Angel Grove Park
- prominent park in Angel Grove
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First Appearance: 107-IEyG


  • There was a children's theater in the park; it had Japanese graffiti on the walls of the stage.


  • To walk from Billy's house to the Youth Center, the teens and Willy went through Angel Grove Park.
  • The teens searched Angel Grove Park for Willy after he'd run out of the Youth Center.
  • The park had a pond (or perhaps a series of connected ponds) in it.


  • Immediately in the background of the volleyball area in the park were mountains.


  • On his route northward from the airport, Kim's uncle Steve flew over a residential area, the park, and then the Youth Center.
  • There were Easter Island heads in the park. (See "West Union Park".)
  • There was a fountain in the park with an angel statue on top.


  • The children's theater was apparently next to Rita's fake carnival.


  • In the park was a stream, beside which Kim, Trini, and Sylvia picnicked.


  • Angel Grove Park was apparently quite close to the Youth Center.


  • On the other side of the bushes near the basketball court in the park was a small street, in the background of which was what looked like the Tokyo Tower in one direction and several skyscrapers in the other.


  • Near the angel fountain in the park was a stone bridge.


  • There was a playground in the park with a small road nearby.


  • In the park, seemingly the side nearest the Youth Center, was a small wooden bridge for people to walk over; several Putty fights would occur on this bridge.
  • The rock quarry seems to be on the other side of the park.


  • The park included a large, flat, rocky area where Fang had hidden his gooney bird eggs.
  • The Rangers flew over the city on their teleportation from the Command Center to the park, indicating that the park was on the other side of the city than the Command Center desert.
  • After a long drop off a cliff in the park, the Rangers landed near the temple steps where they had first fought Green Ranger in 117-GWE1.


  • The area near the pond was at a higher elevation than a nearby area of park.


  • An area in the park was covered with trash, and Billy's soil test revealed the ground to be completely polluted; when the teens were done picking up trash, a second soil sample revealed that the soil was then pure.


  • There was a portable toilet in Angel Grove Park, inside of which Bulk and Skull hid from Squatt and became stuck.


  • Bulk and Skull fished a large pile of junk out of the pond, including a "no fishing" sign.
  • The pond appeared to be only one in a series of ponds, each at a slightly lower elevation than the previous ones, all of the ponds appearing to be connected with small waterfalls only a few feet high; there were at least two such waterfalls and at least two ponds.


  • Miss Appleby's time capsule was to be buried by the pond in the park, along which the park path ran.
  • Angel Grove Park has a large fountain with a pool around it.
  • There was apparently a greenhouse in Angel Grove Park, near an enormous and intricate fountain setup.


  • There was a pamango tree in Angel Grove Park; Tommy said there were a lot of fruit trees in the park.


  • Near the small bridge located in the north side of the park was a lake.


  • A news show called Angel Grove Weekend on News 3 filmed the Clean Up Drive that the teens were in to clean up graffiti and trash in the park.


  • Zedd made the Sentinel Statue, a large stone fist in Angel Grove Park, begin transforming into Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel.


  • Lipsyncher used pink energy from her mouth, powerful sound waves that could destroy anything in its path, to destroy a statue in the park which looked just like Rodin's "The Thinker."


  • The cliff in the park, over which Jacob's runaway stroller almost plummeted, overlooked the lake.


  • The park was next to a mountainous rise of some sort.


  • The south-blowing wind blew the sleeping gas cloud from the sleep machine in Angel Grove Park to Angel Grove High, knocking out people in the cloud's path.


  • There was, for some reason, a haystack in the park.


  • A sign in the park near Ko's huge garden read, "To Japanese Garden"; the lake was visible from this sign.


  • Zordon had called the grassy field in the mountains the "park."



  • There was a fountain in the park where the teens tossed coins in and made wishes.

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