Queen Bansheera
- demonic superpower; mother of Olympius
Queen Bansheera's monster form
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First Appearance: (shrouded) 809-GVol, (actual) 819-QRet
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: spectral form, floating head form, hovering mass form, monster form, close-up, monster form, long shot (shown at right)


  • Arriving in the skull castle following their release from the Tomb of Forever, Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there; he then told the perturbed Vypra that they must care for her son Impus.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image onto the floor with an orange beam from his finger, showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power; no mention was made of the warlock.
  • Diabolico swore that they would have their palace back after they destroyed the miserable city brick by brick.


  • As Loki studied the Lightspeed Megazord in an archive projection, Diabolico said Queen Bansheera would be quite unhappy if she returned and the city was still standing; this was the first actual mention of Bansheera returning.


  • Vypra planned to lay waste to Mariner Bay with the Vyprari so their Queen Bansheera would rise again, but Loki instead sent Elestomp to crush Mariner Bay and the Rangers.


  • As Impus whimpered, "Mama," continually crying, Jinxer despaired that he'd tried everything, but Impus missed his mother.
  • Jinxer hoped Queen Bansheera returned quickly, as Impus needed the comfort of his mother, and Diabolico remarked the sooner the better, saying with her great powers they'd crush the Rangers like flies.


  • Diabolico said Mariner Bay would be rubble by now if not for the Rangers; they had to destroy it before Queen Bansheera returned, he warned.


  • In the starry sky above the skull castle, purple wisps like those seen during monster summonings coalesced into a blue flaming streak, forming a faint blue image of a face as Bansheera spoke Diabolico's name.
  • Diabolico was seemingly pleased to see Bansheera, saying they'd been preparing for her arrival.
  • Bansheera approved but asked where her magnificent palace was; she was then distracted as she fondly took note of Impus, and he giggled, "Mama!"
  • Regarding the palace, Diabolico said they were nearly there, but they had a small problem, and Loki blurted out that there was a city on top of it, and it was protected by Power Rangers whose base was underwater, and she knew how they felt about water.
  • Diabolico reassured Queen Bansheera they'd be taken care of, and she said they had better, flying away as a blue streak.
  • As the demons looked at a rippling image of Mt. Jasmine, where Dana was going to test her volcanic equipment, Jinxer said that Impus had the excellent idea to cause the dormant volcano to erupt and destroy Mariner Bay; Diabolico remarked the little pest had finally made himself useful.
  • After Jinxer had created Trifire from Impus's monster card, Queen Bansheera, now above them again, told Trifire to awaken the volcano with his fiery breath.
  • After Trifire had been destroyed, Queen Bansheera said this world would be hers, and Diabolico asked her to tell them what to do; she replied it had already been done, and Magmavore's silhouette was visible inside the volcano's core.


  • Queen Bansheera said her power was nearing full strength, and soon she would return to her rightful place in her palace; Diabolico said they were awaiting her return.
  • Bansheera planned to have Magmavore rise from the ashes.
  • As Miss Fairweather and two techs inspected a cave within Mt. Jasmine where giant Magmavore lurked, Loki told Diabolico about the nosy scientists, but Diabolico explained that Queen Bansheera had a big surprise in store.
  • Bansheera told Magmavore it was time for his glorious return, and he laughed evilly inside the volcano's core and then arose.
  • From the castle as giant Magmavore pounded the Lightspeed Megazord, Loki anxiously told Magmavore to finish them off, but Bansheera told them to first resurrect Trifire, and Vypra observed in awe that her powers were growing.
  • Immediately after Magmavore had resurrected Trifire, however, Queen Bansheera said her powers were waning, and she had to leave until she was re-energized; Diabolico said they would carry on, and Bansheera in parting threatened to replace him with Impus if he didn't, then fading out into the aurora above.


  • Diabolico promised his pawn Ryan Mitchell if he stayed, his future would be to follow in his footsteps, master, ruler of the "Dark Kingdom," whatever it was he was referring to.


  • Some time after Ryan had defected, Queen Bansheera told Diabolico his failure to destroy the Rangers was pathetic, and she considered that Impus could do the job.
  • As Diabolico was slightly startled despite this not being the second time he'd heard this threat, Bansheera told him to finish them off or she would give Impus his Star Power, then vanished.


  • Some time after Demonite's destruction, Bansheera told Diabolico he'd disappointed her greatly, again threatening to give his Star Power to Impus if he failed again.


  • In the skull castle as Troika was on the rampage, Diabolico reported to Bansheera that the Rangers' demise was near, and she told him this was his last chance, vanishing.
  • With his dying words before exploding from the Rangers' blasts, Diabolico assured them that Queen Bansheera would avenge his defeat a thousandfold, and the Star Power then flew from his explosion into Impus.
  • On his pedestal, Impus was surrounded in a cocoon which then hovered into the air.
  • Downtown, the sky thundered as the six teens pulled up in the Rover.
  • With a purple cloudy pulse, Queen Bansheera's hazy blue face was visible in a descending blue billowing cloud; she spoke, "Hello, Rangers."
  • Ryan was surprised to see Bansheera, having thought she'd been destroyed; the teens were unfamiliar with the sight of her, so he told them her name, saying she was worse than ten Diabolicos.
  • Bansheera explained Diabolico had proved himself unworthy, but she assured them her son would not.
  • Bansheera presented her heir and their destructor; the blue cloud turned orange as Queen Bansheera vanished, and the massive red cocoon descended from the clouds.


  • In the skull castle, weakened Olympius clutched a column as Jinxer remarked on how proud his mother would be over his capture of the four teens.
  • Olympius fondly noted the planets would soon be in perfect alignment for them to give her spirit a bodily form.
  • Ryan described that Impus had been next in line after Bansheera had given Diabolico the Star Power.


  • As the planets approached alignment, Olympius said the Rangers had to be destroyed by the time they brought his mother back; Vypra assured him Bansheera would return.


  • As the planets neared perfect alignment, Vypra excitedly said it was time to go to Mariner Bay for the ceremony.
  • As the planets aligned into the Grand Cross, which hadn't occurred in 3,000 years, Ryan said this was the day they'd been waiting for, saying when the planets aligned they'd have a ceremony to bring back Queen Bansheera.
  • Spellbinder's incantation called Bansheera to come forth from her eons in prison, but first to destroy the city that sat on her palace, and lightning bolts blasted the city from the dark cloud brewing overhead; from above, the location of the explosions formed a pattern matching Spellbinder's emblem.
  • Spellbinder continued, saying the planets were now in perfect formation and soon Bansheera's spirit would come; he called for dimensions to collide and bring form to apparition, saying, "Good planet, give way to our evil one!"
  • Spellbinder called their dearly missed queen to return to them to begin the rule of the iron fist; calling her "queen of the darkest dark," he spoke of their hope to destroy the human world and raise their dark flag.
  • Spellbinder chanted to awaken Bansheera's new shape (which he also called her bodily form, calling, "Bansheera alive!"); as he announced it was time for evil to swarm, he threw his staff into the stone symbol before him, and a giant energy cyclone spewed upward from the symbol, bursting up through the roof of the building as a beam of light connecting the city to the clouds above.
  • Vypra was pleased that their queen would finally return to her bodily form, and Loki anticipated the destruction of Mariner Bay.
  • Giant downtown, Spellbinder called forth, "Queen Bansheera arise, take form in the skies!" and as his chest emblem glimmered, the energy cyclone continued, and the sky billowed with black clouds.
  • Soon, a speckled blue energy ring coalesced into Queen Bansheera's spectral head giant in the sky off the coast.
  • Her voice preceding her, Bansheera announced, "I, Queen Bansheera, have returned!"
  • In this image, Queen Bansheera had a somewhat humanoid face with white skin and flowing strands of gold hair, with pointy ears and intricate forehead scales.
  • Bansheera's eyes were yellow with snake-like slits.
  • Asked her first order of business by Loki below, Bansheera replied she would destroy the city herself.
  • Bansheera asked if the Rangers thought they could stop her from restoring her palace, and a giant tidal wave loomed behind the Train Bay as she announced the tidal wave would wash their city away.
  • When Ryan smashed the altar in the ceremony site, creating a huge explosion, the golden beam stopped; Bansheera faded away with a scream, and the tidal wave and dark clouds vanished as well just as the planets began to break formation.
  • In the fiery basement, Olympius was furious with Loki and Vypra for wasting what he called his mother's only chance of getting her body back.
  • As Olympius kicked Loki down, Bansheera's voice weakly spoke Olympius's name as her new "body" emerged from blue light.
  • As Olympius was shocked, Bansheera spoke, "Yes, Olympius, it is your mother."
  • Bansheera's body, apparently wearing a slightly armored black bodysuit, was mostly embedded within an oblong hovering mass, with only her head, neck, and upper torso visible; serpent-headed tentacles hung down from the mass, and colored gems blinked randomly within her extended blonde hair strands.
  • Hugging the hovering mass, Olympius could hardly believe she had survived but then asked what had happened to the rest of her body; Bansheera replied the Rangers had done this by ruining the ceremony, and Olympius planned to make them pay dearly.


  • In the skull castle, Olympius showed Queen Bansheera something on the viewing blob: a giant spiked asteroid glowing red from within; Olympius said it was so powerful it would completely obliterate Mariner Bay in just seconds.
  • Queen Bansheera was very impressed, exclaiming it was brilliant, as even the Rangers wouldn't be able to stop it.
  • As the Rangers manned the Lightspeed Solarzord, Bansheera sent Olympius to stop the Rangers, as their firepower could destroy his asteroid.
  • After Olympius had successfully deterred the Rangers from blasting the asteroid, Bansheera said if the plan worked, Olympius would be her second in command.
  • As the Omega Crawler began to leave the asteroid after depositing two explosives, Queen Bansheera's voice asked from the Skull Cavern if they were leaving so soon, and jagged rocky spikes arose, grinding around the crawler, but they would escape and blow up the asteroid.


  • In a secret laboratory in a skyscraper in Mariner Bay, Triskull told Olympius that there was almost enough life energy collected to restore Queen Bansheera's mighty powers, and Olympius paid the demon from Mirinoi in gold coins.
  • Triskull assured Olympius the powers his mother would receive would be well worth the wait.
  • Before vanishing, Olympius also guaranteed Bansheera wouldn't wait much longer.


  • In the lab as Trakeena spoke of using the life force energy to turn green again, Olympius watched through the eyes of a spy bat, and Bansheera told him she didn't tolerate traitors.
  • Bansheera warned Olympius not to let Trakeena mutate to green, or she would have the power to crush even him; he would later mutate her into an enormous monster who would be destroyed by the Rangers.


  • Vypra led a mission to capture the five Starlight Crystals to power Moleman's laser.
  • As Vypra's plans were coming to fruition, Bansheera assigned Loki to stop the Rangers' interference and sent Olympius along with him to make sure the destruction (of the Rangers, or perhaps the city) was complete.


  • During a banquet bickering, Loki sent Cyclopter to prove himself.


  • Olympius took Mantevil downtown alone; upon slaying four of the Rangers (prior to Carter's time-traveling intervention), Olympius said Mother would be so proud of him when she found out there was only one Ranger left.
  • In the skull castle following giant Mantevil's destruction, Olympius apologized to his mother, but Bansheera replied he disappointed her.
  • Olympius tried to explain Red Ranger's new weapon, but Bansheera silenced him, telling him there was no excuse, and Olympius left promising to do better next time.


  • Bansheera told Jinxer to bring in Vypra and Loki; when asked about Olympius, she replied he'd failed too often and that Vypra and Loki would be in charge.
  • In the skull castle after doublecrossing Vypra and Loki, Olympius told Bansheera that the two had been destroyed mercilessly by the Rangers despite both their valiant fighting and his efforts to help.
  • Troubled, Bansheera told him they had been loyal warriors, wanting their destruction avenged.
  • An inscription inside the Tomb of Forever read, "From the Tomb of Forever, the jaws of death, the icy tingle of Bansheera's breath," and Vypra would then speak an incantation which apparently summoned Diabolico out of the Shadow World through the sarcophagus.


  • As Olympius and Freezard fought the Rangers (only Carter now remaining), Loki and Vypra blasted the two from behind and then summoned Diabolico.
  • As Diabolico and Olympius locked in combat, allowing Carter to escape, blue lightning bolts struck the two, blowing them both back (particularly Diabolico, who was sent flying a tremendous distance) with a large explosion.
  • Bansheera's face appeared in the sky and ordered them to stop and return to the Skull Cavern immediately.
  • In the skull castle, Bansheera expressed surprise over Diabolico's return, and Olympius complained about his interference.
  • As Loki and Vypra entered claiming Olympius had tried to destroy them, Olympius lied that they were trying to get his Star Power, and Diabolico interjected that it was his Star Power; at this point, Bansheera ordered them all quiet.
  • Bansheera told them their petty lies and hatred meant nothing, as rebuilding her palace was all that mattered.
  • Bansheera made no reaction to the accusation that Olympius had tried to destroy Vypra and Loki, while in 826-ATRO she had wanted their destruction avenged.
  • Bansheera had Olympius go to capture the last Ranger, telling Diabolico she would destroy him herself if he interfered again and telling Olympius not to fail her.


  • Olympius attacked with the superstrong Infinitor, but the monster was eventually destroyed.


  • Olympius planned to hatch a horrible monster from an egg, but the egg was eventually destroyed.


  • Vypra was now in charge for this plan, manipulating Chad and Marina the mermaid.


  • Diabolico was responsible for sending the powerful memory-erasing monster Memorase, a plot in which Olympius was unable to see any merit, even when only one Ranger remained.


  • Queen Bansheera told Olympius he had disappointed her greatly, considering that perhaps she should give his Star Power back to Diabolico, but Olympius protested hurtfully.
  • Bansheera slid back into the shadows, telling him not to fail her again.
  • The assistant to the Sorcerer of the Sands in the desert was terrified by the mention of Bansheera's name.
  • Ryan explained they were trying to send Bansheera back to the ancient tomb, and the Sorcerer replied an anemy of the queen was a friend of his.
  • Overhearing Diabolico's talk of Olympius's banishment in the main chamber, Bansheera emerged and demanded to know whether Diabolico was responsible for exiling her son to the Shadow World.
  • As Diabolico tried to explain, Bansheera burst into laughter, remarking Olympius was a failure and could rot there forever.
  • Now, Bansheera said, the responsibility of rebuilding her palace rested with Diabolico, and she told him not to fail or her fate would be worse than her son's.


  • After Arachnor's destruction, Bansheera was disgusted that they'd all failed her once again; Diabolico tried to explain, but she retorted his excuses only angered her futher and that they'd all proved themselves more useless than she'd ever imagined.
  • Bansheera warned the three that if her palace wasn't restored at once, they would all feel her wrath, having the "pathetic failures" get out of her sight.


  • Hearing Bansheera's echoing laugh in the skull castle, Jinxer curiously rounded a cavern corner and found the queen within a massive pillar of flames.
  • Jinxer gleefully realized Queen Bansheera was transforming, and she agreed, it was finally happening.
  • Queen Bansheera said soon they would rule the universe once more.
  • It seemed to be many days, if not weeks, that Vypra's secret use of a monster was in operation, with Bansheera presumably occupied all the while.


  • While searching for Vypra, Jinxer found himself locked outside the castle, but he then fell through the floor into Bansheera's transformation chamber.
  • When Vypra entered asking why Bansheera had summoned her, Jinxer replied he didn't know, but he did tell her that the queen's transformation was nearly complete and that she needed just one more burst of energy.
  • Within her pillar of flames, Queen Bansheera told Vypra she had failed her too many times, and as punishment she was going to take her life energy, considering she should have done so long ago.
  • Vypra tried to flee, but a purple energy bolt levitated her screaming and kicking into the flaming wall, at which point she was sucked into Bansheera's body as blue energy.
  • Queen Bansheera declared the transformation was working, and her bodily form was finally returning to her; her body then morphed into a hulking monstrous form with a hideous perpetual grin, long finger tendrils, and pointy, translucent wings which connected to the horns extending from her head.
  • In place of her previous black bodysuit, Bansheera now had some exposed white skin; on her midsection was the design of a monstrous face, its eyelids designed into the material covering her breasts.
  • In passing news of the transformation to Diabolico, Loki would explain that Bansheera had gotten her bodily form back.
  • In a dark lair with columns nearby, Queen Bansheera sat at a throne.
  • When Loki requested to destroy the Rangers, the queen replied he had always been her favorite, confidently granting his request.
  • Once Loki had left, Jinxer asked about her choice, but she retorted she was merely using him to trap the Rangers; he, like all of them, was expendable.
  • The Aquabase soon detected a swirling vortex at one end of Mariner Stadium downtown, and four of the Rangers investigated.
  • By this point, Olympius's Star Power was now restored following his period of hidden recuperation under Jinxer's care.
  • When Bansheera released a banshee-like scream from her lair, the stadium rumbled, and the Rangers, Loki, and Diabolico all faded away and then dropped from the swirling purple vortex into the realm of the Skull Cavern.
  • Bansheera told the Rangers from afar that they weren't going anywhere ever again, having foiled her plans for the last time; with them out of the way, she would destroy Mariner Bay, and her palace would shine among its ruins.
  • Bansheera ordered Loki to finish them, and he charged despite Diabolico's warnings.
  • As Loki was grappled by the Rangers, Bansheera told Diabolico to destroy them, and Loki's bazooka flew into his hands, but he protested that Loki would be destroyed if he fired.
  • Struggling as Bansheera ordered him to do as told, Diabolico exclaimed Loki was his comrade and that they weren't pawns in her wicked game; Bansheera, however, replied that they were, and that she would make him obey if he wouldn't do so.
  • Diabolico raised the cannon against his will, shouting for Loki to look out, but his finger pulled the trigger, and the blast struck Loki dead center.
  • Groaning as he lay dying, Loki asked why their queen would do this, and Diabolico replied intently that she had no heart.
  • After Loki's death, Queen Bansheera laughed in her lair, and Diabolico shouted that he cursed her name, swearing he was no longer her warrior.
  • Bansheera replied he was hers and hers alone, startling Diabolico; although Loki was gone, she told Diabolico he still had powers which were useful to her, powers which she would use as she saw fit to destroy the Rangers.
  • As Diabolico yelled in protest, a red energy beam from the castle caused Diabolico to explode into a fiery streak which then enveloped the Rangers in flames.
  • As the Rangers slowly burned, Bansheera rejoiced the end of the Power Rangers at last.
  • As the flames increased and fiery streaks struck the Rangers, Bansheera laughed for them to behold her powers, and more flames ripped across them.
  • Emerging from the flames briefly, Diabolico told Carter the only way to save the Rangers was to strike Bansheera exactly where her heart would be.
  • Hearing Bansheera's echoing laughter after Diabolico sparked in the flames, Carter ran off, climbing the enormous flight of steps up to the castle.
  • Inside the castle, Carter followed Bansheera's laughter to find her veiled throne area.
  • As Bansheera welcomed him to her lair, Carter said at last they met, and she agreed, having been waiting for this day.
  • When her veils drew back to reveal Bansheera's monstrous form, Carter charged with his baton, but mist from her hand slammed him back into a column.
  • Bansheera quipped that Carter's puny Ranger powers were no match for the glory of Queen Bansheera.
  • Saying he was the last ridiculous Ranger to deal with, Bansheera levitated Carter with purple electricity from her other hand.
  • Bansheera remarked the Rangers' end was near, and she would finally rule supreme.
  • Carter startled Bansheera by telling her he knew her only weakness, and it was his greatest strength; a laser blast then caused her to drop him.
  • Despite not knowing what he referred to, Bansheera gasped she had to have this strength of his, but he replied she would never possess it, as his strength came from within.
  • Carter declared that he had a heart, and Bansheera exclaimed the word in startlement.
  • With his Battle Booster, Carter leapt and delivered a glowing red punch to her midsection, although he was supposed to aim for where her heart would have been.
  • Bansheera screamed, and flames erupted from the demon maw; explosions rumbled all throughout the skull castle above, and the four Rangers teleported away in Ranger-colored streaks, Carter managing to escape as well.
  • Downtown, Carter thought that was the last they'd see of Bansheera, but giant Bansheera loomed over them, and purple energy bolts caused black clouds to cover the sky.
  • Giant Bansheera told the Rangers that since they had destroyed her Skull Cavern, she would destroy their city, although the Skull Cavern was far from destroyed.
  • Giant Bansheera turned spewing purple energy bolts from both hands, making large areas of explosions.
  • Struck by the Lightspeed Megazord's flip kicks and ladder arm punches, giant Bansheera sounded to be in pain with each blow.
  • Bansheera grabbed the Megazord and blasted with purple energy bolts, but when the Rangers returned fire with a wrist laser, she suddenly vanished without a trace.
  • Amidst the flaming ruins of the main column lair, Bansheera remarked the Rangers couldn't destroy her, and they would soon feel the true magnificence of her mighty powers.
  • On the "skirt" of Bansheera's monster form were various monster faces, including Aquafiend, Fireor, Arachnor, and the zombie monster from 832-Sorc.


  • When Diabolico entered, Bansheera asked the traitor if he dared to return, but she then saw Olympius holding him captive, and she was shocked to see her son had survived.
  • Having defeated Diabolico, Olympius planned to use his powers to finally crush the Rangers, and Bansheera congratulated him.
  • Diabolico replied Olympius would never take his powers, but Bansheera countered that she would; her finger tentacles wrapped around him and drained red pulses of energy from him as he groaned.
  • Diabolico's breath faded as his red eyes were filled with glossy blackness.
  • In her lair following the defeat of Olympius and the once again rebellious Diabolico, Bansheera called for the two demons to grow with even more power than before.
  • As Bansheera held out her hand, her finger tentacles reached down from the sky and wrapped around Diabolico and Olympius's fallen bodies, charging them with gold energy and causing them to grow into advanced forms.
  • Giant Diabolico's normal coloration was restored, but he was under Bansheera's control once more.
  • As the Lightspeed Solarzord (the last functioning Megazord) was totaled, Bansheera laughed that the final moment had arrived, and an eclipse occured as her fingers were shown interlocking over the Earth.
  • The sudden eclipse occurred within a day or less of a longer, scheduled eclipse which would occur in 840-FLs2.
  • Downtown, Jinxer spoke an incantation which caused lightning bolts from the sky to pour into giant Diabolico and Olympius, charging them with power as the eclipse vanished.
  • Charged at Lifeforce level 3, the Lifeforce Megazord slashed its golden saber in an X; the yelling demons crackled and glowed with blue energy and then exploded, unleashing twin floods of blue energy into the sky with a yellow shockwave.
  • Amidst a chain reaction of explosions, the two blue beams connected high above to a bright point in the sky; with a golden gleam in space, blue shockwaves flew out from Earth as a skull-like demonic face with a star in the forehead dissipated in a blue cloud, shattering outward with specks of white light.
  • A strip of perhaps five square blocks in the wall of the Tomb of Forever was as follows: the first was an eclipse, the second was several pointy objects (perhaps the circle of stones), the third was now the key, the fourth was five hands sticking up from within a square coffin, and the fifth was a crude outline of Bansheera's monster form.
  • In the lair, Bansheera had her tentacles wrapped around Jinxer, demanding a monster, but he replied nervously he didn't have any more monster cards.
  • Saying she was of no further use to her, Bansheera forced him to his knees, but he suddenly remembered sticking a Batling card on the Lifeforce Megazord's leg.
  • Releasing him, Bansheera was pleased that the Rangers were taking Batlings into the Aquabase with them.
  • As Bansheera turned and exclaimed his name, Jinxer shrieked in panic, but she told him he'd finally done something right.


  • An image projected by the Golden Key showed an eclipse, then a horde of monsters reaching toward the ceiling of a hellish underground tomb within the Shadow World.
  • As Ryan called the Aquabase telling the others of Bansheera's plan to resurrect all the demons from the Shadow World, his signal was lost before he could say when it would happen, and Bansheera flew down into the tomb with him.
  • Saying no one would stop the ceremony, Bansheera wrapped her tendrils around Ryan, making him drop the Golden Key which she then picked up.
  • As Batlings carried the unconscious Ryan into the damaged central lair in the skull castle, Bansheera told them to lock him up and make sure he never got away.
  • Bansheera told Jinxer it was time to release the Batlings, not wanting the Rangers to interfere with her ceremony.
  • Addressing an army of thousands of Batlings in the Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera announced the time had come to take Mariner Bay and that their glorious palace would soon arise from the ashes of its destruction.
  • Near the skeletal coffin beside which Ryan was chained, Bansheera hovered above the ground as Jinxer reported everything was going as planned, and she had him go to put the stones in place (see "Golden Key").
  • Landing in front of Ryan, Bansheera laughed that she had waited a long time for this day, having him imagine the destruction as she unleashed every horrid creature upon his planet.
  • Hearing a Morpher beep from within the nearby sarcophagus, Bansheera noted they had a visitor, at which point Ryan sprung free and kicked her; Carter lunged out as well, kicking her aside.
  • As Batlings flooded in, Bansheera noted the two were outnumbered by a million to one, but they morphed and began fighting.
  • Overpowered, Carter and Ryan were blasted by unseen hand blasts from Bansheera and grappled by Batlings.
  • Queen Bansheera pointed to a flaming hologram above in which the Omega Megazord, hijacked by Jinxer, slammed a giant stone into place downtown.
  • Queen Bansheera happily told Jinxer he'd done it, and he reported he was putting the stones in place as instructed; once the circle of stones was complete, the ceremony could begin, at which point, Bansheera said, no one - not even the two Rangers - would be able to stop her.
  • That said, Bansheera shot two red energy beams from her hand, sending both Carter and Ryan flying out of the skull castle.


  • As the fourth of six stones was planted, Jinxer reported that the circle of stones was almost complete, and Bansheera, holding the Golden Key, replied it was time for her to join the party.
  • Downtown, the skull castle flew in atop a stone of its own and landed in the center of the circle of stones; Jinxer then placed the fifth stone, nearly completing the circle formation.
  • As the eclipse began, Bansheera observed that everything was going as planned, and only one more stone had to be placed before her evil reign could begin.
  • As Jinxer went to place the last stone on Bansheera's orders despite interference from Carter and Ryan on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle and Omega Megazord were both destroyed, but the stone fell into place nonetheless.
  • Inserting the key into a keyhole in the skeletal coffin, Bansheera called on the forces of evil to heed her call; the eclipsing moon then released a purple energy beam which began to remove the coffin's lid.
  • Confronted by the Rangers, Bansheera, as she'd said repeatedly about the ceremony, taunted that nothing could stop her now.
  • While the Batlings fought the Rangers, Bansheera continued with her spell, and the lid lifted up to reveal the Shadow World below.
  • As Carter attacked, Bansheera blasted him with a red hand beam, slamming him into a column and knocking his helmet off.
  • Carter hurled his helmet at Bansheera, and she swatted it aside, blasting at him with her red beam, but he rolled and propelled himself through the air, kicking her back into the coffin, and she screamed as she fell down the shaft.
  • Bansheera's tentacles suddenly grabbed Carter's wrist and pulled him in, and he barely was able to hold onto the rocky interior of the shaft as Bansheera hung from him.
  • Wrapping around his chest and neck as well, Bansheera told Carter if she went, he was coming with her.
  • Just then, Diabolico's spirit flew up beside Queen Bansheera in a gold energy wisp.
  • Bansheera was pleased Diabolico had come to help, but he declared he was there to help the Rangers destroy her for good.
  • Diabolico's staff blast severed Bansheera's finger tendrils and causing her to plummet screaming as Diabolico followed, laughing.
  • Bansheera landed with a thud on the cavern's ground in the Shadow World, and the monsters closed in, mauling her.
  • After the Rangers had sealed the lid, the skull castle and surrounding stones all crumbled into dust.

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