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  • Due to the emergency with the Rangers apparently having turned evil, no one was allowed to leave Angel Grove High until further notice.
  • A reporter said that all attempts to stop the evil Rangers had failed.


  • Peckster was destroying skyscrapers with a few pecks from his beak despite not yet being giant.
  • Authorities were on the scene as Peckster was destroying buildings, but they didn't know how to stop the monster.

    Mayor Carrington
    - mayor of Angel Grove
    Mayor Carrington
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    First Appearance: 139-Ddy1
    Last Appearance: 516-Shr1


  • The news reported that Angel Grove's (as yet unnamed) mayor had presented the Angel Award to a group of kids who had set up a recycling drive and kept tons of trash out of the landfills.


  • Angel Grove city officials had declared a "Power Ranger Day"; Mayor Carrington hoped that the Rangers would make a public appearance for the fans that would be gathered in Angel Grove Park in their honor.


  • Mayor Carrington said that she was mayor of "Angel Grove City."


  • Mayor Carrington had planned to come early to look at Kat's housing project, but she was late, having been apprehended by Bulk and Skull, who thought she was looking for things to steal.
  • After Bulk and Skull had released her, Mayor Carrington gave Kat an Outstanding Achievement Award, in the form of a gold shovel with a gold bow on it, for the housing project.


  • Shortly after the Aquitian Rangers' victory over Slotsky, Mayor Carrington, still mayor in the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), stood at a podium near the fountain at which the Aquitian Rangers had rehydrated and morphed in front of a crowd of people; a sign at the gathering read, "Thank You Aquitian Rangers"; with the unmorphed Aquitian Rangers standing beside her, Mayor Carrington told the crowd, "Citizens of Angel Grove, as you know, our town has come under the attack of horrible alien forces. But thanks to our new friends from a faraway land, all is well. We are safe, and it is for this reason that I present our Aquitian Rangers with the highest honor for bravery: the Golden Star!"


  • Mayor Carrington spoke at Angel Grove Cleanup Week.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Angel Grove had a male mayor rather than the female Mayor Carrington.

    Chief Crandall
    - chief of the Angel Grove Police Department (424-BlkF)
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    First Appearance: 424-BlkF
    Last Appearance: 424-BlkF


  • Delmar was the son of the chief of police.


  • Cadet Connie Crandall was the police chief's daughter; unless there had been a change of police chiefs since 418-InSp, Connie was Delmar's sister.
  • After Bulk had been caught trying to impress Connie while dressed as an English gentlemen, Chief Crandall said he wouldn't tolerate any fraternizing in the ranks, especially with his daughter.
  • When Bulk and Skull, dressed as beatniks, had a fan blow papers and feathers all over the place as Bulk held a chicken as a visual aid for his love poem to Connie, Lt. Stone and Chief Crandall came into the room; Chief Crandall fired Lt. Stone for the actions of Bulk and Skull, and Bulk and Skull quit as well.


  • Captain Crandall had decided to give Lt. Stone one final chance, making Lt. Stone decide to give Bulk and Skull one final chance as well.

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