Bansheera's palace
- mythical sacred grounds of Bansheera's demons; once stood on current site of Mariner Bay
Bansheera's palace
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 839-FLs1
Pictures: Mariner Bay, circa 3000 BCE (shown at right), desert ruins


  • In a desert apparently in Egypt, three nomads were startled when they came upon ancient temple ruins.
  • In the desert sands were seemingly Egyptian ruins of an ancient temple, with a stone gateway-like front, and decorated pillars still standing; amidst the ruins was a pharaoh statue's head, probably five feet cubed in size.
  • Awed, the nomads observed that the ruins looked thousands of years old as one led them forward to search for treasure.
  • Searching for water, the nomads peered into a rust-colored clay cauldron with scale designs and clawed feet while one sat; another warned the peering nomad that if he fell into the cauldron, they might never see him again.
  • As the seated nomad leaned back against a broken-off stone piece with heiroglyphics, it pushed back, causing the ground to quake as the piece slid back, revealing white mist from within.
  • A perpendicular fissure then opened in the earth between the cauldron and podium, and the nomad fell into the Tomb of Forever below.
  • Oddly, the crevice would remain in the earth for months to come without any sand pouring into the tomb unless someone stepped close to the edge.
  • The nomads soon used a rope attached to something above to scale down into the tomb.
  • Arriving in the other-dimensional skull castle following their release from the tomb, Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • On the verdant coast had been a four-columned structure identical to the one in Egypt (although white), with its nearby tall columns, and in the center before the wall structure was an elevated cauldron (just like the apparently bottomless one inspected by the nomads), perhaps the focus of the arrangement.
  • Surrounding the construct had been a white stone foundation which extended around the area some distance, with bridges on the right side leading down from the raised foundation; on both sides were nearby mini-structures.
  • Although Loki's projection showed Mariner Bay in present day taking the place of the palace, there was a grand problem of scale; if the scale of the palace shown had matched the proportions of the Egyptian ruins to the nomads, the ancient palace would have been designed for giants roughly the size of Megazords.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power.
  • Diabolico swore that they would have their palace back after they destroyed the miserable city brick by brick.


  • Diabolico said Queen Bansheera would be quite unhappy if she returned and the city was still standing.


  • Diabolico grew tired of the Rangers, saying it was time to reclaim Mariner Bay, and then they could finally rebuild their palace.
  • Unleashing Whirlin as a tornado, Diabolico told the Rangers he had come to destroy their precious city and restore Queen Bansheera's magnificent palace.
  • After Whirlin's destruction, Diabolico said they would win the war: Mariner Bay would be destroyed, and their palace would rise again.


  • Vypra planned to lay waste to Mariner Bay with the Vyprari so their Queen Bansheera would rise again, but Loki instead sent Elestomp to crush Mariner Bay and the Rangers.


  • Diabolico said Mariner Bay would be rubble by now if not for the Rangers; they had to destroy it before Queen Bansheera returned, he warned.


  • When Queen Bansheera's face appeared in the sky above, Diabolico was seemingly pleased to see her, saying they'd been preparing for her arrival.
  • Bansheera approved but asked where her magnificent palace was; Diabolico said they were nearly there, but they had a small problem, and Loki blurted out that there was a city on top of it, and it was protected by Power Rangers whose base was underwater, and she knew how they felt about water.
  • Diabolico reassured Queen Bansheera they'd be taken care of, and she said they had better, flying away as a blue streak.


  • Queen Bansheera said her power was nearing full strength, and soon she would return to her rightful place in her palace; she would later, however, have to leave to rest after resurrecting Magmavore and Trifire.


  • In the skull castle soon after the Rangers had retreated from morphed Ryan, Vypra observed the Rangers would be destroyed if they fought, and the city would be destroyed otherwise.
  • Diabolico told Ryan he'd proved himself worthy of being the Titanium Ranger, and now they'd use the powers to take back their homeland.


  • Spellbinder's incantation called Bansheera to come forth from her eons in prison, but first to destroy the city that sat on her palace, and lightning bolts blasted the city from the dark cloud brewing overhead.
  • Appearing in the sky, Bansheera asked if the Rangers thought they could stop her from restoring her palace, and a giant tidal wave loomed to wash the city away, but it would vanish along with Bansheera when Ryan stopped the ceremony.


  • To doublecross his fellow demons, Olympius told them they'd only have enough power to defeat the Rangers and build the palace if they used their energy together.
  • After being pulled underground by Vilevine, Vypra and Loki eventually surfaced from the sand in the apparently Egyptian desert on the other side of the world, much like it seemed the palace ruins had done upon sinking into the earth millennia ago.
  • As Vypra and Loki came to the desert ruins, Vypra said she'd been there before; looking around, she led Loki one way and found the small crevice which she then realized led into the tomb," but Loki remained sarcastic and clueless throughout.


  • As the villains bickered in a struggle for power, Bansheera told them their petty lies and hatred meant nothing, as rebuilding her palace was all that mattered.


  • As Diabolico and Memorase looked upon the city from a rooftop, Diabolico remarked it was a depressing sight, a city where a palace should be, and he told Memorase to destroy it all.


  • As Bansheera left after laughing over Olympius's banishment and putting Diabolico in charge of rebuilding her palace, Vypra noted with surprise that she cared more about her palace than her own son.


  • Diabolico's scroll map of Mariner Bay showed Roman-like construction in the north where the downtown city should have been; it was presumably the former/intended site of Bansheera's palace.


  • Disgusted with the failures of Diabolico, Loki, and Vypra, Bansheera warned the three that if her palace wasn't restored at once, they would all feel her wrath.


  • Bansheera told the Rangers that with them out of the way, she would destroy Mariner Bay and her palace would shine among its ruins.


  • The drawings in the Tomb of Forever, as well as a hologram from the Golden Key, addressed Bansheera's ceremony to resurrect all the monsters from the Shadow World, but no mention was made of Bansheera's palace.
  • Addressing her army prior to beginning her ceremony, Queen Bansheera announced the time had come to take Mariner Bay and that their glorious palace would soon arise from the ashes of its destruction.

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