Battle Boosters
- wrist devices used to enhance LightspeedRangers' strength and firepower; also used to summon Mega Battle armor and control Max Solarzord
Battle Booster
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First Appearance: 811-FDIS
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Pictures: Battle Booster (shown at right), Battle Booster generators


  • As the teens described their defeat in a skirmish with the super-durable Troika, Mitchell asked about the Battle Boosters, and Miss Fairweather approvingly noted they were almost finished, although as they were experimental, they didn't know the Boosters' capability.
  • In the lab shortly, a tech was scanning a slide-out circuit board in one of five machines shaped like gumball machines, with clear spheres on top and each bearing the color and crest of a Ranger; Miss Fairweather had the tech close it up, as they were out of time.
  • From the booth, Miss Fairweather told Carter to energize their Rescue Morphers; clenching his left fist, Carter had them do so, and the Morphers appeared on their wrists with white energy.
  • Miss Fairweather told him to activate Battle Boosters, and the gumball-shaped machines, once flipped on, charged with Ranger-colored energy sparkles which flowed up through the main cylinder of each into the top sphere.
  • With Ranger-colored energy bolts, the Battle Boosters formed on the Rangers' right wrists.
  • Miss Fairweather explained the Battle Boosters would intensify their physical strength powers, as well as their weapons; in all aspects, including the ability to detach and control the Solarzord remotely from the Megazord cockpit, the Battle Boosters were identical in function to the Space Rangers' Battlizer, even being operated with number keys.
  • The Battle Boosters were shaped like a silver and black model of the Solarzord with a white V on the side, and a blue keypad with buttons 1-9, as well as 0 and a red V button.
  • Carter and the others then made their Morphers vanish in white energy; future summonings of the Battle Boosters would not require the Morphers to be present.
  • The Battle Boosters' functions were activated by entering in a three-digit numeric code, followed by the enter button, typically accompanied by a verbal announcement of the numbers being pressed, with "Activate!" for the enter button.
  • Carter instantly knew the new Battle Boosters' numeric codes, presumably informed through visor data.
  • When Carter and the others activated code 4-7-8, the Rangers' forearms briefly glowed with Ranger-colored energy, leaving them with enhanced strength.
  • Locking into combat with Troika, Carter grabbed Troika's sword arm and performed a karate chop to it, breaking the blade.
  • As both Troika and Carter punched, their fists collided, but Carter's punch smashed through and spark-punched Troika in the chest.
  • Soon, using either the 4-7-8 enhancement or perhaps a different code, Joel and Dana leapt with glowing punches, Kelsey and Chad leapt with glowing karate chops, and Carter then delivered a leaping glow-punch, all Ranger-colored.
  • The code 5-5-5 caused the Battle Boosters to fire Ranger-colored lasers known as Booster Beams.
  • The Booster Beams caused Troika to fall limply, his last appearance despite not exploding.
  • As the Lightspeed Megazord hung from the underside of the flying Solarzord, Miss Fairweather had Carter engage his Battle Booster; he pressed a red button in his cockpit, and a small control panel of white buttons labeled "Max-V Control System" flipped open, and a port for his Battle Booster slid out into position, bearing silver wings like the Solarzord's.
  • Carter slid his Battle Booster off its wrist holder and inserted it into the port, initiating the Lightspeed Solarzord sequence; the silver port wings, striped yellow and black on the outside, snapped shut, and red lights activated.
  • Carter then activated code 3-5-6, at which point the Lightspeed Megazord released and combined with the Solarzord to form the Lightspeed Solarzord; the same code would be used in 819-QRet.


  • For more power against Thunderclaw, Carter activated code 4-7-8 on his Battle Booster, and his non-glowing punch then sent the monster flying.


  • Days after Ryan's departure, Miss Fairweather explained to the teens a simple modification to Carter's Battle Booster to allow them to operate Max Solarzord by remote, which they'd need to initiate the new Omega Megazord.
  • Blasted by the Booster Beams, Olympius tried to resist but staggered back slightly.


  • Carter double-punched into the villain wearing his Battle Booster, but Triskull caught his fists and forced him to his knees.


  • After summoning his Battle Booster with a call of, "Battle Booster, full power!" Carter posed with blurry arms clenched his trembling fist before leaping.
  • Although he was blasted in midair, Carter delivered a glowing red punch to Triskull's midsection, sending him flying back where he would collapse apparently dead without exploding.


  • After activating an 8-1-8 code, Carter leapt over Chad and was launched toward Olympius with a two-fisted dive, punching Olympius's chest repeatedly.


  • During their battle with Olympius and Mantevil, Miss Fairweather at a terminal in Transport told the Rangers she'd maxed out their Battle Boosters and to go for it.
  • After activating code 8-4-5, Chad apparently had enhanced strength while punching Batlings.
  • During the struggle, Olympius struck Chad and snatched the Battle Booster from his wristband, presumably discarding the device; Chad would have it back in 827-FrZo.


  • With his Battle Booster, Joel performed a glowing flying chop on Batlings, then followed with a non-glowing punch on another.
  • Wearing his Battle Booster, Carter slowly approached Vilevine, completely unfazed by his energy bolts blasting around him; he then grabbed the monster's hands and punched him in the chest.
  • Carter soon leapt with a glowing fist and punched Vilevine again, sending him flying.


  • The Battle Booster devices could be inserted into the top of the Thermo Blasters to power up the weapons into booster mode.
  • Activated before firing, the 8-1-8 code caused the Thermo Blaster booster mode to fire a powerful red energy stream; the same code had previously been used in hand-to-hand combat in 823-FiCr.
  • Finding Carter frozen, Dana typed 5-5-5 on his Battle Booster (with no "enter"), and he glowed orange, melting off the ice, and then got up; traditionally, this code was used (with the enter key) for the Booster Beams.
  • Carter activated code 4-7-8 before delivering a non-glowing leaping chop and punch combination to Freezard.
  • To form the Omega Megazord on this one occasion, Carter activated code 4-5-6 on his Battle Booster; as the Lightspeed Solarzord was 3-5-6, the Lightspeed Megazord theoretically would have been 1-5-6, and the Supertrain Megazord 2-5-6.


  • To have Chad and Joel summon the new Mega Battle armor, Miss Fairweather called out for them to use code 8-6-1.


  • With his hands chained behind him, unmorphed Chad struggled to reach the Battle Booster he had not previously been shown wearing; to escape, Chad pressed a button (5) and broke loose, fighting with the Battle Booster then absent from his wrist.


  • Trapped in the Shadow World, the Rangers were able to summon their Battle Boosters.


  • With his Battle Booster on his wrist to finish his struggle with Queen Bansheera, Carter posed trembling with blur streaks; he then leapt, flying through a purple hand bolt, and delivered a glowing red punch.
  • Carter delivered his charged punch to Bansheera's midsection, although he was supposed to aim for where her heart would have been.
  • Following the punch, the Rangers were freed from the Skull Cavern as the castle rumbled with explosions, but Bansheera would survive.

    - Phrases used to summon Battle Booster
    822-TrR2 Carter: "Battle Booster, full power!"

    - Phrases used to pose with Battle Booster(s)
    816-CStr Rangers: "Battle Boosters, battle ready!"
    821-TrR1 Carter: "Battle Booster!"

    - Phrases used to activate enhanced strength (with button presses)
    Carter: "4-7-8, activate!"
    817-OlAs Carter: "4-7-8, engage!"

    - Phrases used to activate maxed-out strength (with button presses)
    825-YAgn Chad: "Battle Booster, 8-4-5!"

    - Phrases used to fire Booster Beams (with button presses)
    816-CStr Carter: "5-5-5! Activate Booster Beams!"
    820-OPrj Carter: "5-5-5, activate! Battle Boosters, ready... Fire!"

    - Phrases used for leaping multiple punches (with button presses)
    823-FiCr Carter: "8-1-8, activate!"

    - Phrases used for glowing punch
    826-ATRO Carter: "Battle Booster!"

    - Phrases used to fire Thermo Blaster booster mode (with button presses)
    827-FrZo Chad: "8-1-8, engage!"
    827-FrZo Carter: "8-1-8, engage! And fire!"

    - Phrases used to summon Mega Battles (with button presses)
    828-MMBa Joel: "8-6-1!"
    Chad: "8-6-1!"
    Joel/Chad: "Mega Battle!"

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