Astro Morphers
- devices used to morph teens into Space Rangers
Astro Morpher
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First Appearance: 602-FON2
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Subcategories: Morphing
See Also: Communicators, Digimorpher


  • The Astro Morpher which Andros wore on his left wrist with his Megaship uniform after demorphing served as a communication device with which he and DECA could converse outside the Megaship; the device's lid, which bore a gold rectangle emblem, did not need to be open at the time.
  • Once the Megaship had landed, Andros ran out and gave the four teens Astro Morphers, apparently distributing them at random; after telling them to put them on, Andros called, "All right, let's rocket!" and just as he performed his preparatory gesture to morph, T.J.'s hand could be seen simultaneously doing the gesture as well; the other teens weren't shown.
  • The preparatory pre-morph gesture was for each teen to hold his or her Morpher in front of his or her chest while holding his or her right arm straight ahead; he or she would then bring his or her right hand back to flip open the Morpher's lid using a red thumb button on the side of the Morpher closest to the wearer.
  • Inside the lid of the Morpher was a numeric keypad, with one button bearing a sound icon located below the 7 key, and an Enter button below the 9 key.
  • To morph once the Morphers were open, each teen (though, generally, only one Caucasian hand was shown) would key in 3, 3, 5, and Enter, with a tinny digitized voice calling out the numbers; the Morpher would flash its four red lights and make a sound effect once Enter was pressed, beginning the morph.
  • Each of the teens somehow apparently knew the code of 3-3-5-Enter used to activate the Astro Morphers.
  • Later in their Megaship uniforms, the teens wore Morphers in place of communicators.


  • Whenever they were in civilian clothes on Earth, the teens, including Andros, wore communicators.
  • Whenever the teens would prepare to morph while in civilian clothes, the Morphers would replace the communicators between shots, never actually shown being summoned.


  • Before Alpha spoke over the Megaship's intercom system from the bridge, there was a warble sound which would later serve as attention signals when the teens' communicators or Morphers were called.


  • The AmScanner's section of four buttons was identical to the area of flashing lights on the Morphers.


  • When Alpha tried to call the teens on the planet Kalderon to warn them of volcanic activity, Cassie flipped open her Morpher to listen, but the signal had too much interference, so she shut it again.
  • Andros flipped open his Morpher and tried to call the Megaship for a heading, with no success.


  • When Alpha called the teens, their communicators were first heard making the new warble sound effect.


  • Doing the Astro Morphers' pre-morph pose in reverse, first touching the Battlizer and then holding out his hand, Andros called for the Delta Megaship to go online.


  • Most of the time, the Battlizer would speak the number of the button that was pressed, with a digitized voice like the Astro Morphers'.


  • T.J. spoke hands-free into his Morpher to use it as a communicator, complete with the pre-speak blip sound often heard coming from the communicators.


  • To morph after he'd called and opened his Morpher, Andros apparently only pressed 335, without the enter key, before his morph activated.
  • Flipping open his Morpher, T.J. touched the 0 key, making a beep, and it teleported him down to Brokaya some distance away from the fight between Andros and Darkliptor; this function could have been a recall of his most recent location.
  • Inside the lid of the Morpher was a silver instruction panel listing the Morpher codes: beside 335 was a Space Ranger helmet, 259 was a Galaxy Glider, 761 was the Megatank, 108 was a monitor, 541 was the Astro Megazord's head, and 912 was "Game."
  • T.J.'s Morpher had closed itself during the teleportation.


  • As Andros slept in his bed wearing his red turtleneck (and presumably his uniform pants), his jacket and Morpher were draped over a chair by his bed.


  • When T.J. spoke into his Morpher from the engine room, his voice came through the audio system in the bridge for him to speak to Andros and Carlos.


  • After the teens, having been in civilian clothes, had gone to the Megaship, Astronema, disguised as Ashley, was soon wearing Ashley's Megaship uniform, complete with Ashley's functional Astro Morpher; meanwhile, the real Ashley was still wearing her communicator.
  • When Andros and then Astronema (disguised as Ashley) went down the red and yellow jump tubes, red and yellow streaks flew down to Earth; morphed Andros landed near a power plant area, and moments afterward, Astronema, having been morphed into the Yellow Ranger, flew down flailing her limbs and landed with a thud on the pavement behind Andros.
  • Rolling on the ground after being blasted by Andros, Yellow Ranger demorphed with energy (first yellow from the demorph, then purple with sparkles as from Body Switcher's transformation) into Astronema, who dropped Ashley's Astro Morpher, which Andros snatched up.
  • After the real Astronema had left, Andros gave Ashley (who herself was disguised as Astronema) her Morpher, and she morphed into the Yellow Ranger while holding it in her palm.


  • The Digimorpher, looking just like a silver and black cell phone, took the place of an Astro Morpher for Zhane.


  • When Alpha called Zhane over the Digimorpher, it made the same warble sound as the communicators and Astro Morphers.
  • Zhane's morph with the Digimorpher was nearly identical to the Astro Morpher morphs.


  • Wearing civilian clothes rather than his Megaship uniform, Carlos placed his Morpher and communicator on a console on the bridge, giving up being a Ranger; Cassie would later give the Morpher back to him during a battle.
  • Carlos morphed while holding his Morpher rather than wearing it.


  • To teleport back to the Megaship from KO-35, unmorphed Andros flipped open his Morpher and tapped the same button repeatedly, apparently three times before teleporting.
  • When the needle monster attacked after Astronema had tossed Andros his dropped Morpher, Andros blocked, then while holding his Morpher in his right hand, called and held out his left hand, then instantly morphed with a red gleam.


  • A new, popular line of pocket computers known as the Copernicus 2000 would at certain times emit a warble sound which was identical to the warble alarm of communicators.
  • To call Zhane with his Morpher, T.J. first flipped open the lid.
  • Learning that the Psycho Rangers were homing in on the warble alarm sounds, Andros told the Rangers that they couldn't use their "communicators," referring to the Morphers.
  • After the teens had morphed in Angel Grove, Psycho Pink heard a warble and had them get going, but the Morphers had never been heard making such a sound during morphing.


  • Sequential photos in a photo booth over the span of a second or so showed Carlos bringing up his Morpher and clicking it open, then with a black energy aura, being morphed into the Black Ranger.


  • Inside the forcefield dome of Secret City, Andros and Carlos at some point summoned their Morphers, but none of the buttons would respond.


  • The communicators only picked up static in the desert wasteland where Tankenstein sent the teens (perhaps on Earth), but the Morphers worked, and Zhane would soon arrive to help, despite the Megaship not being able to pick up the teens' signals.


  • When the energy wave from Zordon's destruction hit Angel Grove, the five Space Rangers (with Silver, no Red) were demorphed into civilian clothes with gold sparkles, with the four normal Rangers still wearing their Morphers for a while before the communicators took their place.
  • Andros, having been demorphed into his Megaship uniform, still wore his Morpher.
  • Probably another day, the five teens all wore their Morphers with their uniforms.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Andros, returning to the Megaship after some time, asked DECA whether the Power Vault was still sealed; it was, and Andros said it was time to break it open.
  • When Andros unlocked the vault, DECA announced vault temperature dropping (i.e. from high temperatures) to normal, allowing safe entrance.
  • Inside was a misty black area, with a stand having five Ranger-colored bars, on each of which was an Astro Morpher.
  • Andros took his Morpher and strapped it on, never having thought he'd need it again.
  • Soon, the other four Space teens arrived and took their Morphers as well.


  • When Cassie demorphed from the energy-draining blows of the Savage Sword, she collapsed, her Morpher rolling aside in the sand.
  • Psycho Pink said the Astro Morpher held much power, and that power would be hers; with the blade gleaming pink, she thrust the Savage Sword into the Morpher, impaling it, and a large red column of energy vapor whirled up around Psycho Pink with the implanted sword was its center.
  • The wind howled, and red clouds whipped through the sky; pink energy streaks flowed from the Savage Sword's hilt into Psycho Pink's chest, sending her rolling back away from the energy column, and she then morphed into her monster form with pink energy.
  • In space, Rashon was deep red, and blood-red cloud rings were spiraling out from it, endangering nearby Terra Venture with the energy disturbance.
  • Soon, in the energy cyclone, the Savage Sword glowed pink, draining energy from the split Morpher, and Cassie groaned in pain and weakness; Psycho Pink then grew to giant size with pink energy.
  • As the Galaxy Megazord, and soon the Astro Megazord, fought giant Psycho Pink, Kendrix reassured Cassie that they'd get her powers back, but numerous energy drains crippled Cassie in agony, leading Kendrix to decide she had to do something.
  • Having forced her way into the energy cyclone, morphed Kendrix struck the hilt of the Savage Sword with her gleaming Quasar Saber, and a pink explosion engulfed her a second later.
  • The Savage Sword collapsed in two halves, in its original form, and the energy storm dissipated, leaving a small glowing white column of light which was apparently the spirit of the deceased Kendrix.
  • After the pink Quasar Saber had absorbed Kendrix's spirit and flown away, Cassie's mangled Astro Morpher reassembled with pink energy.

    Other Sources

  • The name "Astro Morpher" comes from the toy line, as the devices were merely called "Morphers" in the show.

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