Aquabase Transport Bay
- connected Aquabase rooms for development and deployment of Lightspeed technology
Transport Bay
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 839-FLs1
Pictures: Transport Bay (shown at right), weapons lab
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  • Facing the front of the submarine bay of the Aquabase, to the right was a medium-sized dome with a tunnel leading into the nearby rock face; this dome would be revealed to be the dome containing Rescue Ops, and the tunnel belonged to the Transport Bay.
  • After grabbing their rescue jackets from the rack on the nearby wall, the teens entered the Transport Bay, which included a large lowering platform for the Rescue Rover to descend into the entrance tunnel.
  • Techs were busy manning various controls in Transport during the teens' first visit and use of the Rescue Rover, but Miss Fairweather was not shown to be present.
  • One of the control stations in Transport had a keyboard matching the colors and design of the colored keyboard from the dormitories aboard Terra Venture.


  • Mitchell showed the teens the Weapons Lab, where goggled techs were working; Mitchell explained that everything the Rangers would use to defeat the demons was designed, built, and tested here.
  • A gloved tech sprayed a cold white mist from a Red Ranger Rescue Blaster to extinguish a test fire.
  • In an adjoining, darker room was a pool, from which a testing person emerged wearing a futuristic green and blue pack; life jackets hung on the wall.
  • In the far corner of the pool room from the Weapons Lab was a lift platform to an upper level.
  • With the Weapons Lab "east," the Transport Bay was "south" of the pool room.
  • On the wall opposite the pool room, beyond the Rescue Rover's platform, the five Power Boxes (once used by the Turbo Rangers) were mounted on the wall; they now bore Lightspeed sigils.
  • The Rover was not on its platform as usual, perhaps having been taken to the city by Joel and parked elsewhere upon his return.
  • The five Rangers stood on the platform and were lowered into another area below the Transport Bay; they were then shown running up to their Rail Rescues in the Train Bay, although they couldn't have been in the same dome.
  • Apparently connecting Rescue Ops with a hallway near the Transport Bay/Weapons Lab (with Ops above, as there was another level below the Transport Bay) was an elevator looking identical to the Astro Megaship's Megalift.


  • Miss Fairweather had the lift bring up the red Lightspeed Cycle equipped with a Rescue Speeder, and Kelsey then drove off, perhaps in the level below.


  • When the Lightspeed Megazord fell in battle, a tech manning the large power gague monitor in the lab reported the Megazord had lost all power; on the gague were a green "Pwr Gague A" pie display, a green "Pwr Gague B" pie, and three "Levels" bars which normally displayed power levels from 0 to 100%.
  • As Carter attempted to fire the Supertrain Megazord's shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters, the Rangers were shocked by blue electricity in the cockpit, and panels in the lab overloaded, Miss Fairweather shouting to maintain.
  • As the Rangers prepared to fire the hand-mounted Gatling Blasters, having switched the weapons' power source, a tech reported another overload as panels sparked, but Miss Fairweather had her increase power.
  • The girl pushed up a large lever in the power readout panel, the large red readout having shown approximately 615; once the lever had hit the very top, a red square lit up, and Carter announced the weapons were fully charged.


  • As a tech turned off the lights to the lab, Ryan apparently swam up to the Aquabase and into the pool room, as though there were free passage from the sea into the base through the pool.


  • As Miss Fairweather worked in the lab, a female computer voice announced "intruder alert," and Miss Fairweather saw the yellow "Lift" sign on the wall blinking as Ryan rode up on the empty Rover lift; guards would soon rush in.


  • In the lab, Ryan secretly removed the Solarzord disc and put it into the computer, the monitor displaying, "Power Cells Activating"; Ryan then rode the corner lift up from the pool room to go to the Solarzord.


  • Inspired to go to the desert, Ryan scaled some sort of access ladder in an "Upper Passageway" corridor, apparently to go to the Solarzord as he'd done with the pool room lift in 815-SSun.


  • In Transport next to the Rover lift was a control kiosk labeled "Aquabase Security," with three sections, the middle of which controlled the entry gate with the use of a passkey.


  • Near the control booth was a yellow submersible robot.
  • To open the lab booth door which Simon had locked, Miss Fairweather swiped the bottom end of her ID card, got nothing, then pressed keypad buttons on the door and swiped again, opening it.
  • The Rangers rode the empty Rover lift down from Transport to take them to the elevated Train Bay.

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