Astro Blasters
- laser pistols used by Space Rangers
Astro Blasters
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First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Astro Blaster (shown at right), dual mode


  • The Space Rangers had Astro Blaster holsters on their right hips.
  • Pursued by Velocifighters and having lost his Spiral Saber, Andros turned around and pulled his Astro Blaster apart into two different laser pistols: the main portion was in his right hand, and the smaller weapon which had come off the top of the Astro Blaster was in his left.
  • The Astro Blasters had gold rectangle emblems on their sides.
  • Firing blue laser pulses from his Astro Blaster's dual mode, Andros destroyed both Velocifighters in huge explosions.


  • When Andros called for the Spiral Saber against Ecliptor, a display from inside his helmet appeared, with the gold rectangle emblem at the top, "Red vs" at the bottom, "Weapon" at the bottom of the black visor area, white icons of the Rangers' five special weapons in the visor area, with the Spiral Saber in red; a crosshair cursor went to the saber, then the saber was shown combined with the Astro Blaster (what would later be named Booster Mode) with "Alter" flashing in place of "Weapon," at which point there was an animated illustration of Red Ranger wielding the standard Spiral Saber.


  • The special weapons shot Ranger-colored energy blasts when combined with the Astro Blasters in what would be called Booster Mode for the Spiral Saber's similar configuration.
  • When the five Rangers shot their Astro Blasters at giant Ecliptor, the lasers were Ranger-colored rather than all blue.


  • Two successive Quadroblaster blasts, joined by several Astro Blaster lasers from Andros, broke off Voltage Hog's right neck tentacle.


  • When the Rangers shot their five weapons in Booster Mode, their Ranger-colored energy beams merged into a central point, from which a gold energy sphere blasted Sting King, sending him falling to Earth.


  • Upon leaping onto her out-of-control evilyzed Galaxy Glider after the Rangers had used an orange energy wave beam of reverse polarization from the Astro Megazord to remove the Evilyzer's effects on the Delta Megazord, Ashley shot the same broad orange energy beam from her Astro Blaster at her glider, bringing it back under control.


  • When the four Rangers, Ashley absent, charged with their Astro Blasters and special weapons, they were briefly enveloped by the cloud of alien termites which promptly chewed the weapons to pieces: the Astro Blasters were all completely eaten, and parts of the four special weapons were eaten as well.
  • Running up, morphed Ashley was blasting Termitus, but he then blasted the Astro Blaster from her hand; she would not be shown with it again for the rest of the episode, leaving all five Rangers without Astro Blasters.


  • To hunt Carlos after he'd turned into a Barillian Bug monster and hidden somewhere in the Megaship, the four teens prepared their Astro Blasters, wielding them unmorphed.
  • Andros told them to make sure their weapons were at their lowest setting, as they had to try not to hurt Carlos.
  • All five Rangers would later have Astro Blasters while morphed.


  • In the workbay with with various devices at the table, Cassie was using a gun-shaped scanner or tool on an Astro Blaster, with three other Astro Blasters in a stand nearby.


  • The combined laser fire of the five Astro Blasters destroyed the red Crocotox.


  • Cloaked, unmorphed Andros and Zhane both wielded Astro Blasters in their raid on the Rebel compound, even though morphed Zhane would never possess an Astro Blaster.


  • While disguised as the Space Rangers, the Psycho Rangers had functioning duplicates of the Astro Blasters.


  • The Satellite Stunner Booster Mode shot two pink laser beams, directly blasting Psycho Pink in the cracked eyepiece.


  • T.J. and Zhane ran forward, blasting at Psycho Blue with their Astro Blaster and Super Silverizer ; up close, T.J. spun through the air and slashed with the Astro Axe, and Zhane followed with a glowing slash from the Silverizer, causing Psycho Blue to fall and explode, but the Satellasers would enlarge him in monster form.


  • While the teens kept an eye out for more Psycho Ranger attacks, T.J. was at the table in the workbay examining the Spiral Saber Booster Mode, with more Astro Blasters on the table.


  • Ashley had a spare Astro Blaster in her workbay locker.


  • After the three teens had located Andros and Carlos in the forcefield-encased Secret City, Alpha came in with three blue backpacks carrying an aerial probe to find the antenna, some detonators to destroy it, and Astro Blasters for when they ran into trouble.


  • For the first and only time, Andros was actually shown fitting the Spiral Saber onto his Astro Blaster to form the Spiral Saber Booster Mode.


  • Saving Leo from Psycho Red after upwards of a year of Space Ranger inactivity (see "1999"), Andros shot the Psycho with his Astro Blaster while unmorphed.

    - Phrases used to draw Astro Blasters
    Andros: "Astro Blaster!"
    607-ARAT T.J.: "Blaster power!"
    Andros: "Astro Blasters!"
    623-Date Andros: "All right everybody, Astro Blasters!"

    - Phrases used to split Astro Blaster into dual mode
    601-FON1 Andros: "Dual mode! Fire!"

    - Phrases used to fire Astro Blasters
    Rangers: "Fire!"
    Andros: "Fire!"

    - Phrases used to fire special weapons in Booster Mode
    605-NvSS T.J.: "All together, fire!"

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