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  • Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster were hidden inside an asteroid in the Omega Quadrant, which was apparently far from Earth.


  • On his Galaxy Glider on a quest for Phantom Ranger's Delta Megaship, Andros flew through a dense region of asteroids, beyond which he suddenly screeched to a stop upon seeing the Delta Megaship, in its docking station, before him.


  • As the Megaship was flying through space back toward Earth, an enormous asteroid dwarfing the ship overtook it in a near miss, at which point Dark Specter came in over the viewscreen and told the teens that Astronema belonged to him; if they returned her, he would spare them.
  • Ashley pointed out that his asteroid had missed them, and he replied, "Of course. It's headed for Earth!"
  • Neither the Megaship's Megalasers at optimum range nor numerous explosive devices could cause the asteroid noticeable damage.
  • As the Rangers struggled to think of something they could do, Karone said Dark Specter had sent the asteroid, which meant it had been programmed to hit Earth, in which case she could get on the Dark Fortress and reprogram it.
  • 65 million years ago, an asteroid of the same size and velocity as Dark Specter's asteroid had hit Earth with devastating effect: the cloud of dust and water from the impact had covered the planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight necessary to sustain life.
  • During this time, many plant species had died, and scientists believed that this might have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.


  • With the help of the Mega Winger, the Rangers used their Zords to push the asteroid off its Earth-bound trajectory.


  • Exploding in a giant fireball upon his destruction in orbit, Dark Specter's pieces rained down on Earth as flaming chunks of rock.


  • 3,000 ago, the Rhino, Phoenix, and the Shark Galactabeasts had lost their powers in a great battle, doomed to float forever in an asteroid field.
  • Deviot had at some point captured the three defeated Galactabeasts and rebuilt them for his slaves at a large construction area in a valley on a vast asteroid.


  • Somewhere between the Milky Way and the Eurolean Galaxy was a large, rapidly moving meteoroid field which impacted with a planet with yellow continents and white "oceans," blowing the planet up.
  • The meteoroid field was moving at a velocity of 1.3 trillion meters per <unknown time interval>.
  • A meteoroid which struck the Scorpion Stinger was a medium-sized rock with glowing red sections fading out; the rock was wrapped in craggly black vein-like shapes.
  • After the initial impact, Kegler reported another field with rocks the size of fire trucks heading for them.
  • The meteor storm, as Trakeena called it, eventually arrived, causing significant rumbling aboard the Scorpion Stinger until the ship managed to fly out.

    820-OPrj Olympius's asteroid

  • In the skull castle, Olympius showed Queen Bansheera something on the viewing blob: a giant spiked asteroid glowing red from within; Olympius said it was so powerful it would completely obliterate Mariner Bay in just seconds.
  • Queen Bansheera was very impressed, exclaiming it was brilliant, as even the Rangers wouldn't be able to stop it.
  • The giant spiked asteroid drifted toward Earth, along with accompanying smaller chunks, some oblong fragments, perhaps a shiny red/brown in color.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord's energy bombardment from Earth pelted the asteroid, but Miss Fairweather later realized the Zord didn't stand a chance of bringing it down.
  • Approaching, the Solarzord-Rail Rescue train was pelted by smaller (Zord-sized) rocks.
  • As the Omega Crawler began to leave the asteroid after depositing two explosive canisters in its surface, Queen Bansheera's voice asked from the Skull Cavern if they were leaving so soon, and jagged rocky spikes arose, grinding around the crawler and holding it against the asteroid with grinding pressure.
  • Flashes of mini-explosions in blew off the rocky spines touching the Megazord as it began to transform into Omega Megazord mode.
  • To detonate the explosives manually, the Rangers plunged the tip of the Omega Megazord's staff into the asteroid's surface, and giant explosions erupted from the asteroid.
  • Two perpendicular green shockwaves flew out, and the asteroid blew apart into hundreds of pieces with a huge fireball.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • "Ryan's Comet" was a flaming mass which passed between the moon and the Earth; comets are ordinarily much larger, pass much further away from the Earth, travel at much greater velocities, and are made of ice.
  • "Ryan's Comet" destroyed Hornitor-Ivan with a huge explosion which probably destroyed the "comet" as well.

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