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  • Communicating with the fish in the Angel Grove Aquarium, Cestro remarked that the fish were extraordinarily intelligent creatures.
  • The fish told Cestro that there was an extremely pure source of water, a stream, that ran through the forest outside Angel Grove.


  • A group of chimps in Africa found Lerigot wandering through the jungle; one threw a rock at his head, and then one pointed another to go to Lerigot; the band of chimps then led Lerigot away.
  • Lerigot was still with the chimps when Tommy and Kat found him; they waved goodbye when the two teens began to leave with Lerigot.


  • After being turned into chimps by Elgar's changer laser, Bulk and Skull could talk to each other as chimps, but everyone else heard it as nonsensical chattering.


  • Elgar chased a winged, flying fish with a flyswatter through the subcraft (which was beneath Angel Grove Lake), noting they had to get their screen doors fixed.

    - chimp owned by Katherine Hillard's aunt (328-Chmp), knows sign language
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    First Appearance: 328-Chmp
    Last Appearance: 328-Chmp


  • Kat's aunt was visiting from Australia to lecture at the university, where they were experimenting teaching chimps sign language; Kat's aunt had let Kat take care of Kelly, a chimp, since her aunt didn't want Kelly to get lonely while she was off lecturing.
  • Kelly watched Kat, Aisha, Billy, and Tommy ninja-morph.
  • At Aisha's house, Aisha and Kat left Kelly alone upstairs as they got something to eat, and Kelly left the house through the front door.
  • Bulk and Skull enticed Kelly with a banana and took her to have her show them where Ernie's stolen bananas were; she led them to a fruit stand run by a Jamaican man who dressed Kelly up in a vest, shades, a mop top for braids, and a beret.
  • Zedd transformed Kelly into the Sinister Simian.
  • As Sinister Simian, Kelly seemed to recognize morphed Kat's voice.
  • Kelly was able to speak as Sinister Simian.
  • The Blue Shogunzord shot Billy's antidote missile out of the middle finger of its right hand into giant Sinister Simian's chest, and blue energy then shrank Kelly to her normal form.
  • The day of the report, Kat's and Aisha's report went well; Kelly demonstrated a large number of signs.
  • When Kelly climbed up on Bulk, he seemed charmed.

    - police dog trained by Katherine Hillard
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    First Appearance: 407-EDog
    Last Appearance: 407-EDog


  • In the Youth Center, Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey trained for the police and given to Lt. Stone.
  • Smokey was Angel Grove's first specially trained rescue dog.
  • Smokey smelled the pizzas which Ernie had left burning in the oven down the basement door.
  • Lt. Stone made Smokey the new sergeant in the Angel Grove Search and Rescue unit.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to give Smokey a bath.
  • Outside, Smokey smelled something and ran off into the woods, apparently smelling the lava unearthed by Digster outside Angel Grove.
  • Smokey eventually came running up to the injured Kat when she was being attacked by Cogs; his presence scared the Cogs away, and he then followed Kat as she retreated.
  • Kat put her communicator around Smokey's collar and told him to take it to her friends in the Youth Center, then to hurry back.
  • After the guys discovered Kat's communicator around Smokey's collar, Bulk and Skull came in and took the dog back to the police station before the guys could have him take them to Kat.
  • Bulk and Skull soon discovered in the outdoor cafe that Smokey was no longer on their leash; he had gone running back to the forest.
  • On his way back to Kat, Smokey picked up her dropped Zeonizer and went to take it to her.
  • From a cliff, Digster shot several explosive blasts at Smokey as he ran down a long path to get to Kat.
  • Smokey watched Kat morph into Zeo Ranger One.
  • Smokey could bark on command.
  • A different day, Kat was talking with Lt. Stone in the Youth Center about how Smokey had apparently passed his first field test; Lt. Stone had heard of Smokey's helping the Power Rangers.

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