Astro Megashuttle
- space shuttle given to Space Rangers by NASADA; formed head of AstroMegazord (until 744-End2)
Astro Megashuttle in Megaship bay
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First Appearance: 544-CIS1 or 545-CIS2
Last Appearance: 731-PPnk
Pictures: Megashuttle at NASADA, Megashuttle in space, Megashuttle in Megaship bay (shown at right), cabin, 601-FON1, cabin rear, 603-SOSh, cabin front, 603-SOSh, Astro Megazord cockpit


  • On the TV was a news broadcast of the landing of a specially-equipped NASADA space shuttle (not of the same design as the one the teens would later take into space), its mission coming to a successful end.
  • NASADA's logo featured a drawing of the Astro Megashuttle, with the Space Rangers' rectangle emblem drawn on its side.
  • The shuttle shown in the live landing did not at all resemble the design of the Astro Megashuttle, which was far shorter and more rectangular.
  • Norquist said the mission had been a complete success, and that their next goal was longer-range exploration of space; "but first," he added, "the astronauts will need--", and the rest of his comment could not be heard.


  • With the Power Chamber and their Turbo powers gone, the teens needed to go to the Cimmerian planet to rescue Zordon and prevent Divatox from ever returning to Earth, but Ashley pointed out that Divatox was only temporarily gone, at which point Alpha suddenly remembered something and began to dig up a black box from the rubble of the Power Chamber.
  • Having the teens help him unearth the black box, Alpha explained that it held the power decoder; he said it had all the secret codes and that they were going to need it.
  • Ashley warned that they'd be sitting ducks when Divatox returned, so T.J. decided they had to stop Divatox before she returned; without the Power Chamber and their powers, they needed a way to go after Divatox, and Justin apparently thought of NASADA.
  • At NASADA, Justin told General Norquist the Power Rangers needed his help, and after Norquist asked what they needed, Justin replied, "the space shuttle," causing the guards to chuckle; this was the same day as the news coverage of the shuttle landing, implying that the shuttle that had landed earlier that day and the Megashuttle were the same, despite the gross inconsistency of their two designs.
  • Soon afterward, Norquist told Justin that the shuttle was set to take the Rangers to Eltar, as Justin had requested, but the teens had earlier intended to go to the Cimmerian planet.
  • The Megashuttle was shown inside a hangar, ready for launch; if this was supposed to be the same shuttle as had landed earlier that day, it's unknown how a shuttle could be prepared for another launch in such a short time.
  • On the side of the Megashuttle was the Space Rangers' gold rectangle emblem.
  • A launch supervisor's voice said to prepare to switch all systems to computer control.
  • The Megashuttle was supposed to be inside a hangar, but it was outside, with buildings seen nearby, when the four teens and Alpha entered the shuttle from the gantry; once the teens and Alpha were in the passenger room of the shuttle, the shuttle rose up out of its hangar to prepare for launch.
  • The shuttle's passenger room had six seats side-by-side, with a door and communications console on the west wall (with the seats facing "north").
  • The Megashuttle lifted off with the aid of booster rockets which would later be used as the Astro Megazord Blaster.


  • Some time after its departure from Earth, the Megashuttle drifted through space, no longer possessing the boosters which formed the Astro Megazord Blaster.
  • The four teens, looking through a window, were captivated by the view of a black hole or wormhole, perhaps one through which they'd just traveled.
  • The window was located in the front end of the cabin, where there was no area for a pilot's seat.
  • The teens were still anticipating a journey to Eltar.
  • The Astro Megaship, on autopilot while its owner Andros was infiltrating a gathering on the Cimmerian Planet, approached the Megashuttle, then opened up its front section and used green energy streaks to pull the shuttle inside a docking bay which was perfectly shaped to house the shuttle; after clamps had locked onto the shuttle's wings, the front section then closed, sealing the shuttle inside.
  • Upon first entering the Megaship's bridge, Alpha brought up a display of a planet that looked just like Jupiter, and when T.J. asked Alpha what planet it was so they could try to figure out where they were, Alpha replied (with his broken speech board), "O-yu Retipuje," which is the phonetic reversal of "Jupiter," but the shuttle should have taken them far beyond Jupiter on their voyage toward Eltar.


  • After making repairs to the Megaship following its crash-landing on a planet, Andros went to make sure the shuttle could make it back to Earth, and while he was later working under a set of controls on the bridge, Andros had DECA program the shuttle for Earth.
  • When the teens later entered the bridge, Andros told them they had fuel and supplies, enough to get them back to Earth, and they were soon outside as the Megaship took off; at this point, the shuttle was resting on the ground some distance from where the Megaship had been.
  • Before the Megaship returned, the Megashuttle had been lying on the planet's surface, but when the Megaship took off with the five Rangers in it, the Megashuttle was inside.
  • As the five Rangers entered the Megaship's bridge after their first battle together, Alpha was holding the black box he'd salvaged from the Power Chamber; the box now had wires hooked up to it, and Alpha appeared to push some buttons on the top of the box, saying, "I think I've finally gotten it!"
  • Soon afterward, as the Megaship was under fire from Astronema's sphinx ship, Alpha broke the code for the Astro Megazord; he explained to the Rangers, "This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the Megaship, creating the Astro Megazord. It's all part of Zordon's master plan!"
  • The Rangers then slid forward in seats into the Megazord cockpit located in the front of the shuttle, and the controls flipped down.
  • There was a large gold rectangle emblem in the front of the cockpit and on the back wall.
  • The Black, Red, and Blue Rangers sat in the front of the cockpit, with Yellow and Pink in back, facing the sides; each Ranger had a full black QWERTY keyboard among the controls in front of him.
  • On the back wall, beside Yellow Ranger's seat, was a display screen which showed schematics of the shuttle; when the shuttle was a part of the Astro Megazord (or later, the Astro Delta Megazord), the schematics would change to display the respective Megazord.
  • Beside Andros were two squat black control sticks similar to those found on the Megaship's bridge, and closer to the center were two longer joysticks with thumb and finger triggers.
  • The Megaship's shuttle bay doors opened and released the Megashuttle; as the shuttle came back around, the Megaship began unfolding, with the ship's sides unfolding into the Megazord's legs and the portions underneath the ship forming its arms.
  • Approaching, the Megashuttle transformed into the Megazord's head and docked onto the Megazord as the Megazord completed its transformation.
  • The Megazord cockpit, in the front of the shuttle, was in the Megazord's forehead.
  • The text on the Astro Megazord's diagrams in the cockpit was "Galaxy Mega"; the reader will note the similarity to the name of the Galaxy Rangers' Galaxy Megazord.


  • One night upon reaching Earth, the Rangers flew the shuttle from the Megaship to NASADA.
  • After the teens were attacked by Quantrons in town the next day after buying the last of their equipment, Andros called DECA, telling her to position the shuttle for launch and evacuate the NASADA buildings; the Rangers then ran off, and the shuttle, with its Astro Megazord Blaster boosters, emerged from its holding bay at NASADA.
  • Astronema called the shuttle the Astro Megazord Shuttle.
  • After taking an elevator, the Rangers entered a passenger room of the shuttle through a door with INET logos on it.
  • This area, seating five people, was similar in design to the room in which the teens had flown from Earth in 545-CIS1 and 601-FON1, but there were many differences, including different seats, the door being on the opposite side, and a cockpit in the front, with a single silver chair on the left side of it.
  • "INET" was on the restraints' buckles, which snapped shut automatically around the Rangers' waists after Andros had reached for his shoulder seat belt.
  • Behind the Rangers' seats was a large INET logo.
  • The shuttle lifted off just in time to avoid a huge explosion below.
  • In space, the shuttle no longer had its Astro Megazord Blaster boosters.
  • As they flew back out of the Megaship to form the Megazord, Andros asked T.J. about their status.


  • According to Andros, the Galaxy Gliders, which the Rangers rode while morphed to fly through space, were for safety since the Astro Megashuttle was too vulnerable to attack.
  • According to Ashley, the jump tubes were used to morph onto the Galaxy Gliders or into the shuttle.
  • With the Megaship taken over by Astronema, Quantrons, and the evil Ninja Turtles, the teens went down the jump tubes and were then morphed in the shuttle.
  • Once the shuttle had flown out from the Megaship, T.J. said all systems were on override, and Andros called for Hyper Rush velocity to get them out of there.


  • After returning to Earth with the new Delta Megazord, Andros entered the Astro Megazord's cockpit through the double doors in the rear wall, behind which was a green background.


  • The keyboard in front of Andros in the Astro Megazord cockpit had five Ranger-colored keys (red, black, blue, yellow, pink) above the arrow keys and numeric keypad.
  • On the keyboard in front of him in the Astro Megazord, Andros typed in what appeared to be S-H-N-enter, which flipped the keyboard over into a control port for the Battlizer.
  • Saying this could be their only chance, Andros detached the Battlizer device from its wrist holder and plugged it into the port on his controls, and the Astro Megazord then began generating a steady orange beam of energy waves at the evil Delta Megazord, competing with the green beams from the Dark Fortress above.
  • On the left of the Battlizer port were three lit squares, the top two being "Brace Setup" and "<Greek delta symbol&rt; Mega E.M.F."
  • On the right of the port were five squares: "M. Shuttle" (Astro Megashuttle), "Mega Ship" (Astro Megaship), "Galaxy Mega" (alternate name for Astro Megazord), "Delta Mega", and "Super Galaxy Mega" (alternate name for Astro Delta Megazord).


  • After calling for the Astro Megazord, the Rangers were shown rushing into the shuttle cockpit from its rear doors; in the area behind the doors was a black wall with large blue areas in it, with the top blue area appearing to be a large screen with a 3-D view of a grid plane, with an N in the center.
  • Once Andros had taken his seat, the keyboard flipped over, and he inserted his Battlizer.
  • At this point, the shuttle was still within the Megaship, which transformed after Andros had called for the Astro Delta Megazord.


  • On the rear display wall of each Mega Vehicle was a schematics screen just like the one found in the rear of the Megashuttle's cockpit.
  • The Mega Voyager cockpit's layout was nearly identical to the Astro Megazord cockpit.


  • As the Rangers searched for the giant Lunatick on Kadix in the Megazord, the rear display showed Megashuttle schematics.


  • The Megaship was aboard Terra Venture and had been converted into a museum; the Megashuttle was absent from its shuttle bay.


  • To help the Galaxy Rangers fight giant Psycho-monster Pink on planet Rashon after the Space Rangers' return, the four Space Rangers (lacking Cassie) flew the Megashuttle to combine with the Megaship and form the Astro Megazord, although it was uncertain when the shuttle had arrived, as it had never been shown inside the Megaship.
  • After the destruction of Psycho Pink, the Megaship would be back in the docking bay, later shown (in 733-FPst) to be without the Megashuttle.


  • During the Megaship's destruction, the Megashuttle bay was clearly shown to be empty.


  • News footage of the preparations and launch of Mariner Bay's space shuttle actually showed the Astro Megashuttle; the actual shuttle would later be shown to have a different design.

    - Phrases used to open Megaship's shuttle bay and release shuttle
    602-FON2 Andros: "Let's blast off. Begin undocking procedure." (shifts outer right joystick south)
    603-SOSh Andros: "Back to action!" (shifts outer right joystick south)
    629-DSR1 Andros: "Astro Megazord, online!"

    - Phrases used for shuttle to fly from open Megaship
    602-FON2 Andros: "Disengage and fire thrusters, now."
    603-SOSh Andros: "Disengage and fire thrusters!" (shifts outer left joystick south)
    613-Grma Andros: "Prepare for launch." (shifts outer left joystick south)

    - Phrases used to fly shuttle around toward transforming Megazord
    602-FON2 Andros: "All right, let's bring it around and lock 'em together."
    613-Grma Andros: "All systems online. All right, guys, let's do it!"
    731-PPnk Andros: "Begin docking procedure."

    - Phrases used to transform shuttle
    602-FON2 Andros (shifting inner right joystick west then southwest): "Begin docking."
    603-SOSh Andros: "Prepare for docking! (shifts inner right joystick west then southwest)
    613-Grma Andros (shifting inner right joystick west then southwest): "Initiate docking sequence!"

    - Phrases used for shuttle to dock with Megazord
    602-FON2 Andros: "Astro Megazord, online!" (pushes button)
    603-SOSh Andros: "Let's lock it up!"

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