Ashley's relatives
- relatives of Ashley Hammond
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  • Ashley wasn't into cars, but she'd taken an auto shop class at Angel Grove since her dad was really great with cars and didn't think girls should work on them; she had taken the class to prove she could do it.


  • While the teens waited for more Psycho Ranger attacks, Ashley was in a phone booth in a plaza downtown, talking with a family member while trying to figure out what to get her dad for his birthday; she'd already tried the hardware store but hadn't known what to get, and she rejected the family member's suggestion of a tie.

    Ashley's grandmother
    - Ashley's intrusive yet well-intentioned matchmaking grandmother
    Ashley's grandmother
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    First Appearance: 613-Grma
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  • Ashley was reading a book on a bench in the park when a taxi drove up nearby; her grandmother, inside, first looked at Ashley through some mini-binoculars, then got out, walked up a bit, and threw a manilla envelope of files at her.
  • Ashley caught the packet with excellent reflexes, and she was delighted to realize her grandmother was there.
  • Ashley's grandmother, referred to in this guide as "Mrs. Hammond" for simplicity, said the packet was Ashley's future husband.
  • Mrs. Hammond took Ashley into the cab, swatting Ashley's behind before she got in.
  • Later at the Surf Spot bar, Mrs. Hammond showed an unenthused Ashley photos of various young men, with Adelle looking at the pictures.
  • Not happy with her grandmother's attempts to set her up, Ashley had had enough when Mrs. Hammond mentioned kids; Ashley insisted she was too young to need a husband, but Mrs. Hammond cheerfully thought otherwise.
  • When Carlos walked up, Ashley took his arm, introducing Carlos as her boyfriend; when Carlos and Adelle were confused, Ashley stepped on Carlos's foot to make him play along, then told her grandmother they'd been dating for a year.
  • As Mrs. Hammond, pleased, was feeling Carlos's arm, his communicator on his opposite arm went off with its warble sound, and she clamored to get a look at it.
  • Carlos suddenly said he was thirsty, so Ashley had her grandmother order some drinks while she and Carlos rushed off into a side hallway.
  • After the two teens had answered their call in the secluded hallway, Ashley called, "Let's do it!", and they were holding out their right arms in preparation to morph when Mrs. Hammond sweetly came in to ask what they wanted.
  • Soon, the two teens had somehow gotten away from Mrs. Hammond to morph and join the others.
  • When the teens were later in the park, Mrs. Hammond rushed up to take the supposed couple's picture, having been looking for them; Carlos explained that Ashley had always been one one of his best friends, but that they weren't really dating.
  • Mrs. Hammond was shocked but then realized that they really did like each other and could go on their first date.
  • On their date later, the other three teens and Mrs. Hammond watched from the bushes with mini-binoculars as Ashley and Carlos rode a merry-go-round with matching atrocious shirts provided by Mrs. Hammond.
  • Pleased, Mrs. Hammond called Ashley on a cell phone to ask what they were talking about; Ashley merely replied "stuff," and said they were about done since they were starved.
  • On their date, Carlos and Ashley seemed to be happy with one another but tired of Mrs. Hammond's interference.
  • Over the phone, Mrs. Hammond told Ashley to hold Carlos's hand, and she did, annoyed at her grandmother.
  • Later in the Surf Spot, Adelle unamusedly served Ashley and Carlos a milkshake with two straws and gave Ashley a note from Mrs. Hammond telling her to share the drink with him.
  • Watching nearby, Mrs. Hammond was delighted, and the three other teens sat with her and laughed.
  • Ashley and Carlos were still sick of Mrs. Hammond's meddling, but they smiled faintly and drank together.
  • When the teens' communicators went off, making them look at their wrists, Mrs. Hammond asked, "What are those things?!" and wanted to see one.
  • As the five teens prepared to leave together, the ground suddenly rumbled, making people run from the Surf Spot, and Ashley brought her grandmother along.
  • A cloud of alien termites from the ground flew over the teens and Mrs. Hammond briefly, then flew away and instantly completely devoured a very large building in the distance, perhaps a hospital.
  • Ashley told her grandmother to go home at that she'd meet her later, but Mrs. Hammond, frightened, wouldn't go anywhere without her granddaughter; Andros told her it wasn't safe to stay, and Ashley led her grandmother away while the other teens rushed off in another direction.
  • Ashley took her grandmother through a rubble-filled area where people were running in the opposite direction, and when her communicator went off, Ashley hung back for a second to answer it behind some rubble while her grandmother looked ahead.
  • After Alpha's call, Ashley told her grandmother to find a safe place while she went back, but Mrs. Hammond whined to come along.
  • Ashley firmly told her grandmother she loved her, but she was smothering her and that she had to stop telling her what to do.
  • A police officer told Ashley and Mrs. Hammond they needed to clear the area; Ashley left, telling her grandmother to go with the police, but Mrs. Hammond, thinking Ashley was in trouble, struggled with the officer and then flipped him onto the ground and drove off with his car, promising to bring it back.
  • Speeding around the plaza in her stolen police car, Mrs. Hammond spotted the Yellow Ranger running in front of her path in the distance, and gasped, "Wow, it's the Yellow Power Ranger!"
  • Soon, as Termitus approached the downed Yellow Ranger in the plaza while the others were down nearby, Mrs. Hammond sped up in her stolen police car, growling, "Time to show this monster what a tough grandma can do!"
  • Mrs. Hammond struck Termitus with the speeding car, then once she'd turned and screeched to a stop, she growled, "You mess with the Power Rangers, you're messing with me too!"
  • As Termitus got up and told her she was biting off more than she could chew, Mrs. Hammond retorted, "Oh, you think so, huh? We'll see!" and raced toward him again.
  • Termitus blasted the car with his eyebeams, making it swerve out of control as Mrs. Hammond was apparently unable to find the brake pedal with her foot.
  • Shouting after the car, Yellow Ranger cried out, "Oh no! Grandma!"
  • As the car continued to swerve, Yellow Ranger shouted, "Hit the brakes, grandma! Stop!"
  • After the police car had smashed through some bins, Yellow Ranger leapt through the air and caught onto the passenger side of the car, telling Mrs. Hammond, "Don't worry! I'll help you!"
  • Yellow Ranger told Mrs. Hammond to hit the brakes, and she replied, in panic, that she was trying.
  • Yellow Ranger planted her feet down on the pavement, her feet letting off a continuous stream of sparks as she ineffectively attempted to slow the car.
  • The panicking Mrs. Hammond finally found the pedal with her foot and stopped the car just before it would've hit the wall beside some steps.
  • After rolling over the car's hood to the driver's side window, Yellow Ranger spoke, "Gran--! I mean, ma'am! Are you okay?"; Mrs. Hammond felt guilty for always messing things up even though she only wanted to help.
  • Her voice intonations sounding very much like Ashley, Yellow Ranger told Mrs. Hammond she hadn't messed things up, but rather she'd prevented the monster from having them for lunch; grateful for the compliment, Mrs. Hammond only wished her granddaughter felt that way.
  • Yellow Ranger told Mrs. Hammond, "I have a grandma just like you, and I just discovered I wouldn't want her any other way."; Mrs. Hammond, pleased, told Yellow Ranger to go on, as her friends needed her.
  • As Yellow Ranger ran off, Mrs. Hammond told her to tell her grandmother she was a lucky lady.
  • Outside the Surf Spot another day, the teens brought Mrs. Hammond's bags out to a taxi.
  • Ashley felt like she'd let her grandmother down, but Mrs. Hammond was with Adelle walking out, making a list of the things Adelle liked in a man (she mentioned appetite, loving a man who appreciated good cooking).
  • Ashley hoped her grandmother could come back soon and apologized about the husband thing not working out, but Mrs. Hammond said with friends like hers, she didn't need one... yet.
  • Mrs. Hammond said goodbye to all of the teens and Adelle, then asked the taxi driver if he was married; the teens and Adelle said goodbye and waved happily as she drove off.
  • Adelle called out to Mrs. Hammond to tell her not to forget that appetite.

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