- ancient warrior; aided Zeo Rangers against evil (438-Aurc through 448-RTW2)
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Full Name: Auric the Conqueror (438-Aurc)
First Appearance: 438-Aurc
Last Appearance: 448-RTW2
Pictures: tiki, key, medium shot (shown at right), long shot


  • Auric's tiki was resting on a podium in a tunnel on Mysterio Island, with a human skeleton beside the podium.
  • As the Sloans walked down the tunnel, torches along the cavern wall lit by themselves.
  • When Mrs. Sloan tossed a rock toward the podium, a pink energy beam from an unknown source annihilated the rock; Mr. Sloan used his whip to jerk the tiki to him.
  • Leaving with the tiki, Louie Kaboom declared that at last, the power of Auric was all his.
  • After Louie had taken the tiki and left, the Sloans noted the departure of their chance of being rescued.
  • Apparently the same day as the Sloans had found the lost tiki of Auric but had had it stolen by Louie Kaboom, a package arrived at Kat's house for Tanya; in the package along with the key to Auric and a map to Mysterio Island was the following letter from Aisha:

    Dear Tanya,

    Ashalla asked me to send you this key.  Your parents wanted you to have it.  This is the key to the lost tiki of Auric.  I'm also sending you a map that was found in your parents' belongings.

  • The gold key to Auric was quite large, with a chain connected to it.
  • Tanya's parents had been missing for years; their plane had gone down in the vicinity of Mysterio Island while they had been searching for the lost tiki of Auric, but no one had ever been able to find the island; with the map, Tanya teleported from the Power Chamber to the island and began searching for her parents.
  • Before leaving, Tanya gave Jason the key to Auric to hold until she returned from Mysterio Island.
  • Auric's key was much smaller in the sentai footage than it was in the US footage.
  • In a warehouse, Louie Kaboom used the key on the tiki, causing the tiki to expand into the giant Auric.
  • Upon growing, Auric announced that he was Auric the Conqueror, defender of all that was good and true.
  • Louie ordered Auric to destroy the Earth, but Auric turned back into a tiki, saying with amusement that he would not be subject to a barbarian such as Louie.
  • Louie angrily swatted the tiki away when the key wouldn't work anymore, and he let Sprocket take it.
  • Auric grew to giant size when Sprocket used the key on him on the moon.
  • Upon making Auric grow with the key, Sprocket told Auric that he was "Sprocket, the small and meek," and that he needed Auric's help.
  • Sprocket told Auric that the Power Rangers were a team of supervillains that planned to destroy the Earth; Sprocket cried with the help of a hose connecting him with a pump nearby.
  • Auric said that his calling was to defend the weak and helpless; he flew off to defeat the Power Rangers.
  • Zordon said Auric was very powerful and that they could only hope his power had not fallen into evil hands.
  • On Earth, giant Auric stomped through Angel Grove, challenging the Rangers to come out and face him.
  • Auric wielded a sword.
  • Auric refused to listen to Jason in Pyramidas when he wanted to talk.
  • Giant Auric shot a red energy beam from his sword, lifting Pyramidas and turning it upside-down.
  • Auric was apparently in the habit of narrating his own victories and telling of his own praises in the third person.
  • When the Rangers told Auric that Zordon had picked them to defend the Earth, he realized he had made a mistake, saying that all who fought for good knew the name of Zordon.
  • Giant Auric, not liking to be deceived, grabbed the fleeing Sprocket and blew him from his hand, sending Sprocket crashing into a tree.
  • Before Louie Kaboom could reach it, Billy teleported Auric's key, which Sprocket had lost in the tree, to the Power Chamber as gold energy.


  • When Kat was being beaten by Archerina and Nuklifier, Zordon thought to send Auric to help, as the other teens were captured at the time.
  • Auric was badly injured trying to fight Gasket and Nuklifier simultaneously.
  • Auric wouldn't let Kat get him to safety when he was injured; at one point, Auric seemed barely conscious.
  • Auric, soon well again and saying he was rested, grew to help the Rangers after the thrown Warrior Wheel had been unable to destroy giant Nuklifier.
  • Giant Auric charged his sword with gold energy and destroyed giant Nuklifier with a single swipe.
  • Auric again briefly narrated his own victory.


  • When the Zeozords and Super Zeozords were taken over by monsters, Zordon thought to send Auric into action.
  • To summon Auric, Jason threw the glowing key into the air; Auric then rose up from beneath the earth, first in the form of a giant tiki, and then physically transformed into warrior mode.
  • To transform into warrior mode, Auric's tiki exterior split open vertically and folded back, revealing his warrior body; his head then rose up, and his legs extended; finally, his tiki exterior behind him transformed into his cape with blue energy.
  • Auric, saying he always preferred to talk through a problem rather than handling it with brawn, tried to get the monsters in the Zords to ask themselves whether this was really fair to the citizens of Angel Grove.
  • When giant Auric was trying to talk to the monsters, Impursonator emerged from the Super Zeo Megazord as a large energy cloud, and Auric seemed to fearfully revert to a tiki and shrink; Jason said the monsters had ganged up on Auric and forced him away.
  • Before reverting into a tiki, Auric had vertical lines and a stylized sweat drop around his head; in Japanese comics and animation, such visual effects would signify that Auric was embarrassed.

    - Phrases used once Auric grows to giant size after tiki is opened
    Auric: "I am Auric the Conqueror, defender of all that is good and true!"

    - Phrases used as Auric's key is thrown into the air to summon Auric
    448-RTW2 Six Rangers: "We call on Auric the Conqueror!"

    - Phrases used once giant Auric emerges from the ground and transforms into warrior mode
    448-RTW2 Auric: "I am Auric the Conqueror, defender of all that is good and true! Who requires my assistance?"

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