Bear Ninjazord
- Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's Ninjazord
Bear Ninjazord
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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 332-TSOD


  • The Bear was Yellow Ranger's Ninjazord.
  • Under the Bear's neck was a double-peaked triangular symbol resembling an M.
  • The Bear formed the chest of the Ninja Megazord and Ninja Megafalconzord.
  • When Ninja Aisha stepped forward to claim the power of her Ninjazord, a beam of yellow, sparkling light shined down on her; yellow energy flowed up from Ninjor's hand and then flew down into Aisha, and Ninjor told her that the fierce Bear Ninjazord's might and cunning were also part of her.


  • The Bear quaked the ground with two stomps, cracking the ground beneath giant Rito and making him fall.


  • The Bear shot orange eyebeams.
  • Giant Hate Master was attacked by the Frog's mini-Frogzords, the Frog's flame breath, Titanus's fireballs, the Ape's charged double swords, the Falconzord's wingtip blasts, the Wolf's eyebeams, and the Bear's eyebeams, but it was the Crane's lasers which finally destroyed him.

    - Phrases used once Yellow Ranger is in Bear cockpit
    314-SHM2 Aisha: "Bear Ninjazord, power up!"

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The Bear's cockpit controls were similar to the Wolf's, with silver control sticks coming up from either side of the pilot, with horizontal black handles pointing toward each other.
  • The Bear's cockpit was in the Zord's head.
  • The Bear head surrounding the cockpit in shots of the cockpit didn't look like the actual Bear's head.
  • The Bear could stand up on its rear legs.

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