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  • After Andros had distributed Astro Morphers to the four teens, each of them somehow apparently knew the code of 3-3-5-Enter used to activate the Astro Morphers.
  • Before each Ranger's actual morph sequence was the respective teen opening his or her eyes in front of a background of blue and purple streaks; these eye-opening shots would not be shown in any future morphs.
  • Each Ranger's morph sequence, in the order Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, consisted of the Ranger being shown in front of the same streak background, with a text box of Ranger-colored digital text reading, "Morphing Complete"; the Ranger then rotated as various stats and displays appeared around the screen.
  • In the upper left were numerous lines of nonsensical text, reading:
    Tighten up reality gangster
    Stigma through idiot hearing
    Keep frustration clear
    Patience open head
    Getting away with it lead
    Some distant memory drove
    Get the message
    Indiscipline all remains
    Wish double editorials cover
  • In the upper right was a box marked "SP-WEPON" (presumably a misspelled abbreviation for "Special Weapon") containing a rotating blue rendering of the Ranger's respective special weapon.
  • In the lower left was a blue rendering of the Ranger's respective helmet symbol.
  • In the lower right was "Digital Suits" above a box with apparent attack, defense, and speed stats as listed below (with the future Silver Ranger's stats listed for comparison):

    Blue280 300350
    Pink300 350400
    Yellow280 300350
  • After each Ranger's stat screen, a close-up of the Ranger's helmet was shown, with each of their helmet symbols presumably lighting up, though the Blue, Black, and Yellow morphs cut away before the symbols could appear.


  • After they'd leapt down the Megaship's jump tubes, the five teens were then morphed on their Galaxy Gliders as they flew from the Megaship's standard teleportation port as glowing streaks.
  • According to Ashley, the jump tubes were used to morph onto the Galaxy Gliders or into the shuttle.
  • With the Megaship taken over by Astronema, Quantrons, and the evil Ninja Turtles, the teens went down the jump tubes and were then morphed in the shuttle.


  • The teens took the jump tubes and flew their Galaxy Gliders morphed toward Kalderon through the cyber-tunnel, but they were unmorphed as they walked across the planet's surface.


  • As the four teens ran toward the jump tubes, T.J. called, "Let's rocket!" and they did their pre-morph gestures, but they then went down the jump tubes without having morphed.


  • Once the five teens stood with their backs to their jump tubes (initiated by Andros), Andros called, and the teens morphed (with no morphing sequences shown), then were shown running downtown, morphed; at the time, the yellow Galaxy Glider was missing.
  • Later, to go after the missing glider, Ashley, then Andros, both hopped down the red jump tube and were then morphed as the Yellow and Red Rangers, flying together on the red Galaxy Glider.


  • Andros took his jump tube down to the planet Onyx but was unmorphed on the planet.
  • After calling his Galaxy Glider while fleeing from the Onyx Tavern, Andros flipped through the air, and as he called his morph, red light instantly morphed him before he landed on the glider.


  • When Andros and then Astronema (disguised as Ashley) went down the red and yellow jump tubes, red and yellow streaks flew down to Earth; morphed Andros landed near a power plant area, and moments afterward, Astronema, having been morphed into the Yellow Space Ranger, flew down flailing her limbs and landed with a thud on the pavement behind Andros.
  • After Astronema had demorphed and dropped her Morpher, Ashley (who herself was disguised as Astronema) used it to morph into the Yellow Ranger while holding it in her palm.
  • After morphing while looking like Astronema, Ashley's voice would be her own rather than Astronema's, yet when Astronema had been morphed, she'd had Ashley's voice as well.


  • Zhane's morph with the Digimorpher was nearly identical to the Astro Morpher morphs.


  • When the needle monster attacked after Astronema had tossed Andros his dropped Morpher, Andros blocked, then while holding his Morpher in his right hand, called and held out his left hand, then instantly morphed with a red gleam.


  • When the teens morphed, their morph sequences weren't shown.


  • When Andros and Zhane morphed, their morph sequences weren't shown.


  • Sequential photos in a photo booth over the span of a second or so showed Carlos bringing up his Morpher and clicking it open, then with a black energy aura, being morphed into the Black Ranger, with his mouth and legs last; he had then lowered his arms after being morphed.


  • After Andros had called, each of the teens morphed instantly with a gleam of Ranger-colored light as he or she ran through the doorway leading into the Megatank's holding bay in the Megaship.


  • As the four teens and Zhane touched their morphing devices, there were five spark burst explosions from the ledge in front of them, immediately after which they were morphed.


  • When the four teens morphed for the first time since locking away their Astro Morphers, their morphs featured their eye-opening sequences for the first time since 602-FON2.
  • The morph in this episode and 731-PPnk were both four-panel splitscreens.


  • The teens' morphs now continued to retain their eye-opening sequences.
  • When Kendrix and Cassie morphed at the same time, their morphs were shown simultaneously, side-by-side over a space background; this was the first time a splitscreen morph featured Rangers from two different Ranger teams.

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