Aqua Rescue 2
- Blue Lightspeed Ranger's water truck Lightspeed Rescuezord
Aqua Rescue 2
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First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 838-SDem


  • Aqua Rescue 2, a giant futuristic water truck, was the Blue Lightspeed Ranger's Lightspeed Rescuezord.
  • Aqua Rescue 2 could spray jets of water from its two dual jets mounted on its top.
  • Aqua Rescue 2 formed the waist and thighs of the Lightspeed Megazord; when in the torsoless legs mode, the water jets atop Aqua Rescue 2 could extend from the back of its legs to spray from atop the giant walker.
  • When Carter's visor showed graphics of the Lightspeed Megazord assembling, Aqua Rescue 2 was named "Blue Thrower 2."

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