- wrist device used to control Delta Mega; also gave Red Ranger various attacks and power-ups
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First Appearance: 611-DDsc
Last Appearance: 731-PPnk
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  • In the Delta Megaship's control room after Andros had inserted a security disc given to him by the Phantom Ranger, a female voice announced, "Delta Megaship ready for Battlizer command."; preparing to summon the Battlizer, Andros remarked, "Battlizer! All right!", apparently familiar with the device.
  • On Andros's morphed right wrist, the Battlizer appeared from red light and lines.
  • There was a gold rectangle emblem on the Battlizer, immediately below which was a gold triangle.
  • Doing the Astro Morphers' pre-morph pose in reverse, first touching the Battlizer and then holding out his hand, Andros called for the Delta Megaship to go online.
  • Andros, hoping the others were okay, spoke into his Battlizer to tell them he was on his way; perhaps interpreting this as a voice command, the Delta Megaship then engaged its rear boosters, surprising Andros a bit as he was rocked around.
  • After the Delta Megaship had transformed into the Delta Megazord and landed downtown, Andros entered the Astro Megazord and introduced the others to the Delta Megazord and the Battlizer.
  • Andros could give the Delta Megazord verbal commands by speaking into the Battlizer.


  • As the Rangers struggled in the Astro Megazord against the Delta Megazord after it had been turned evil by Astronema's Evilyzer, Andros called Alpha to tell him to calculate a frequency to attempt reverse polarization (as had removed the evil spell from the Ninja Turtles in 604-ShSh); although the frequency was unknown, Andros asked for the closest estimate, and Alpha gave 03 at .28.
  • On the keyboard in front of him in the Astro Megazord cockpit (a part of the Astro Megashuttle), Andros typed in a sequence which flipped the keyboard over into a control port for the Battlizer; saying this could be their only chance, Andros detached the Battlizer device from its wrist holder and plugged it into the port on his controls, and the Astro Megazord then began generating a steady orange beam of energy waves from the tiny circle in its chest, competing with the green beams from the Dark Fortress above.
  • On the left of the Battlizer port were three lit squares, the top two being "Brace Setup" and "<Greek delta symbol&rt; Mega E.M.F."
  • On the right of the port were five squares: "M. Shuttle" (Astro Megashuttle), "Mega Ship" (Astro Megaship), "Galaxy Mega" (alternate name for Astro Megazord), "Delta Mega", and "Super Galaxy Mega" (alternate name for Astro Delta Megazord).
  • Andros would always cease to wear the empty wristband soon after removing the Battlizer to insert into the controls.
  • After the Delta Megaship had flown off, the Rangers formed the Astro Delta Megazord, which Andros said was the only way to see whether the Delta Mega was back on their side.
  • To launch the Astro Delta Megazord's flying power punches, Andros pressed an area on the Battlizer above the gold rectangle and triangle emblems, making a slender panel pop down, revealing three buttons, marked 01, 02, and 03; he then pressed 01, with the Battlizer still in the cockpit's control port, firing the flying power punches.
  • Most of the time, the Battlizer would speak the number of the button that was pressed, with a digitized voice like the Astro Morphers'.


  • After summoning the Battlizer during his fight with Darkonda, morphed Andros opened it and pressed 01, making his right fist glow with red energy streaks.
  • Andros leapt at the confused Darkonda and delivered a glowing karate chop which made Darkonda crackle with blue elec, then he pressed 01 again and delivered a glowing flying punch, sending Darkonda flying back, smoking and angry.


  • Fighting Darkliptor, Andros leapt and pressed 01 on his Battlizer, then tried to do a glowing flying punch but was slashed out of the air.


  • Upon taking his seat in the shuttle, Andros inserted the Battlizer into the control port after it had flipped over, and he then called for the Astro Delta Megazord formation.


  • Wearing the Battlizer in the Delta Megaship as the Rangers prepared to fly off to Ganymede, Andros used the device as a communicator to talk with Alpha, who was on the Astro Megaship's bridge.
  • The Battlizer vanished from Andros's arm almost immediately after the Rangers had left the Delta Megaship inside the Ganymede moonbase.


  • After the Rangers had been trapped for some time in a net, Andros thought to try the Battlizer; when he pressed 02, a red beam from the Battlizer spiraled around, slicing the net open.
  • Outside, upon being knocked down, twitching and sparking from Andros's Battlizer flying punch attack, the blue Crocotox spontaneously grew to giant size.


  • Andros's Battlizer flying karate chop attack knocked a smoking Ecliptor back, stunned, and he retreated.


  • After Red Ranger's Battlizer chop and punch, followed by a Quadroblaster blast, the Satellasers enlarged Datascammer.


  • Red Ranger's Battlizer chop and punch knocked Psycho Pink back smoking, and she then retreated.


  • Wearing the Battlizer, Zhane, working on his own initiative, called in the Delta Megazord while in the Mega Winger cockpit.


  • To distract the Psychos while the others recovered the Mega Voyager, Zhane piloted Mega Winger and controlled the Delta Megazord with the Battlizer.


  • Andros used the Battlizer chop and punch on Jakarak, but the monster was then enlarged.


  • After finding that his and Carlos's Astro Morphers wouldn't work inside the forcefield of Secret City, Andros was wearing his Battlizer, but it was knocked off (wrist bands and all) during a Quantron fight, and Silvy kept it.
  • After Silvy had returned the Battlizer and Carlos had helped put it on Andros's shackled wrist, Andros said he had an idea, making Carlos ask whether it would work here.
  • After opening the panel on the Battlizer, Andros said number one should be enough, in case number two didn't activate; when asked about number three, Andros was apprehensive, not having used it before, saying it could be dangerous - too much power.
  • Accepting this, Carlos held out his shackles, and Andros pressed 01, making his unmorphed fist glow red.
  • Andros smashed through the chain on Carlos's shackles, then Silvy's, then the red energy spread through his chain to his other hand, and he ripped his own shackles apart.
  • As he and Carlos fought Vacsacker, Andros hit 01 and tried his glowing-fisted flying punch, but Vacsacker caught his fist and threw him down.
  • As Andros was knocked down near her, Silvy reached out and pressed 03, making Andros look at her then the Battlizer in surprise.
  • Reeling, Andros made it to his feet while crackling with red and purple electricity, then he thrust out his chest and was struck by a purple and red lightning bolts from above while screaming; he was then morphed into the Red Battlized Ranger, a powerful Red Ranger with a winged armor suit.


  • Probably months later, while the teens were powerless on the planet Forza from the energy web around the Megaship, Andros suddenly remembered his Red Battlized Ranger powers, which worked despite the others' power loss.
  • To morph into the Red Battlized Ranger, Andros held out his hand and then held the Battlizer close, clicking it open and pressing 03.
  • Later back in normal form, morphed Andros used the punch/chop attack on red Ecliptor.


  • In one shot of Andros holding the Spiral Saber Booster Mode, the Battlizer was on his wrist transferring glowing gold energy bolts into the Booster Mode, and it charged up with alternating red and blue energy while spinning; he then no longer had the Battlizer as the Booster Mode shot a never-before-seen, non-spinning laser blast.


  • After their return, the Space Rangers used the Astro Megazord to help the Galaxy Rangers; during the fight, Andros was for some reason wearing the Battlizer, or at least its black wristband.


  • The Battle Boosters intensified the Lightspeed Rangers' physical strength powers, as well as their weapons; in all aspects, including the ability to detach and control the Solarzord remotely from the Megazord cockpit, the Battle Boosters were identical in function to the Space Rangers' Battlizer, even being operated with number keys.

    - Phrases used to summon Battlizer
    611-DDsc Andros: "Battlizer! All right!"
    612-GrEv Andros: "Delta Megazord, now!"
    614-BaSt Andros: "Battlizer, now!"

    - Phrases used to lock Battlizer onto Astro Megazord cockpit's control port
    616-FDrk Andros: "Battlizer, lock on!

    - Phrases used to click open Battlizer in control port
    612-GrEv Andros: "All right, Battlizer, online!"

    - Phrases used to press 01 for Astro Delta Megazord's flying power punches
    612-GrEv Andros: "Flying power punch!"
    616-FDrk Andros: "Flying power punch, now!"

    - Phrases used to press 01 for Red Ranger's flying karate chop
    623-Date Andros: "Battlizer power, now!"

    - Phrases used to press 01 for Red Ranger's punch/chop attack
    640-IWeb Andros: "Battlizer, power punch!"

    - Phrases used to press 02 for laser blast
    621-Envy Andros: "Battlizer laser blast!"

    - Phrases used to press 03 to morph into Red Battlized Ranger
    640-IWeb Andros: "Battlizer, Red Ranger!"
    Andros: "Red Battlized Ranger!"

    Red Battlized Ranger
    - powered-up armored version of Red Ranger powered by Battlizer
    Red Battlized Ranger
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    First Appearance: 639-Ghst
    Last Appearance: 643-CTD2


  • After opening the panel on the Battlizer, Andros planned to use number one; when asked about number three, Andros was apprehensive, not having used it before, saying it could be dangerous - too much power.
  • As Andros was knocked down near her, Silvy reached out and pressed 03 on his Battlizer, making Andros look at her then the Battlizer in surprise.
  • Reeling, Andros made it to his feet while crackling with red and purple electricity, then he thrust out his chest and was struck by a purple and red lightning bolts from above while screaming.
  • Over a space background, pieces of Andros's suit clamped over his body; the suit was like his normal Red Ranger suit, but it had black circuit-like areas above the Ranger squares and on the sides of his legs, and it was more muscular.
  • Andros then confidently held out his arms, and more armor clamped onto his body, starting with a massive back and head piece, onto which red wings clamped; red wingtips then attached to his different red and white boots.
  • Two upward-facing missiles were behind Andros's shoulders, with two more on the wingtips.
  • Andros turned to see T.J. and Cassie about to fall from a building, and a scope on his view centered in on them with red rings.
  • Andros's wings spread and his head covering went down over his head, then as they lost their grip and fell at the same time, he flew up and caught them.
  • Andros landed, and his wings and head covering went back to normal; Cassie and T.J. were awed as well.
  • As Vacsacker blasted at him, Andros called for the Battlizer Shield, and a crystalline red energy barrier spiraled out from Andros's chest and deflected the energy bolts, then spiraled back away into his chest.
  • Andros's head covering went down, and the target centered on the now-charging Vacsacker; Andros pressed a side area on the right side of the head covering, launching the two inner Battlizer Missiles into the air, and they curved down and blew up on impact with Vacsacker, but they had little effect.
  • Attacked by Quantrons, Andros summoned a three-bladed purple wrist weapon on his left wrist with a red energy shimmer, then used it to generate warp rings which lifted the metallic Q-Blades from the Quantrons' hands and then jammed them into the ground all at once.
  • With his Spiral Saber, Andros shot a powerful red energy bolt over the Quantrons, and successive red bolts branched off from that one, making explosions down the line of Quantrons.
  • Andros went into flight mode; while flying over Vacsacker, Andros now wore his wrist weapon on his right hand, the same hand as was holding the Spiral Saber.
  • Looking down without his head covering, Andros targeted Vacsacker, and the two wingtip missiles fired off and destroyed Vacsacker.
  • With a red gleam as Andros powered down, the flight and muscle armor flew off in pieces in the same order as it had gone on, leaving Andros as normal Red Ranger.


  • Probably months later, soon after Zhane had gone to Ganymede to stop Ecliptor while the teens were powerless on the planet Forza from the energy web around the Megaship, Andros suddenly remembered his Red Battlized Ranger powers.
  • When Andros pressed 03 on the Battlizer, the flight gear latched onto muscular Red Ranger, and he flew off.
  • In space, Andros approached the Megaship with the Spiral Saber and arm claws.
  • Flying by, Andros grabbed the energy web with his claw gauntlet, but it only stretched out as he pulled it.
  • Guessing he needed something stronger, Andros fired his four Battlizer Missiles, which fired, curved, and struck the stretched web, dissolving it with a chain reaction of flaming red energy.


  • As Andros hovered, his four missiles struck near a crowd of Quantrons and Piranhatrons, flinging them back with an explosion.
  • Ecliptor shot Red Ranger's wing pack with his eyebeams, making Andros veer out of control; he then reverted to normal form with a red gleam and fell to the street below.


  • Andros used his Red Battlized Ranger powers to fly to the Dark Fortress, but it wouldn't be until the next morning that the powered-down Red Ranger would enter the ship's control room.

    - Phrases used to activate energy barrier
    638-MTSC Andros: "Battlizer Shield!"

    - Phrases used to fire two inner missiles
    638-MTSC Andros: "Battlizer Missiles, fire!" (presses right side of head covering)
    641-LITS Andros: "Launch missiles!"

    - Phrases used to fire four missiles
    640-IWeb Andros: "Battlizer Missiles, fire!"
    642-CTD1 Andros: "Battlizer Missiles!"

    - Phrases used to power down to normal Red Ranger
    638-MTSC Andros: "Power down!"
    641-LITS Andros: "Red Battlized Ranger, power down!"

    Other Sources

  • In the toy line, in addition to the Red Battlized Ranger, there were also Battlized versions of the Black, Blue, and Silver Rangers; Black had a large panel extending from his back (see image), Blue had a robot backpack with four robotic arms and two robotic legs (see image), and Silver had more organic-looking white and gold armor, with a green and purple dragon which could link onto his back, its head becoming an over-the-shoulder cannon (see image).

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