Armor keys
- powerful artifacts used to transform Red Galaxy Ranger into Red Armored Power Ranger
Armor keys
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First Appearance: 733-FPst
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Pictures: Armor keys (shown at right), Red Armored Ranger, long shot, Red Armored Ranger, medium shot, Red Armored Ranger, lasers locked on


  • As the teens tried to think of a way to restore Leo's powers, Karone thought of a possible solution.
  • Karone recalled that as Astronema, she'd once fought a powerful warrior, an awesome opponent whose power came from two keys.
  • After losing his sword in combat, the warrior had pulled off the two keys from his bicep bands to combine them, a process which would make him invincible according to Karone's narration.
  • Each key was one half of a silver star blade with a green orb in the center.
  • To avert the combining of the keys, Astronema had turned the warrior to stone.
  • Karone didn't know whether the keys still had power, as it had been years ago.
  • In the dark cave, the stone warrior stood frozen in the same position from years ago, but the keys were gone from his hands, startling Karone.
  • Nearby against another portion of the cavern wall, a skeleton lay, with a chain draped in front of both the skeleton and the stone warrior, almost as though they were part of some museum exhibit.
  • As Karone cried with regret, her tears fell on the warrior's hand, transforming him back to normal.
  • The warrior forgave Karone and presented the merged keys; handing them to Leo, the warrior told Leo to take them and carry on his mission as only the Red Ranger could, perhaps implying that he himself was a Red Ranger.
  • The warrior told Leo his powers would be restored beyond his imagination, and with a red gleam, Leo's Transmorpher was restored after he'd taken the keys.
  • As Magnetox confronted the powerless teens and Mike on Terra Venture, morphed Karone flew in, soon joined by morphed Leo, who then combined the key halves, calling for the "Red Armored Power Ranger," the name of which he already knew.
  • Leo was incorrectly shown in his Orion armor during the Red Armored Ranger sequence.
  • The machinery deployed two lower pieces into which Leo would leap to form feet coverings, the rest of the armor then descending down to him.
  • An independent headpiece shaped like a nosecone also lowered, docking on to the back of the torso armor.
  • On the chest of the armor was a green orb identical to the one on the keys but larger.
  • The rear of the robot arm extensions had two jet boosters each.
  • Armored Leo posed, with the robot claw arms serving as extensions for his arms.
  • As Magnetox approached, the Red Armored Ranger's left claw hand spun around, then extended a long distance on its connecting rod, striking the monster and sending him flying straight out of the warehouse.
  • To arm its laser, the jet-like head covering flew off and docked in front of Leo's head, pointing forward with three nosecone barrels aimed forward.
  • Leo looked into the display now in front of his face, and all sorts of digital readouts were shown, including crosshairs locking on to Magnetox.
  • The text of the readout couldn't be read clearly, but it did seem to be English.
  • When Leo fired, powerful red lasers alternated from the two outer barrels, making Magnetox fall and explode with an orange energy shockwave.
  • For Leo to power down to normal morphed form, the armor vanished with gold energy and a thundering sound.


  • To fight Rojomon, morphed Leo merged the two key halves, making a brief green gleam.
  • The armor flew up, and Leo, now suddenly in his Orion armor, was suited up.
  • Rojomon blew fire from his mouth, but armored Leo kept walking.
  • After locking on and targeting his laser helmet, the armor's dual lasers destroyed Rojomon, leaving only a flaming hole in the ground.


  • After the Rangers' Orion fireball had gone through her, Hexuba said it only made her stronger, so Leo summoned his armor to form the Red Armored Ranger without assembling the keys; this was the only time the appearance of Leo's Orion armor during the Red Armored Ranger sequence was appropriate.
  • Leo blasted Hexuba with his dual lasers, but she merely laughed and grew.


  • After assembling his keys, Leo was yet again shown Orionized during the Red Armored Ranger sequence despite his not being so before or after using the armor.
  • Armored Leo used an extending claw arm to reach out and grapple superpowered green Trakeena by the torso.
  • A bit of heat ripples were coming out of the rear, faintly rumbling jets.
  • After pulling Trakeena to him directly in front of his right barrel, Leo told her he wished he didn't have to do this.
  • Rushing up, the others cried out for him not to, and Trakeena asked him what it was going to be; Leo shouted, "This! Fire!"
  • As Leo prepared to fire his Red Armored lasers, the view faded through his helmet and showed his sweaty, dirty, and scratched upper face grimacing.
  • An enormous explosion erupted from the two of them, sending out an orange energy shockwave.
  • The four distraught Rangers approached the flaming rubble and mangled armor pieces.
  • From the rubble, a panting morphed Leo emerged, shocking the others, who'd thought he was dead.
  • Leo's helmet had a shattered hole over his right eye, and Leo weakly gave a thumbs-up; he had not demorphed for some reason.
  • Leo panted that he was okay and said that was the last they'd ever see of Trakeena, but he was incorrect.

    - Phrases used to assemble key halves
    Leo: "Red... Armored... Power... Ranger!"

    - Phrases used to summon armor without keys
    740-HGrv Leo: "Red Armored Power Ranger!"

    - Phrases used to pose once in armor
    740-HGrv Leo: "Red... Armored... Ranger!"

    - Phrases used to extend arm claw
    733-FPst Leo: "Fire!"

    - Phrases used to lock nosecone piece onto front of armor
    740-HGrv Leo: "Red armored laser!"

    - Phrases used to target nosecone lasers
    733-FPst Leo: "Laser, lock-on!"
    740-HGrv Leo: "Locking on target."

    - Phrases used to fire nosecone lasers
    Leo: "Fire!"
    740-HGrv Leo: "Full power, fire!"

    - Phrases used to fire nosecone lasers (flashback to finishing blast from 745-End3, but with different dialogue)
    821-TrR1 Leo: "Armored mode, full power!"

    Other Sources

  • The toy line featured armored forms of the Green and Blue Rangers as well (see picture).

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