- bat-like foot soldiers used by Bansheera's demons
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: Batling card, Batlings (shown at right)


  • A while after the demons' release from the Tomb of Forever, Ghouligan, having previously attacked elsewhere, arrived downtown with Batlings, the Batlings regularly teleporting in black vampire bat effects.
  • The Batlings were screeching bat demon henchlings with bat-winged gold belt buckles bearing an eye slit shape, tiny wings on their backs, gold dragon-tail designs on their chests, and they wielded silver blades resembling a cross between a shortsword and a sai which could be tucked into their belts.
  • Batlings were stunned by laser blasts from the Rescue Blasters.


  • Vypra used Batlings to hammer quake stakes into the ground.
  • Fighting the Rangers, a Batling shot a blue energy bolt from its sword.


  • When summoned by Whirlin, Batlings emerged from black ground blobs.


  • As the teens ran out of the hospital in which Kelsey was recuperating, Chad saw a Batling luring him away; behind an ambulance, the Batling handed Chad a scroll from Brian which he read.
  • When confronted by the Rangers, the Batlings accompanying Smogger drew their swords from their belts for combat.
  • Chad followed the messenger Batling to a desolate field where Brian was training with Vypra and Batlings.


  • Having accompanied Vypra on a high-tech theft disguised as two Asian female cat burglars, the two assistants morphed with purple energy into Batlings.
  • Somewhere in the city, two Batlings drove a camouflage military transport truck up to Moleman's compound, where Batlings waved the truck through a checkpoint, and inside the perimeter, more Batlings transported cases into the warehouse.
  • Ordered to fire their weapons at the raiding Kelsey, the Batlings aimed their swords like rifles, shooting yellow energy boomerangs which shot from purple bursts.
  • As Kelsey rollerbladed past the Batlings' lasers, Moleman threw a fireball, knocking her over, and Batlings grappled her and pulled off her rollerblades.


  • As Vypra, Olympius, and Loki sat at a banquet table in the skull castle, Jinxer oversaw a chef-dressed Batling cooking a pheasant on a rotisserie; other Batlings in red vests served the diners.
  • Outside his home in the woods, Mr. Tamashiro was approached by Cyclopter, as well as Batlings in gis, for Cyclopter to ask to be his student.
  • When Loki appeared but was kicked back by the seemingly rebellious Cyclopter, the Batlings scurried off confusedly after Loki had left.


  • Batlings were able to whisper secretly to villains in whatever language they spoke.
  • Neither Jinxer nor Batlings suffered any obvious ill effects from wading knee-deep in a small artificial pond of water.
  • Accompanying Bird Bane to find Olympius's stolen egg, Batlings raided a supermarket and brought out cartons of regular eggs in shopping carts.
  • Later, Batlings were disguised as men in dark suits and hats, along with Bird Bane.
  • On a chase, Batlings leapt into the harbor, briefly submerged fully, and they then swam quickly after Artie mostly underwater, each briefly surfacing with hands flapping by their chests like floundering fish as they bobbed up from the surface.
  • Sent after Artie by Bird Bane, the Batlings made a concentrated effort to get back the briefcase of money.
  • Kelsey blasted each of said Batlings with her Rescue Blaster with the effect not shown; when she blasted the last one, it fell and writhed; its skeleton glowed red (vaguely nonhuman), and it dissolved in red specks with the bat-teleport departure (two flapping bats which faded).


  • As the skull castle rumbled from a distant spell, Batlings stumbled around, and some were crushed by falling chunks of stone.


  • Hurrying through the skull castle, Carter fought hordes of Batlings before shooting all the ones he didn't have time to fight.
  • Bansheera's temporary defeat caused explosions to rumble through the skull castle, although the Batlings would apparently survive.


  • Walking through the castle, Olympius ordered defensive Batlings out of the way as the chained Diabolico trudged through in front of him to the damaged central lair.
  • Before the Lifeforce Megazord returned to the Aquabase, Jinxer, out of monster cards and only having a Batling card, embedded the Batling card into the metal hide to give the Rangers a surprise when they returned to their base.


  • Following an incantation from afar by Jinxer, the stowaway card glowed with green light, and Batling bats flooded out from the card into the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay.
  • Stopping by the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay, Miss Fairweather operated a console before hearing a noise in the darkness, and she suddenly saw the sea of Batlings which filled the chamber and covered the girders above; those above then swooped down.
  • Just then, the Lifeforce Megazord came to life; inside, as shown later, were numerous Batlings, the five in the pilot seats wearing the lifeforce-tapping neck tubes, although no Lifeforce levels were shown to be activated.
  • Batlings pursued the fleeing Miss Fairweather into the more standard Aquabase corridors, blowing open a door with an explosive of some type.
  • A Batling shot a bazooka pointblank at a security camera Miss Fairweather had been using; others had bazookas as well, even firing at the teens when they eventually clashed with them.
  • Elsewhere, a Batling threw a grenade with flapping miniature bat wings, causing a substantial explosion in the corridor.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord, now underwater, struck various points on the Aquabase before slashing and toppling the isolated Pod Four tower, a blow which distressed Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell.
  • Locked outside Rescue Ops, Batlings used a metal cylinder torn from something as a homemade battering ram.
  • Filling an enormous stadium in the Skull Cavern were likely thousands of Batlings.
  • Addressing her army, Queen Bansheera announced the time had come to take Mariner Bay and that their glorious palace would soon arise from the ashes of its destruction.
  • Roaring in exaltation, the Batlings waved their swords in the air.
  • When Ryan's legs buckled from weakness as he stood chained between two pillars, a Batling guard made him stand again.
  • Confronted by Carter and Ryan but backed by a flood of Batlings, Bansheera told them they were outnumbered a million to one.


  • When the teens, Miss Fairweather, and Captain Mitchell made their way into the submarine in the sub bay, Batlings suddenly raided the room.
  • As the dome was attacked by the Lifeforce Megazord outside, a Batling jammed the submarine's winch with its bazooka, then others began firing at the dangling sub.
  • Soon, the sub's torpedoes blasted the giant front door open, flooding the sub bay and the Batlings within.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord peered in through the new hole in the dome, but the sub fired again; the crippled Zord fell back and exploded (head shattering first), setting off a chain reaction which destroyed the Aquabase.
  • Confronting Bansheera in her coffin chamber during her eclipse ceremony, the Rangers had to fight Batlings, but there would soon be none in the chamber as Bansheera dangled over the Shadow World pit holding on to Carter.
  • Upon Bansheera's imprisonment in the Shadow World, the skull castle disintegrated into dust, and the Skull Cavern was not shown again.

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