Angel Grove Lake
- prominent lake in Angel Grove
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First Appearance: 212-GNM1
Last Appearance: 611-DDsc


  • The teens, minus Trini and Tommy, were at the lake, with Jason and Zack doing martial arts, and Billy by Kim as she collected shells in a pink toy bucket.


  • The lake was foggy while the Rangers fought the imaginary Grumble Bee but clear for the rest of the fight.


  • Rocky was a volunteer lifeguard at the lake, along with another guy named Steve.
  • The lake got quite deep in the middle.
  • On the other side of the lake from where the kids were swimming, the four aquatic monsters attacked in the same place where the Rangers had fought imaginary monsters in 215-OMIP.


  • The lake was very shallow near the middle.


  • The lake was apparently the nearest body of water to the Command Center.
  • In the past (see "Orb of Doom"), Zordon told the six kids to go to Angel Grove Beach to wait for the Aquitian Rangers, but they actually went to the lake, where the Aquitians soon arrived.


  • Billy said the north side of Angel Grove Lake was always deserted; this was because it was difficult to get to that side.
  • Billy's molecular hydroatmospheric generator apparently purified all of the water in Angel Grove Lake, mutating it into Aquitian-like water.
  • The red Barbaric Brother poured a square clear bottle of purple liquid, lunar toxic space waste, into the lake, and the purple quickly spread throughout the lake.
  • After the Barbaric Brothers had been destroyed, no mention was made of the poison in the lake, but there was still purple goo on the ruined generator device.


  • Hydro Hog arrived on Earth near the lake, where the Aquitians had just been moments earlier.
  • Everyone swimming at the lake was wearing wetsuits, including young Bulk and Skull, who had boogie boards.
  • Hydro Hog completely dried up Angel Grove Lake.
  • The dried-up lake didn't appear to be very deep at all.


  • Once time had been restored soon after Hydro Hog's destruction, there was again water in the lake.


  • Eddie's biker gang claimed the beach of the lake as their turf, but Billy defended Ernie's right to set up the beach club there by saying it was a public beach.


  • Divatox's subcraft hovered over Angel Grove Lake and sank into the water as Bulk and Skull watched.


  • The subcraft's torpedoes would always be shown launching from beneath Angel Grove Lake, indicating that the subcraft remained in the lake.


  • The subcraft crashed into Angel Grove Cliffs, but it was supposed to be in the lake.


  • Picking up pizzas, Porto gave his address as being in Angel Grove Lake.
  • There was a shark in Angel Grove Lake which chased Elgar after he'd been teleported outside the subcraft.


  • According to Bulk on the Angel Grove Monster Tour, a lot of people saw monsters at a certain spot next to Angel Grove Lake.


  • The Crocovile monster apparently emerged from Angel Grove Lake.

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