- aquatic planet home to humanoid Aquitians
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First Appearance: 334-ARA1
Last Appearance: 450-Good
Pictures: Aquitar (shown at right), underwater city


  • Zordon said that Aquitar was a planet that consisted entirely of water, but this had to be hyperbole.
  • Aquitar was a blue planet covered with water, with white shapes which were either clouds or mountains; the surface of the planet was rippling, as if it had a forcefield (since waves in the water would be impossible to see from such long range).
  • There was what appeared to be a city underwater on Aquitar, surrounding a larger structure, appearing to be of biological rather than technological construction, or at least partially so, with two large yellowish domes; some sort of underwater craft, perhaps containing the Aquitian Rangers, passed through the wall of one yellow dome with green energy and remained inside; the dome might have fit a few of such craft, but not many.
  • As the five Aquitians stood in a dim area for the communication with the Command Center on Earth, behind them was a blue wall, seemingly of biological design, with a large round viewport, through which could be seen a hazy image of the Aquitian domed city.


  • While the craft in 334-ARA1 had gone into the right dome, the Aquitian Rangers teleported out through the "window" below the left dome.


  • Billy devised a molecular hydroatmospheric generator to turn all of Angel Grove Lake into Aquitian water.
  • Cestro watched as Billy completed his final device, which would mutate Earth water into a match for Aquitar's.
  • As the kids walked along the edge of Angel Grove Lake with the weakened Aquitian Rangers, Delphine commented that Earth's lakes were very beautiful, and they reminded her of Aquitar.
  • Zedd realized that while Billy's generator device had been designed to remove the Earth's impurities, Billy had never taken into account lunar toxic waste; he planned for Erik and Merrick the Barbaric to dump space waste into the lake and destroy the Aquitian Rangers.


  • When Zordon contacted Aquitar, the five Aquitians were facing away from whatever it was they used to communicate with Zordon; they were facing the viewport with their hands up at head level beside them, with Delphine swirling her arms around above her; the wall had shimmering, soft light on it; Delphine told Zordon they were nearly rehydrated.


  • Delphine thought the diversity of Earth's marine life was very interesting.


  • A race of fearsome beings known as the Hydro Contaminators was at war with Aquitar; thousands of Hydro Contaminators were poisoning the waters of Aquitar and had caused the Aquitians' main computer to shut down, disabling their Battle Borgs and teleportation.
  • After telling Billy of the crisis on Aquitar, Cestro said they had to hurry, as intergalactic travel between their two galaxies was unpredictable and dangerous; there was a window of less than two hours to pass through the space portal safely.


  • According to Billy, the Aquitians had been able to solve their conflict through peaceful means.


  • Pyramidas was shot down by the Varox over Aquitar, and it crashed into the waters and sank to the ocean floor.
  • Despite its shimmering blue appearance from space, Aquitar actually had a purple and slightly orange cloud cover in the sky above the waters where Pyramidas crashed.
  • After being told that Gold Ranger was deep in the oceans of Aquitar, the Varox commander declared that that was the end of the Gold Ranger and that their mission had been completed successfully.
  • The Power Chamber's scanner grid showed four island clusters on the map of Aquitar; Pyramidas had gone down in the south, between the two southernmost island clusters; Billy called this the Nevian Sea.
  • The same ship as shown in 334-ARA1 was shown entering the same dome structure, and Cestro then helped Gold Ranger into the blue chamber from which the Aquitians had often communicated with the Command Center; Delphine soon approached from elsewhere in the chamber.
  • Cestro and Gold Ranger entered from a sliding door on the right wall, beyond which appeared to be a corridor.
  • Cestro went to a location to the right of the entrance to ready a transmission to Zordon.
  • Soon afterward, Cestro and Delphine told Zordon they were greatly concerned about the Gold Ranger's well-being; according to Cestro, Trey's genetic makeup was incompatible with Aquitar and was causing a disturbing metabolic reaction.
  • Trey was standing motionless, eyes closed, in a clear cylinder, holding his staff next to his chest; the wall behind the cylinder looked rocky, and it seemed to be a mix between artificial and natural.


  • Delphine told the teens that they'd found a way to treat Billy's accelerated aging, but it could be dangerous; an old friend, Cestria, was bringing him water from the Aquitians' Eternal Falls.
  • For Aquitians, the Eternal Falls were like the humans' legendary Fountain of Youth: it made them younger; the effects it would have on a human, however, were unknown.
  • Cestria had Billy drink from a bottle of water from the Eternal Falls; she said it had been known to perform miracles.
  • The Eternal Falls water almost worked, but like the regenerator cannon, its effects were merely temporary.
  • Alpha suggested that Billy go to Aquitar for long-term treatment with stronger doses; Billy was willing to take the chance of the treatment doing more harm than good.
  • An unknown number of days later, the Power Chamber received a transmission from Billy on Aquitar, but the strength of the transmission had been compromised by the recent overuse of the Aquitians' teleportation systems.
  • After an indeterminate amount of time, the Eternal Falls had worked, and Billy was young again.


  • Zordon said there was only one possibility to reunite the Treys that he was aware of, but it could prove very dangerous: an interplanetary unification beam would be used to create a positive energy flow between the planets Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth; the beam had to be reflected off the planets at specific points in their orbits and returned to Earth with exact precision, and if the beam struck Earth without first hitting the Golden Power Staff at exactly the right time, Jason and the Treys could be destroyed.
  • Once the three planets were in alignment, Zordon had Alpha fire the beam, which was a green energy blast from the Power Chamber's main external cylinder; the blast bounced off a southern area on Aquitar, then bounced off a southern area on Triforia, and finally headed back to Earth, where it struck the Golden Power Staff, simultaneously reuniting the Treys and returning to Trey the completely restored Gold Ranger powers (see "Gold Ranger" page for details).


  • Oddly, KO-35 looked just like Aquitar, with a completely blue shimmering surface.


  • The image on the viewscreen as the Megaship orbited the planet Brokaya looked just like Aquitar or KO-35.

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