- magical artifact given to brothers Tommy Oliver and David Trueheart; can control ancient evil spirits
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First Appearance: 341-SSOE
Last Appearance: 421-Bro?


  • After young Tommy had completed his Zeo quest in an unknown time period, True of Heart gave young Tommy half an arrowhead, telling him he had also earned it; he said it was to remember his time here, and that one day he would find the other half, and then his personal quest would be complete; True of Heart was in the process of telling young Tommy what secret the arrowhead would reveal when Tommy was sucked up by his subcrystal into the portal above with a red energy star.


  • After waking up from the same nightmare about receiving his arrowhead and about a battle in the Zeo Megazord, Tommy went to the Power Chamber in the middle of the night with the arrowhead around his neck.


  • The falcon flew away with white mist, then the falcon, flying above, dissolved into white mist, and flaming energy streaked into Tommy's chest.
  • David said that the spirit of the falcon had led Tommy to him.
  • When David was little, a wise man had given him the other half of the arrowhead, also telling David that when he found the other half, he would complete his quest.
  • David revealed that he was David Trueheart, Tommy's brother, and he then merged his and Tommy's arrowhead halves.


  • David and Tommy shared a great responsibility: the arrowhead they guarded contained very strong and old powers that they couldn't let fall into evil hands.
  • Billy couldn't detect anything special about the arrowhead with the Power Chamber's equipment.
  • As helmetless Tommy held the arrowhead, it glowed with golden energy, and Tommy concentrated, sending an astral projection of himself (appearing unmorphed) to the cave where David was held; both Tommy and David saw each other.
  • When Tommy tried again, this time an image of Sam appeared in the Power Chamber, describing to Tommy the dangers of the cave where David was being held.
  • The other Rangers couldn't see the image of Sam, but it's unknown whether they could hear it.
  • At the reservation, morphed Tommy had the arrowhead show him to David, and it did so with a translucent purple energy sphere surrounded by translucent gold energy rings.
  • The arrowhead led Tommy to a location above the cave where David was, and then the orb vanished.
  • To teleport down to David, Tommy shot a golden beam from the arrowhead into the ground, and a larger version of the previous purple and gold energy sphere took Tommy's place, then flew into a rock, slamming Tommy against, as Mondo's forcefield was impenetrable.
  • Tommy gave Mondo the arrowhead to free David, but Mondo didn't follow through with the deal.


  • Klank found that the arrowhead appeared to be part of a magical stone, and if the two pieces were reunited, it could have the power to control monsters.
  • Sam explained that many years ago, the land had been ruled by powerful evil spirits, but that a great warrior had captured them and imprisoned them in the arrowhead; thus, whoever held the arrowhead controlled the spirits.
  • David knew about the stone in the forest which, according to the legends, would activate the arrowhead's full powers; if Mondo used it, he could control monsters that even the Power Rangers couldn't defeat.
  • Klank soon reported that they'd found a stone in the forest that matched the energy readings of the arrowhead.
  • Once the stone had been located, Mondo, in the forest, said he was poised on the brink of controlling the Earth's most primitive monsters.
  • Mondo could feel the power coming from the stone.
  • The hole in the boulder was rippling with purple energy.
  • Mondo blasted the hole with a blue energy bolt from his staff, and it continued to ripple with purple energy.
  • While the villains were distracted by a blast from the Red Battlezord, Tommy leapt down and snatched the arrowhead from the stone in the forest, removing the newly-acquired ancient powers from Mondo.
  • The arrowhead split as Tommy and David held it at the same time in the Youth Center, and Tommy figured they were supposed to hold onto the halves separately.

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