Astro Cycles
- motorcycles used by Red, Green, and Blue Galaxy Rangers
Astro Cycles
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First Appearance: 706-LOrn
Last Appearance: 745-End3
See Also: Red Capsular Cycle


  • When Maya and Kendrix were attacked in the Forest Dome while investigating energy readings (having left from the Megaship after detecting three lifeforms, according to a cut scene from the preview after 705-Hmsk), the three guys drove up on new Astro Cycles.
  • The Astro Cycles were three motorcycles shaped to resemble their owners' respective Galactabeast animals: the red Lion, green Condor, and blue Gorilla.
  • Driving up, the three cycles shot Stingwingers with Ranger-colored lasers from dual cannons located beneath the front animal heads after the eyes had glowed.
  • When Kendrix asked about the bikes, Leo introduced them as their new Astro Cycles.
  • It's unknown why cycles only existed for the three male Rangers.


  • After Chillyfish had frozen all of Terra Venture and the Megaship, the Astro Cycles had no power; everything would return to normal following the monster's destruction.
  • The Astro Cycles were stored in a room independent from the Jet Jammer bay.


  • As the teens tried to think of a way to combat Deviot's evil Zords without their own Zords, Damon finished a sheet of calculations, saying the best they could do was to combine the lasers of their Astro Cycles, the phases of which added up to a pretty mean blast.
  • Leo thought to set an Astro Cycle on overload and launch it into the evil Zords, visualizing himself driving his Astro Cycle off a ramp and impacting with a kamikaze explosion.


  • During a race, Motor Mantis knocked Kai off his cycle with an electrical beam trap, caused Damon to crash into some boulders, and eventually blasted the rear of Leo's cycle, slowing Red Ranger and causing him to lose the race.
  • In a Megaship bay, Damon worked on the Astro Cycles, taking out parts to work on.
  • Damon said the green and blue cycles wouldn't be back on pavement in quite a while; the red cycle's fuel jet systems were burnt out, perhaps somewhat working in the morning if he worked on it all night.
  • Outside that night, Leo spoke with the Lion, which had called out to him.
  • Listening with his heart, Leo sensed the Lion was leading him to more power; when asked where, the Lion replied, and Leo understood that the answer was his Astro Cycle.
  • At sunrise, Leo returned to find Kai and Damon asleep, having fixed his cycle, and he sneaked out with it.
  • During the race, struggling to catch up after the monster's attacks, Leo remembered the girls' capture, then Maya's advice on listening to his heart, and he agreed, calling out the name of the Red Capsular Cycle.
  • The red Astro Cycle morphed into the Red Capsular Cycle, allowing Leo to speed ahead across the finish line.


  • When Leo called for the red Astro Cycle, an orange cloud of energy formed into the Astro Cycle, which burst into existence driving up to Leo with a bluish-white gleam, and he then formed the Red Capsular Cycle while the bike was stationary.


  • After morphing a second time to battle Chameliac, the Rangers were suddenly able to use the animal attacks and weapons of a different Ranger; immediately afterward, Leo summoned the red Astro Cycle (calling it 100 percent Red) and, after it had driven up to him, got on and transformed it into the Red Capsular Cycle.


  • On Captain Mutiny's planet after Terra Venture had been trapped in the Lost Galaxy, Leo summoned the Red Capsular Cycle, and it appeared without first being the red Astro Cycle.


  • When green Trakeena redirected the Rangers' own Galaxy Quasar Launcher blast back at them, the girls were hurled back, but the guys drove up on the Astro Cycles, Leo blasting; how the cycles had survived the detonation of the Astro Megaship is unknown.
  • Trakeena blasted Damon off his cycle, teleport-dodged Kai's lasers, and blasted him off as well.
  • Leo tried using the Red Capsular Cycle against Trakeena; this was the last the cycles would be shown before the city dome slammed into Mirinoi with devastating force.

    - Phrases used to summon Astro Cycle
    Leo: "Red Astro Cycle!"

    - Phrases used to fire Astro Cycles' lasers
    712-ORis Leo: "Fire!"

    Other Sources

  • The toys of the Astro Cycles allowed the armor covering the cycles to be put onto the Rangers themselves, presumably leaving the cycles as plain, Ranger-colored motorcycles.

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