed over the engine's status at the control kiosk, but the ship quaked from an explosion, and rubble and crates buried him.
  • As the Rangers headed out toward the Jet Jammer bay after initiating the self-destruct sequence, Leo called into his wrist for Alpha to meet them there, but Alpha was buried.
  • Soon, Leo forced open the engine room doors and unburied Alpha, who was very glad to see him.
  • Alpha thought he was okay.
  • Leo hurried Alpha down the hallway.
  • Now helmeted, Leo arrived with Alpha, and at ten seconds, the Rangers got into their Jammers, Alpha standing behind Leo on his Jammer.
  • The Megaship erupted in a huge explosion as the Rangers flew away, with Leo and Alpha being the last out; in the blast, Alpha flew from Leo's Jammer, and the five Rangers were hurled out of control by the enormous fireball.
  • On Mirinoi after the shuttles had landed, the four unmorphed teens helped an upside-down Alpha out of a bush; how they'd all survived the fall is unknown.
  • Alpha told the happy teens he had a vine stuck in his circuits, and the girls were happy he'd made it there in one piece.

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