- aquatic humanoid aliens native to Aquitar
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First Appearance: 334-ARA1
Last Appearance: 1302-Beg2
Subcategories: Aquitian Rangers (unmorphed), Cestria


  • Alpha said that the Aquitians resided in a pod-like structure and were dependent upon energy obtained from water to function.
  • Zordon feared that Earth's atmosphere would be inhospitable to the Aquitian Rangers and that they would be putting their lives at great risk by coming to Earth, but the six kids convinced him to call them anyway.
  • There was what appeared to be a city underwater on Aquitar, surrounding a larger structure, appearing to be of biological rather than technological construction, or at least partially so, with two large yellowish domes; some sort of underwater craft passed through the wall of one yellow dome with green energy and remained inside; the dome might have fit a few of such craft, but not many.
  • The five Aquitian Rangers closely resembled humans, with the addition of flesh-colored head coverings with purple spots on them; they appeared to be biological in nature, but the Aquitian Rangers' hair could at times be seen protruding from beneath the backs of the coverings.
  • The Aquitian Rangers tilted their heads frequently.


  • Delphine wasn't sure whether the Earth's water would sustain them, but she said they would learn once the need arose.
  • After Rito had remarked that something was fishy, Delphine's eyes glowed purple as her neck stretched, revealing gills and webbed neck fins which were never seen again.
  • Delphine later said that their initial readings didn't offer a positive outlook for an extended stay on Earth; Cestro added that the atmosphere was extremely harsh and wouldn't allow them to remain for very long.


  • As the giant blue Barbaric Brother held the Red Battle Borg from behind as the giant red Barbaric Brother approached to attack the Borg with his drill weapon, Aurico declared, "You hideous evil creature... you will not get away with this! On the sacred words of Aquitar, I promise you, you will not!"


  • Morphed Corcus and Delphine flipped into the water and swam underwater for nearly fifteen seconds.


  • Startled to find Billy's garage covered with webbing, Cestro used the expression, "What on Aquitar happened here?"


  • When Billy asked whether there were beings like Lord Zedd on Aquitar, Cestro replied, "Most definitely. There lives among us a ruthless enemy [Hydro Hog] who has attempted time and time again to destroy us."


  • When the door of Cestro's spacecraft opened after Skull had rammed it with his shoulder twice and then kicked it once, a large amount of water poured out, as though the cabin had been filled with water.
  • Looking in his Viewing Screen at Cestro's spacecraft, Mondo asked whose alien spacecraft it was; Machina said that it appeared to belong to "one of those dreadful creatures from Aquitar" and that he had some nerve landing on Earth without Mondo's royal authorization.
  • A race of fearsome beings known as the Hydro Contaminators was at war with Aquitar; thousands of Hydro Contaminators were poisoning the waters of Aquitar and had caused the Aquitians' main computer to shut down, disabling their Battle Borgs and teleportation.
  • Cestro said they had been trying to develop a weapon capable of destroying the Hydro Contaminators, but their prototype was unreliable, and they needed Billy's help.


  • According to Billy, the Aquitians had been able to solve their conflict through peaceful means.


  • Delphine told the teens that they'd found a way to treat Billy's accelerated aging, but it could be dangerous; an old friend, Cestria, was bringing him water from the Aquitians' Eternal Falls.
  • For Aquitians, the Eternal Falls were like the humans' legendary Fountain of Youth: it made them younger; the effects it would have on a human, however, were unknown.
  • Cestria had the same Aquitian head covering as the Aquitian Rangers had; sticking out from beneath the head covering was short black hair.


  • In the year 3000, during the trial of Ransik, an Aquitian female sat next to Katie in the courtroom; she had the same Aquitian head covering as the Aquitian Rangers and wore a grey V-neck nylon outfit design other Aquitans had been seen in, with a red undershirt; she seemed confused, tilting her head jerkingly, during the commotion surrounding Jen's engagement ring. (Source: Submitted by Jesse Lee Herndon)

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