- artillery and Carrierzord for Rescuezords
Artillatron, high-stance mode
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First Appearance: 527-OLHo
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
Pictures: transport mode, high-stance mode (shown at right), cockpit, front, cockpit, rear
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  • Porto had printed out information hidden in the Turbo Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
  • To get past a wall (which Phantom called rubble) at the end of a tunnel beneath Angel Grove, Phantom summoned a laser weapon which, when the Rangers joined in with their Auto Blasters, blasted a hole through the wall; the next time the Rangers would be seen, they would be in the Rescuezords in Artillatron.
  • Alpha Six wasn't familiar with the sound of Artillatron's engines roaring, but General Havoc appeared to be.
  • Artillatron came from inside, beneath, or behind what looked like a domed sports stadium in Angel Grove.
  • Artillatron consisted of three sections hooked together like a train; the front section, marked "1," carried Lightning Fire Tamer; the middle section, marked "5" and "3," carried Wind Rescue and Thunder Loader, and the rear section, "marked "2" and "4," carried Siren Blaster and Star Racer.
  • Mounted above Artillatron's rear section were two artillery cannons: the one over the "2" section had a spinning turret on the end, and the one over the "4" section had a claw hand covering a cannon barrel.
  • Artillatron had across its side the same "VRV" found in multiple places on the Rescuezords and Rescue Megazord. (see "Recurring letters")
  • In the head of Artillatron (located on top of the front section) was a cockpit with at least three seats, perhaps five; in this cockpit, Phantom Ranger sat and gave directions to the Rangers during their first time using the Rescuezords.
  • Phantom spoke into something in his hand to communicate with the Rangers in the Rescuezords.
  • In the back wall of Artillatron's cockpit was a panel containing five monitors, one connected to each Rescuezord cockpit.
  • Once the Rescuezords were deployed, Artillatron, with the artillery cannons now mounted on the sides of the front section, would lift its front section onto the middle, then both of those onto the rear section as it slid forward; this would place the giant vehicle in robot mode, even though this mode would never do anything but give the Rescue Megazord its artillery cannons.
  • Whenever Artillatron would assemble into its robot mode, the wheels on the rear segment would remain stationary as the segment rolled forward to move underneath the other two segments.


  • When summoning the Rescuezords (brought out by Artillatron), the Rangers would almost always touch the right sides of their helmets, as if activating earpieces inside the helmets rather than communicators.
  • When the Rescuezords were summoned, Artillatron would, unless otherwise noted, drive out from a holding bay and deploy the Rescuezords; from this point on, Artillatron would always act while unpiloted.
  • The Rangers would drop down into their Rescuezord cockpits after Artillatron had driven out but before the doors had opened.
  • Artillatron would always assemble into robot mode after the Rescuezords had driven away.


  • When the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords after being shot at by Robo Racer's cannon, there were four Ranger-colored smoke explosions in the desert (as had introduced the Turbozords' arrival several times in the past) before the Rescuezords were shown driving in with multiple non-colored explosions behind them, presumably caused by Robo Racer's cannon.
  • Although Artillatron apparently hadn't brought out the Rescuezords, it was present to beam the Rescue Megazord the artillery cannons.


  • When the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords, there was a shot of Artillatron driving through the city before the underground doors opened to reveal Artillatron still in the holding bay.


  • The Rescuezords again drove out by themselves without Artillatron, after the four Ranger-colored smoke explosions appeared in the desert; again, however, Artillatron was soon nearby to beam in the artillery cannons.


  • Artillatron was last shown beaming the artillery cannons to the Rescue Megazord; Goldgoyle would soon destroy the Rescue and Turbo Megazords, with no destruction of Artillatron shown.

    - Phrases used to summon Artillatron with Rescuezords
    528-FOPh T.J.: "Rescue Megazord power, now!"
    T.J.: "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
    530-Robo Robot T.J.: "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
    530-Robo Justin: "We need the Rescuezords, now!"
    533-FIYT T.J.: "We need Rescuezords, now!"
    535-SpOW four Rangers (no T.J.): "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
    Rangers: "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
    543-P&Pc T.J.: "Rescue Megazord, now!"

    Other Sources

  • Artillatron's name comes from the toy line.
  • According to the toy line, Artillatron, the "Turbo Transport," was the Phantom Ranger's Zord.

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