Aquabase power core
- Aquabase energy generator
Aquabase power core
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First Appearance: 833-OlUn
Last Appearance: 835-WebW


  • Vypra planned to leave the Aquabase in the dark by destroying Mariner Bay's two power stations.


  • When Joel, victim of Clark's prank, tried testing a faulty wire hookup to the experimental blue Mega Battle torso armor, the entire Aquabase momentarily blacked out, only a few essential panels remaining on in Ops before the generators kicked back on.


  • At a concrete area with a smallish door similar to a doorway that might be found in a submarine, a hypnotized Captain Mitchell unlocked the door with a sequence of buttons and entered an engine room with valves and pipes rather than complicated electronics.
  • Near a control console were four gray metal cylinders; the top section of each contained four red glowing sections within a black containment area, and within the gap between the top and bottom sections flowed bluish-purple wavy energy in a column shape.
  • Mitchell suffered no noticeable harm from placing his bare hands within the flux to set Jinxer's medallion within the leftmost column's energy flow.
  • At the controls, Mitchell made the right three columns shut down their energy, and the energy in the first column charged the medallion; at this point, all of the Aquabase's external lighting shut off, though an emergency generator would restore power to the four towers, leaving the domes dark.
  • A bright red beam shot out from the Aquabase's central dome and, in Mariner Bay, flowed into Olympius's Star Power gem.
  • In Ops, only the controls and monitors remained online.
  • With the power disabled, the Aquabase's atmospheric systems were going down, and the base would eventually run out of air.
  • Miss Fairweather told the teens she'd overridden the power to the Megazords, but Mitchell had control of the rest of the base; the Rangers were furthermore able to morph unimpaired.
  • To stop Mitchell, Miss Fairweather had security meet her in engineering.
  • Miss Fairweather led a security team with flashlights down a sigiled corridor with pipes along the walls.
  • At the door marked "No Admittance" and "Authorized Personnel Only," Miss Fairweather got no response from using the door intercom and then had the guards use blue laser torches to cut the door open, which they did after several minutes of cutting.
  • When the medallion was smashed with an emergency axe from the wall, the red beam stopped, restoring power to the Aquabase, and all four energy columns would soon be shown to be back on.


  • A tech in the engine room apparently found everything to be normal before he was abducted by Arachnor, but none of the energy columns could be seen or heard to be operational at the time.

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