- love interest of Zack Taylor (110-FPIS through 160-OySt)
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First Appearance: 110-FPIS
Last Appearance: 160-OySt


  • Angela was using a hula hoop in the Youth Center.
  • When Zack asked Angela if she had any time for him, she told him to get real.
  • Zack accidentally bumped drinks out of Angela's hands, dumping them on Bulk and Skull.


  • Angela helped with the decorations for the upcoming masquerade party in the Youth Center.
  • Angela's costume for the masquerade party was what looked like an Arabian dancer costume.
  • Angela again turned down Zack's advances.


  • Zack tried to show Tommy how to impress the girls, but Angela told him to get a life.


  • When Zack asked Angela out at Power Ranger Day, she told him that if he were a Power Ranger, she'd say yes in a minute, and that he should keep trying.


  • Angela was on the team opposite the teens' team in the Oddball Games and ended up being pulled into the mud in the tug o' war.
  • Zack laid down his red jersey in the mud for Angela and helped her out.
  • Zack said he'd given up on Angela, but then when Angela came to the Youth Center in a sultry red dress and asked him out, he eagerly escorted her to the movies.
  • At the movie, Angela wouldn't let Zack put his arm around her.
  • Angela cuddled up with Zack during a scary part of the movie.
  • Zack told Angela his beeping communicator was his popcorn alarm, and he left the movie, telling her he was going to get more popcorn; when he returned after the battle with Goatan, she dumped the new tub of popcorn on his head and stormed out of the theater.


  • Zack was putting on a magic show for kids in the Youth Center; he was trying to impress Angela, who was helping out with the show.
  • Angela kissed Zack on the cheek.
  • Angela was impressed that Zack was so good with kids.
  • Ernie choked on his drink when Zack told Angela he hated to brag.
  • Bulk asked Angela out to the submarine races while Zack was gone.
  • Mikey, telling Angela how impressed he was with the Black Ranger's trick against Peckster, noted that Black Ranger used his brains before his fists, just like Zack.
  • Zack was dressed up for a big night out on the town with Angela; he was thinking of a candlelight dinner at Le Petit Bistro, then some slow dancing at Cafe de Paris; he actually ended up accompanying Angela and all the kids to a cartoon festival - a five-hour retrospective of Woody Woodpecker, said Angela, her favorite.
  • Kim told Angela Zack always dressed that way to go to the movies, apparently forgetting Zack had taken Angela to the movies in 142-L&Bl.


  • Zack planned to give Angela a singing telegram at a restaurant before he gave her pearl earrings on her birthday.
  • Zack invited Kim and Tommy to double date with him and Angela if she agreed to let him take her out on her birthday.
  • Angela was leery of Zack and his surprises.
  • When Zack was trying to get Angela to agree to give him another chance, he told her Kim and Tommy would be there.
  • Angela was impressed when Zack said he was taking her to a little French cafe.
  • Zack and Angela, with Tommy and Kim, went to an outdoor French restaurant called "La TÍte D'escargot Restaurant" on Angela's birthday.
  • Zack and Angela were about to kiss on the lips after Angela had seen the pearl earrings Zack had given her, but Skull caused the waiter to drop a cake on their table, getting some on Zack and Tommy's pants, and Skull then knocked himself and Bulk over.
  • After being freed from the stillness spell from the Pearls of Stillness Zack had inadvertently given her, Angela tossed the dissolving earrings into a glass of water and stormed out, furious with Zack's practical joke.
  • Later that day in the Youth Center after Zack had given Angela a bouquet and sung an apologetic song with Bulk and Skull playing accompaniment, Angela apologized to Zack for being materialistic.
  • Zack and Angela kissed on the lips.

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