- former student, teen cheerleader
- former Yellow Turbo Ranger (519-PTT2 through 545-CIS2)
- former Yellow Space Ranger (602-FON2 through 643-CTD2, also 730-TenP, 731-PPnk)
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Full Name: Ashley Hammond (613-Grma)
First Appearance: 514-ADTW
Last Appearance: 731-PPnk
Pictures: Ashley, before 518-PTT1, Ashley, circa PRT (shown at right), Ashley, circa PRLG
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  • Ashley was apparently the captain of the Angel Grove High cheerleading team.
  • Even though they were all tired, Ashley had the cheerleading team keep practicing their cheers, since they were representing Angel Grove High.
  • Watching the soccer practice at which Adam was coaching, Carlos was practicing, and Ashley was cheerleading, Divatox (who had in 513-MiMe seen a hologram from the future which showed the one force capable of stopping the forces of evil) was elated, saying it was her lucky day; she told Elgar they had to get to work on that soccer game, as she thought she'd just found a new goal.
  • Divatox sent Piranhatrons to attack the soccer field; as the teens observed, the Piranhatron were after Carlos and Ashley, not Adam.
  • When Piranhatrons arrived at the soccer field, Adam urged everyone to leave the area, and as Adam and Carlos fought the Piranhatron, Ashley ducked several Piranhatron attacks and then threw a water cooler at a Piranhatron.
  • Carlos and Ashley weren't familiar with the Piranhatrons despite their numerous attacks on Angel Grove.
  • Adam sent Carlos and Ashley home in case the Piranhatron came back, saying they should also rest up for the game tomorrow.
  • Carlos volunteered to walk Ashley home, to be on the safe side.
  • On the walk home, Carlos and Ashley told each other their names, both thinking it was cool how the other had stayed and fought the Piranhatron.
  • Ashley told Carlos he didn't have to walk her home, since she could take care of herself too, but he told her he'd just needed some excuse to talk to her, making her laugh.
  • As the soccer players entered the field at the beginning of the big game the next day, Ashley and Carlos locked eyes as he ran out, then Ashley seemed to giggle excitedly to the cheerleader beside her.
  • During a break in the game, Carlos asked Ashley what she thought of his latest goal (in which he'd stolen the ball from Barry to score), and she told him she didn't think it was cool at all, since he obviously didn't know what teamwork was.
  • After Carlos, remembering Adam's words about teamwork, had passed the ball to Barry to let him score the winning goal, Ashley told him what he'd done was pretty cool.
  • Ashley asked Carlos if he could walk her home again, just to be safe, and when he said he'd thought she could take care of herself, she replied that she could, but that she just needed some excuse to talk to him.


  • Carlos and Ashley attended Angel Grove Cleanup Week.
  • Excited about Angel Grove Cleanup Week's reward of a donation to the charity or special program of their choice, Adam said their team could end up with enough money to fund the soccer camp he and Carlos had been talking about; when Justin reminded him that Ashley had seemed pretty serious about cheerleading camp, Adam said they might split it between both.
  • Carlos and Ashley were later helping out together in the Youth Center, which was being used as a recycling center.


  • Ashley, with dark brown hair (rather than sandy blonde) and wearing a light blue shirt, helped army officers evacuate people during giant Flamite's attack; nearby, Carlos helped also.
  • Morphed Tanya asked Ashley to take the kids to safety.
  • Carlos and Ashley took a group of kids into the Youth Center, assuring the kids that the Power Rangers were on the job.
  • As Ashley tied a girl's shoe in the Youth Center after Flamite had been destroyed, morphed Tanya momentarily watched her from outside a window.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Tanya had selected Ashley to become the new Yellow Ranger, due to her compassion and integrity.


  • Ashley was in a design class at Angel Grove High when Cassie came in, and they left together for a break.
  • Ashley had made her jacket in eighth grade and wondered whether it was tacky; it still fit.
  • Delisha Ennivel, a monster posing as a human fashion diva, gave Ashley her card and told Ashley to call her for a break in the fashion business, but when she got back into the limo in which Divatox was waiting, Divatox told her to begin making the jackets; the purpose of the meeting between Delisha and Ashley is uncertain.
  • Another day, while people were fighting over her jackets at the Delisha Ennivel display by the beach, Ashley walked out from the mist-filled eastern hallway in the Power Chamber when called to stop Elgar and Rygog from looting the Angel Grove Museum shipment of gems; she hadn't been at the boardwalk with the other teens.
  • Ashley wondered where the others were, and when told she'd have to stop the attack, she was surprised that she had to go alone.
  • After fighting Elgar and the Piranhatrons with some difficulty, morphed Ashley tricked Elgar into sealing the shipment door shut.
  • At the boardwalk, Ashley somewhat angrily asked the others why they hadn't come to help her.
  • Ashley ran off on the verge of tears when the others, under an anger spell, insulted her jacket.
  • Ashley was crying somewhere outside when Alpha called her to stop Blue Senturion's rampage.
  • To get the other teens to remove their jackets, Ashley told the teens they'd been overcharged, that Cassie had been sold the wrong size, that Justin was wearing a girl's jacket, and all four removed the jackets, removing the spell over them.
  • Ashley eagerly hugged T.J. after the spell was removed from them, suggesting that the team had been together for some time.


  • Ashley observed that the Phantom Ranger was invisible until he moved, but this was not at all the case, as his switching between invisibility, invisi-warp, and (later) visibility were independent of his actions.


  • In the Juice Bar, Ashley and Cassie giggled as a guy with green hair had walked by their table.
  • Ashley thought the guy was okay, but the green hair was too much; Cassie noted that all the girls in her band had had green hair for weeks.
  • When the other three Rangers were captured by Translucitor, Cassie thought to use the Turbo Navigator Justin had left in Storm Blaster, and from then on, Ashley would use it to hunt down the invisible monster and help Cassie fight him.
  • Back in the Juice Bar, Ashley figured out that Cassie liked the Phantom Ranger, but Cassie tried to deny it.


  • In the Juice Bar, Ashley gave Justin and Carlos tickets for the Angel Grove Monster Tour, which took people all around town to where Rangers had fought monsters; the three teens went together on the tour.
  • Carlos wasn't enthusiatic at the monster tour, but Ashley and Justin were.


  • Thinking he was real and Ashley was a robot, robot Justin said Ashley had never taken tennis lessons before.


  • At a fountain in the park, Ashley's wish as she tossed in a coin was for world peace.


  • Ashley and Carlos worked on a car in Mr. Decker's shop class at Angel Grove High, and the car wouldn't start.
  • When everyone in the class but her knew what she'd done wrong, Ashley wondered why she'd even taken the class.
  • After school, Ashley drove a yellow Volkswagen convertible which broke down as she was driving.
  • Ashley tried but was overwhelmed by the job of fixing her car.
  • Bulk and Skull, working for Angel Grove Towing, came to tow Ashley's car.
  • Bulk and Skull knew Ashley.
  • Skull accidentally backed the towtruck into Ashley's car, smashing the headlights.
  • After Elgar and Piranhatrons had arrived, Skull hid inside the truck while Ashley fought the Piranhatrons and Elgar stole many parts from her car; meanwhile, Bulk was distracted under the car trying to attach the truck's chains.
  • Ashley's car was in serious disarray after Elgar had stolen the parts.
  • Bulk and Skull drove Ashley to the Youth Center.
  • T.J. and the other teens gave Ashley a "lucky wrench" as a present for her bravery to take auto shop.
  • Ashley wasn't into cars, but she'd taken the class since her dad was really great with cars and didn't think girls should work on them; she had taken the class to prove she could do it.
  • The teens told Ashley they'd help her get her car back in shape.
  • Another day in shop class, Ashley was trying to reassemble a carburetor, but she'd forgotten a gasket, which she considered a stupid mistake.
  • Mr. Decker offered Ashley the chance to spend some extra time in the garage after school.
  • Ashley had pom-poms and a cheerleading outfit in her locker.
  • After school, Carlos volunteered to come with Ashley to the garage.
  • When Maniac Mechanic sped away from the garage in his battle wagon, morphed Ashley used her Turbo Cart to chase after him but soon had to get into Storm Blaster with Carlos and Justin after the cart had been damaged.
  • After Storm Blaster had been damaged by the battle wagon, Ashley, hearing that T.J. and Cassie needed help, had the guys go ahead while she stayed to work on Storm Blaster.
  • Ashley managed to repair Storm Blaster's advanced engine and arrived in time to save the other Rangers and singlehandedly destroy the battle wagon with an Auto Blast Defender (see "Turbo Navigators" and "Auto Blasters").
  • Another day, Ashley drove Carlos and Justin in her repaired car, explaining to them technical details about Storm Blaster's engine.
  • Stopping to help Bulk and Skull with their stalled towtruck on the side of the road, Ashley told Bulk she didn't want to hear how a girl couldn't fix their truck, yet the reason for his protest went unsaid, so it's unknown whether he would have been sexist, or whether he was merely trying to warn her about the oil which had moments earlier squirted in his own face.
  • Ashley fixed the truck, but Bulk and Skull were already out of a job for being late.


  • Morphed Ashley did an elbow-break move on a Piranhatron after she'd knocked it down; such a move was a bit excessive, if not overly violent.


  • At school, Ashley complimented Carlos on his new look (black clothes, a ponytail, and shades now that he'd been turned into a vampire) and then invited him to go to the blood drive at the Youth Center later that day, and he accepted.
  • Apparently after school in the resource center, Ashley asked Carlos if he wanted to get a bite with her, but she would ask him the same thing in the hallway later.
  • In Ashley's locker was cheerleading gear, with smileyface stickers on the inside walls.


  • Ashley taught a dance class of kids in the Youth Center.
  • Ashley didn't have a date for Saturday night's dance, and she got a crush on Bobby when he came in to pick up Mandy, one of Ashley's dance students.
  • Ashley was jealous that Cassie was already friends with Bobby.
  • Another day, Bobby made plans for a dance lesson with Ashley the next day, then went to the park with Cassie.
  • Ashley invited T.J. to play catch in the park and then dragged him off even though he'd thought she didn't like catch.
  • Cassie was playing her guitar for Bobby at the park when Ashley nearly hit Cassie with a thrown baseball which Bobby luckily managed to catch.
  • Joining in the game of catch, Cassie intentionally threw the ball hard at Ashley.
  • Ashley looked at a sprinkler and a puddle in the grass, then threw the ball toward it, and Cassie tripped and fell into the puddle trying to catch the ball.
  • Later, Bobby was going to drive Cassie somewhere, but he accidentally flooded the engine, giving the enthusiastic Ashley the opportunity to flaunt her auto mechanics skill.
  • Bobby was impressed when Cassie admitted that Ashley had taken auto shop, and even more when she made his car start.
  • The next day in the resource center, Bobby came up to Ashley's table and asked about Cassie, who'd disappeared on him the previous day for Ranger business, and she told him that Cassie was often annoyingly there one minute, gone the next.
  • When Ashley's friend Glenda joined them, Ashley mentioned Bobby's dance lesson, embarrassing Bobby in front of Glenda, but Glenda admitted that she was bad at dancing as well.
  • After her dance class that day, Ashley gave Bobby his dance lessons.
  • Ashley excitedly danced for Bobby before starting to teach him.
  • Later in the Juice Bar, Cassie and Ashley apologized to each other after Bobby had asked out Glenda rather than either of them.
  • Cassie and Ashley told the guys they needed dates; T.J. and Carlos both had dates, so Justin volunteered to take them both, and they shrugged to each other, replying, "Deal!"


  • The four teens secretly waited in Ashley's car during T.J.'s stakeout with Bulk and Skull to catch the Daytime Thief.


  • As the four teens checked each other out after their battle with Quantrons outside the Megaship, Andros demorphed into his Megaship uniform and stood still as the teens studied him, with Ashley circling him with a scrutinizing gaze.
  • When Cassie introduced herself, Ashley introduced herself as well, stepping in front of Cassie and trying to get Andros's attention.
  • Once Andros had walked off, Cassie teased Ashley for being surprised that he was human.
  • Later, as Andros was completing repairs on the bridge, Ashley came in from the Megalift and casually asked if he ever went home to KO-35; he told her he didn't, then refused her hand to help him up when he was done.
  • Later using an Astro Morpher Andros had apparently distributed to the teens at random, Ashley morphed into the Yellow Space Ranger.
  • Ashley appeared to have hazel eyes during her morph.


  • When Alpha announced their approach of Earth after Andros's Simudeck lesson to the teens, T.J., Cassie and Carlos ran off excited while Ashley stayed a moment to talk with Andros in the Simudeck.
  • When asked, Andros somewhat nervously replied that he'd never been to Earth before, and Ashley took his arm and began telling him about all the great things on Earth: beaches, music, the mall, etc.
  • At the Surf Spot, Andros, disturbed by Bulk hogging all the french fries while only letting Skull have his own water, subtlely used telekinesis with two fingers to pour hot sauce into Bulk's milkshake while Bulk was reading the newspaper; Ashley was apparently the only person to notice.
  • As the teens urgently left after realizing Astronema had followed them to Earth, Ashley stopped Andros and asked if he'd done that with the milkshake, but he merely asked what a milkshake was and ran out with the others.
  • Later, after the teens had completed diagnostics on the Megaship, Ashley took Andros to the Simudeck for a game of pool, where she used the control kiosk to bring up a pool table room.
  • Andros casually used his telekinesis to lift his cue stick to his hand with Ashley watching.
  • Andros told Ashley he'd practiced for years at telekinesis, and he agreed to give her some pointers on telekinesis if she taught him pool.


  • For breakfast on the Megaship, Ashley made what looked like bacon and eggs in the Synthetron, but she wasn't enthusiastic about tasting it.


  • At Angel Grove High, Ashley told Cassie about a dream of falling into a pile of something yucky.
  • When Cassie was blackmailed by George and Lenny to go on a date with Lenny to get her diary back, Cassie told Ashley that she had to get it back, and Ashley said it looked like Cassie was going on the date.
  • Another day, Lenny asked Cassie out on a real date after he and George had returned her diary; Cassie spoke with Ashley and told her they were going out on a double date, so she was going with George, delighting Lenny and George as she dragged the reluctant Ashley over.


  • During the seemingly hopeless fight against the giant conglomerate Craterite, it was Ashley who thought to take out the leader Craterite, earning them victory.


  • In space on their Galaxy Gliders after searching a heavy planet for Dark Specter together, Andros and Ashley were quite pleased to be free of that gravity, and they then performed some flip and loop tricks; he flipped in front of her as his glider moved sideways to catch him, and she then did a loop on her glider.


  • Ashley was reading a book on a bench in the park when a taxi drove up nearby; her grandmother, inside, first looked at Ashley through some mini-binoculars, then got out, walked up a bit, and threw a manilla envelope of files at her.
  • Ashley caught the packet with excellent reflexes, and she was delighted to realize her grandmother was there.
  • Ashley's grandmother, referred to in this guide as "Mrs. Hammond" for simplicity, said the packet was Ashley's future husband.
  • Mrs. Hammond took Ashley into the cab, swatting Ashley's behind before she got in.
  • Later at the Surf Spot bar, Mrs. Hammond showed an unenthused Ashley photos of various young men, with Adelle looking at the pictures.
  • Not happy with her grandmother's attempts to set her up, Ashley had had enough when Mrs. Hammond mentioned kids; Ashley insisted she was too young to need a husband, but Mrs. Hammond cheerfully thought otherwise.
  • When Carlos walked up, Ashley took his arm, introducing Carlos as her boyfriend; when Carlos and Adelle were confused, Ashley stepped on Carlos's foot to make him play along, then told her grandmother they'd been dating for a year.
  • As Mrs. Hammond, pleased, was feeling Carlos's arm, his communicator on his opposite arm went off with its warble sound, and she clamored to get a look at it.
  • Carlos suddenly said he was thirsty, so Ashley had her grandmother order some drinks while she and Carlos rushed off into a side hallway.
  • Later in the park with the others, Carlos said they couldn't keep pretending to be a couple; T.J. joked that they could, but eventually they'd probably have to get married.
  • Andros said the situation was very interesting and suggested she could tell the truth.
  • When Mrs. Hammond rushed up to take their picture, having been looking for them, Carlos explained that Ashley had always been one one of his best friends, but that they weren't really dating.
  • Mrs. Hammond was shocked but then realized that they really did like each other and could go on their first date.
  • On their date later, the other three teens and Mrs. Hammond watched from the bushes with mini-binoculars as Ashley and Carlos rode a merry-go-round with matching atrocious shirts provided by Mrs. Hammond.
  • Pleased, Mrs. Hammond called Ashley on a cell phone to ask what they were talking about; Ashley merely replied "stuff," and said they were about done since they were starved.
  • On their date, Carlos and Ashley seemed to be happy with one another were but tired of Mrs. Hammond's interference.
  • Over the phone, Mrs. Hammond told Ashley to hold Carlos's hand, and she did, annoyed at her grandmother.
  • Later in the Surf Spot, Adelle unamusedly served Ashley and Carlos a milkshake with two straws and gave Ashley a note from Mrs. Hammond telling her to share the drink with him.
  • Watching nearby, Mrs. Hammond was delighted, and the three other teens sat with her and laughed.
  • Ashley and Carlos were still sick of Mrs. Hammond's meddling, but they smiled faintly and drank together.
  • As the five teens prepared to leave together when their communicators went off, the ground suddenly rumbled, making people run from the Surf Spot, and Ashley brought her grandmother along.
  • With alien termites on the loose outside, Ashley told her grandmother to go home at that she'd meet her later, but Mrs. Hammond, frightened, wouldn't go anywhere without her granddaughter; Andros told her it wasn't safe to stay, and Ashley led her grandmother away while the other teens rushed off in another direction.
  • Ashley took her grandmother through a rubble-filled area where people were running in the opposite direction, and when her communicator went off, Ashley hung back for a second to answer it behind some rubble while her grandmother looked ahead.
  • After Alpha's call, Ashley told her grandmother to find a safe place while she went back, but Mrs. Hammond whined to come along.
  • Ashley firmly told her grandmother she loved her, but she was smothering her and that she had to stop telling her what to do.
  • A police officer told Ashley and Mrs. Hammond they needed to clear the area; Ashley left, telling her grandmother to go with the police, but Mrs. Hammond, thinking Ashley was in trouble, struggled with the officer and then flipped him onto the ground and drove off with his car, promising to bring it back.
  • Behind some rubble, Ashley looked around, morphed, and then ran off as Yellow Ranger to meet up with the others; arriving on the scene, she was prompty blasted and thrown down by Termitus.
  • As Termitus approached the downed Yellow Ranger in the plaza, Mrs. Hammond sped up in her stolen police car, growling, "Time to show this monster what a tough grandma can do!"
  • Mrs. Hammond struck Termitus with the speeding car, then once she'd turned and screeched to a stop, she growled, "You mess with the Power Rangers, you're messing with me too!"
  • As Termitus got up and told her she was biting off more than she could chew, Mrs. Hammond retorted, "Oh, you think so, huh? We'll see!" and raced toward him again.
  • Termitus blasted the car with his eyebeams, making it swerve out of control as Mrs. Hammond was apparently unable to find the brake pedal with her foot.
  • Andros began to go after the car, but Ashley went instead, soon leaping and catching onto the side of the car, telling her grandmother to hit the brakes.
  • As Mrs. Hammond struggled to find the brake pedal in panic, Ashley planted her morphed feet down on the pavement to try to slow the car.
  • Once her grandmother had stopped the car, morphed Ashley rolled over the hood and spoke with her; Mrs. Hammond felt guilty for always messing things up even though she only wanted to help.
  • Ashley told her grandmother she hadn't messed things up, but rather she'd prevented the monster from having them for lunch; grateful for the compliment, Mrs. Hammond only wished her granddaughter felt that way.
  • Ashley her grandmother, "I have a grandma just like you, and I just discovered I wouldn't want her any other way."; Mrs. Hammond, pleased, told Yellow Ranger to go on, as her friends needed her.
  • As Ashley ran off, Mrs. Hammond told her to tell her grandmother she was a lucky lady; talking to herself as she ran, Ashley said she was lucky to have a grandmother like her.
  • Once the Astro Megazord had been assembled to fight giant Termitus, Ashley had then switched seats with Andros to pilot the Megazord from the center seat; she would act with decision and determination throughout the challenging battle.
  • Outside the Surf Spot another day, the teens brought Mrs. Hammond's bags out to a taxi.
  • Ashley felt like she'd let her grandmother down, but Mrs. Hammond was with Adelle walking out, making a list of the things Adelle liked in a man (she mentioned appetite, loving a man who appreciated good cooking).
  • Ashley hoped her grandmother could come back soon and apologized about the husband thing not working out, but Mrs. Hammond said with friends like hers, she didn't need one... yet.
  • Mrs. Hammond said goodbye to all of the teens and Adelle, then asked the taxi driver if he was married; the teens and Adelle said goodbye and waved happily as she drove off.


  • In the infirmary after Carlos, having been turned into a Barillian Bug monster, had stung Cassie and initiated the same transformation in her, the three teens sadly strapped Cassie onto the med table, and she looked back up at them with worry; her arms had been left unrestrained.
  • As they neared KO-35 and T.J. and Andros prepared to go down to KO-35, Andros told Ashley to protect the bridge no matter what, even if it meant she had to shoot.
  • As the guys left, Ashley told them to hurry with the antidote, and she then thought she heard something in the vent above the restrained Cassie but left anyway.
  • Soon learning of a disturbance in the infirmary, Ashley suddenly realized that one Bug monster, then the other, were beginning to force the bridge doors open; she nervously stood ready to shoot.
  • T.J. saved Ashley by spraying the two monsters with antidote, reverting them into Cassie and Carlos.
  • Later, on a rooftop in the KO-35 city, Andros held his locket in his hands and looked out at the vista around him.
  • Ashley came up and asked Andros what he was thinking about; he told her that the last time he'd seen Karone was in the park below.
  • Something told Andros he was really close to finding Karone; Ashley hoped he was right and had him come on back to the ship.


  • On the workbay some time after T.J. had become temporarily amnesic from a staggering blow to the head during the fight with Darkliptor, Ashley and Carlos came in with the basketball to finish their game; T.J., with Andros and Cassie, pretended he didn't remember a game or even what basketball was, making Ashley happily whisper to Carlos, "These guys don't even stand a chance!"
  • Although T.J. was only pretending that his amnesia had persisted, and although the girls hadn't witnessed the partiulcarly brutal blow to T.J.'s head, Ashley's celebration of T.J.'s apparent lingering injury seemed quite uncaring, at best.


  • The teens celebrated Ashley's seventeenth birthday at a table in the park.
  • After blowing out the seventeen candles on her cake, Ashley wouldn't tell Carlos what she'd wished for; Cassie could guess, and the girls looked at Andros sitting by himself, staring into space, and Ashley chuckled.
  • Putting on a hat, Ashley thanked everyone for the great gifts, then found Carlos's present of a fire extinguisher, making Cassie frown and T.J. smack his arm; Carlos defensively replied that everyone needed one.
  • Ashley took the coveted corner cake piece from Carlos over to Andros.
  • Ashley offered Andros some birthday cake, and he thanked her, then told her they didn't celebrate birthdays on KO-35.
  • Ashley happily told Andros he didn't have to get her anything, not expecting him to know all the weird customs on Earth, but, smiling, he pulled out a small gold box anyway.
  • Inside was a V-shaped gold necklace with a triangular orange gem in the crux of the V; Andros said it was a rare gem from KO-35, and Ashley loved it.
  • Ashley winked at Cassie while hugging Andros.
  • Later walking through the park with Cassie, Ashley said sometimes she thought Andros liked her, but he was so shy; Cassie pointed out that he'd been riding around in a spaceship for years and probably hadn't had much of a chance to date.
  • Quantrons suddenly grabbed Ashley, covering her mouth and taking her behind a group of bushes where Ecliptor and Astronema (disguised to look exactly like her) were, while Cassie kept walking and talking.
  • Ashley apparently always wore yellow spandex shorts beneath skirts, as could be seen during some fight scenes.
  • Ecliptor told Ashley she was about to be replaced, and she broke free and almost called out to Cassie but was restrained again and then was teleported away.
  • Ashley was tied with rope to a tree in what looked like the Cirrus Dimension, with Body Switcher thinking of ways to show off his powers for her.
  • Preying on the monster's pride, Ashley challenged him to turn her into Astronema right as Elgar was wandering up.
  • Calling that an easy one, Body Switcher turned Ashley into Astronema, at which point Elgar entered and was shocked to find Astronema tied up; he shoved the monster down and cut the disguised Ashley free as she ordered.
  • Ashley thanked Elgar as he helped her down, then told him to tie up the monster and ran off to an unknown destination; only after she'd left did Body Switcher angrily explain that was actually the Yellow Ranger.
  • Alpha's birthday present to Ashley was a music-playing figurine couple, but Astronema would throw it into a Refuse chute on the Megaship.
  • Later, once morphed Andros and Astronema (morphed as the Yellow Ranger) had gone down to investigate a false monster alert, morphed Astronema was preparing to shoot Andros in the back with her Astro Blaster when Ashley called out, "Not so fast, Astronema!"
  • Andros and morphed Astronema looked at the disguised Ashley, then Andros looked at morphed Astronema, and she quickly hid the Astro Blaster behind her back.
  • Ashley pleadingly tried to explain it was her, Ashley, but Astronema attacked her and fought hand-to-hand before calling Andros over, making him snap to action.
  • Morphed Andros fought Ashley until she told him the Yellow Ranger was really Astronema; when he asked Yellow what she was talking about, she paused and then replied that it must be a trick, at which point Andros agreed and kept fighting.
  • Struggling, Ashley said she didn't want to hurt him, but Yellow Ranger shouted for him to destroy her while he still had the chance.
  • Her feelings hurt, Ashley shoved Andros back and said she could prove it was all a trick; she then mischievously asked Yellow Ranger what Andros had gotten her for her birthday, and she couldn't remember, but Ashley triumphantly said it was a necklace from KO-35, proving she was Ashley despite her looking like Astronema.
  • Frustrated, morphed Astronema drew her Astro Blaster at Ashley, but she and Andros dodged, with Andros returning fire.
  • Rolling on the ground after being blasted, Yellow Ranger demorphed into Astronema, who dropped Ashley's Astro Morpher, which Andros snatched up.
  • Meanwhile, the two Astronemas struggled, confusing Andros; the other three Rangers ran up and were confused as well.
  • Andros got an idea and called out to Ashley, "Let's rocket!"; one Astronema did her pre-morph hand gesture, but the other fumbled with her arms, trying to copy the hand gestures.
  • Ashley happily joined the Rangers, and the real Astronema stormed off saying she wouldn't want to be a Power Ranger anyway; she then called for Body Switcher, who leapt in and fought the Rangers while she vanished.
  • Andros gave Ashley her Morpher, and she morphed into the Yellow Ranger while still looking like Astronema; while morphed, her voice would be her own rather than Astronema's, yet when Astronema had been morphed, she'd had Ashley's voice as well.
  • When the Rangers went to the workbay after their victory, Ashley was reluctant to remove her helmet, but when she did, she was pleased to find that she was back to normal; Cassie presumed the monster's destruction had removed the spell.
  • Ashley suddenly remembered her necklace and made a panic check for it; pleased to find it under her suit, Ashley thanked Andros again, but he was no longer there, having secretly left to check on Zhane's hidden healing chamber.


  • After Zhane had awakened and the Rangers had defeated Lunatick, Andros introduced his friends, and T.J., Cassie, and Carlos told Zhane their names.
  • Startling forward as though enchanted by Zhane, Ashley stepped forward and extended her hand, introducing herself.
  • Enchanted in return, Zhane remarked that he'd never met a female Power Ranger before, but why he completely ignored Cassie is unknown; he then told Ashley it was nice to meet her and kissed her hand.


  • In the Megaship, Andros was walking down a hallway, trying to think of how to ask Ashley on a date, when he stumbled upon Zhane standing very close to Ashley in the workbay, with his hands on her shoulders behind her as he attempted to teach her telekinesis.
  • Zhane lifted up a scanner device with telekinesis and grabbed it, and Ashley giggled and touched his arm, making Andros secretly storm off.
  • When morphed Ashley was knocked down like the others in the fight with Crocotox, Andros rushed to her side to make sure she was all right.
  • When Andros was grabbed and slashed, Ashley joined him in holding back Crocotox while Zhane came in and kicked the monster back, making Ashley remark, "What a gentleman!"
  • After Zhane had vanished during the battle and returned unmorphed afterward, Ashley held Zhane's hand with both of hers and told him he had some great moves and asked if he could teach them a few.
  • As Ashley went to the Synthetron in the workbay after the battle, Andros watched her, thinking.
  • After Ashley had generated a brownie for herself, Andros began to nervously ask Ashley something, and she was smiling, wondering what he was going to say, but as the others left, Zhane came up to them and suspected Darkonda had to have some sort of lab and asked Ashley if she wanted to help him start scanning.
  • Ashley agreed, and Zhane took her brownie, almost walking off.
  • When Ashley asked Andros what he wanted to ask her, Zhane stayed, amused, and messily devoured the whole brownie.
  • Upset, Andros said to forget it and walked off.
  • Concerned, Ashley looked back, watching Andros as she went to the bridge with Zhane.
  • As they spoke privately a bit later in the workbay, Andros told Zhane he'd looked pretty chummy with Ashley, but Zhane insisted they were just friends and that he knew Andros liked her and he wouldn't step on his toes.
  • As Andros and Zhane came onto the bridge, the others told Andros they thought they knew where Darkonda's lab was, as DECA had located it on the planet Dekata 5.
  • As the teens prepared to leave, Ashley cheerfully told Zhane to come on, but Andros said they'd handle this.
  • Carlos pointed out they could use all the help they could get against Darkonda, but Andros forcefully stated Zhane stayed; as the others began to leave with confusion, Zhane lied that he wasn't feeling so hot.
  • Lingering, Ashley asked if he'd be okay, and he said he would; she touched his arm before leaving.
  • After talking with Andros on the bridge later that day, Zhane told him that the times he'd been with Ashley, she'd spent most of the time asking about Andros.
  • As Andros asked what kind of questions, Ashley walked in and exchanged parting glances with Zhane as Zhane was leaving.
  • Despite thinking it might be too boring for him, since he did come from space, Ashley began to nervously ask Andros out somewhere, but he then suddenly asked if she wanted to go check out Halley's Comet with him, and she happily said she'd love to.
  • The two walked off with Andros's hand on Ashley's back.


  • After the battle with Praying Mantis, in which Zhane had run away to secretly demorph, unmorphed Zhane cheerfully joined back up with the Rangers and put his arm around Ashley.


  • As the teens said goodbye to Zhane after he'd decided to stay with the Rebels, Ashley sweetly kissed him on the cheek.


  • On the bridge one day, Andros was looking sadly at his locket while thinking of Karone when Ashley came in with a panel device and another device; concerned, she pushed some buttons on a console and then went to comfort Andros.
  • Putting her arms around Andros from behind and nuzzling her forehead against his, Ashley suggested they get the others and all take a break, and the five teens soon ate at the Surf Spot.
  • Ashley apparently always wore yellow spandex shorts beneath skirts in civilian clothes.


  • The night after he'd been blackmailed by Silvy until becoming so fed up that he'd told her to tell everyone his identity, Carlos was in bed on the Megaship when Ashley came in, knocking after the door had opened for her.
  • Ashley asked if he was up, and he said he was, and that he couldn't fall asleep tonight, still thinking about Silvy and the nerve she had.
  • Before he went on, Ashley told Carlos there was something he should know.
  • Speaking with Ashley and Carlos in a medical clinic another day, a doctor told them Silvy's brother had become very ill, so the family had moved to Angel Grove to help him get better; Ashley told Carlos she didn't have any friends here.
  • When Carlos asked about her brother, the doctor said he'd died a few months ago; both teens were shocked to hear the news.
  • The doctor said Silvy had taken it pretty hard, and he showed them a picture of the two of them together: her brother was in front of a poster of the moon, with a telescope beside him, and he held a model rocket with Silvy beside him.
  • The two kids had wanted to grow up and become astronauts together, and they'd sworn to go to the moon someday; Silvy had promised to bring him back a moonrock.
  • Alarmed, Carlos jumped up and excused himself, rushing out; Ashley apologized and went after him.
  • Outside, Carlos gave Ashley the pager to hold and ran off, leaving her distressed not knowing where he was going.
  • While Carlos was gone, the pager went off, and Ashley saw in it that Silvy was in trouble; the five Rangers would soon arrive to protect Silvy from Datascammer near the graveyard where her brother was buried.


  • As the Megaship was in orbit, Cassie, near a disheveled cleaning cart, frustratedly swept up around the jump tubes while Ashley ate at the workbay table; Andros got up from the table after making sure he and Ashley were still on for practice at the Simudeck soon.
  • Ashley casually asked Cassie if she'd washed her sheets yet, and Cassie said with annoyance that she'd been a little busy.
  • Leaving the table a mess, Ashley got up with her last piece of what was probably pizza, and Cassie was upset, having just cleaned up.
  • The girls began shouting at each other, with Ashley arguing that things could get dirty again, and Cassie arguing that Ashley never cleaned up.
  • Ashley shouted that she'd cleaned up three weeks ago.
  • Entering with Carlos after hearing the shouting, T.J. soon reminded them that they'd all agreed to divide the duties, at which point Cassie stormed out after giving T.J. the broom.
  • Later, Cassie was dusting on the bridge when Andros asked her to check out the Hyper Rush converters, but Cassie frustratedly said checking the system functions was Ashley's job this week.
  • T.J. brought in an annoyed Ashley and had the girls sit beside each other; when the two began bickering, T.J. said they'd all been on this ship a long time and that they were all a little tired.
  • During a fight on Earth, Psycho Pink attacked Cassie, and Ashley and T.J. helped defend her; when Psycho Pink fired an energy bolt, T.J. took the blast in the chest, knocking him down, and Ashley cradled him.
  • When Psycho Pink blasted Cassie, the other two went to help her, but she shoved them back, saying she was who Psycho Pink wanted.
  • Ashley rushed to help an old woman blasted by Psycho Pink, but the woman formed futuristic cuffs on Ashley's hands and turned into Psycho Yellow, then grappled Ashley and slowly sank into a ripple warp in the ground with her, laughing over having lied to Psycho Pink about planning to capture Pink Ranger.
  • Elsewhere on Earth, Psycho Yellow tossed Ashley down in a cell in a rock cavern with a hole in the wall.
  • Psycho Yellow planned to take the rest of Ashley's powers and beat her easily as Ashley attempted to fight back while shackled.
  • Not wanting her time wasted, Psycho Yellow grabbed Ashley's forehead to finish the brain drain, but Psycho Pink stopped her, upset that Psycho Yellow had doublecrossed her.
  • Ashley was soon grappled by Psycho Pink, who threatened to destroy her, then threatened to take her to Astronema, making Psycho Yellow blast them both.
  • As an injured Psycho Pink writhed on the ground, Ashley quickly leapt out the hole in the wall and plunged down a fjord into mist below, then attempted to hide in a large, abandoned industrial facility nearby.
  • Psycho Yellow found Ashley in a building but was stopped by Psycho Pink; while the two fought, Ashley looked for some way to get free, and she spotted explosive bins which she ducked behind, then shouted at the Psychos that she'd never give in.
  • Psycho Pink blasted at Ashley, igniting the bins and making the entire area explode; looking at the explosion after being knocked back along with Psycho Pink, Psycho Yellow concluded there was no way she could've survived and said goodbye to Yellow Ranger, but meanwhile, morphed Ashley staggered out of a flaming doorway.
  • As Ashley looked at her cuffs, which were no longer flashing, Psycho Pink attacked her and threw her into a field, where her continued attack was stopped by a sonic blast from the Satellite Stunner as Cassie swooped in on her Galaxy Glider and flew Ashley out of there.
  • Nearby, T.J. chopped Ashley free from her shackles with his Astro Axe, then the five Rangers fought Psycho Pink.
  • During the fight, Ashley suddenly got a plan and pointed to her eye while telling Cassie to do exactly what she said; while soon grappling Psycho Pink, Ashley told Cassie to use her Satellite Stunner, and Cassie did so in Booster Mode, shooting Psycho Pink in the cracked eyepiece.
  • Once Mega V-3 had been summoned to use against giant Psycho-monster Pink, Cassie typed at her controls and said the missile was ready and locked on target; suddenly, however, as the Mega Voyager stood ready, the lights in the cockpit dimmed, making Cassie wonder what was going on, as everything was locked up.
  • Ashley told Cassie, "Auxiliary power to weapons!" and Cassie, typing, complied; a schematic of Mega Voyager showed a yellow arrow from Mega V-4 going into Mega V-3 with the text "Energy Charge" and a meter rising toward 100.
  • Red energy bolts from Mega V-4 charged up the Mega V-3 Missile Mode, making it glow red; Cassie announced that weapons were online, and the glowing red V-3 destroyed Psycho Pink.
  • In celebration, Ashley and Cassie gave each other high fives.
  • Eating in the workbay, the teens planned to strategize on the bridge, but when the girls began fighting over who would clean up, both wanting to do it, T.J. told them to stop, saying the guys would clean up; leaving, the girls congratulated each other.


  • While the teens waited for more Psycho Ranger attacks, Ashley was in a phone booth in a plaza downtown, talking with a family member while trying to figure out what to get her dad for his birthday; she'd already tried the hardware store but hadn't known what to get, and she rejected the family member's suggestion of a tie.
  • After watching the three Psycho Rangers in human form accost a woman after identifying Yellow Ranger's voice in the area, Ashley went to the Megaship and, in uniform, ran terrified into the workbay, where she told the guys of the Psycho Rangers' human forms and their ability to track the teens down by their voices.


  • During the final battle with the giant Psycho Monsters, it was Ashley who thought to absorb the Psychos' energy and turn it back on them.
  • Later, after the Psychos had been destroyed, Andros left the workbay to get some sleep, and Ashley told him she'd wake him in a little while.


  • As Ashley prepared to eat a burger and fries from the Synthetron, she was terrified by the small alien which had followed Andros onto the ship, and she grabbed an Astro Blaster from her locker to defend herself.
  • Pleased after Andros had rushed in and explained who the alien was, Ashley said it looked like they had a new shipmate, and she thought of the name Seymour, as he'd stowed away to "see more" of the universe.
  • On Tirna as Seymour happily chased a female version of himself, T.J. was surprised that Seymour had a girlfriend, but Cassie remarked in Andros and Ashley's direction that some things were universal; Ashley then held Andros's hand and put her head on his shoulder.


  • The teens ate Chinese food at an outdoor restaurant with Silvy; Andros and Ashley sat alone at a table next to the others.
  • Andros fumbled with chopsticks, so Ashley fed him some with hers instead and showed him how to hold the chopsticks, but by then, there was none left.


  • Downtown at night, Andros and Ashley were on a date; they came out of a clothing store where Ashley had just bought herself a leather jacket, and Andros, wearing a jacket too, told her she looked very nice, like Stella Quazinella (an intergalactic star in all the big holographic films).
  • Andros and Ashley talked about going to the movies sometime.
  • Ashley played hopscotch with some kids on the sidewalk and had Andros try, then they left and Andros suggested sushi to eat.
  • The evil Tankenstein, a black Humvee, raced up behind the two, trying to run them down, but they leapt aside.
  • Andros and Ashley went into the alley where the vehicle had driven, but they saw nothing; suddenly, it burst out and tried to run them down again, but they leapt onto a fence, and Tankenstein vanished.
  • The next day after the other three teens had disappeared, Andros and Ashley were driving in Ashley's yellow VW, Andros using an AmScanner to search for the others, when Tankenstein rammed them from behind; they were soon beamed to the desert where the others were.


  • During Astronema's invasion of Earth, Ashley was wearing the KO-35 necklace Andros had given her.


  • As the teens strategized at a campfire in the ravaged Angel Grove, Andros, planning to go to the Dark Fortress, wandered out and was opening his Battlizer when Ashley asked if he was going somewhere.
  • Sad, Ashley told him he couldn't leave, but he said he had to try; she fought back tears.
  • Andros nearly walked off, then started to tell her something in case he didn't see her again, but she touched her fingers to his lips to stop him and, near crying, said she would see him again.
  • After they'd looked into each other's eyes for a while, Andros turned and morphed, then flew off as Ashley watched tearfully.
  • Another day, on KO-35, Ashley and Andros walked together holding hands; Andros had decided to stay on KO-35, his home, and Ashley was saddened.
  • As the four teens prepared to fly home in the Megaship, they waved to the crowd, at the front of which were Andros, Karone, and Zhane; once the others had gone inside, Ashley sadly stood behind, watching Andros, then closed the space hatch.
  • On the bridge, Ashley was very sad, missing Andros intensely, as the four teens prepared for liftoff.
  • Entering, Andros told DECA to set a course for Earth; he told the delighted teens that his home was with them.


  • When the Space teens arrived on Terra Venture to help fight the Psycho Rangers, Ashley now had longer hair.


  • As the Space teens met the Galactabeasts, Ashley was amazed, saying they'd never had anything like them when they'd been Rangers, and she was a bit worried when Cassie climbed atop the Wildcat.


  • Information on Farley's Power Rangers in Space fruit rolls included the following description: "Ashley is a bubbly, positive person who always sees the glass as half-full.  Ashley comes from a fairly well-off family.  She's popular with the other kids and belongs to just about every club in the school.  There are times when her grades suffer due to her over-involvement in activities in the school, but she manages to pull through.  Her dream is to become a top fashion designer." (Source: Submitted by Eva Beckwith)
  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website after 643-CTD2, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, T.J., and Andros brought peace to the world and were celebrated as heroes.

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