Aquabase crew quarters
- living quarters for personnel of Lightspeed Aquabase
Aquabase crew quarters
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First Appearance: 803-TByF
Last Appearance: 836-Lime
Pictures: Crew quarters (shown at right), Hallway


  • The teens lived in one of two slender apartments in the Aquabase, with each divided into a sleeping section and a living section.
  • In the "bedroom" of the girls' quarters, Kelsey's yellow bed and items were on the left, and Dana's pink bed and items were on the right.
  • The living area looked professionally decorated, with a maroon couch on the left side, a door opposite the couch; as seen in 804-REdg, there would be another door at the end of the room opposite the direction of the bedroom.
  • The Aquabase's other personnel may have lived in similar quarters, located in an unknown dome or tower, although the large dome opposite Rescue Ops is a likely candidate.


  • The guys' room was arranged similar to the girls', but with Carter on the left side, Chad on the right side, and Joel apparently on the gray couch; the beds in the sleeping section of the quarters were double bunk beds rather than single like the girls'.
  • Between the side door and the sleeping area was a small counter for food preparation, above which was a microwave set into the wall.
  • On the legde behind the gray couch was a blue model sailboat, a scuba diving flag (red with a diagonal white stripe), a framed picture of Miss Fairweather, two model jet fighters, a jet pilot's helmet, a green similar helmet, and perhaps a green model helicopter; most, if not all, of the objects belonged to Joel.
  • Just to the right of the side door was a small table in front of a painting, on which was a bowl of fruit which included a Granny Smith apple; on the wall to the right, opposite the direction of the sleeping area, Joel had hung a horseshoe on one of the gray paneled closet doors which took the place of the girls' second doorway.
  • Two displays were on the wall to the right of the painting, the top being a buttoned "Communications Systems" panel, and the bottom being two radar-like displays.


  • On the coffee table by the couch in the guys' room was a silverish chess game.
  • There was a blue and yellow fish doormat inside the side doorway.
  • By the red and white flag hanging on the wall was a green and yellow version.


  • After midnight, the base seemed deserted, with a tech turning off a monitor and the remaining lights in the lab, only two officers seen walking down a corridor, and only one person seen manning a terminal in Ops; whether the rest were sleeping in crew quarters or at home is unknown.


  • As Ryan joined Lightspeed only a day or two after stealing the experimental Titanium Morpher, he had a similar sleeping quarters all his own which he was able to use within the hour; the design matched the guys' room, with no second door.
  • Inside the second closet door of the living area was a full-length mirror.


  • In Ryan's closet, along with a gray case and a silver canister device (not the fuel cell), was an assortment of black and gray clothes, although Ryan would always be shown wearing the same black outfit with a zippered shirt.


  • Ryan's room had two beds, the left of which was apparently the one he used; his room seemed to be the most nicely decorated of the quarters.
  • Ryan used the Communications Systems panel in the far corner to watch the Rangers' current battle.


  • In the guys' quarters, unconscious guest Heather, a young girl, lay in the bottom bed of Chad's bunk as Carter came to check on her, Dana by her side saying she'd be fine.


  • After changing from his training outfit into his civilian clothes, Chad tossed a striped blue shirt into his closet, although he would always be shown wearing the same civilian outfit.
  • Chad's closet panel was third from the left.

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