- warrior and slavedriver in Lost Galaxyunder service of Captain Mutiny (until742-EsLG)
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First Appearance: 736-BMut
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
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  • One specific category of monsters used both in and out of the Lost Galaxy were robotic and always bore the symbol of Barbarax.
  • Cannonbrawl, a robotic monster sent to capture High Councilor Renier according to Deviot's plan, bore a white Barbarax insignia on his left shoulder.


  • In Trakeena's lair, Villamax had apparently introduced the subject of Loyax; Deviot called him a washed-up old warrior, but Villamax regarded him as an honorable legend.
  • Loyax had won battles in every corner of the universe, according to Villamax; for centuries, he said, the name Loyax had inspired fear.
  • Having been brought in to meet Trakeena, Loyax bowed to his "lovely queen Trakeena," and she soon accepted his wish for one final battle, offering him a battle with the Power Rangers, which he concluded would be a glorious ending indeed.
  • Loyax bore the symbol of Barbarax on his stomach.


  • After Mike had found a disc left by Villamax and Kegler during part transportation to assemble a giant laser dish, the power-duplicating robot warrior Chameliac confronted him, duplicating the Magna Defender (and later Galaxy Ranger) powers; on the warrior's chest was a gold Barbarax symbol.


  • Ironite, a tank monster wearing a Barbarax armband, was one of two monsters used by Deviot in the plan to ambush the Rangers as they searched for the pink Quasar Saber.


  • On a bluish-atmosphered planet, Villamax showed Trakeena the powerful energy-draining robot Magnetox, who bore the Barbarax symbol on his chest.


  • When Terra Venture drifted toward Captain Mutiny's planet in the Lost Galaxy, the Titanisaur rose up from the ocean floor and rose to the surface with Mutiny's castle on its back.
  • Once the castle had surfaced and the water had drained from its interior, Captain Mutiny came before a large audience of Swabbies in the main room of his castle with Barbarax at his side and Rocketron, a robotic bomb monster bearing Barbarax's symbol, rallying the Swabbies.
  • Barbarax was a brown and black spiked, fully-armored knight; he held a spiked brown and black battleaxe, and on his right shoulder was his own silver and green symbol.
  • Mutiny said a spaceship (Terra Venture) had entered the Lost Galaxy, and it was time to welcome it; Barbarax agreed, telling him Rocketron, unbeaten in battle, was just the monster for the job.
  • Barbarax slapped an old map on a wooden display board, with a Mutiny emblem in the upper left, saying they already had everything planned and that nothing could go wrong.
  • Barbarax asked the Swabbies if they were ready for battle, and they shouted, so he had Rocketron and the Swabbies march out.
  • After telling Commander Stanton that he had a machine on his planet that would send Terra Venture back home, Captain Mutiny had a heliship crew take a large wooden case secretly containing the monster Grunchor.
  • In the desert later was a large scene of slaves and small spacecraft parts everywhere.
  • Mutiny asked Barbarax whether they'd mined much treasure today, but Barbarax said they were far behind schedule, as the slaves were too worn out.
  • Many slaves in various types of black and brown outfits were mining for gems and gold amidst all the spacecraft parts while others wheeled large boulders away.
  • The teens realized Captain Mutiny captured spaceships and forced the crews to mine his treasures.
  • Mutiny planned for their gift to arrive on Terra Venture to allow them to enslave the colony's citizens.
  • As a slave cried out seeing the spying teens on the ridge, Mutiny had Barbarax send Rocketron after the intruders.
  • Rocketron was surprisingly weak against the Rangers for a supposedly undefeated monster, suggesting a lack of any serious resistance to Mutiny's forces in the Lost Galaxy.


  • In his castle after Grunchor had been unleashed, Mutiny said Terra Venture was a big ship and asked Barbarax how he knew Grunchor could succeed; Barbarax, rising from a slouch with his feet up, replied Grunchor never failed, as he was too big to beat.
  • On the main wall of Mutiny's castle were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.
  • The food Deviot planned to give Grunchor, laced with strength serum, was in silver canisters bearing the Barbarax symbol.
  • Elsewhere, Swabbies made a few people flee from an outdoor stage area, and Barbarax walked in as a Swabbie attempted to use another scanner panel like the one Deviot had lost but ended up smacking it to the ground, and Barbarax shoved him back angrily.
  • To get Grunchor's attention, Barbarax slammed his axe into the ground, making rubble fall on people in a subway tunnel below.
  • Damon blasted the axe from Barbarax's hand as the four Rangers arrived, and Barbarax remarked they always showed up at the wrong time.
  • As Grunchor soon roared and tunneled through the area, buckling up an area with a Mutiny flag in the ground, Barbarax said he was right on time.
  • Saying they'd get off Terra Venture when they were good and ready, Barbarax shot the Rangers with a blue beam from what appeared to be his eyes.
  • Told of Grunchor's location in the Mountain Dome, the four Rangers ran for the dome, and Barbarax followed.
  • When the six met up at the mountain, Barbarax arrived with Swabbies and fought them personally until being interrupted by Grunchor's approach.
  • Barbarax blew a red stream of fiery energy at the Rangers from where his mouth would've been.
  • Grunchor, bigger than before and with much longer claws, arose on Barbarax's cue, and Barbarax then vanished as black and orange energy specks.
  • In the slave camp with Barbarax and Deviot after Grunchor's destruction, Mutiny had a hankering to make Deviot walk the plank (a euphamism for "be executed" in 738-USun) for Grunchor's failure, but Mutiny then changed the subject.
  • Mutiny told Barbarax and Deviot he needed far more slaves to dig for his treasure; Barbarax promised to get them, and Mutiny threatened for Barbarax to be digging beside them if he failed.


  • On Mutiny's planet, morphed Damon and Leo were running from a band of pursuing Swabbies before being surrounded and confronted by Deviot and Barbarax at the edge of a sloped cliff, where they were blasted off by Deviot.
  • Barbarax had the Swabbies get them and bring them back to the camp.
  • Later, unmorphed Leo and Damon, dirty with their undershirts sliced, had their hands chained up to a wooden structure in the desert with a Mutiny flag on it.
  • Deviot prepared to shoot them, but Barbarax made them wait until sunset for Captain Mutiny, who wanted to destroy them himself, and they left.
  • At sunset, Deviot and Barbarax accompanied Mutiny for the execution, but the Rangers arrived and freed Leo and Damon, causing the villains to leave Rojomon behind to battle.


  • As the five Rangers fought Swabbies in Hexuba's nightmare world which apparently affected its participants in the real world, Hexuba sent in a monster named Nightmare, a robot warrior with a golden symbol of Barbarax on his chest.


  • Hexuba resurrected monsters of her own camp, as well as those from Villamax and Treacheron, yet she had resurrected none from Barbarax.


  • At the beach (later shown to be the Ocean Dome) at dawn, Barbarax and Swabbies ran up to the beach as Barbarax concluded it was the perfect place, but the Rangers confronted him.
  • After they'd roughed up his Swabbies, Barbarax told the Rangers they'd made a great bunch of slaves.
  • As the Rangers, having summoned their Orion armor, charged after clawing their way through the remaining Swabbies, they were blasted back by Deviot as he arrived.
  • Barbarax struck the ground, sending an explosive blast through the ground and blasting the Rangers, making them quite weak.
  • Suddenly, the ground began to quake with massive footsteps, and Deviot and Barbarax waited expectantly.
  • A white energy shockwave flew out from a distant yellowish light in the distance, a bit like an atomic blast, and the Rangers ducked, with the wave knocking Deviot and Barbarax down.
  • Suddenly, the enormous Titanisaur arose from the waters.
  • Telling the Rangers they didn't stand a chance against Titanisaur, Barbarax told them he'd see them at the slave camp and left with Deviot.
  • In the castle on Titanisaur's back, Barbarax had Mutiny take a break and let him steer; grabbing the wheel, Barbarax had the monster attack.
  • Shortly, Deviot was bored and wanted them to ram the Megazord and get it over with, which Barbarax did by spinning the wheel.
  • After a bit, Mutiny shoved Barbarax aside to finish the Rangers off.
  • In the castle, the planks beneath Barbarax's feet began steaming, and the floor began to glow red; Deviot said they were overheating, assuming it was Barbarax's fault.
  • The steaming red Titanisaur plunged into the ocean, cooling itself off.
  • Barbarax insisted they had to attack again, but Mutiny had them disconnect the castle, pleasing Barbarax.
  • As Titanisaur was shoulder-deep in the ocean, Swabbies in a gear room turned a massive bolt, taking a while to remove it as Deviot watched; once it was free, Barbarax reported to Mutiny through a gold horn tube leading up that they were ready to disconnect.


  • Later the same day as Titanisaur's attack and the loss of Engine 4, Barbarax attacked a plaza.
  • With a boat hovering nearby, Rangers fought Swabbies and attempted to lead panicking citizens to safety.
  • Barbarax held a shrieking woman as he told the Swabbies to round them up, laughing that Captain Mutiny needed new slaves.
  • Now holding a small barrel bearing Mutiny's white symbol, Barbarax pulled off the lid for their first batch, and greenish-blue slime-like material flew out, wrapped around a group of people, and sucked them inside the barrel, which he shut.
  • Refusing to let the captives go, Barbarax struck a stone pillar with his axe, making a building above crumble into bits, and armored Mike was struck with large amounts of rubble from above, making him spark.
  • As the Rangers fended off Swabbies trying to lead a group of people away, Barbarax struck the ground, opening a black fissure toward them.
  • As Magna Defender helped the stunned Rangers, Barbarax and the Swabbies rowed away in their boat, Barbarax laughing that he'd be back for more.
  • Later, Barbarax flew over the city apparently swinging his axe like a propellor, and below him hung eighteen Swabbies in a long chain which dropped once he was over a building.
  • Soon near the building, Barbarax walked through a plaza with Swabbies, calling out that it was time to get more slaves; the frightened civilians from inside the building ran from him but were surrounded by Swabbies.
  • As Barbarax projected the goo from his bucket after a Swabbie had removed the lid, unmorphed Mike secretly ran up and was captured along with the others.
  • Saying that was plenty for now, Barbarax had them get back to camp, and the boat rowed through space to Mutiny's planet.
  • At the slave camp, Barbarax landed his hovering dinghy and had Mutiny look at today's catch, releasing his final group of Terra Venture captives from his barrel.
  • The captives landed in front of Mutiny, who said they were a fine catch indeed, and he welcomed them to his slave camp as Swabbies shackled them all.
  • Later, a dirty Mike wore a black tank top with his dirty blue uniform pants; among the crowd of slaves, none now wore recognizable Terra Venture uniforms.
  • Swabbies led Mike and the girl beside him, Haley, to a spot where they were forced to begin digging in the rocky dirt with pickaxes; like everyone else, they were to put gems and jewels they found into their buckets.
  • Nearby, Barbarax shoved an old man, Benjamin, down and poured out the few gems that had been in his bucket despite his having been working all day.
  • Benjamin cried out that he was digging as fast as he could, but Barbarax growled loudly that he'd better dig faster, or he wasn't going to waste any more food or water on him, presumably because he would be dead.
  • Haley collapsed weakly beside Mike, and he helped her drink some water from a metal cup before Barbarax shouted for the two to get back to work.
  • Haley told Mike never to help her again; if he did, Barbarax would destroy both of them.
  • Later, Barbarax shouted that one slave's gems weren't enough, having the Swabbies take him away.
  • Soon, Barbarax held his axe in front of Mike, having the Swabbies show how many gems he'd dug up.
  • Finding Mike's bucket empty, Barbarax shoved Mike down to set an example for everyone.
  • Barbarax shouted to the crowd that if anyone else wanted to show up empty-handed, this was what happened when they didn't pull their weight, and he prepared to chop Mike with his axe before Haley pleaded for him to wait, protecting Mike.
  • Haley explained he was new, then shouted out for all the new slaves to remember that they worked for Captain Mutiny now, and as Barbarax agreed, she added, "So you dig and you dig hard, or you are all dust!"
  • Haley told Barbarax she'd make sure he (Mike) digged, and Barbarax told her she'd better, or it would be her next time.
  • Barbarax had everyone get back to work as Haley took Mike to keep digging.
  • At sunset, a horn in the distance blew, and Barbarax ordered the trudging masses to get back to their cells.
  • When Ben was dragged away by Swabbies for trying to grab the water ration bucket, Barbarax had the Swabbies take him to the special "guest cell."
  • Swabbies led the prisoners into stone-blocked cells apparently built into a cliff wall, lighting torches in the area as they went by; nearby was a Mutiny flag.
  • After knocking out guard Swabbies, Mike and Haley freed the prisoners from their cells, and they eventually freed Ben from a solitary wooden neck/wrist shackle.
  • As Mike, Ben, and Haley, the final three prisoners, were fleeing toward the Megaship where the others were safe, Barbarax suddenly confronted them, saying no one escaped from his slave camp.
  • Mike morphed into the Magna Defender and fought Barbarax as his friends escaped.
  • Mike slashed Barbarax back, making him fall over a wooden cart, the last the warrior would be seen battling with Mike.
  • Following Terra Venture, Mutiny's castle emerged from the tunnel into the normal universe, with Barbarax at the wheel beside him.
  • After being crippled by the Scorpion Stinger, Mutiny's castle exploded in a massive fireball, although a weakened Deviot would survive and return to the Scorpion Stinger.

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