Angel Grove
- city in apparent place of Los Angeles, California; target of years of alien attacks (101-DOTD through 643-CTD2)
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2, or perhaps 701-QsQ1 or 1034-FRed
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  • There was an earthquake in Angel Grove as a result of Rita's presence; it's unknown exactly what caused the quake.
  • To teleport between Angel Grove and the Command Center, the teens flew over a considerable amount of mountainous terrain.
  • To go to Earth to make the planet Rita's, Goldar attacked Angel Grove, the city near which the Command Center was located and from which the five chosen Ranger teens originated; with almost no exceptions until 801-OpLs, all future villain attacks on Earth would be directed at Angel Grove or just outside Angel Grove.
  • Zordon initially called Angel Grove "Angel Grove City."


  • As the time device traveled through Angel Grove, it passed under a monorail track across which a monorail train had just gone. (Source: Submitted by Brian Rowe)
  • There were cacti outside of Angel Grove.


  • There was a small-plane airport somewhere in Angel Grove from which Steve took off (on runway 1-2) and at which Kim landed.
  • On his route northward from the airport, Steve flew over a residential area, the park, and then the Youth Center.
  • There were mountains, including the area where the Rangers first morphed and probably the Command Center as well, north of Angel Grove.
  • While Kim was flying over a dense area of one-story buildings, probably a residential area, she looked near the horizon and said she could see Angel Grove.
  • Alpha told Kim that he and/or Zordon had sent a message to Angel Grove Airport (the same small airport from which Steve had taken off) so there would be an ambulance waiting when the plane landed.


  • The Rangers wound up at the quarry after being blasted by Green Ranger's ground attack near a bluff.


  • Scorpina launched her attack on the warehouse district of Angel Grove, the first mention of the infamous warehouse district.
  • Giant Goldar destroyed at least one building; further downtown attacks would often result in the destruction of a random building or two.


  • Giant Goldar's attack on downtown Angel Grove caused quakes which were felt at the Youth Center.


  • The Dragonzord always came from beneath the sea offshore from an industrial area in Angel Grove.
  • Reports on the radio indicated a "monster" (actually Dragonzord) attacking the business district.
  • The Dragonzord was the first Zord shown setting foot in downtown Angel Grove.
  • Dragonzord's missiles demolished a large section of warehouses in Angel Grove.


  • Giant Shellshock caused damage to several buildings; this was the first monster attack in the city that didn't move into the desert for the Zord fight. (Source: Monster attack information submitted by Derik Smith)


  • An earthquake split the ground open in downtown Angel Grove, allowing Rita to fly up with the super putty she'd mined.
  • The Megazord fell on and completely destroyed two skyscrapers.


  • The rock quarry seemed to be on the other side of Angel Grove Park from the Youth Center.


  • In the mountains which were right next to the beach was a beach club with two outdoor pools.


  • It was sunny outside one of Kim's bedroom windows but thundering outside the other a moment later; there was also a brief earthquake; Squatt may have been responsible for one or both, as he was outside her window spying on her that morning.
  • It was storming on Kim's way to school.


  • The Rangers fought Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless, all giant, in the industrial complex in downtown Angel Grove.
  • The day after the Rangers' battles with Babe Ruthless, Goldar, Scorpina, and the worm monster, a newscast reported that the city had sustained some property damage during the monster attack but that no citizens had been injured.


  • The Rangers flew over the city on their teleportation from the Command Center to the park, indicating that the park was on the other side of the city from the Command Center desert.
  • Giant Fang was commanded to destroy Angel Grove Dam, but the Rangers prevented him from doing so.


  • On a map belonging to Rita, her miniature wand found Tommy in a place labeled the "Nomad Lands," which lay to the west of "Mnar," which lay to the west of "Sydathria" and the south of "Sabbub," "Sarrub," or "Sarbub," to the northest of which was what looked like the "Certnapian Sea"; Tommy was actually in the Youth Center at the time.
  • Several buildings in Angel Grove sustained heavy damage from the Rangers' fight with giant Cyclops.


  • To distract the Rangers from the Green Candle, the giant Cyclops monster attacked a city near Angel Grove; this was the only time that an attack on Earth was ever directed somewhere other than Angel Grove or just outside Angel Grove prior to 643-CTD2.


  • Giant Hatchasaurus was, for a while, hiding underground near the power plant.


  • According to Trini's video project, Angel Grove had problems with trash, dirty air, and polluted water.
  • Angel Grove had a recycling center.


  • Due to the emergency with the Rangers apparently having turned evil, no one was allowed to leave Angel Grove High until further notice.
  • Mayor Carrington said that she was mayor of "Angel Grove City."


  • Angel Grove had an annual pet adoption day, the "Angel Grove Adopt-A-Pet Day."


  • There was a storm raging in Angel Grove (and even a tornado watch) as a result of Goatan's powers.
  • It was snowing as Rita's wand made Goatan grow, and throughout the rest of the Megazord fight.


  • There was an old junkyard behind Angel Grove Park.
  • The rock quarry was apparently next to the old junkyard.


  • The quarry where Trini fought Mantis was referred to as the "old quarry."


  • Goldar went to an area in the wilderness near a small pond and waterfall on a hill overlooking Angel Grove to summon Dragonzord.


  • When Jason went downtown to pick up supplies for Ernie after the delivery truck had broken down, he took boxes from a building outside of which was a truck bearing the logo of the "Angel Grove Juice Supply Co."
  • In the rock quarry was a white sedan which Lizzinator attempted to shove off a cliff; the keys were apparently still inside, as a Putty drove it around with morphed Jason on the roof.


  • The Rampoon River was a river in Angel Grove; piranhas lived in the river's waters.


  • There was a very long suspension bridge in Angel Grove near the harbor.


  • It was storming during the latter portion of the teens' picnic, making them move it to the Youth Center that same day, yet there had been a clear sky all throughout the episode.


  • Giant Turbanshell's second attack was at least initially confined to the business district.


  • On the way to Tommy's uncle's cabin, the map Billy was examining looked like it could have been a map of the Los Angeles area; he was pointing right around where L.A. would have been on the map.


  • Giant Nimrod attacked the industrial center of Angel Grove.


  • Bulk's cousin Waldo was a student at Angel Grove Tech.


  • A parking lot within shouting distance of the Youth Center's parking lot had mountainous hills all around it.


  • The south-blowing wind blew the sleeping gas cloud from the sleep machine in Angel Grove Park to Angel Grove High.


  • There was a puddle in the park, suggesting it had rained recently.
  • Rocky called a desert plains area the "park."


  • There were more puddles in the park, suggesting recent rain.


  • Fire Safety Week was the 18th through 24th of some month.
  • Firefighter Newman selected Aisha as Fire Safety Captain because, of all of the essays he'd read, hers had been the best.


  • To fix the Bookala's ship and create a decoy Bookala and Lightning Diamond to trick Zedd, the teens went to a workshop of some sort in a run-down industrial complex overlooking the lake.
  • Billy said it didn't snow in Angel Grove.


  • According to the city limits sign outside Angel Grove (near which was a large domed stadium of some sort), the city's population was 376,000, and the elevation at that point was 241 feet.
  • Two hundred years ago in the late 1700's, Angel Grove was Angel Grove Township, what looked like a colonial New England town, with a population of 124 people, all of whom seemed on good terms with the red-suited (apparently British) soldiers who protected them; based on actual United States history, this township appeared to be a New England town during or before the early 1760's and certainly not a California town in the 1790's; in actual history, California was still a part of Mexico in the 1790's and would not contain significant numbers of people from the United States until the gold rush in 1848.
  • What had been the outskirts of town in present-day Angel Grove was in 1790's Angel Grove apparently the center of town.
  • The people of Angel Grove Township thought that the teens were witches for appearing in the middle of town; in actual history, witch hysteria had for the most part died down by the 1700's.
  • Angel Grove Township was beside a river.
  • When Billy tried to explain their appearance to the people of Angel Grove Township, he said one of two quite different possible statements: "We're just from a different place in time!" or, "We're just from a different place and time!"


  • There was a man with his head and hands in a wooden restraint on a main street of Angel Grove Township.
  • Angel Grove Township had a gallows; it was there White Ranger swirled into existence, and he would eventually leave on it in front of a crowd of citizens and redcoats, after which Kim audibly called him "Tommy."
  • Amidst a crowd of onlookers after defeating the rat monsters in 1790's Angel Grove, White and Green Rangers discussed the Green Ranger's staying there where he could "do some good for a change," and after Skull's redcoat ancestor had said Green Ranger was welcome to join his regiment, White Ranger demorphed Green Ranger, revealing him in human form as Tommy's clone; the clone summoned a hat from green energy and then remained in Angel Grove Township as White Ranger left.
  • The people of Angel Grove Township were all grateful to the stranger for having saved their lives.


  • When Kim was transported through a time hole from the present-day Youth Center to the year 1880, she wound up near the mountains outside the old west town of Angel Grove.
  • When Kim wandered outside of the Juice Saloon to get some air, the people of Angel Grove may have thought she was a prostitute since she was dressed quite skimpily for their standards; this fits with the varied reactions of the passers-by, including disgusted women and curious young men.
  • On what was perhaps the main street of old west Angel Grove were the following businesses: W.H. Bayless's feed and bale stable, George Trexton's blacksmith and wagon shop, and T. Lubelski's general merchant store.


  • 1880's Angel Grove had a $1,000 reward, each, issued for the capture of One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch; in 250-WWR1, Rocko and Abraham had taken the outlaws to jail after Kim had kicked the guns from their hands; the outlaws escaped, but in the end of 251-WWR2, the White Stranger brought them back.
  • Angel Grove had a gallows on what appeared to be the main street in 1880.
  • Across from the Juice Saloon in 1880's Angel Grove was the sheriff's office.


  • Bulk and Skull tricked two girls who were fans of the Rangers into going to a location in the mountainside near East Angel Grove Heights, as Skull had mentioned that it was a secret meeting place of the Rangers.


  • In the area where Bulk and Skull were ticketing offending parked cars, there was a "Restaurant Parking Only" sign, a "No Parking" sign, and a "Handicapped Parking Only" sign, all in the same area.


  • A snowstorm moved into the mountains outside Angel Grove, and it snowed throughout the Ninjazord battle with giant Centiback in the mountains.
  • Once a hookup was established between Alpha and the powerless Command Center computer, Alpha didn't have enough power to get Aisha all the way to the Youth Center, but he did have the power to teleport her to the park, and from there she ran to the Youth Center.


  • In response to the rumbling of the Shogunzords' steps nearby, Rocky said that quakes didn't happen in Angel Grove, but a number of earthquakes, whether natural or unnatural, had rocked the city since 101-DOTD.


  • There had been a rash of car thefts in Angel Grove lately, near the area of the Youth Center; Bulk and Skull would eventually apprehend the thief (after first inadvertently helping him steal Kim's car).


  • For her landscaping class, Kat designed a house for a humanitarian housing project in downtown Angel Grove, where volunteers use donated supplies to build low-cost housing; her design had been chosen over all the others in the class; the house was basically done, but Kat needed some help that weekend landscaping and painting and repairing around the back wall.


  • In downtown Angel Grove, Giant Globbor attacked a section of abandoned buildings, perhaps what would be known as the abandoned warehouse district.
  • Giant Globbor destroyed a number of abandoned buildings.


  • Angel Grove was under a monster alert; Ernie, sweeping up the outdoor cafe, had closed the Youth Center, and all of the furniture was missing from the outdoor cafe.


  • Giant Ninjor-Globbor splashed goo on the city streets from his energy-sucking gauntlets.
  • Giant Ranger-Globbor threw the Falconzord through a building.


  • The Orb of Doom had to be placed in a particular spot on Earth, just north of Angel Grove, to be activated.
  • Lt. Stone was in his car at a stop sign, waiting to cross Astoria Street, when the Orb of Doom regressed time.


  • In the past, giant Zedd blasted some buildings with white energy from his staff, completely destroying at least one skyscraper in the abandoned warehouse district in Angel Grove.
  • A police officer with a megaphone was yelling at the people in the carnival parking lot to clear the area and return to their homes, as Angel Grove was now under mandatory curfew following the attack of Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and Rito, all giant.
  • The kids dreadfully realized that the four giant villains were ransacking the abandoned warehouse district and that it was only a matter of time before they hit the heart of Angel Grove.
  • The kids had a difficult time walking through Angel Grove, as it now looked like it did years in the past.


  • The five kids were walking together through the Angel Grove Warehouse District, where a megaphone from a police van told them and others there that the city was under attack and under a mandatory curfew; at the time, Professor Longnose and five monsters were attacking the desert.
  • The mandatory curfew over Angel Grove was lifted following the victory of the Aquitian Rangers, with whom the people of Angel Grove were unfamiliar.
  • A TV reporter believed young Bulk when he said they'd seen the superheroes, but she didn't believe young Skull when he said the superheroes were aliens that had come from the sky.


  • The six kids all went to Angel Grove Elementary School; while the others may have reasonably ridden home from Angel Grove Elementary to Stone Canyon or wherever Tommy lived at the time, Kat must have been missing from Australia for days.
  • Four of the kids rode on "Angel Grove Unified" bus 119, on which young Bulk and Skull also rode; young Billy and Adam walked to Billy's house.
  • Alpha said that the closest body of water from the Command Center was the fountain in the town square, but in 335-ARA2, the closest body of water seemed to be the lake.
  • At the supposed town sqare, which Alpha later said was in the center of town, no buildings could be seen around the park in which the fountain was located, only trees and mountains.


  • Giant Bratboy destroyed a number of buildings downtown.


  • Angel Grove had an aquarium called the Marine Aquarium of Angel Grove.
  • The forest outside Angel Grove was on the outskirts of town, near the quarry.


  • Zordon had Alpha teleport the dehydrated Aquitian Rangers to the Angel Grove Public Pool, but Hydro Hog had beaten them to it and dried it up.


  • To begin the ground assault, which he said would surprise the people of Earth, Mondo targeted Angel Grove, saying they would begin right where Rita and Zedd had left off.


  • According to the computer trivia game Jennifer had designed with Rocky, Angel Grove was established in 1775; in actual history, California was still a part of Mexico in 1775 and would not contain significant numbers of people from the United States until the gold rush in 1848.
  • There were palm trees in Angel Grove.


  • There was a hidden pocket of lava underground just outside Angel Grove; the Machine Empire sent Cogs and Digster to pump out the lava to destroy the city and the Rangers.
  • Digster used an explosive charge to blow open the lava pit, and the digging crew was soon shown in a (perhaps newly-created) cavern with a lava pool in it.
  • The cavern was in the forest.
  • Digster said that with a little more work, the lava would be running down the main street of Angel Grove.
  • After giant Digster's defeat, Zordon told the teens that the blast that had destroyed Digster had also sealed the cavern that contained the opening to the lava flow.


  • Machina thought to send evil Puppetman to the satellite center so he could broadcast his beam to all of the kids of Angel Grove; Puppetman began heading for Angel Grove's main satellite broadcast center.


  • As the giant train monster traversed a railroad bridge, presumably near Angel Grove, the Zeo Megazord slashed the supports of the bridge with its saber, making it collapse, and destroying the monster in the fall.


  • Lt. Stone was a founding member of the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society, which met in the Angel Grove community greenhouse.


  • The Zeo Megazord Saber destroyed giant Fortissimodo, and following the explosion, Fortissimodo's flaming top piece (what would've been his head, had his face not been on his stomach) landed on the roof of a skyscraper nearby.


  • Mean Screen injected a virus into the Power Chamber's computer network from a computer building in Angel Grove, and afterward, computer-based systems all over Angel Grove began malfunctioning.
  • Lt. Stone called Bulk and Skull and told them to proceed immediately to the intersection of 3rd and Elm to help with the code blue traffic situation; they actually went to 4th and Maple.


  • Upon discovering that everyone was in love with machines (due to Robocupid's spell), Rocky remarked that it was weird, even for Angel Grove.


  • Due to Defoliator's deforestation, the temperatures in Angel Grove (in the middle of winter) rose well above historical records for five days straight (apparently from a Tuesday to a Saturday).
  • On Sunday, Mondo noted that Defoliator had begun to have a serious effect on the weather of Angel Grove; the temperature had risen another five degrees since the day before.
  • The air in Angel Grove started cooling immediately after Defoliator had been temporarily defeated by the Zeo Megazord; that same day, the forest service brought in a large number of trees to counteract Defoliator's effect on the environment.
  • It took Heather a long time to drive down from Angel Grove Pines to Angel Grove.


  • While Main Drain was draining energy from the Angel Grove power plant one night, the Power Chamber experienced a fluctuation in its power supply, briefly dimming the lights.
  • The next day, Angel Grove (or at least the Youth Center) was having power surges all day due to Main Drain.
  • After encountering Main Drain at the playground, Bulk and Skull rushed into the Youth Center, with Bulk telling someone to call 911, as there was a monster on the playground.
  • When the power at the Youth Center went out due to another power surge, the main lights in the Power Chamber were also eventually shown to be out, either due to the power outage in Angel Grove or Main Drain's energy drain on the Zeo Megazord.


  • Giant Mace Face, in a spiked sphere form, rolled through Angel Grove until the Rangers had arrived in the Zords.
  • There was a monster alert in town, during which people weren't supposed to be outside, as the Rangers continued to fight giant Mace Face.


  • There was an "all-clear" wail from the yellow sirens around the city to indicate that the Rangers had defeated another monster.


  • There was a storm moving into the area one night.


  • The Toy robot blew up a payphone that was in the middle of nowhere in a countryside.


  • Leaky Faucet turned Angel Grove's water supply into Cog oil, a bright green, highly toxic liquid which normally powered the Cogs.
  • Cogs succeeded in releasing the Cog oil from a large drain at the beach, allowing the goo to pour into the ocean.
  • Although Leaky Faucet had supposedly contaminated all of Angel Grove's water, the water around him in the water treatment plant pipes looked pure.
  • All of the contaminated water returned to normal once Leaky Faucet was destroyed.


  • When Tommy and Jason were running toward the Power Chamber, presumably having come from Angel Grove, they headed due north.


  • Giant King Mondo, armed with the Damocles Sword, destroyed or ruined many buildings in downtown Angel Grove; by the time his attack had ended, at least a section of downtown Angel Grove was in ruins.


  • Many buildings downtown still lay in ruins.


  • Giant Stenchy blew yellow gas from his mouth, causing an entire section of buildings hit by the gas to dissolve with yellow energy.


  • After creating the Mechaterpillar monster, Gasket unleashed a full assault on Angel Grove, and at least five gear ships hovered over Angel Grove.
  • A gear ship shot blue energy beams from the middle section of its underside, causing large portions of the abandoned warehouse district to explode.


  • Angel Grove Falls, a small waterfall in a stream in the woods, was the closest freshwater to the Power Chamber, according to Rocky.


  • The city's monster alarm sounded as the Zeo Megazord and Super Zeo Megazord (controlled by Cog Changer and Impursonator) fought.
  • The Zeo Rangers and Aquitian Rangers teamed up against Cog Changer, Impursonator, and a battalion of Cogs outside the Angel Grove Coliseum.


  • Divatox attacked Angel Grove as part of her plan to get revenge on the Rangers, who lived there.


  • Whenever the Rangers summoned the Turbozords from their underground holding bay, a highway in downtown Angel Grove split open, revealing an enormous ramp from which the giant Turbozords drove after passing through a tunnel with orange rectangular lights.


  • Angels' Bluff was a very high cliff at the edge of a field where Tony and Rob accidentally drove off the edge during a drag race but were saved by the Turbo Megazord.
  • The four Turbo Rangers saved Japanese people on a thin shop road, where all the writing was in Japanese, from Demon Racer II, who was trying to run the people over with his Jeep; a similar shop road would be terrorized by Big Burpa in 508-BBFB.


  • The Turbo Megazord fell on a building.


  • At the beach, Numbor was adding weight to Angel Grove to make it sink into the ocean.
  • Angel Grove was sinking at a rate of two feet per hour, and Numbor said that if it continued, the people of Angel Grove would be swimming by nightfall.


  • The giant fire truck monster shot energy bolts at and rammed through various buildings downtown.


  • When an earthquake struck Angel Grove from the arrival of Blue Senturion's spacecraft, seismologists reported that the Angel Grove region was stable and that they currently had no explanation for this "mysterious phenomenon," as a TV reporter said.
  • When Blue Senturion's ship exploded, it scattered pieces all over Angel Grove.
  • Robo Racer in car mode, driving above ground in Angel Grove, would frequently (particularly while transforming into battle mode) race through a tunnel that looked identical to the one through which the Turbozords would drive to travel up from their subterranean holding bay.


  • When giant Flamite attacked the city, Dimitria said Angel Grove would soon be in grave danger.
  • A reporter on the street during giant Flamite's attack reported, "Because of the monster that's burning parts of the city, officials are urging residents of Angel Grove to stay out of the area. We're evacuating the north side ourselves right now."


  • Angel Grove had a gold mine, and Bulk and Skull were assigned to guard it, almost immediately after their job as security guards at Angel Grove Bank.


  • Bit by bit, Translucitor caused everything and everyone in Angel Grove to shift into an alternate dimension in which the people could see the normal dimension as usual, but they were intangible, inaudible, and invisible to the people still in the normal dimension.
  • Dimitria soon said that Translucitor had shifted everything in Angel Grove into the alternate dimension, but many smaller buildings still remained.
  • The Auto Blast Defender (see Auto Blasters and Turbo Navigators) shot a red stream of flaming energy which knocked Translucitor down and caused everything which he'd turned invisible to return.


  • Giant Clockster destroyed a building in Angel Grove.


  • General Havoc had the Rangers meet him at the Angel Grove Pier, where Chromites and then Metallasaurus soon attacked them.
  • On the Angel Grove Monster Tour, as the tour ended downtown, Bulk reminded the tour group that Angel Grove had a highly sophisticated monster detection system, and that in the case of an attack, they were to proceed directly to the designated monster safety zone without panicking.


  • Lt. Stone led his monster tour group into a skyscraper, from the top of which they could see the entire city; this building, with a large, curved bottom side, would soon be severely damaged by Metallasaurus; when the tour group saw Metallasaurus outside the window of the nicely decorated penthouse office they were in, they ran, presumably exiting the building before it was attacked.
  • Bulk and Skull left Lt. Stone, with Bulk saying the building had the best food on the 43rd floor.
  • Elgar had given General Havoc a map of Angel Grove in the form of a brochure; on the map, Angel Grove was a pink square in the center, with an area to the south labeled Stone Canyon, and a pink square the same size as Angel Grove labeled "Hosp."; there was a lake to the northwest of Angel Grove and another to the northeast; "P. Park" was to the north of the hospital.
  • After the Rangers had agreed to come with him during Metallasaurus's attack, Phantom Ranger pointed his hand at the ground, and a square opening in the concrete downtown opened up; Phantom and the Rangers leapt down into a wet, artificial tunnel which led beneath Angel Grove.
  • To get past a wall (which Phantom called rubble) at the end of the tunnel, Phantom summoned a laser weapon which, when the Rangers joined in with their Auto Blasters, blasted a hole through the wall; the next time the Rangers would be seen, they would be in the Rescuezords in Artillatron.
  • Metallasaurus started to pull up the curved-bottom building before Artillatron had arrived with the Rescuezords.
  • Artillatron would always drive out from inside, beneath, or behind what looked like a domed sports stadium in Angel Grove.
  • Metallasaurus's eyebeams sliced off the top of the curved-bottom building, but the Star Racer Rescuezord caught it and gave it to Thunder Loader.


  • When the Rescue Megazord dodged the evil Turbo Megazord's chest ray, the ray struck a building, destroying it.
  • The Rescue Megazord fell on a building, damaging the building heavily, after being hit by the Turbo Megazord Spinout.
  • The curved building, heavily damaged in 527-OLHo, was now intact again.


  • The monster alert siren could be heard wailing from outside the Youth Center at the beginning of the Rangers' fight with Voltmeister in the park.


  • Terrorzord destroyed a building downtown.
  • The falling Rescue Megazord destroyed another building.


  • Helping Cassie with the search for her missing dog Jetson, Carlos put up a flyer at the Upcoming Events bulletin board outside the Seventh-Day Baptist Church.


  • The Sharkzord blew up an abandoned ship in the harbor.


  • At the top of a tall glass skyscraper were a restaurant, as well as Professor Phenomenus's lab in which it was well-known that he was keeping a container of extremely explosive plutonium fuel; on the wooden door to one section of the lab was a normal door sign reading, "Plutonium Room," as well as a bright yellow sign reading, "Caution: Radioactive Materials"; this plutonium room was part of a larger warehouse-like area.
  • Elephantitan began headbutting the base of the building to knock it over; some time after the other restaurant patrons had fled, Cassie and her date Lenny sought shelter in the plutonium room and were accidentally locked in.


  • From space, Sting King fired a blue energy bolt from his stinger arm at Angel Grove, generating an expanding white impact burst the size of the United States or bigger, and enormous explosions caused incredible devastation downtown, toppling buildings and shattering bridges.
  • Later downtown, giant Sting King spun around, blasting randomly with yellow eyebeams, making explosions throughout the city.


  • Destructipede's energy beam from a plaza downtown caused massive explosions, toppling a building.
  • Once giant, Destructipede shot a red energy beam from his forehead, blasting several buildings around him and destroying the top of a building with a broadcast tower on it.
  • Turned evil, the flying Delta Megazord swooped frighteningly low over a street downtown, blowing many buildings apart with blue lasers from its antennas.
  • The Delta Megazord then landed and opened its face, then shot blue energy bursts from its Gyro Blasters into all the buildings below, causing many explosions and much destruction.


  • Upon growing and mutating downtown, Darkonda shot red eyebeams down at the Rangers, then fired a steady beam while turning, causing a huge circle of explosions in the distance downtown.


  • There was a payphone in the middle of the desert.


  • The old library, in which the Psycho Rangers held Zhane, was an old mansion-like building.


  • Near the harbor was an odd facility with multiple dome buildings.
  • There was a payphone in the park near a graveyard.


  • When a city, presumably Angel Grove, was attacked by huge swarms of Velocifighters, huge sections of city exploded from the blasting, and buildings shattered all over; the city would ultimately be left in partial ruins, with some damaged buildings on fire.


  • That night, power was still on throughout the city.


  • On Earth, apparently in Angel Grove (see next entry), a large room much like an airline ticketing area was jammed full with people in dress clothes clamoring for a shuttle flight aboard Terra Venture.
  • Two facts indicate the aforementioned ticketing area being in Angel Grove: first, Skull had slept the previous night in a room furnished like his own rather than a hotel room; second, Leo was able to walk around through the city outside the ticketing center with a single bag, suggesting it was his home city, and it would later be stated that he'd been in Angel Grove during the invasion in 643-CTD2.
  • After being kicked out of the facility for not having a passport, Leo walked past a factory-type building with a shattered window, into a litter-filled alley with graffiti on some dumpsters.
  • In this alley, an old lady was accosted by street thugs for her passport; although this was a much less desireable side of Angel Grove than had been shown at any point in the past, there remains far too little information to conclude with certainty that society in general had deteriorated vastly since 643-CTD2.


  • In Terra Venture's city dome, a white habitation building with doors resembling one side of the Youth Center had street numbers 26030, the same as the Youth Center's address but without a "B" at the end.


  • A bus line in Mariner Bay took people to Van Nuys; Van Nuys is in real life a town immediately northwest of Los Angeles.

    Pilot Episode

  • Rita shot a red energy beam from her wand while on the planetoid, causing skyscrapers in downtown Angel Grove to shift around, with one skyscraper flying up into the sky.
  • Zoltar said Rita had sent Fly Guy to "downtown Angel Grove City."

    MMPR fan club video

  • Once freed from her space dumpster, an angry Rita had supposedly moved buildings about at will, blown up mountain ranges, burned rain forests, and emptied lakes, all before Zordon had recruited the five teens to become Rangers.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The introductory narration said that "centuries ago, a legendary interdimensional being known as Zordon came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a Command Center for his never-ending struggle against evil."
  • The Angel Grove Jump-a-thon was to breathe new life into the old observatory; tickets to see the approaching Ryan's Comet in the observatory were being sold at the skydiving contest.
  • The Angel Grove logo was a silver circular logo with "City of Angel Grove" on it, with a silhouette of the Angel Grove Tower in the background; this tower, seen frequently in Angel Grove's skyline, was apparently the city's trademark.
  • The Angel Grove Sanitation Department had a team in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest; their banner was green.
  • There was an IBM skyscraper in Angel Grove.
  • Fred wore a Newport Beach shirt; Newport Beach is in real life near Los Angeles.
  • Angel Grove had a monorail track running through it.
  • In the middle of Angel Grove was a huge black bridge, spanning a body of water of some sort.
  • A construction crew downtown inadvertently unearthed the lid to Ivan Ooze's hyperlock chamber and subsequently opened it.
  • There was an artificial stream running through the stone city path which passed by Ernie's.
  • It took the parents hypnotized by Ivan Ooze several hours to walk from the chemical plant Ivan was using as a headquarters to the construction site in which the hyperlock chamber and Ectomorphicons had been located.
  • Angel Grove had a male mayor rather than the female Mayor Carrington.
  • As Hornitor and Scorpitron, giant robot creatures, were attacking Angel Grove, a reporter said that the mayor had declared a state of emergency and that Angel Grove had never before known such a crisis; she then asked, "Where are the Power Rangers?"
  • Ivan and Goldar watched the Ectomorphicons rampage in the city from the observatory deck at the top of the Angel Grove Tower.
  • There was a "Gowings" sign in downtown Angel Grove; this is actually a clothing store in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney, to be exact).
  • Fred, some other kids, and Bulk and Skull rode in a deserted but functional monorail train to hurry to the construction site to save their parents.
  • The monorail train took the kids over the body of water which was in the middle of Angel Grove.
  • Hornitor-Ivan pulled up the Angel Grove Tower and brandished it as a weapon against the Ninja Megazord.
  • Hornitor-Ivan stepped on a section of monorail track, destroying it.
  • The monorail train smoothly crossed the broken track over the Falconzord's back without even a slight bump or loss of power.
  • Colliding with the Angel Grove Tower Hornitor-Ivan was wielding destroyed the Ninja Megazord's Power Sword in a flash of sparks.
  • Following the Rangers' destruction of Hornitor-Ivan, Angel Grove had a celebration at night for the Power Rangers; at the celebration were fireworks in the sky and a pyrotechnic sign reading, "Thank you Power Rangers," with the "Power Rangers" written similarly to the show's logo (click here for image).

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • The construction site where Ivan's hyperlock chamber was uncovered was the World Center Construction Site.

    Angel Grove warehouse district
    - district of abandoned, skyscraper-shaped warehouses in Angel Grove; target of frequent attacks
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    First Mention: 119-GWE3
    Last Mention: 521-TWOF


  • Scorpina had launched her attack on the warehouse district of Angel Grove.


  • In downtown Angel Grove, Giant Globbor attacked a section of abandoned buildings, perhaps what would be known as the abandoned warehouse district.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), giant Zedd blasted some buildings with white energy from his staff, completely destroying at least one skyscraper in the "abandoned warehouse district" in Angel Grove.


  • The five kids were walking together through the Angel Grove Warehouse District, where a megaphone from a police van told them and others there that the city was under attack and under a mandatory curfew.


  • After creating the Mechaterpillar, Gasket led a full assault on Angel Grove, riding with Archerina and Klank in a gear ship among a fleet of at least five gear ships; their gear ship shot a blue ray from its underside, causing large sections of the abandoned warehouse district to explode.


  • Elgar and Dreadfeather took the captured Justin and Storm Blaster to a tire warehouse in the warehouse district and somehow blocked them from the Power Chamber's (but not Lightning Cruiser's) sensors.
  • The Turbo RAM Cannon Mode's blast didn't visibly damage the warehouse door at all.


  • The Psycho Rangers attacked a news crew investigating a mysterious attack on a building in the warehouse district, bearing the sign "Angel Grove Warehouse District."

    Forest Spirit Statue
    - legendary statue in Angel Grove Park
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    First Appearance: 123-IBSp
    Last Appearance: 123-IBSp


  • Trini and Billy held a petition at Angel Grove High to save the Forest Spirit Statue.
  • The city council wanted to tear down the statue and build a barbecue pit in its place; Trini and Billy explained that the statue was important to Angel Grove's history, as the legend said it would keep away harmful insects.
  • The flower in the statue's hair was to remind people that most insects are helpful to humans.
  • Rita had Squatt and Baboo take the Putties to the park to steal the Forest Spirit Statue at night.
  • Rita had the Spidertron hidden within a fake Forest Spirit Statue, from which Zack released the monster by blasting it to pieces with his Power Axe.
  • Trini said that once Spidertron had been destroyed, the original Forest Spirit Statue had reappeared unharmed.
  • The city was so impressed with the number of signatures Trini and Billy had collected that they declared the Forest Spirit Statue an historical landmark.

    Power Ranger Day
    - day during which Angel Grove celebrated the original Power Rangers team
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    First Mention: 139-Ddy1
    Last Mention: 140-Ddy2


  • Angel Grove city officials had declared a "Power Ranger Day"; Mayor Carrington hoped that the Rangers would make a public appearance for the fans that would be gathered in Angel Grove Park in their honor.
  • On the side of a photo booth at Power Ranger Day were photos of the individual Rangers, minus Yellow and Green.
  • Though the Angel Grove Clarion had mentioned the name "Power Ranger Day," the banners in the park read, "Power Rangers Day."
  • The background of the Power Ranger Day stage was a large picture of the Rangers holding the Power Blaster in front of a cloudy red background.
  • The decorative tubes around the park were of the Ranger colors, including green but not pink.


  • After having saved all of the people of Angel Grove from Rita's grasp, the five Rangers attended Power Ranger Day; they walked through the cheering crowd, waving and slapping people's hands, then once onstage waved to the crowd after Mayor Carrington had introduced them, finally jumping into the air together with a call of "Power Rangers!"


  • The 8x10 photo of the Rangers which Miss Appleby submitted to her own time capsule was the same image as had been the background for Power Ranger Day.

    Time capsule
    - capsule buried by Miss Appleby's class in 1994, to be opened in 2094
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / United States of America / California
    First Appearance: 147-ROTJ
    Last Appearance: 147-ROTJ


  • Miss Appleby had everyone in her class put things that reflected today's world into a large, transparent, spherical time capsule that would be buried for a century.
  • Jason submitted his first karate trophy to show what could be accomplished when one believed in oneself and took good care of one's body.
  • Kim submitted clothes to show what people wore at the time, and to show that they had freedom of individual style.
  • Miss Appleby submitted an 8x10 photo of the Rangers, the same image from the background at Power Ranger Day; she said the Rangers had saved the world so many times, she wanted to make sure the people of the future remembered them.
  • Zack submitted a "slammin' CD with some phat tunes" because, he said, contemporary music usually reflected the world's current events.
  • Billy submitted a small handheld personal computer he'd designed with the latest software, to demonstrate mankind's level of technological advancement at the time.
  • Trini submitted that day's issue of the Angel Grove Clarion.
  • Miss Appleby's time capsule was buried by the pond in the park.

    Angel Grove license plates
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  • The license plate on the Youth Center's bus was "JPM 682."


  • The license plate on Rocky's red 4x4 was "DLW 204."


  • The license plate on Crabby Cabbie was "459 HEL."
  • The license plate on Kim's car appeared to read "KDE 615."


  • The license plate on Lt. Stone's green sedan was "KDE 615."


  • The yellow license plate on Bulk and Skull's patrol bike was "TSE 256."


  • The license plate on Bulk and Skull's patrol bike was TSE 256.


  • The license plate on Lt. Stone's off-white sedan was B21 N62; the B may have been an 8.


  • The license plate on Tommy's black pickup truck (which was blown up) was DCW 234.


  • The license plate on Ashley's car was DLW 204; it would be the same in 543-P&Pc.

    Angel Grove hospitals
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  • Kat called an ambulance for Kim after she'd fallen off the balance beam during practice one night, and she was taken to Angel Grove Community Hospital; her doctor was Dr. Jacobs.
  • Visiting hours were 11AM to 2PM and 5PM to 8PM.
  • There was a Spanish translation under the sign on the wall leading to the doctors' offices.
  • Kim's recovery room was on the sixth floor.


  • After injuring his back from a fall during martial arts practice, Rocky was taken to a hospital which may or may not have been Angel Grove Community Hospital.
  • At the hospital, someone on the intercom called for Dr. Rosenthall.

    Angel Grove Forest
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  • There was an extremely pure source of water, a stream, that ran through the forest outside Angel Grove.
  • The forest was on the outskirts of town by the quarry.


  • In the forest was a cavern (perhaps blown open by Digster) containing a pool of lava which Digster planned to use to destroy Angel Grove.
  • From a cliff above the rocky area where Kat was driving her Zeo Jet Cycle, Digster shot at Kat several times, knocking her off her Zeo Jet Cycle; more blasts knocked her off what looked like the same cliff Digster was on, but now at the bottom was the woods, not the flat area and the Zeo Jet Cycle.


  • According to Zordon, Defoliator was destroying hundreds of plants and trees in Angel Grove Forest, thereby causing a greenhouse effect in Angel Grove.
  • The air in Angel Grove started cooling immediately after Defoliator had been temporarily defeated by the Zeo Megazord; that same day, the forest service brought in a large number of trees to counteract Defoliator's effect on the environment.


  • Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that as they knew, trees had been mysteriously disappearing from the Angel Grove National Forest (secretly due to the Machine Empire's invisibility medallions), and he sent Bulk and Skull to investigate.


  • There were Easter Island head statues in the forest where Translucitor had taken the captured three Rangers and tied them to a rocket.


  • In a plains area near Angel Grove Forest, Divatox and her henchmen tested Piranhatron and monsters in a training setting.
  • Bulk and Skull were fire spotters for Angel Grove Forest; they were supposed to watch out for anything unusual from the southern watchtower.
  • After ingesting the Rangers' booster fuel, Torch Tiger ran around superfast in a flaming blur, catching the forest ablaze.
  • Lightning Fire Tamer used a giant fire extinguisher on the forest, and Star Racer and Thunder Loader threw two boulders together, breaking them into dust which smothered more of the fire.

    Angel Grove power plant
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  • Boohoo the Clown and Cogs took baby Joey, whose voice had been amplified to destructive levels, to the Angel Grove power plant, where Mondo hoped his crying would destroy Angel Grove's source of power.
  • Joey's amplified crying briefly shook the power plant, but no damage was evident.


  • While Main Drain was draining energy from the Angel Grove power plant that night, the Power Chamber experienced a fluctuation in its power supply, briefly dimming the lights.
  • The next day, Angel Grove (or at least the Youth Center) was having power surges all day due to Main Drain; when the power at the Youth Center went out due to another power surge, the main lights in the Power Chamber were also eventually shown to be out, either due to the power outage in Angel Grove or Main Drain's energy drain on the Zeo Megazord.


  • Lt. Stone sent Bulk and Skull to the Angel Grove Energy Center to take over for the private security company that had been let go.


  • Astronema sent Electrotramp to Angel Grove, and he began to drain the city's power from a turbine at the power plant before being confronted by the Power Rangers and destroyed by the Ninja Turtles.


  • Voltage Hog drained electricity from high voltage lines in the park, and Andros soon found the monster at a power center nearby.
  • Soon afterward, near another power station beside a field and small stream, Voltage Hog appeared from blue electricity from the power lines, and more electricity flowed into the cable-like tentacles near his head.

    Computer building
    - building which housed central mainframe of Angel Grove's computer systems
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    First Appearance: 413-MnSc
    Last Appearance: 413-MnSc


  • To infect the computers in Angel Grove, as well as the Rangers' computers, Klank, Orbus, and Mean Screen were in a computer room in a multi-story building, and on one wall of the computer room were several monitors, one of which showed what looked like a scene of a fire.
  • Klank told Mean Screen to wreak havoc on Angel Grove by tapping into the Rangers' computer system and shutting down their weapons.
  • Mean Screen injected a virus into the Power Chamber's computer network, and afterward, computer-based systems all over Angel Grove began malfunctioning.
  • Zordon told the teens that Mean Screen had released a highly contagious virus into Angel Grove's central operating computer, and that computers had been crashing all over the city.
  • A bomb launched by Mean Screen detonated what looked like the entire top floor of the computer building.

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