Battle Borgs
- Zord-like warrior robots used by Aquitian Rangers; strongly resemble Earth Rangers' Shogunzords
Battle Borgs
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First Appearance: 335-ARA2
Last Appearance: 340-ACSp
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot
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  • When young Billy asked about Zords, Cestro told the six kids, "Our Battle Borgs were presented to us over a millennium ago by your great sage, Ninjor."
  • As the Battle Borgs were shown on land in the Viewing Globe, Cestro said that their Battle Borgs possessed similar technologies to the Earth Rangers' own piloted Zords, but with telepathic control; he said the Battle Borgs would be at the Aquitian Rangers' disposal at a moment's notice.
  • The Battle Borgs were streamlined versions of the Shogunzords, with the same colors, shapes, animals, and general designs.
  • Zordon told the Aquitian Rangers that they would have control of the Earth Rangers' Shogunzords in cases of emergency.
  • To summon the Battle Borgs, each Aquitian Ranger held a coin with both hands, then threw his or her coin into the air, where the coins glowed with golden energy and made the Battle Borgs appear with Ranger-colored energy.
  • The Battle Borgs copied the motions and speech of their respective Aquitian Rangers below.
  • The White Battle Borg was able to leap into the air and very quickly teleport between a number of close locations, as though performing a Ninja Ranger slide-teleport without the blur effect.
  • As morphed Tideus and Cestro made their Battle Borgs spin their giant opponents around, they declared, "Behold the power of Aquitar."
  • While the two Battle Borgs were spinning their opponents around, morphed Tideus was spinning the opposite direction from his Battle Borg.
  • The Battle Borgs' finishing move was as follows: the Yellow and Black Battle Borgs stand side-by-side, the Red Battle Borg leaps onto their shoulders, the White and Blue Battle Borgs stand in front of the other three, forming a platform with their arms, and finally the Red Battle Borg dives off the Yellow and Black Borgs' shoulders, bounces off the White and Blue Borgs' platform, and turns into a flaming streak which shoots through the giant monster and destroys it, solidifying on the other side of the monster.
  • The Red Battle Borg's finishing move destroyed giant Slotsky, sending his essence into the sky to explode.


  • Attacks on the Battle Borgs were also experienced by the Aquitian Rangers below; for instance, when the giant blue Barbaric Brother threw the Black Battle Borg into Blue and Yellow, Corcus went flying into Cestro and Tideus as well.
  • Before summoning the Shogun Megazord (the first time the Shogunzords were used after the destruction of the Power Coins), the Aquitian Rangers combined their energy and then had the Battle Borgs energize.


  • While the Aquitian Rangers were fighting giant Bratboy with their Battle Borgs, which were weak for some reason, Zordon told the kids and Billy that the Command Center's power level was already strained, but that he would attempt to teleport the kids and Billy, as they had asked.
  • In the middle of the fight with giant Bratboy, Corcus declared as the Black Battle Borg moved in on the monster that they had to call off their Borgs; this implies that the Battle Borgs had at least some degree of autopiloting ability.


  • To summon the Battle Borgs, the Aquitian Rangers called out for the Borgs to deploy now (while deploying was a word not used in other summonings), shooting yellow energy spheres from their hands into the sky, rather than throwing their coins; as Zedd had blocked their transmission with a forcefield around the Earth, the Battle Borgs didn't come; the Aquitian Rangers tried the same summoning method again, but they had no success; this was the only time this alternate method was used to summon the Borgs.
  • After the battle was over, Alpha was eventually able to de-energize the shield that Zedd had generated to block the Battle Borgs from coming to Earth.


  • After the Battle Borgs had knocked giant Arachnofiend over, the Aquitian Rangers summoned the Shogun Megazord.


  • Corcus said the Battle Borgs had never been able to defeat Hydro Hog.


  • A race of fearsome beings known as the Hydro Contaminators was at war with Aquitar; thousands of Hydro Contaminators were poisoning the waters of Aquitar and had caused the Aquitians' main computer to shut down, disabling their Battle Borgs and teleportation.


  • When the Zeo Rangers' Zeozords and Super Zeozords were taken over by monsters, Delphine said it would take too long for the Battle Borgs to arrive.

    - Phrases used for Aquitian Rangers to summon Battle Borgs
    335-ARA2 Aquitian Rangers: "Tidal energies of the galaxy, hear our call. Battle Borgs, power up!" (throw coins)
    336-CEvF Aquitian Rangers: "Battle Borgs, the Alien Rangers of Aquitar call on your power, now!" (throw coins)
    337-ATrp Aquitian Rangers: "Battle Borgs, power of water, power of light, powers unite! (throw coins) Power up!"
    338-Bulk Aurico/Delphine: "Tidal energies of the universe, hear our call! (throw coins) Battle Borgs, power up!"
    339-WYTh Aquitian Rangers: "Battle Borgs of Aquitar, deploy now!" (shoot energy spheres)
    339-WYTh Aquitian Rangers: "Battle Borgs, deploy now!" (shoot energy spheres)
    340-ACSp Aquitian Rangers: "Tidal energies of the galaxy, hear our call! (throw coins) Battle Borgs, power up!"

    - Phrases used to initiate Red Battle Borg finishing move
    336-CEvF Tideus/Corcus: "Ready position!"
    Aurico (jumping onto their shoulders): "Attack mode!"
    Delphine/Cestro (forming arm platform): "Launch sequence, now!"
    Aurico: "Monster, you're finished!"

    Other Sources

  • The Battle Borg toys came with various weapons generally of a level of advancement between the Ninja Ranger toys' weapons and the Shogunzords' weapons; the three groups of weapons are shown below:

    Battle Borgs Shogunzords Ninja Rangers
    Red four-pointed star blade/shield more circular shield circular shield
    White hand weapon with dual prongs dual tong weapons larger dual tong weapons
    Yellow hand weapon with rake-like claws rake-like end on a chain rake-like rod weapon
    Blue spring-operated hand blaster/sprayer lance lance
    Black small wrist-mounted crossbow larger crossbow archer's bow
    Pink boomerang N/A N/A

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