- chief mechanic of GSA (since 734-TVol)
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First Appearance: 734-TVol
Last Appearance: 734-TVol


  • In the Comet Cafe, a small crowd was looking at a flyer seeking a chief mechanic for the GSA as Baxter was talking with two GSA friends.
  • As Karone was encouraging the reluctant Damon to apply for the position, Baxter's two friends approached; one was a slender guy with glasses in a red Type 3 uniform, and the other a heavy, shaven-headed guy in a blue Type 3 uniform.
  • The two mocked Damon, the blue one saying he had no room for a grease jockey like Damon, and the red one saying their boy Baxter had the job in the bag.
  • Baxter wore casual blue clothes with a dark blue jacket bearing an oval badge, with silver-framed glasses identical to those worn years earlier by Billy Cranston.
  • Baxter cockily told Damon not to waste his time, but Karone replied that Damon was going to come up with a device that would blow everyone away.
  • As Baxter drove up to a parking lot and approached a lecture hall building, Decibat arrived, and the people outside panicked.
  • Decibat generated his sonic blast, shattering an empty water cooler jar outside and a glass window, and by the time the Rangers arrived, everyone had fled the area.
  • Later back at the cafe, the friends left Baxter, telling him they'd see him at the celebration tomorrow, but he was still struggling to come up with an idea.
  • As Karone and Damon walked past the cafe in the hallway, Baxter listened as Damon spoke of his ultrasonic transmitter being an asset to Terra Venture's defense to block the monster's signal if it attacked again.
  • That night, when Damon fell asleep after nearly completing his blueprints, and Baxter sneaked up and took photos of the blueprints with a silver camera with a flash without waking Damon.
  • Damon ran up to the ceremony later, but he found that Stanton had already hired "Mr. Baxter" for his identical ultrasonic transmitter plans.
  • Baxter now wore a white uniform and a silver medal.
  • Karone started to protest, but Damon congratulated Baxter calmly, telling him he must be really proud of himself, and Baxter awkwardly thanked him before Damon walked off.
  • Days later, in a heavily guarded GSA assembly area, coming out of an area marked "Radiation," "X-Ray," and "Keep Out," Baxter told four labcoat associates that they needed to generate all the power they could for maximum range, then directed them off in two directions, with one Type 2 girl not looking particularly thrilled.
  • Baxter cockily looked at his plans, but when he lowered them, Damon was in front of him; Baxter shouted, asking how he'd gotten in there, but in a hushed tone, Damon told him he'd never finished the plans Baxter had copied, but Baxter was hostilely aloof.
  • Damon explained it could be dangerous, but Baxter blew him off, randomly firing a labcoat teen that had been with him earlier.
  • When Decibat attacked again, shaking the city with his painful soundwaves, Stanton told Baxter in Command Headquarters that it was time to put his device to the test.
  • In a garage, Stanton and Baxter got into an open-backed cargo truck with the large apparatus, with Stanton in front with the driver and Baxter in the back with numerous labcoat officers and armed soldiers.
  • Everyone on the truck wore headphone-like protective pieces but was still in pain from the soundwaves.
  • The apparatus truck stopped near the building on which the four Rangers (minus Green) were being blasted by Decibat.
  • When Baxter locked the silver dish on target, Stanton had everyone but Baxter clear off the truck.
  • The dish sent a beam of orange energy rings into Decibat's back, bothering him, but he returned fire with his own sonic blasts.
  • The dish began to overheat, but Decibat fell back and stopped.
  • Afterward, the transmitter's control panel began crackling with blue electricity, and Stanton asked what was going on; Damon ran up, calling out for Baxter to get back.
  • As Baxter frustratedly watched a meter rise to 100, Stanton had the others clear the area, and Damon leapt with Baxter away from the truck as the apparatus erupted with an explosion.
  • Afterward, Stanton firmly asked what had happened, and Baxter didn't know, angering Stanton, who reminded Baxter he'd designed it.
  • Baxter began to tell the truth about the designs, but Damon said Baxter needed more time and that maybe he could help; Stanton watched confusedly as Damon helped Baxter, telling him to bypass the burnt-out terminals on the panel.
  • When the blasting began again, Damon, his ears unprotected, fell off the truck clutching his head but yelled that Baxter could do it.
  • Baxter grabbed his headset and fired the dish, again stopping Decibat's soundwaves as the monster was knocked down, his speakers broken.
  • With a pleased Stanton approaching, Baxter told Damon he (Damon) had done it, but Damon said they'd done it.
  • Damon left, telling Baxter he thought he could handle it from here, immediately after which Green Ranger would join the other Rangers on the rooftop.
  • With Damon as he worked on something in the workshop, Karone was galled that he'd let Baxter get away with it, but Damon said the funny thing was that Baxter was actually a pretty good guy.
  • Baxter walked up, having been looking for Damon to tell him he'd resigned with the made-up excuse that he thought the job would be too much work for him.
  • Baxter apologized for taking the job, and Damon told him to forget about it; Baxter told Damon he'd recommended him to Stanton for the position.
  • When Baxter casually strolled by the doorway where Stanton was showing a stunned Damon his office and new uniform, Damon eagerly grabbed him, insisting that he take the job instead.
  • Albeit a bit confused, Stanton told Baxter the job was still his if he wanted it, and Baxter chucklingly accepted; Damon wished him good luck and goodbye.


  • In the Lost Galaxy as the crew struggled with tainted fuel reserves and overheating engines, Damon was now apparently in charge of engine maintenance despite his not having been hired as the GSA's chief mechanic; Baxter did not appear.

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