Auto Blasters
- laser pistols used by Turbo Rangers
Auto Blasters
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Auto Blasters (shown at right), Turbo Mode, Auto Blast Defender


  • The Auto Blasters were on the Turbo Rangers' right hips.


  • When the Rangers' morphing powers were diverted to create the Shadow Rangers, the four Shadow Rangers obtained the Rangers' functioning Auto Blasters.
  • The Auto Blasters shot Ranger-colored lasers.


  • In the sentai footage, the Auto Blasters' lasers were all green.
  • The Auto Blasters had a Turbo Mode, in which their owner pulled back the rear part of the gun, opening up the front and revealing a spinning wheel; the Turbo Mode shot gold lasers.


  • Morphed Kat destroyed the detonator-of-the-day with pink pulses of energy from her Auto Blaster, causing a medium-sized explosion.


  • The Auto Blasters in Turbo Mode shot gold lasers which made the fire truck monster crash and explode; the firefighters were then alone on the street without a truck.


  • Lasers from Blue Senturion's Synergizer and Red Ranger's Auto Blaster destroyed Griller with a very large explosion.


  • The lasers from Kat's and Tommy's tiny Auto Blasters cut a doorway through a pipe nearby, allowing the shrunken Rangers to escape.


  • The lasers from Carlos's Auto Blaster caused multiple explosions all over Elgar's car, presumably destroying it.


  • Ashley shot a gold energy beam from an Auto Blast Defender into the turbine of Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon, destroying the vehicle with a massive explosion.


  • Morphed T.J. destroyed the Red Creep's guitar with a laser from his Auto Blaster, Ashley destroyed Green's guitar, Justin destroyed Blue's keyboard, Carlos destroyed Yellow's drums, and Cassie destroyed Pink's guitar.


  • During the chaotic brawl with Piranhatron inside the Power Chamber, Ashley pulled out her Auto Blaster, but it was knocked from her hand and bashed by a Piranhatron's sledgehammer.
  • Ashley later had her Auto Blaster in her holster in one shot during the fight, but at all other times after it had been smashed, her holster would be empty.


  • After he'd morphed using the Turbo Morpher found in Storm Blaster's glove compartment, Justin was still able to use his Auto Blaster.

    - Phrases used for Rangers to use Auto Blasters
    506-RlyR Rangers: "Auto Blasters, fire!"
    513-MiMe Rangers: "Auto Blasters engaged! Fire!"
    533-FIYT T.J.: "Let's blast him, guys!"
    536-Conf Rangers: "Fire!"

    - Phrases used for individual Ranger to use Auto Blaster
    515-Cars Tommy: "Turbo Auto Blaster! Fire!"
    521-TWOF Carlos: "Auto Blaster, fire!"
    545-CIS2 Ashley: "Auto Blaster!"
    618-TBTR Justin: "Auto Blaster, now!"

    - Phrases used to fire Auto Blasters in Turbo Mode
    506-RlyR Rangers: "Auto Blasters Turbo Mode, fire!"
    512-Al&D Rangers: "Auto Blasters, fire!"

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