Amusement parks
- amusement parks and related attractions in Angel Grove
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See Also: Rita's fake carnival


  • At the amusement park attacked by Bones, no patrons or employees were to be seen, yet all the rides were running.


  • The entire carnival that the teens went to, called the Angel Grove Fair, was a fake set up by Rita.


  • At the amusement park where Pink and Green Rangers fought Guitardo, there was a stage for performances (where the name "Dreamland" could be seen in an assortment of colors), a ferris wheel, and a stand for fruit juice and soft drinks; near the stage was a booth which bore a sign reading "Wonderland."


  • Swirling blue energy in Pachinko Head's eye sped up a ride at an amusement park.


  • There were red, orange, yellow, green, and blue plastic tubes all around the carnival the teens attended; the carnival had, among other rides, a super slide and a ferris wheel.


  • Lt. Stone put Bulk and Skull on trash pickup duty at the fun park.
  • In the fun park's batting cages, Cogs quickly rebuilt a pitching machine to cause it to trap inside it anyone who hit one of its pitches; it eventually trapped Rocky, and the People Pitcher emerged from it with Rocky inside him.
  • There was what looked like a temple on the other side of the "park."
  • In the fun park was a wooded go-cart track area, playground equipment, a lake with pedal boats, and then a smooth, flat go-cart track.


  • During the summer, Adam was working as a stunt man at the Angel Grove Amusement Park.

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