Astro Megaship
- spaceship formerly piloted by SpaceRangers (601-FON1 through 643-CTD2) and GalaxyRangers (702-QsQ2 through 744-End2); capable of transforming into AstroMegazord
Astro Megaship
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First Appearance: 601-FIN1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
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  • On countless occasions, an Earth-like planet would be shown behind the Megaship even when appearances of the Earth or even another planet weren't appropriate.
  • Also frequently, the Megaship would be shown with the Megashuttle's tailfins protruding from its front section even when the shuttle wasn't inside it at the time.
  • The Megaship was never referred to as a Zord, but its future ability to transform into a Megazord warrants its placement under "PRiS Zords."
  • As the Megashuttle, which the four ex-Turbo Rangers had taken from NASADA on Earth, drifted near or away from a black hole or wormhole on its way to Eltar, the Megaship, on autopilot, approached the Megashuttle, then opened up its front section and used green energy streaks to pull the shuttle inside a docking bay which was perfectly shaped to house the shuttle; after clamps had locked onto the shuttle's wings, the front section then closed, sealing the shuttle inside.
  • On the top of the Megaship (what would be the Astro Megazord's chest) was a large red M.
  • On the underside of the Megaship, the Astro Megazord's shield was stored, bearing a gold rectangle emblem on it.
  • DECA, the ship's onboard computer, had small black cameras with single red eyes mounted on walls all over the ship, presumably with one in every room and corridor.
  • In the workbay were five Ranger-colored jump tubes and five Ranger-colored lockers, denoting an intended crew of all five Space Rangers; the order of the jump tubes and lockers was blue, yellow, red, pink, and black, an order in which blue and black were switched from the order of Ranger-colored squares on the Space Rangers' chests.
  • Upon first entering the Megaship's bridge, Alpha brought up a display of a planet that looked just like Jupiter, and when T.J. asked Alpha what planet it was so they could try to figure out where they were, Alpha replied (with his broken speech board), "O-yu Retipuje," which is the phonetic reversal of "Jupiter," but the shuttle should have taken them far beyond Jupiter on their voyage toward Eltar.
  • Upon destroying two Velocifighters pursuing him through space, Andros streaked away on his Galaxy Glider as red energy; as a red streak, he then flew into what would be the standard teleportation port in the front of the Megaship, an area located in the left silver curved portion in the front of the Megaship, closer to the side than the front.
  • The bridge's two doors were the only two doors on the Megaship to slide open and close vertically, despite their identical appearance to all of the other doors, which slid open and closed horizontally.
  • Suddenly, Astronema's sphinx ship began blasting at the Megaship, knocking everyone against a wall, and Andros then took the Megalift to the bridge; the teens and Alpha, looking for another way to the bridge, stumbled upon the engine room, where the engines were now disabled due to a loose cable.
  • Without its engines, the Megaship began to fall into the atmosphere of a planet below; the four teens and Alpha plugged the cable back in and restored the engines, but their thrust was unable to stop the Megaship from crash-landing on the planet.
  • When asked after the crash, DECA said that launch was impossible as the Mega Accelerator was disabled; Megalasers were also down, and Megadecks 5 and 6 were on auxiliary power.


  • After fending off the Quantrons, Andros made some repairs to a panel on the Megaship's exterior, on the side of one of the support structures underneath the ship which would become the Astro Megazord's arms.
  • Later, after being shown merely fixing panels on the Megaship's exterior, Andros had DECA test the engine.
  • Inside, Carlos said they'd have to wait until they got back to Earth before Alpha's speech board could be fixed, but Andros then took Alpha aside and fixed him with spare Alpha parts he apparently happened to have lying around in the cargo bay.
  • When the repairs were done, Alpha spoke with a chirpy voice and used "Ay yi yi yi yi," sounding much like Alpha Five; Andros explained he didn't have a computer chip of Alpha's old voice.
  • Shortly, the teens got into the Megalift for DECA to take them to the space hatch for them to leave, and they were soon standing outside for the Megaship's very windy vertical takeoff; at this point, the shuttle was resting on the ground some distance from where the Megaship had been.
  • Later, when a massive hole opened up in the sky above after Astronema had captured the four teens, Astronema cheerfully left, and powerful blue blasts of energy then shot at the Megaship from above as it swooped down over the teens and Quantrons from the hole in the sky.
  • Before the Megaship had returned, the Megashuttle had been lying on the planet's surface, but when the Megaship took off with the five Rangers in it, the Megashuttle was inside.
  • As the five Rangers entered the bridge after their first battle together, Alpha was holding the black box he'd salvaged from the Power Chamber; the box now had wires hooked up to it, and Alpha appeared to push some buttons on the top of the box, saying, "I think I've finally gotten it!"
  • Soon afterward, as the Megaship was under fire from Astronema's sphinx ship, Alpha broke the code for the Astro Megazord; he explained to the Rangers, "This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the Megaship, creating the Astro Megazord. It's all part of Zordon's master plan!"
  • The Rangers then slid forward in seats into the Megazord cockpit located in the front of the shuttle.
  • The Megaship's shuttle bay doors opened and released the Megashuttle; as the shuttle came back around, the Megaship began unfolding, with the ship's sides unfolding into the Megazord's legs and the portions underneath the ship forming its arms.
  • Approaching, the Megashuttle transformed into the Megazord's head and docked onto the Megazord as the Megazord completed its transformation.
  • After the battle, T.J. asked where they started to look for Zordon, and Andros replied that they started by fixing the Megaship, as she wasn't ready to make a long-distance voyage.
  • Andros didn't have the equipment needed to fix the Megaship, so Cassie suggested NASADA on Earth; initially uncomfortable with the idea, Andros eventually accepted the idea and had DECA set the course for Earth.


  • After taking the Megashuttle to NASADA, the teens bought the last of their needed Megaship parts from Angel Grove Electronics, which was having a sale all week on computer components.
  • Later on the Megaship, Carlos and Ashley had checked the ship's "velocity junctions," apparently in the workbay, with Carlos having an AmScanner, and when T.J. and Cassie entered from the lift, Andros told them everything seemed to check out perfectly.


  • Cassie said the Megaship's engine room was the home of the universe's only Mega Accelerator.
  • While Ashley, Cassie, and Alpha were at the center bridge controls, Raphael and Venus, at the "Computer Systems" console, turned the Megaship away from Earth's orbit and lowered the defenses, allowing Astronema, Quantrons, and Elgar to teleport in.
  • As the Rangers flew from the Megaship in the shuttle, Andros had the shuttle flown through a reverse-polarized magnetic field to jam the Megaship's sensors.
  • The Megaship would occasionally be shown lacking its Astro Megazord Shield on the underside.


  • Whenever the Megaship was to streak away through the stars at high speed, the outer two of its five rear boosters would glow bright blue.
  • In a battle on Kalderon, giant Clawhammer slashed a gash into the Megazord's chest, left shoulder, and left hip; when the Megaship was later flying through space, it was shown from the underside, so the damage that would've been on its top wasn't shown.


  • The Megaship was now repaired.


  • When Andros, on the ground, called for the new Megatank, the Megaship flew through the clouds, and bay doors somewhere opened to allow the Megatank to drive out.


  • The Megaship's teleportation port was shown more closely as Carlos and Cassie teleported to the Megaship, and the area appeared to be in the underside of the blue corner just at the rear of the front side silver portion; the two teens then entered the bridge from the Megalift.
  • When Andros asked for a damage report after lightning had struck the Megaship, DECA said moderate damage was detected and that possible computer malfunctions had occurred throughout the ship.
  • After a second strike, DECA said a security computer malfunction had occurred, and a third bolt caused the Simudeck's simulation to instantly vanish, but real Craterites then attacked T.J. and Ashley, with DECA reporting a computer failure and systems breach.
  • Despite the two Rangers' attempts to stop them, the Craterites pried open the Simudeck's door, slid down a ladder in a hallway, and eventually broke into the engine room; the three other teens took the Megalift to the Simudeck's level, then the five went down to Megadeck 6 just in time to find the Craterites having forced the cargo bay doors open and leapt out.


  • Running system tests, Cassie checked the fuel systems, and DECA reported that fuel flow was normal.


  • At Hyper Rush 9, it took the Megaship only a few minutes to fly from Earth to Hercuron.
  • Often when the Megaship was shown from behind during the Rangers' departure, their streaks would fly from somewhere on the front right side of the ship rather than the standard left area.


  • The Astro and Delta Megaships were docked with the new docking station in Earth orbit, with the Delta Megaship inside, and the Astro Megaship on the top ring platform.
  • While the Rangers fought five monsters, Andros called the Delta Megazord to fight giant Destructipede, and the Astro Megaship and docking station flew from the Delta Megaship, allowing it to fly to Earth and transform.
  • After the Astro Megazord had spent a while bombarding the Delta Megazord with reverse-polarized waves to free it from the Evilyzer's control, the Evilyzer finally shorted out, but Andros then declared that they were out of energy, and Astronema, listening from the Dark Fortress, concluded that she'd beaten them.
  • Flying into space after the Delta Megazord, both Megazords transformed into ship form in mid-flight.
  • As the Astro Megaship approached, the Delta Megaship split up into component parts with purple light, and the Astro Megaship opened up with blue light to form the Astro Megazord again in preparation for the Astro Delta Megazord formation.


  • To go down to Earth as Andros took the keycards Darkonda wanted, the five teens took the Megalift from the bridge, rather than using the jump tubes in the next room, and their teleportation streaks flew from the left side of the docking station rather than the Megaship, which was docked on top; when the morphed Rangers appeared downtown, the keycards weren't with them.


  • As the Astro Delta Megazord was blasted again with its reserve power nearly gone, sparks erupted from a control panel on the Megaship bridge beside Alpha.
  • Once Alpha had learned of a weapon on Ganymede, the Rangers used their last remaining bit of power to separate to fly off in the Delta Megaship while the Astro Megazord remained to fight Darkonda.
  • As giant Darkonda ravaged the Astro Megazord, piloted by Alpha from the bridge, with his attacks, he eventually impaled the left side of its stomach with his bone weapon.
  • In the engine room immediately afterward, two cables were loose, and mist illuminated orange from the engine was filling the area; DECA announced a system failure alert as the engine died.
  • As the ravaged Astro Megazord crackled with blue electricity minutes later, DECA spoke in a sluggish voice to warn of the energy levels nearly depleted; her warning kept repeating, slowly dying out.
  • The monitor above the "Power Requirements" box on the "Computer Systems" console on the bridge showed below an "Energy Levels" title two dropping energy bars, with large red numbers on the right counting down from 15%.
  • Once the energy levels hit 0%, the Megazord sparked and collapsed; the lights on the bridge remained on.
  • Later, the Astro Megaship and Delta Megaship were back in the docking station in orbit as the teens made repairs onboard the Astro Megaship.
  • In the engine room where the reactor was still dim, numerous engine circuits had to be reconfigured, and the scanning circuits on the bridge were ruined as well.


  • By this time, the bridge showed no signs of damage.


  • Cassie said Andros had been riding around in a spaceship (presumably always the Megaship) for years.
  • Throughout the Megaship's hallways were Refuse chutes.
  • The reactor in the engine room was back to its normal brightness.


  • The Megaship was again capable of interplanetary flight.
  • As the Megaship was landed on Kadix, Andros told DECA to prepare for liftoff, and the underside of the ship steamed and glowed orange as the Rangers headed inside.
  • After the Rangers had sealed themselves inside the Megaship, attacking native Kadix beings attempted to attack the ship, opening exterior panels and attacking them.
  • Asked for a damage report after the ship had lifted off, DECA reported electrical malfunctions on Megadecks 4, 6, and 2; additionally, the stablizers were offline, and the accelerators were also overheating.
  • In the engine room, the magnetics were out of sync, but Cassie reached inside the reactor's sub-ion panel and brought the thrusters back online.
  • T.J. told Ashley they'd have to do a complete maintanance check on the electrical connections, since they were all fried, remarking "those things" had sure caused a lot of damage.
  • Ashley agreed and said she'd have DECA run a scan of the ship.
  • The teens hadn't known the hidden healing chamber had even existed.
  • Soon, as the Lunatick monster attacked panels while clinging to the ship's hull, engine power was failing, and the Megaship began to fall back toward Kadix; on the bridge, the "Energy Levels" monitor counted down from 15% to 13%.
  • With the bridge lights flickering, the Megaship crash-landed on Kadix; as the ship slid to a stop, the bridge was dark, but the lights slowly shorted back on with a growing whir.
  • DECA announced that hostile aliens were approaching, and T.J. said they were going to have to make external repairs to the hull.
  • While the Rangers fought the cloaked beings outside the ship, several beings boarded the Megaship before Andros had DECA seal all doors (though she failed to close the exterior space hatch).
  • More beings outside attacked exterior panels, and DECA announced a malfunction in the healing chamber, after which Zhane soon awoke from his cryogenic tube.
  • Once Lunatick had grown, the Megaship was able to fly into space and transform into the Megazord.
  • Seeing an external view of the Astro Megazord flying to Kadix on the bridge viewscreen, Zhane, having been in a cryogenic sleep for two years, remarked, "Wow, I didn't know we could do this!"


  • Although there was no silver jump tube, Zhane was with the five teens in the workbay before the six Rangers were shown streaking to Earth from the Megaship as Ranger-colored energy.
  • Zhane remembered himself and Andros walking through a field in their Megaship uniforms, where they vowed to fight as a team forever; this happy alliance had to have occurred prior to Dark Specter's invasion two years ago.


  • Although Zhane had no jump tube or locker in the workbay, he did have his own room on Megadeck 5.


  • When T.J. caused the Megaship to veer away from their Velocifighter escorts on the flight through Yotoba's atmosphere, the ship was soon struck by lightning, turning off the bridge's main lighting, and the ship started to go down.
  • Carlos ran out and did something inside an access panel in the hallway, holding a flashlight.
  • As the Megaship swooped down toward the jungle, DECA announced a massive system failure and said all guidance systems were offline and to prepare for a crash-landing.
  • The Megaship crashed through the jungle and eventually came to a stop.
  • The teens soon left the ship, but when they returned some time later, the ship was still flight-capable.


  • On the voyage back to Earth, everything, including the Megalasers, appeared functional; it could also still transform into the Megazord, which it did to help push on Dark Specter's asteroid.


  • Andros and Zhane flew up behind the Megaship in two stolen Velocifighters, then walked onto the bridge from the workbay holding their helmets.


  • The computer in Carlos's sleeping quarters had access to a private email account for Carlos.
  • While the Megaship flew through space, presumably near Earth, Silvy was still able to page Carlos on the new pager he had with him on the ship.


  • On the Megaship, Andros, holding a panel device, told Zhane in a corridor that since the Mega Voyager's circuits had been overloaded, he wanted to make sure the Megaship was ready if they wanted to form the Astro Megazord, and Zhane agreed, "You got it," walking off as Andros took the lift to the bridge.
  • On the bridge, Cassie had some sort of circuit box hooked up to Carlos's station, and when Andros asked how much time, Cassie said they had a couple more hours before being back online and that they were about to begin testing.
  • Carlos, working near "Alert Systems" with Alpha, said his would also take a bit longer.
  • In the hallway, Ashley was working on the wall terminal but hadn't found any problems.
  • In the engine room, T.J. was soldering just inside the right side of the engine core, then had Andros help him put the outer panel back on.
  • Using a control kiosk, T.J. told Cassie they were ready to test the Mega Accelerators.


  • While Cassie was at the plaza in Angel Grove, the teens on the Megaship sent her a page, then had her dial a number (555-0175) which the Megaship tapped to allow them to talk to her from the bridge.


  • A short while after Psycho Yellow had infected the Mega Voyager and giant Psycho Black had shackled the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord, Psycho Red was pummeling Andros below when Alpha flew the Astro Megazord down to help.


  • Another day, the ship's fuel reserves were low, but T.J. planned for them to refuel on Earth.
  • After somehow following Andros back to the Megaship from the planet Tirna, the small alien Seymour climbed into the workbay through the red jump tube.


  • When the Dark Fortress generated a green energy web around the Megaship, although communication was still possible, the Rangers involuntarily demorphed on the planet below while the ship was trapped in the web.
  • At the "Astro Megaship Alert Systems" console on the bridge, Alpha was intrigued by a green grid on a black screen; suddenly, the grid merged into a green point of light which flew in and landed in the bridge, becoming Ecliptor.


  • This time when the Rangers teleported from the Megaship, their energy streaks came from the underside of the center of the normal left curved section.
  • Soon, Zhane flew the Megaship into the atmosphere under fire while large amounts of steam were pouring out of the engine room; he suddenly took the Megalift to Megadeck 6 and declared while rushing out near the engine room that he needed the Mega Winger; its engines disabled, the Megaship presumably landed somewhere on Earth.
  • Meanwhile, as the ship was going down, the five Rangers on Earth were demorphing involuntarily for no apparent reason.


  • The next morning, the teens were able to morph; the status of the Megaship was unknown, but Alpha was at least able to use the communications system.
  • Probably another day, the Megaship was landed on KO-35, and the engines were capable of interstellar flight.
  • On KO-35, soldiers loaded silver square cases of some sort of cargo into the Megaship for the departing teens; the teens, Zhane, Karone, and Alpha then flew to Earth together.


  • Less than a year after 643-CTD2, the Megaship was aboard Terra Venture and had been converted into a museum; the Megashuttle was absent from its shuttle bay.
  • Hearing Kai's plans for the Megaship to fly again, Damon, standing in the doorway, thought it was a joke.
  • When asked who he was, Damon replied that he was Damon Henderson, "the mechanic around here" (apparently meaning the Megaship).
  • Damon, lacking Terra Venture badges, said he knew the Megaship inside and out and insisted that it was a museum and not a spaceship.
  • Kai said the Megaship had flown in there (Terra Venture) and it now had to fly out, but Damon doubted it could even get off the ground.
  • From the rear right station, Kai tried to start the engines despite Alpha's reluctance, but the monitors turned to static and the lights flickered as the engines warmed up; alarms blared and doors opened and closed.
  • Alpha warned Kai he was overheating the accelerators and that he had to maintain power; Kai agreed but didn't know how.
  • After watching with amusement for a moment, Damon took over, instantly stabilizing things; he had Alpha apply power to the starboard 20%, and Alpha did so from center rear.
  • Damon then told DECA to shut down all auxiliary systems and kick the birds out of the exhaust ports, and she agreed.
  • The Megaship lifted off inside the large Convention Center and apparently burst out through the roof, with debris falling off the ship after it had risen from the building.
  • The Megaship drifted and bumped its front into a building, but soon corrected.
  • Damon said she was a little groggy, but she was waking up; the Megaship then flew off into the sky.
  • As the Megaship later approached a swirling portal in space, Kai asked Alpha if the ship would survive the energy flux; Damon was upset by the question, but he adjusted something near "Operations & Safety" and grudgingly resumed control.
  • The Megaship did indeed make it through the portal and would later be flown back out of the portal and soon parked in Terra Venture's docking bay.


  • After Maya had heard the Galactabeasts in trouble days or weeks later, Leo asked if the Megaship was ready to go, and Damon replied that it was but that the navigations were all down.
  • To get to the Megaship, Maya confidently led Leo and Damon through a GSA-style hallway; after they'd gone through a sliding door, the three teens looked around and stopped at a closed door on the immediate left.
  • A sign above a keypad to the door said, "Closed, Do Not Open."
  • As they kept watching out in the direction opposite the sealed door, Maya entered a quick code which opened the door, and they went into a short hallway looking like an airlock with yet another closed door.
  • At the second door's panel, Maya pushed the lower left button, opening the doors, which led into a room of the Megaship other than the engine room.
  • Right after the airlock's doors had slid shut after the teens, the Megaship doorway's own doors then sealed over them as well; the doors were like a normal Megaship door, but split down the middle into a double sliding door.
  • On the bridge, Kendrix and Kai protested through a monitor on the bridge from what appeared to be Kendrix's station in the Science Division.
  • Kai insisted that the three couldn't just take off, as they had to conduct standard systems tests, finish charging the hyper accelerators, interrupting himself to glower that there were procedures, but Damon had just finished bringing the hyper accelerators online.


  • Shortly after Chillyfish's freezing of Terra Venture and everyone but the Rangers, Alpha was still functioning in the Megaship and able to communicate with the Rangers.
  • After four of the Rangers had been struck by Chillyfish's freeze needles, Leo brought the unmorphed, weak, pale, and barely conscious teens into the Megaship, which was dark and filled with mist.
  • His voice chattering as icicles were hanging off his head, Alpha weakly gave the four teens silver blankets to put over them; he managed to tell Leo he was the only one not frozen before he went offline against the wall, the lights on his body shutting off.
  • In the Jammer bay, the Jet Jammers were powerless, as were the Astro Cycles elsewhere in the ship.
  • Following Chillyfish's destruction, all of the systems came back on.


  • As the teens flew the Megaship after the Lights of Orion, the ship was attacked by the Scorpion Stinger, making the bridge spark, and Damon raised the shields.
  • The Scorpion Stinger shot a blast from its tail laser, and the shaking and sparking aboard the ship dislodged a cable or two in the engine room, making the engines go offline.


  • By this point, the Megaship was back inside the docking bay of Terra Venture.


  • To help the Galaxy Rangers fight giant Psycho-monster Pink on planet Rashon, the four Space Rangers (lacking Cassie) flew the Megaship from Terra Venture and combined it with the Megashuttle to form the Astro Megazord (although it was uncertain when the Megashuttle had arrived, as it had never been shown inside the Megaship).
  • After the destruction of Psycho Pink, the Megaship would be back in the docking bay, later shown (in 733-FPst) to be without the Megashuttle.


  • In Leo, Damon, and Kai's quarters on Terra Venture was a multi-tiered chess set like the one Alpha had used with DECA aboard the Megaship in 640-IWeb, as well as a plastic extenda-sphere just like the one young Karone and Andros had played with as kids on KO-35.
  • The Rangers flew the Megaship to Mutiny's planet and escorted legions of former slaves (Damon once said "thousands," perhaps an exaggeration) inside.
  • In a Megaship corridor crowded with refugees, Damon and Maya distributed gray blankets, and Maya told them they'd get together some food as soon as possible.
  • Leo manned Computer Systems on the bridge as he prepared all systems to dock with Terra Venture.


  • Although Terra Venture smashed against Mirinoi's moon and only the city dome remained, the Megaship still survived somehow.


  • As the Scorpion Stinger prepared to blast shuttles in space, the Megaship flew in blasting its Megalasers, manned by the helmetless Rangers on the bridge.
  • The Scorpion Stinger violently rammed the Megaship and grabbed its front in its pincers, crushing the top and bottom, making explosions as the empty Megashuttle bay opened partially.
  • The Rangers were thrown about as the trashed bridge sparked and quaked violently.
  • As the Scorpion Stinger squeezed, weapons systems were down, and from Alert Systems, Maya said the engines were overheating; a monitor flashed "Emergency."
  • Leo said the only way to stop Trakeena was to put the Megaship on self-destruct; Damon refused, but Kai said it was their only hope, and Damon angrily activated it.
  • DECA announced the initiation of the self-destruction sequence, announcing self-destruction in 90 seconds.
  • Flying out from the Jet Jammer bay, the Rangers flew from a very specific point in shadow under a blue corner right over the rearmost portion of the Megaship's left silver curved piece, beside the left Megalaser turret.
  • The Megaship erupted in a huge explosion as the Rangers flew away, hurling the Rangers out of control with the enormous fireball.
  • The badly damaged Scorpion Stinger spiraled in a smoking trail down to the moon below.
  • The Megaship had a final explosion and was never seen again.


  • When green Trakeena redirected the Rangers' own Galaxy Quasar Launcher blast back at them, the girls were hurled back, but the guys drove up on the Astro Cycles, Leo blasting; how the cycles had survived the detonation of the Megaship is unknown.


  • Almost all Lightspeed Aquabase display panels and controls bore striking similarities to Astro Megaship controls, with some panels actually identical to the Megaship's, including the "Education" paneling seen in 807-CybR.
  • Apparently connecting the Aquabase's Rescue Ops with a hallway near the Transport Bay/Weapons Lab (with Ops above, as there was another level below the Transport Bay) was an elevator looking identical to the Megaship's Megalift.


  • The front of the Max Solarzord strongly resembled the front of the Astro Megaship.


  • The Max Solarzord's cockpit buttons were, like Rescue Ops, strikingly similar to the Megaship's consoles, even bearing the same yellow "Emergency Alert" rectangle.

    - lasers fired by Astro Megaship, usually from top turrets
    Megalasers (top turrets)
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  • When asked after the Megaship had crash-landed on a planet, DECA said that launch was impossible as the Mega Accelerator was disabled; Mega Lasers were also down.


  • Once the Megaship had been repaired, the Mega Lasers were again working; when the Megaship was again attacked by the sphinx ship, the Mega Lasers, two rotating turrets near the front sides of the Megaship, each with two barrels, soon locked on and began firing alternating pairs of blue laser blasts.


  • When the five Rangers were confronted by giant Ecliptor on KO-35, Carlos called Alpha and told him to fire the Mega Lasers at Ecliptor; Alpha did so from the front center seat on the bridge, and alternating blue laser beams shot down at KO-35 from either side of the bottom of the Megaship, making Ecliptor retreat.


  • When three Velocifighters attacked the Megaship, the Mega Lasers destroyed two, but the third moved directly behind the ship, where the Mega Lasers couldn't lock on them, so the teens reversed engines, making the Velocifighter pass them, at which point the Mega Lasers locked on and destroyed it.


  • After Ashley had armed the Megalasers, the Megaship got quite close to Dark Specter's asteroid, which dwarfed the ship, and T.J. then announced that they were at optimum range, but the blasts did no noticeable damage to the asteroid.


  • The Megalasers on full power merely created brief red bulges in the energy web which was surrounding the Megaship.
  • A gray crate in a cargo room was probably "Megalazer Components," a misspelled version of "Megalaser."


  • Two blue lasers from above the bottom hatches underneath the Megaship blew up three Velocifighters.
  • As the Megaship approached Earth, Velocifighters shot at it, and the Megalasers (the dual turrets on top) returned fire but missed repeatedly; at this point, Andros had not yet had the lasers readied, suggesting that they had been fired by the ship automatically.
  • On Andros's orders, Ashley readied the Megalasers, putting them on standby, but the Megalasers continued firing back at the Velocifighters; when Andros had her fire, the same turrets shot again, missing several times but finally managing to blow up two Velocifighters.


  • As the Scorpion Stinger prepared to blast shuttles in space, the Megaship flew in blasting its Megalasers.
  • Kai, seated where Ashley had sat in the past, reported it was a direct hit.
  • Kai soon said the Megalasers were recharged.
  • Kai's station in front right was "Weapon Control," from which he operated the Megalasers.

    Megaship hatches
    - various exits and outer hatches on the Astro Megaship
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  • The four ex-Turbo Ranger teens and Alpha found themselves in a corridor apparently on Megadeck 6 after the Megashuttle had docked with the Astro Megaship.
  • To disembark from the downed Megaship and fend off the Quantrons outside, Andros got into the Megalift from the bridge and told DECA to open the outer space hatch; the teens and Andros soon ran from the Megaship to face the Quantrons.


  • Shortly, the teens got into the bridge's Megalift for DECA to take them to the space hatch for them to leave, and they were soon standing outside for the Megaship's takeoff.
  • On the front of each of the two long sections underneath the Megaship (what would form the Astro Megazord's arms) was a large silver sliding door which would open vertically with a small ramp extending just beyond the doorway (first shown clearly in 620-SvSv); after the five Rangers had run toward the right sliding door (facing the Megaship), they rode the Megalift up to the bridge.


  • As the Rangers escaped to the Megaship, which was landed on Kadix, the right sliding door (facing the Megaship) was open.
  • The corridor from the sliding door entry apparently led right into a normal-sized doorway to the right of the cargo bay doors in the engine room.
  • Later, while the Rangers fought the cloaked beings outside the ship, several beings boarded the Megaship before Andros had DECA seal all doors (though she failed to close the exterior space hatch).


  • After the four teens had closed the hatches to prepare for liftoff, Andros, Zhane, and Karone somehow boarded at the last minute, entering from the workbay.


  • Having DECA seal them, Kai called the outer hatches "exit ramps."
  • Later, the Rangers entered the parked Megaship via its left hatch (facing the ship), but they then entered the bridge from what had been the workbay.


  • The Rangers escorted Barbarax's former slaves into the Megaship via the left hatch (facing the ship).

    Megaship museum
    - museum opened in Astro Megaship during period of disuse (between 643-CTD2 and 702-QsQ2)
    Megaship museum poster
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  • In the floor of a heliship after a training exercise for Terra Venture soldiers was a flyer for the Astro Megaship Museum, which was located in a building with "Convention Center" on the front.
  • The Astro Megaship Museum flyer bore a picture of the Megaship, and at the bottom was the phrase, "The Universe's Best Source of History."
  • Reading the flyer as though he'd never heard of the museum, Kai was intrigued, then inspired, and he rushed out.
  • As the shuttleport through which soldiers traversed to get to and from the heliships was in real life a convention center, it may be that the shuttleport and the center housing the Megaship Museum were part of the same building; having the museum in or at least connected to the arrival station for incoming residents would make more sense than having a separate museum for new residents to seek out independently before even settling in, and this would better explain how a flyer could have ended up in the heliship, as the soldiers had recently passed through the shuttleport, perhaps near the museum itself.
  • Kai ran up to a board featuring a poster-sized version of the flyer design, then ran up the stairs to the Convention Center.
  • People leaving the center had balloons, and kids carried Megaship toys; like the Megaship, the toys lacked the fins which indicated a Megashuttle inside.
  • For a tour group on the bridge, DECA said, "Welcome to the Astro Megaship Museum. The Power Rangers began many adventures here."
  • The viewscreen and wall consoles had been roped off, and the viewscreen appeared covered with metallic shielding.
  • No mention of any tour rooms other than the bridge was mentioned, but one can easily imagine how a visit to the Simudeck would allow the Megaship Museum to live up to the tagline of being "the universe's best source of history."
  • As Alpha stood by the lift waving and telling people goodbye, Kai urgently but calmly ushered them out of the bridge pleasantly telling them that they had to close early and telling everyone to leave calmly.
  • One man had been holding a brochure while looking around.
  • Hearing Kai's plans for the Megaship to fly again, Damon, standing in the doorway, thought it was a joke.
  • When asked who he was, Damon replied that he was Damon Henderson, "the mechanic around here" (apparently meaning the Megaship).
  • Shortly after the Megaship had flown into space on a secret mission, the bridge was back to normal, no longer having its ropes or the shielding over the viewscreen.

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