- former student, teen scientist
- former Blue Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (101-DOTD through 336-CEvF)
- former Power Chamber assistant (402-AZB2 through 448-RTW2)
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 448-RTW2
Pictures: Billy circa MMPR season 1 (shown at right), Billy circa MMPR season 2, young Billy, Billy circa MMAR, Billy circa PRZ
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  • Billy was a white belt, taking his first karate class from Jason.
  • Billy was quick to give up at a kata Jason was showing him.
  • Billy very quickly memorized the list of what martial arts was supposed to teach Jason's students.
  • Billy ordered spinach juice in the Juice Bar after martial arts class.
  • When the ground rumbled from Rita's attack, Billy didn't think it was a normal earthquake.
  • When the teens found themselves in the Command Center, Billy tried to use the controls to determine their location.
  • Billy called Alpha a "fully-sentient, multi-functional automaton"; he said he'd never seen anything like Alpha.
  • When Zordon referred the teens to the Viewing Globe, Billy went to it more quickly than the others.
  • Billy seemed excited about the Morphers and the concept of morphing.
  • Zordon described Billy as "patient and wise."
  • Trini and Billy walked out on Zordon after Zack and Kim but before Jason; Billy appeared to want to stay and study the controls.
  • Billy was the first to be knocked down by Putties in the desert, as he had absolutely no fighting ability.
  • Billy became the Blue Ranger.
  • As the teens were chattering in the Command Center about their victory over Goldar, Billy said what sounded like, "It was amazing. It was like I've been waiting for it my whole life."


  • Billy presented the communicators to the other teens from out of a locker in the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • Billy had some sort of apparatus in his Youth Center locker.
  • Billy had designed communicators which accidentally tapped into the Command Center's teleportation unit.
  • While luring Putties away from the others with Trini, Billy told Trini they should split up, and he told her which way to go.
  • Trapped on a cliff by a Putty, Billy was frustrated that Alpha had taken his communicator to make modifications on it; he then took out his Morpher but was so nervous that he dropped it over the edge of the cliff.
  • Billy must have retrieved his Morpher before Zordon called the teens into action, as he had it for his morph.
  • After the Rangers' Blade Blaster lasers had broken Bones apart, morphed Billy quickly decided to grab Bones's head and throw it to morphed Trini before the monster could reassemble.


  • Billy, Jason, and Zack signed Kim and Trini's petition, but each of them seemed glad to have an excuse not to go with them to the site that afternoon; Billy was president of the science fair committee, and that day was their first meeting.
  • Jason and Billy were supposed to be busy after school, but they simultaneously arrived in a little over a second after Zordon had completed his transmission to them.


  • Billy was trying to follow along with Kim's dancing instructions during her dance class.
  • Despite having crashed into a wall after his dancing attempts had sent him careening through the Youth Center on a cart, Billy soon resumed attempting to dance.
  • Billy was standing among the dancers in Kim's class when Kim dismissed the class.
  • After the battle with Gnarly Gnome, Melissa dragged Billy off to dance with a class that was dancing at the time.
  • Once Billy got warmed up, he was dancing quite well; this was still the same day that he'd tripped onto the cart while trying to dance.


  • Billy worked with Trini and another woman at the Asian foods table of the food festival.
  • Billy referred to Pudgy Pig as a monster, then as an animal.


  • Billy helped young Willy with a hologame of a roller coaster simulation for the Junior Science Fair.
  • Billy shoved two Putties down during the Putty fight.
  • Willy said that without Billy he wouldn't even have been at the fair.
  • Billy and Willy did some sort of secret geek handshake gesture, complete with sound effects and tugging on overall straps at the end.
  • At the Junior Science Fair, Billy told Skull to put down the invention he'd grabbed and then asked Bulk if he felt out of place there, since an IQ was required.
  • Billy easily flipped Bulk over him as he was careening out of control toward Billy and Willy.
  • Acting on a suggestion from Kim and Trini, Billy and Willy carted Bulk and Skull into the Funky Fashion Maker, an invention at the Junior Science Fair which put women's clothes and makeup on the two punks.
  • During the Zord fight, Billy suddenly pointed out that Eye Guy's main eye was open, but it had been open ever since his main eye had joined his body when he had grown.


  • Billy wasn't very good at volleyball, but he was learning.
  • Billy and Kim were turned into punks from inadvertently drinking Baboo's punk potion.
  • Punk Billy and punk Kim were wearing punk clothes at school the next day.
  • Punk Billy and punk Kim shoved a nerd around for his lunch money.
  • Punk Billy and punk Kim were merely glad to have something to drink when presented with the singing squash root, of which Zordon had spoken in their presence, not at all suspicious of the concoctions.
  • Kim held Billy's wrist as she walked him out of the force field area and over to the Viewing Globe.
  • Kim didn't remember the Terror Toad, which she had commented on earlier under the spell, so she and Billy must not have been able to remember anything that happened under the spell.
  • On Saturday, Jason and Zack helped Billy with his volleyball skills in the Youth Center.
  • When Bulk and Skull tried to get dates with Trini and Kim, respectively, Billy told them that the girls didn't date Neanderthals.


  • Billy helped set up the Youth Center for the upcoming dance.
  • Zack wanted to teach Billy a few dance moves for the dance that night to impress the girls, but Billy declined, saying he didn't want to dance just to impress the girls.
  • Billy's plans were to complete an experimental weather analyzing device in his lab that night instead of going to the dance.
  • Billy met Marge when they collided in the west entrance of the Youth Center.
  • Billy picked up Marge's necklace and then reached around her neck to put it back on her.
  • Billy graduated from the Accelerated Baby Genius program.
  • Billy was annoyed that the teens had called him over for an emergency, only to tell him to ask Marge out.
  • Billy wanted to get together with Marge to get to know her better before the dance that night, and they agreed to meet by the "lake" (actually the pond) in the park at 4:00.
  • Blaming himself for Marge's abduction, Billy volunteered to be the Ranger to take on the power of the group to defeat Madame Woe.
  • At the dance, Billy agreed with Marge's praising of the Blue Ranger but quickly corrected himself and played dumb.
  • Marge kissed Billy on the cheek for giving her back her necklace.
  • Billy slow-danced with Marge.


  • For Hobby Week, Billy made a working model volcano which poured imitation lava down Miss Appleby's desk and onto the floor.


  • Billy had invented the Cake-O-Matic to make cakes, but it wouldn't ever work right.
  • Kim had let Billy listen to a music tape, and he was dancing around the Youth Center with the Walkman on his head.
  • Conversing with Ernie about the Power Rangers, Billy pretended never to have heard of them.
  • Billy explained why it was okay to hurt Zack's feelings for the surprise birthday party later.
  • After Jason and Trini had walked off, Billy waited for Kim to finish at her locker.
  • Billy was the only teen not to dance at Zack's birthday party.


  • Billy rushed forward to try juggling Pineapple the Clown's eggs when Sylvia was about to step forward.
  • Billy said that the quasitronic molecular generator in his garage could be the answer to Sylvia's condition after Sylvia had been turned into a cardboard cutout.
  • Billy invented stilts that anyone could use; they elevated the user no more than a foot, and Billy still fell off.


  • Watching Jason's karate class, Billy wished that he had Jason's moves.
  • Billy told Bulk and Skull he had no quarters when he actually did have several.
  • Bulk and Skull turned Billy upside-down, shook him, and tossed him into the recycle bin to get more quarters from him so that Bulk could continue playing his arcade game.
  • Billy lamented that he was always getting picked on.
  • As scientific achievement was of little comfort to him at that moment, Billy decided to reinroll in Jason's karate class; he must have dropped out sometime after 101-DOTD.
  • Billy didn't know that Trini's uncle Howard was a karate scientist.
  • When Putties interrupted Billy's training session with Howard in the forest, Billy ducked a Putty's kick, flipped a Putty over his shoulder, and caught a Putty's punch and flipped him.
  • During the Putty fight outside the cave where Howard was being held, Billy blocked a Putty's kick and punch and then delivered a punch to its stomach; he then jumped over a Putty's foot sweep, delivered a round kick to its chest, and foot swept it.
  • Billy used his karate training to defuse the explosives to which Howard was tied, with four seconds remaining on the timer.
  • Billy graduated from white-belt to yellow-belt in Jason's karate class.


  • Billy had been working on an invention to facilitate direct thought transfer, and he invited Kim over to test it with him.
  • The invention was designed so that the two users would have to hold hands.
  • Billy said his invention was still in the experimental stage, but he was sure it would work.
  • Billy's thought transfer apparatus, sabotaged by Squatt, switched Kim and Billy's brains.
  • Billy (in Kim's body) wore his glasses, even though Kim and Billy's eyes stayed with their proper bodies after the brain switch.
  • Billy and Kim apparently left the garage soon after the brain switch.
  • Since Billy and Kim were wearing different clothes at school, they must have changed clothes, and possibly showered, in each other's bodies.
  • After failing at putting makeup on Kim's face, Billy (in Kim's body) said he thought make-up was overrated anyway.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) was giving computer lessons in Billy's garage to a younger kid while Billy (in Kim's body) was at school.
  • In one of Kim's classes, Billy (in Kim's body) had to make a cheese souffle; he failed horribly.
  • Either Billy or his computer student had a book called The Politics of Energy.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) came to school eventually after the computer tutorial.
  • Billy (in Kim's body) was furious with Kim (in his body) and even yelled at her for ruining his transmission decoders in the simple processing tutorial.
  • Zack had never before seen Billy and Kim argue like they were doing.
  • Billy (in Kim's body) used the Pink Ranger powers and pose; he also piloted the Pterodactyl and sat in Kim's seat in the Megazord cockpit.


  • Seated at the Juice Bar, Billy had two girls on either side of him, each girl closer to Billy than anyone else.


  • Billy, Jason, and Zack were cleaning the RADBUG in Billy's garage after school.


  • Billy and Trini brought Alpha back online; Trini wanted to make sure they didn't hurt him while repairing him, but Billy assured her that Alpha couldn't feel anything.
  • Jason, Zack, and Kim returned to Angel Grove in the RADBUG at some point after Alpha had been repaired from Green Ranger's attack, leaving Trini and Billy to make repairs in the Command Center to try to bring back Zordon; when the three returned to the Command Center in the RADBUG a different day, Billy and Trini were still dressed in the same clothes.


  • After an interdimensional power surge caused by the search for Zordon had shut down all sources of energy in the Command Center and throughout the Morphing Grid, Billy restored power by rewiring the control panels.
  • Alpha asked Billy about the chances of bringing Zordon back, and Billy said about 10%.


  • In the Command Center seemingly a short time after Tommy's allying with the Rangers, Billy gave Tommy a small case containing a communicator with green wristbands, telling Tommy he'd made him a communicator.


  • Billy didn't seem to have any fighting skills whatsoever during the Putty fight.
  • Morphed Billy, Kim, and Zack were frozen in their tracks by Shellshock's stop-beam until Trini shorted out Shellshock's traffic light with dust from the Deandra flowers.
  • After the battle with Shellshock, Billy challenged Zack to a quick basketball match after Zack had beaten Tommy; he stole the ball from Zack and then won with his "funicular, spectacular, veracious, bodacious, autophonic, morphinomic jam," and rather than Tommy buying Zack's lunch as the previous match had decided, Zack now had to buy both Tommy's and Billy's lunches.
  • Billy mispronounced the word "funicular."


  • Billy and Trini held a petition at Angel Grove High to save the Forest Spirit Statue.
  • The next day, Billy brought to school his "research assistant," a white mouse named Jack, and acted as though Jack would have been insulted when Kim called him a pet.
  • Billy had an insect manual with him to aid the teens in helping Trini collect insects.
  • During the Putty fight, Billy didn't fight any Putties; instead, he goofed around with them with his insect net.
  • The city was so impressed with the number of signatures Billy and Trini had collected that they declared the Forest Spirit Statue an historical landmark.


  • Sitting at the Juice Bar to watch the Flower Power Peace Parade on TV, Billy used binoculars to make himself feel as though he were really there.


  • Billy's costume for the masquerade party was Sherlock Holmes; he didn't wear his glasses, but he did put them on later at the party to get a better look at the Frankenstein monster.
  • Billy followed the Frankenstein monster out of the Youth Center after the monster had attacked a girl and Bulk and Skull at the masquerade party; he proceeded to follow the monster into the wilderness and inside the cavern leading to the super putty mine.
  • When the Frank swung Billy around by the coat and up against the tunnel wall, Billy called with determination, "It's time for molecular transmutation!" to morph.


  • Billy and Zack coached Jason and Tommy for the Team Ninja Finals.
  • Billy ran a computer-aided training program of his own design on a white notebook computer to help Jason and Tommy train for the competition.


  • Billy was the director for the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin," and Trini seemed to assist him.


  • Billy's "calculations" predicted with a 98% probability that their Power Coins would be in a certain direction on the Island of Illusion.
  • Billy started to vanish upon realizing that all of his scientific knowledge couldn't get them out of their predicament; after Quagmire had reminded him of his victory over Madame Woe, he saved himself from the illusion by remembering having beaten her in 109-PL&W
  • After Billy had conquered his doubts, Trini got close to him, looked into his eyes for a moment, and then gave him a friendly hug.


  • Billy ran off to keep looking for Jeremy while the others morphed to fight Scorpina and Rockstar; however, after he'd run off, his morph sequence was with the others'.
  • Morphed Billy was with Trini and Zack when they regrouped with Jason and Kim to fight Scorpina; he hadn't found Jeremy.


  • In the Youth Center, Trini was having Billy move slowly with his eyes closed, feeling the ground with his feet and the air with his hands.
  • After the battle with Samurai Fan Man, the teens were in Billy's garage as Billy worked on the RADBUG.


  • At the beach, Billy had some sort of device attached to the arm of his beach chair.


  • Billy was dressed as a country singer and holding a guitar as everyone prepared for the talent show.


  • Billy invented molecular decoders to follow the Putties' path into the Dark Dimension.
  • While the other teens were worried about Jason taking too long to return from the Dark Dimension, Billy remained positive, saying "These things just take time."


  • After Trini's showing of her video project on pollution, Billy told the class he was deeply concerned by ozone depletion, acid rain, deforestation, and the loss of topsoils.
  • Billy did a soil sample on the soil in the park before the teens began picking up trash there and found that the soil was highly polluted; after the teens' cleaning up, he tested again and found the soil to be pure.
  • Billy blocked a Putty's punch and knocked it over, then did a Putty-assisted flip and kicked several more Putties, finishing with a martial arts pose.
  • Billy called Zordon "Sir."
  • Billy had a fairly large black carrying bag beside his desk at school.


  • Billy's evil duplicate had quite a muscular physique; since the duplicate teens were supposed to be exact duplicates, it follows that the real Billy had the same physique at the time but didn't expose it like the duplicate did in his tank top.
  • Billy wrote left-handed. (Source: Submitted by "SPOOON!!")


  • When the communicators wouldn't work, Billy was sure Rita was jamming the frequency.
  • Billy was apparently the only teen who had known about Zordon's new security system which caused the Zords to disassemble and return to their hiding place upon being defeated.
  • As the teens were explaining after their victory why they chose to remain Rangers, Billy mentioned that there were other villains, and other crimes from which to protect the city.


  • With Trini's help, Billy analyzed the timer which was secretly counting down to Norman the pig's transformation into Pudgy Pig, but it went off as he was studying it.
  • After the Rangers' fight with giant Goldar, Billy recalibrated the transformer device to turn Norman back to normal.


  • Billy clumsily fought Putties during the Putty fight but fought them nonetheless.
  • When a police officer wanted someone in the Youth Center to identify the mud-covered Bulk and Skull, Jason toyed with Bulk and Skull by asking if they weren't the swamp creatures from the black lagoon, but Billy told the officer that, unfortunately, they knew them.


  • Billy had designed a special fertilizer for the teens' saplings that they transplanted to the park.
  • Billy fought Putties with a bucket somewhat awkwardly but still effectively.
  • Zack had Billy duck as Zack kicked a Putty, then Billy had Zack duck as Billy punched a Putty.


  • Billy took the teens to his uncle's resort in the mountains so they could spend the weekend studying for the huge science test on Monday.
  • Billy, Zack, and Jason had a pillowfight after the guys and girls had gone to their two rooms for the night.
  • Billy's nightmare induced by the Crystal of Nightmares was of the Terror Toad eating him, from 115-SwPl
  • Billy made attempts to block the Putties' punches even though his self-confidence had been drained by the Crystal of Nightmares.


  • Billy had a fear of fish, so he had a picnic by the pond with Kim (who didn't want to ruin a good hair day) rather than going scuba diving with Jason, Trini, and Zack.
  • Billy said he'd had some humiliating experiences with fish, all starting when he was little: while out at a pond or lake to sail a toy boat, young Billy tried to simulate a whirlpool effect he'd recently learned about, causing a large fish to bite his finger.
  • Young Billy was shown in the flashback wearing blue clothes and black wireframe glasses.
  • Kim laughed at Billy's story explaining his fear of fish; he didn't think it was funny.
  • Billy said he was much happier on dry land.
  • When Kim said they could get some ice cream after helping the others with their equipment, Billy asked if they could get "chocolate-chocolate-chip" ice cream.
  • In the Putty fight, Billy could do handsprings, flips, and impressive kicks, not even giving a single Putty a chance to swing at him.
  • Rita used a spell to amplify Billy's fear of fish as he faced Goo Fish.
  • Billy defeated Rita's spell by facing his fear and fighting Goo Fish to help the others.
  • Ernie took Billy fishing, and Billy caught a lobster.
  • Jason invited Billy to go scuba diving next time, and Billy said he'd like that and that he could really learn to enjoy that sport.


  • Billy used his white notebook computer in the Youth Center to examine Ernie's financial situation.
  • Billy borrowed Alpha's scanner and used the data it had collected from Jason's rash to create a permanent antidote in his garage; the antidote spray worked through Red Ranger's suit.
  • As antidotes for Bulk and Skull, Billy gave the punks dog collars and told them not to take them off for a week.


  • Billy submitted to Miss Appleby's time capsule a small handheld personal computer he'd designed with the latest software, to demonstrate mankind's level of technological advancement at the time.
  • Billy had some impressive moves in his fight against the Putties, including apparently using a shovel as a weapon.
  • Billy hoped that the people of the future lived in a world with no prejudice.


  • Billy was fascinated by the Mantis Master Li had given Trini.
  • Billy seemed to be leading Kim, Jason, and Zack on their way to see why Master Li had asked Trini to come to the "old quarry."
  • Billy fought Putties with slightly less skill than previously, but he was still able to flip up onto his feet from lying on his back.


  • Billy was late meeting his dad in the Youth Center for Parent's Day; he'd most likely been working on an invention.
  • Dramole's gas put Billy under Rita's command, creating a thin white crackle of electricity across his forehead.
  • Alpha said he was Billy's friend.
  • Under Rita's spell, Billy summoned the Dragon Dagger from thin air while unmorphed in the Command Center.
  • Under Rita's spell, Billy planned to return the Dragon Dagger to its rightful owner, and he then gave it to Goldar in the Dark Dimension.
  • Rita's spell wore off Billy partially as he watched the Rangers fighting Putties, but then completely when Goldar took the Dragon Dagger from him.


  • Billy wore overalls for the last time.
  • Billy got his first B ever, on a test in Miss Appleby's science class.
  • Billy still had some sort of device setup inside his locker at school.
  • Acceptance into the Young Scientists of America club was very important to Billy, so he wanted to be sure to do well on the next test to bring his grade back up so that he would be accepted into the club.
  • Billy coincidentally got a B on the test because of a "bee" question, apparently because he didn't correctly give the answer of the order hymenoptera.
  • Trini and Billy apparently had a routine they would use in Ranger fights whereby Trini would boost him high into the air for a high kick; when the weakened Blue Ranger failed to accomplish the move after being stung by Grumble Bee, Trini said he'd never missed that kick before.
  • After touching once (while unmorphed) the force field of the magic rope holding the others, Billy decided that he and Trini couldn't free the others.
  • Billy got an A+ on his science exam and was accepted into the Young Scientists of America club.


  • Billy fought quite well against the Putties; he continued to be able to fight well, unless otherwise noted.


  • Billy was dressed as some sort of prince or squire in the audience of Trick or Treat.


  • After being shown the Slippery Shark, Billy remarked that he was glad he'd gotten over his fear of fish.


  • Jason called Billy "Bill."
  • Billy seemed to enjoy playing flag football with the other four teens.
  • Billy did some impressive gymnastics and karate moves against the Putties, but when he had the football and the Putties went after him, he fearfully ran from them.
  • Billy made the Angel Grove High football team; his number was 99; he didn't wear his glasses while in his football uniform.


  • Billy made Tommy a device which reminded Tommy of all the things he had to remember during the day.


  • Billy didn't wear his glasses during the motor rally; he also would never be shown wearing his glasses while as the helmetless Blue Ranger.


  • Billy worked in his garage with Trini to create a signal blocker to regain control of the Dinozords; he wore his glasses while in his garage.


  • Once the signal blocker was complete, Billy removed his glasses before he and Trini morphed.
  • Billy had put one of the batteries into the signal blocker the wrong way, but he eventually corrected the problem.


  • Billy did an unnecessary flip during the teens' basketball game.
  • Billy now began wearing new glasses with thin gold frames.
  • Billy used the controls on Alpha's chest to disarm his self-destruct sequence with two seconds remaining.


  • Zack brought to school some shades he'd gotten at a swap meet that weekend for his and Billy's lab experiment (which Jason called a physics demonstration) in Miss Appleby's science class.
  • Inside his locker door, Billy had his class schedule sheet and a picture of a graphing calculator, along with what looked like a picture of Albert Einstein; he also still had some sort of device hooked up inside the locker, and at the bottom of the locker was a black device with a keyboard on it.
  • A spell on Billy's and Zack's shades caused the two teens to see their fellow Rangers as Putties.
  • Billy and Zack tackled the other teens and Mr. Caplan because they thought the "Putties" were going to attack Mr. Caplan.
  • Billy designed an extinguisher device to cool down Saliguana.
  • Before Billy and Zack morphed to use Billy's extinguisher device on Saliguana, Trini told Billy to throw an extra computer chip in his pocket and go; he did so, and this computer chip ended up being the one component that the device was missing to function properly; it worked as soon as Blue Ranger had added the chip.
  • At the time when the extinguisher wasn't working, Billy told Zack to try to figure out what was wrong with the device while he distracted Saliguana.
  • Alpha had soaked the enchanted shades in a special energy beam so that when Zack and Billy put them on, they removed the hallucination spell over the two teens.
  • Billy had green eyes.


  • Billy was in charge of the science club.
  • Billy figured out that if Trini threw her Power Daggers at a ninety degree trajectory course, she could penetrate the dimension in which Kim was trapped and also break the spell on Kim.


  • Billy made a device capable of scrambling electronic signals up to twenty feet away, and he said that if he could just build a bigger one, it would help them against Zedd; the reader will recall the signal blocker created by Billy in 203-Mut3.


  • While the others fought Octophantom, morphed Billy watched from behind a tree, knowing it was a trap; as he observed the fight, he saw that Octophantom's weakness was his vanity.
  • Morphed Billy later slashed Octophantom in the trunk with his Power Lance, greatly upsetting the vain monster.
  • Billy had constructed a shield with a mirror inside for Jason to use to exploit Octophantom's vanity.
  • When Jason told Billy "great work" in reference to the mirror shield invention, Billy replied he was merely doing what he did best.
  • When Green Ranger was immensely weakened from Zedd's power drain, morphed Billy told Tommy he was no good to them this way and forced Green Ranger to teleport back to the Command Center by touching the Morpher and/or Power Coin on Green Ranger's belt.
  • Billy, Jason, and Kim worked at a refreshments table in the Youth Center to thank the volunteers of the Clean Up Drive.
  • Billy began seeming more relaxed in social interactions.
  • When Bulk and Skull were preparing to insert their videotape (which would have shown Jason, Kim, and Tommy morphing) to play it for a crowd in the Youth Center, Jason stopped them from inserting it, and Zack then took it, supposedly to label it so the two wouldn't lose it, then secretly switched tapes with Billy so that the tape Bulk and Skull played was of a cartoon Skull had seen before; Billy planned to run the tape through his tape eraser at home, even though this would destroy all of the footage recorded for Angel Grove Weekend.


  • Billy was the goalie for the "Angel Grove Sweepers," the Youth Center's broomball team.
  • Billy thought for Alpha to make a "green energy transducer" to recapture Tommy's powers.
  • Billy wore sports goggles rather than glasses during the broomball game.


  • Billy designed a tracking device to travel on a balloon to Venus Island.
  • Upon seeing Hallie in Zedd's evil forcefield, Tommy wanted to go into the forcefield to save Hallie, but Billy wouldn't let him.


  • Billy liked Richie.
  • Billy was the second of four Rangers to be captured by Guitardo's spell, which could have been resisted by maintaining strict control over one's own thoughts; Kim was the only teen able to resist.


  • In Billy's garage, Billy's communicator locked on to the forcefield around the Command Center, and when he entered the data into his computer, it could tell them how to break through it.
  • By breaking through the forcefield, Billy's computer showed a shot of Alpha from inside the Command Center.


  • Billy said he'd always been fascinated by the intricate rythmic patterns of jazz.
  • Zack invited Kim and Billy to the jazz concert, and Kim wished Tommy were there to see it; Billy seemed to scoff slightly at her comment, and she chuckled at him.


  • Billy began wearing sleeveless shirts as part of his casual attire; he would continue to do so somewhat regularly throughout Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
  • Billy was in the Juice Bar with Kim.
  • Billy said it sure was quiet without Tommy around.
  • When Kim was intrigued by a newspaper ad for Madam Swampy, "fortune-teller extraordinaire," Billy reminded her that there was no scientific data to support the practice of fortune-telling.
  • When Kim decided to go anyway so Madam Swampy could tell her about Tommy, Billy had to stop and get his rollerblades first; Kim later went to Madam Swampy's alone and was captured by Goldar.
  • Billy was rollerblading through the park with Zack.
  • Richie and Curtis were supposed to meet Billy and Zack in the park to go rollerblading, but they weren't there when Zack and Billy got beeped by Zordon.
  • As Billy discovered, on the back of Bulk and Skull's map was a large coupon for one free protein muffin at "Ernie's Juice Bar," with the fine print reading "with lunch purchased," but Billy neglected to read that part before Bulk and Skull had taken muffins, forcing them to work for Ernie to repay the price of the muffins.


  • Billy and Trini were together in the Youth Center when Kim came in.
  • Billy was able to use the computer in his garage to access the Command Center's activity on a CD he'd removed from the Command Center console.
  • In the middle of the Megazord fight against giant Nimrod and her two monster assistants, against which the Rangers were having a hard time fighting, Billy teleported back to the Command Center to investigate Zordon and Alpha's disappearance.
  • Billy theorized that the Command Center might have had an energy spike, forcing Zordon and Alpha to shut down.
  • Billy activated the doorway of light and stepped through it, falling into an area from which he watched the creation of the White Ranger through a ceiling grate.


  • After Billy had explained what he'd seen to the other teens in his garage, the teens were a bit tense with the idea of a new Ranger, while Billy had been pleasantly awed.
  • As the teens prepared to go to the Command Center to meet the White Ranger, Billy reminded them that Zordon and Alpha knew what they were doing, and Trini agreed, saying they shouldn't question Zordon and Alpha's judgment.
  • The Thunderzords had been damaged in the fight with giant Nimrod in 217-WhL1; Zordon had Billy and Trini teleport to the damaged Zords to begin repair on them, saying Alpha would provide them with all the information they needed; the Assault Team later appeared to be repaired by the end of White Ranger's fight with giant Nimrod.


  • Billy was working out in the Youth Center, wearing a tank top.
  • Billy used the Command Center computer to devise a way to reverse Pursehead's compact ray, ultimately constructing a reverse ocular dilator device.


  • Billy had a polarizing gague with him in the Juice Bar, planning to collect data for the science club on the rare solar storm scientists had predicted for that day.
  • Billy seemed mesmerized by Laura upon first seeing her, and Laura had the same reaction, perhaps even more so, with him.
  • When Trini suggested Billy join Kim and Laura on their hike so he could get to know Laura, he replied that they would have little to talk about, as she was the outdoors type, clever, dynamic, and beautiful, while his idea of a good time was reading a science magazine; he then added, with a bit of apparent regret, that he couldn't go since he was collecting data on the geomagnetic field.
  • As Billy typed on the keyboard of the computer in his garage, he was obviously typing randomly, as on two occasions, a finger hit two adjacent keys simultaneously.
  • Billy had equipment set up all over a bench in the park, and he used his polarizer with it.
  • Billy knocked Goldar down while unmorphed with one somersault kick, then singlehandedly beat five Putties without morphing.
  • When the teens learned that Goldar and Putties had materialized in the forest near Laura and the Angelettes, Tommy volunteered, but Billy then forcefully interjected, "No. I'll do it, Zordon!"; Zordon had Tommy go, telling Billy that the others would need all of Billy's strength and intellect to defeat Magnetbrain.
  • Back in the Youth Center after the hike and the destruction of Magnetbrain, Laura told Billy she was interested in his magnetosphere monitor; science was one of her hobbies, and she wanted to see some of his inventions.
  • Billy's latest invention was a unique method of observing protons in ionized oxygen atoms.


  • Participating in the trick-or-treat chaperoning program in the Youth Center, Billy was dressed as a white-haired scientist, probably Einstein, without wearing his glasses.
  • Like Kim, Billy was excited about the upcoming Peace Conference, but he wondered what would happen to their team if one of the teens were chosen.
  • Billy thought some of the kids' monster costumes were scary.


  • From 222-NjE1 through 224-NjE3, Billy wore his old glasses with the thick silver frames.
  • Billy knew about the upcoming Ninja Finals Tournament from reading about it in the paper.


  • Billy somehow knew that there were now two monsters without having been told.


  • When Tommy said that he could handle the Putties while Billy went into the Cave of Despair, Billy had Trini accompany him in.


  • Kim found out that students would be selected any day now to represent Angel Grove in the World Teen Peace Conference; after an initial reply of "wow," Billy said that attending the conference was a prestigious honor.
  • Finding Jason, Trini, and Zack absent, Tommy only asked where Jason and Zack were; Billy then added his own inquiry about Trini.
  • Tommy asked Billy to construct a device to reverse Beamcaster's hypnotic spell, then made them go into battle before Billy could test the device.


  • Billy was the host of the first annual World Teen Summit; just as each member of the summit had the flag of their respective country behind him and on his nameplate, Billy also had the United States flag behind him and on his nameplate.
  • Billy was talking with Tamara before the teen summit had begun, then gave her goo-goo eyes just as he started the meeting.
  • During the teens' picnic with the World Teen Summit members, Billy and Tamara sat alone on a blanket; he asked her if all the girls in her country were as beautiful as she was, and she told him he was sweet.
  • When Putties attacked, Billy had Tamara run back to the Youth Center and wait for him; because of his instructions, she was the only World Teen Summit member not captured and taken to the Cave of Despair.
  • On the final day of the summit, Billy and Tamara were still giving each other goo-goo eyes.


  • After the Rangers's tugging and blasting on the statue holding the Sword of Light were unsuccessful, Billy thought to put on the statue's finger the ring Zordon had given them, after Tommy had asked where the map was.
  • Once Jason, Trini, and Zack had left the Command Center following the power transfer, Billy said he hoped they would see them again soon, as he would really miss them.


  • Billy had a meeting with the vice-versa dance committee.
  • Laura asked Billy to the vice-versa dance, and he accepted.
  • Miss Appleby told Billy and Kim they'd done a marvelous job on the vice-versa dance preparations.


  • While in an amnesic state from Scatterbrain's ray, Billy used more technospeak than usual, sounding more like his first season self than his recent self.
  • Rocky told Billy he was a straight-A student; Billy's reply was, "I'm Billy. A brain?"
  • Tommy didn't want Rocky, Adam, and Aisha taking them anywhere, and Billy agreed, but the three amnesic teens chose to join Rocky, Adam, and Aisha over Goldar and the Putties.
  • Upon catching sight of Alpha, Billy uttered the same "fully-sentient, multifunctional automaton" description as he'd uttered upon seeing Alpha for the first time in 101-DOTD.
  • The amnesic Billy was amazed by the laboratory setup in his own garage.


  • Billy and Rocky studied in the Juice Bar for a test in their advanced math class, which used algebra and exponentials.
  • Rocky didn't know what a pachinko machine was, but Billy did.
  • Upon first seeing Pachinko Head, Billy exclaimed, "Aw, man, it's a big pachinko-head!", accurately speaking the monster's name without having been told the name.


  • Seeing the Showbiz Monster in the Viewing Globe, Billy remarked, "He looks like a mindless mass of metal and glass."


  • Billy seemed a bit intimidated by Fire Safety Captain Aisha when she gave him, Kim, and Tommy more fire safety flyers to put up.
  • After Aisha had gotten on Ernie's case about fixing the Juice Bar's minor problems immediately, Billy seemed sarcastic when he told her that Ernie seemed genuinely concerned; she then defensively explained that she was responsibe for the safety of everyone there and that she couldn't take any chances.
  • After she, Kim, and Billy were shown Flame Head in the Command Center, Aisha stopped Kim and Billy from morphing as the two were reaching for their Morphers following Kim's call for the three of them; she said she would go to the park to fight the monster, which she said was hers, and she told Kim and Billy to stay in the Command Center to find some way to defeat it; Kim and Billy protested (with Billy somewhat amused and condescending), but Zordon had them let her go alone.
  • In the Command Center, Billy concluded that it would take too long to produce a chemical compound to extinguish Flame Head.


  • Billy doubted that Gypsy Aballonia had any real power.
  • Among the six teens, Billy was the only one not to have abnormal difficulty with the scavenger hunt's relatively simple clues.


  • Billy was amazed by the Bookala.
  • Billy told the Bookala he would repair his ship.
  • With Aisha, Adam, and the Bookala in a workshop of some sort in a run-down industrial complex overlooking the lake, Billy used a welding torch and mask as he worked on the Bookala's ship.
  • Billy said that he wished it snowed in Angel Grove, but that it didn't; the Bookala would later make it snow briefly.
  • When Weldo sent the Bookala flying through the air from an explosion from his eyebeam, morphed Billy ordered the monster never to mess with his friends again, at which point he destroyed the monster merely with his Blade Blaster laser.
  • Billy told the Bookala he hoped to see the universe someday; the Bookala told him that he was always welcome on planet Bookala.
  • Billy didn't wear glasses while sparring in the Youth Center with Rocky, but he soon put them on to look at the photos Bulk and Skull were presenting to the people in the Youth Center.


  • Billy didn't wear his glasses in the shop room.


  • At the lake with Aisha visiting volunteer lifeguard Rocky, Billy recalled a time when he had been afraid to swim.
  • Billy handed his glasses to Aisha and drove Rocky on the lifeguard waverunner to investigate the shark fins in the lake that were really Bulk and Skull trying to attract the Power Rangers.
  • Billy sternly told Bulk and Skull that they were lucky the Power Rangers hadn't caught them impersonating monsters, as he was sure the Rangers wouldn't appreciate being called into action if there were no emergency.
  • Billy put his hand on Aisha's shoulder opposite from him as he, Aisha, and Rocky went to get some lunch.
  • Amongst a crowd of people following the Rangers' defeat of a group of aquatic monsters, Billy said he'd seen enough fish to last him the rest of his life.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Billy showed the class a photo of himself, near seven or eight years old, working on his mom's vacuum cleaner, recalling how he'd learned about dedication by spending four hours reassembling it; Kim remarked that she bet his mom hadn't been happy.
  • While the six kids were in the park, young Adam helped young Billy test a kite for which Billy's dad had helped Billy draw up the plans at home.
  • When the six kids were confronted by Putties in the park, young Billy suggested asking the beings if they were lost.


  • After the six kids' initial startling upon seeing Alpha, young Billy soon approached the robot and began poking at the buttons on his chest.


  • Billy was wearing his glasses in Miss Appleby's classroom but then wasn't wearing them at the train station in preparation to go to Australia with the other teens.
  • Billy wore his glasses while going sightseeing in Australia with the other teens, as well as at the waterfront restaurant, but he didn't have them while shopping with the others.


  • When the Rangers were trapped weaponless in the Spectre Theater and confronted by a slew of monsters, Billy had the Rangers split up and go on the offensive to attempt to wear down the monsters.


  • Billy seemed to think to trap the monsters chasing them with a net; where the Rangers had obtained the net is unknown.
  • As the Rangers ran on foot through the desert, seeking out the Command Center, Billy pointed the way to the Command Center when Tommy was unsure which way to go.
  • In the Command Center, Billy removed the virus disc which had made Alpha temporarily evil, then quickly brought Zordon back.


  • Billy wore his glasses in class but didn't wear them outside of school.
  • Pondering Miss Appleby's assignment to write about a time period in which he would like to have lived, Billy said he would like to have lived in the thirties and be Albert Einstein's assistant.


  • In 1790's Angel Grove, the five teens told local teenager Marissa their first names, and Billy told her everything about them, including their identities as Power Rangers from the future Angel Grove.
  • Billy tried to explain the situation to the British soldiers apparently protecting Angel Grove Township; whatever it was that he told them, Skull's ancestor, the leader of the regiment, didn't believe the story.
  • When the five teens in 1790's Angel Grove were confronted with three rat monsters and were unable to morph, Adam suggested fighting without powers, but Billy said it was too risky, as they didn't know what the monsters were capable of, so the teens fled with Ben and Marissa.


  • Billy would no longer be seen with glasses, even while at school.
  • As school elections approached, Billy proposed to Tommy the idea of running for class president with Billy as his campaign manager; with some persuading, Tommy agreed.
  • Since Saba was made of metal, Billy thought for Alpha to make a handheld electromagnet to retrieve the stolen saber from Rita.


  • Billy browsed the science section at the Angel Grove High book fair.
  • Billy was happy to find a copy of the book Quantum Physics Can Be Fun, which had had been looking for for months.


  • Billy knew that a time hole was a tear in the fabric of time.


  • Billy was unfamiliar with chronoton particles, which existed outside of the space-time continuum and thus allowed the Viewing Globe to receive images from the past; he then made a point to help Alpha with the Viewing Globe adjustment, most likely to learn about these new particles.
  • Billy was particularly awed upon learning that the wild west teens were their great-great-great-grandparents and the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins.
  • Billy figured out a way to bring Kim back, a plan which required the use of three communicators; he adapted the blue, yellow, and black communicators in conjunction with a device, to advance and accelerate the teleporting mechanism to create a time hole; the one-time attempt was successful in bringing Kimberly home.


  • In art class, Billy made a disc which displayed a small holographic sphere of waves crashing on the beach.
  • Billy was uncomfortable upon seeing the statue Violet had made of him, but he tried to be polite.
  • When Kim and Adam later pointed out Violet's crush on him, Billy said he didn't know what to say to Violet, but when Kim told him just to ask her out, he decided he'd ask her to a movie.
  • During the Putty fight, prehensile viles ran along the ground then wrapped around Billy and pulled him into the bushes; he then appeared in the Dark Dimension, where a blue ray device held him in place.
  • When discovering that his communicator was missing, Billy checked the wrong wrist.
  • When evil Billy told the teens that Violet wasn't his type and that he just wanted to lift some weights at the Youth Center, Tommy suggested to Kim that maybe he'd hit his head on a rock or something during the Putty fight.
  • When Ernie saw evil Billy benchpressing a hefty amount in a tanktop, he guessed Billy's new workout plan must have been working, and Rocky agreed, saying he wanted to know Billy's secret.
  • Later as the Fog of Morpheus was nearly up to his head in the Dark Dimension, Billy was reciting mathematical formulas to try to stay awake.
  • Billy deactivated the forcefield around him by using his holographic disc to reflect the ray back at the ray device.
  • Evil Billy was still wearing Billy's communicator when Billy's Morpher seemed to morph both Billy and evil Billy into Blue Rangers, after which the Rangers would destroy the one they concluded was evil Billy; a later day, Billy was shown wearing his communicator in art class.
  • After both Billy and evil Billy had become Blue Rangers in the park, the other teens determined one of the two Blue Rangers to be a fake with the following dialogue:
    Kim (holding up holographic disc): "Hey, what is this?"
    Blue #1: "Uh, a mirror, right?"
    Blue #2: "A mirror?"
    Kim: "Wrong! It's a hologram. He's the fake."
  • After the above dialogue, the five teens morphed, after which one of the Blue Rangers (designated here as Blue A) was standing amongst them; prior to the Rangers' gunning down of the Blue Ranger they'd determined to be fake was the following dialogue:
    Blue A: "Your masquerade's over!"
    Blue B: "You wouldn't dare!"
    - Rangers prepare laser blasters and fire on Blue B
  • Billy later apologized to Violet for the way he'd been acting, saying he hadn't been himself lately, and she forgave him quickly, saying everyone had a bad day and that she was sure there was a good reason.
  • After telling Violet she was really understanding, Billy asked her to a movie, and she accepted.


  • Billy had just called Alpha to check the clarity of the new chip he'd installed in the communicators, but he was surprised to find that the robot sounded sad.
  • Billy was surprised that Alpha, a robot, sounded sad, but Alpha had on many occasions demonstrated the capacity for emotion.


  • Billy was sorry they hadn't had more time to get to know the Edenoites, Dex especially; Zordon said there was much they could learn from the Edenoites, and that perhaps there would be another chance.


  • Playing in the Annual Volleyball Championship against Stone Canyon, Billy scored the winning point for Angel Grove.
  • Billy began wearing tank tops frequently as part of his casual attire.


  • When the teens convinced Zordon to allow Alpha to give the teens the map to the temple, Alpha handed the map to Billy; Billy would be the navigator on the teens' journey through the Desert of Despair.
  • In the Desert of Despair, Billy accidentally dropped the map as he was leaping over a wall of flame; the other teens had to hold him back from going after the burning map.
  • While the other teens jumped out of the way of the incoming Tenga during the Tenga attack in the Desert of Despair, Billy simply stood in place and got kicked back.
  • After the teens had retreated into an alcove in the mountain marking the temple's entrance, Adam touched a slab of rock in the alcove, making the rock wall at the end of the alcove rotate open, revealing a dark tunnel; Billy hadn't told the teens of any mention on the map of such a rotating rock wall and trigger button.
  • In the dark tunnel, Billy was the first of the five teens to follow Tommy through the hidden portal in the rock wall at the end of the tunnel.


  • Once he'd found that the voice of the person in the temple was coming from a blue jar, Billy tilted the jar over and told the person inside (actually Ninjor) with a bit of an attitude, "Why don't you come out of your little hiding spot and tell us where we can find Ninjor?"


  • When Adam suggested telling Zordon about Kim's impending move to Paris, Billy said he was sure Zordon probably already knew; Zordon did, in fact, know of Kim's anxieties about moving.


  • Billy and Aisha were having lunch together at the Juice Bar when Adam came in.
  • To help Adam discover the meaning of the inscription on his family lantern, Billy took Adam to see Ko, Billy's friend, an old Asian man who took care of a huge garden.
  • Ko had been running his garden since Billy was ten years old.
  • Billy privately told Adam that some of the advice Ko gave him didn't make sense until a day or two later.
  • When Rocky told the Rangers they had to fall back and regroup, Billy said it wouldn't work since Lanterra would just come after them.


  • Billy was a red-belt by this point; he was doing a kata with Tommy in the Youth Center, then he gave board-breaking a try.
  • When morphed Billy charged Marvo the Meanie, morphed Aisha followed along, and the others' calling out for them not to rush in failed to prevent Billy and Aisha from attacking.
  • Marvo fired an orange energy beam from his hand, turning the Yellow and Blue Rangers into Ranger-colored liquids in different glass containers used in a laboratory.
  • Another day in the Youth Center, Billy successfully broke the board Tommy had set up for him.


  • Billy and Aisha were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class.


  • At the museum to learn about the Kahmalan Face Stealer with the other teens, Billy was able to recite a good portion of the legend, citing ancient Kahmalan scriptures.


  • Under Hate Master's hate spell, Billy wondered why he was hanging out with the intellectually challenged (the other teens.)


  • From the Juice Bar, Billy, under a hate spell, crafted a palm-sized device which completely shut down the Command Center, Zordon, the teleportation system, and the backup generators.
  • Trying to think of an explanation for the shutdown of the Command Center and Zordon, Alpha realized there was only one person familiar with their entire command system: Billy.
  • Alpha said Billy knew everything about the Command Center's computers.
  • Aisha gave the others a talk about martial arts and about the waste of hating each other, and the spell was partially broken, at which point Billy confusedly gave Aisha his device which had shut down the Command Center.


  • At the Junior Police Ball, Billy told Aisha, "Come on. Let's dance."; she jokingly feigned indecision and then quickly agreed, and as they held hands while going to the dance area, Aisha seemed to skip happily.


  • When Tommy was captured by Rita and Zedd, Billy and Adam went to Billy's garage, where they designed a device to get through Rita and Zedd's shield; Billy installed it under one of the Command Center's control panels, allowing Billy to get Tommy's coordinates.


  • When Kim was slowly dying from the loss of her Power Coin, Billy said that with the coin missing, there would never be another Pink Ranger.


  • When Tommy suggested a "back door," or alternate doorway, into the dimension in which Kim was being held, Billy thought to use the PortalCom, saying he'd once used it when Tommy had been stuck in Zedd's dimension; no such rescue had ever been shown, but in 221-ZdMM, the Rangers had inexplicably been able to teleport directly into the haunted forest dimension, where Tommy was trapped at the time.
  • When Tommy wanted to use one of the Shogun Megazord's attacks on giant See Monster, Billy told him to watch this, and the Megazord held out its hands and blew from its chest what looked like flower petals, making the monster spark; Tommy exclaimed that the attack was "totally cool."


  • Seeing the Shark Cycles for the first time, Billy told Alpha he'd really outdone himself, but it hadn't yet been stated that Alpha had created the cycles.


  • As the five teens and Kat walked away from the hospital after Kim had told them she was quitting gymnastics for her Ranger duties, Billy said Kim had been doing gymnastics for years, and he never thought he'd see her quit.


  • Billy used a device to generate a blue forcefield around Kat to protect her during the attempted trade of Kat for Ninjor, but Kat was captured by Rito when the Tengas smashed the device.
  • After Kat had obtained the pink Power Coin from the moon palace's dungeon and allowed the Command Center to get a fix on the coin, Billy realigned the teleportation system and teleported both Kat and the coin to the Command Center in pink sparkles; he then couldn't believe that it had worked.


  • Billy still used a bit of long-winded speech.
  • At one point during the volunteer work on Kat's housing project, Billy was laughing at something Skull had said.
  • After four of the other Rangers had been shrunken and encased inside actual bricks by Brick Bully, Billy thought to use erosion to penetrate the bricks without hurting the Rangers inside.
  • While Kat worked to create an apparatus to simulate pollution to erode the bricks away from the Rangers, morphed Billy went into battle to prevent Brick Bully from continuing to eat and increase in strength.
  • Billy lured Brick Bully away from the building site, into a residential area.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to give a ten-minute report on a language, Billy and Tommy paired up and decided to research the translation of ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics.
  • When Zordon told Billy to search for a way to reverse the spell which had transformed Kat's chimp Kelly into the Sinister Simian, Billy obtained a fur sample from the monster to study how she'd been transformed.
  • In his garage after having obtained a fur sample from Sinister Simian using a pair of tongs while morphed, unmorphed Billy told Zordon he still needed a way to administer the antidote, but right in front of him was the missile he would use; at this point, the missile was quite inappropriate, as Sinister Simian was not yet giant-sized.
  • Without having a chance to test it, Billy had molded the antidote into a projectile to be fired from the Shogunzords at the giant Sinister Simian.
  • To aim the antidote missile at the right spot on giant Sinister Simian, Billy targeted her heart, saying it was where memories were kept, yet (unlike the ancient Egyptians) modern-day humankind, especially scientists such as Billy, understood the brain to be responsible for cognition, not the heart.


  • Billy used a small Falconzord-shaped device hooked up to the Command Center's computers to imitate the Falconzord's energy readings to allow the Rangers to operate both the Shogunzords and Ninjazords simultaneously; Rocky told him it was good work, but Billy admitted it was no substitute for the real Falconzord's power.


  • With Adam and Aisha's help, Billy modified the tracking system in the Command Center to locate the Zords after Master Vile had sent them to another galaxy.
  • Billy's speech was again a bit long-winded as he described how the Rangers could get into the Shogun Megazord.
  • As Billy had predicted, there was a ladder inside the Shogun Megazord's big toe emergency exit doorway.
  • After Globbor and Master Vile had been defeated, the Rangers went to the desert to destroy the Zeo Crystal; when Kat asked whether it could be destroyed, Billy suggested that they break the crystal into pieces and scatter them, saying they couldn't allow any chance for Master Vile to assemble the crystal ever again; the Rangers did just this.


  • Billy's speech was still somewhat long-winded.


  • While standing in place, morphed Billy was able to kick a Tenga directly above him, thus splitting his legs at 180 degrees.


  • When the six kids began their trek through Angel Grove to the Command Center in the past (see "Orb of Doom"), young Billy led them through Angel Grove with some difficulty, as the city now looked like it had years ago.
  • Young Billy had brown eyes rather than green.
  • At the police station, young Billy was surprised to hear that his mother (actually young Kat) had called.
  • In the Command Center after Zordon refused to give the six kids powers, young Billy mentioned that they needed more Rangers, prompting Alpha to think to call the Aquitian Rangers.


  • When young Tommy told the kids they'd better get home before their parents began to worry, young Billy stayed with the Aquitians to take them to the Command Center, asking Tommy to tell his (Billy's) dad that he'd be a little late, but Tommy wouldn't have known Billy's dad in the past.
  • In the Command Center, Alpha briefed the Aquitians on the Earth Rangers' powers, and young Billy prepared a briefing on the summoning and operating of the Shogunzords.
  • As the Aquitians stood side-by-side with arms held up and holding hands with their eyes closed, there was a holographic display in front of them in the Command Center, displaying images of the Shogunzords and Shogun Megazord, accompanied by rapidly scrolling text.
  • A transcript of the text in the Aquitian Rangers' debriefing on the Shogunzords, programmed by young Billy, follows:
    "The Zords consist of five robotic units, each serving a purpose for the good of the whole. When combined, the five units become one unit, able to combat most formidable opponents, especially during Sweeps Week.

    "The first unit is a monkey. Yes, a monkey. The second unit is a bird. It's housetrained. Thank goodness. The third unit is a bear. It is one of the few bears in existence which has <<braces?> ? ?>. The fourth unit is a wolf, cunning, rabid, and <?>. The fifth is a frog. If it gets too hot, it dries up and croaks."

    (For Shogun Megazord) "...the attributes of the separate units. It also has freaky big feet and a flaming fish sword. Why a fish? Only Ninjor knows for sure. So, in conclusion, try to read the manuals in the Zords' glove compartments. Good luck, and thanks for flying."


  • In the Command Center, young Billy used a magnifying glass and a helmet with an in-visor display to follow Cestro's instructions to construct a regenerator to return the kids to their normal ages.
  • There were only a few connections that remained, and Cestro's hands were too large to make them, so young Billy put the device in his backpack and planned to finish it at home after school.
  • Young Billy told the five Aquitians not to go anywhere, thinking the world wasn't yet ready to be introduced to them.
  • Young Billy told the Aquitians he'd be back to check on them later.
  • After school, young Billy and Adam walked to Billy's house to finish the regenerator.
  • In his garage, young Billy lamented that he didn't have nearly the equipment he did in the future.
  • Young Billy wasn't sure what results they'd get with the regenerator.
  • The way Billy had configured the regenerator, the kids would have to use their Power Coins to supply the required current.
  • When young Adam asked if the regenerator could restore the world, Billy said he wasn't sure if it would even restore them.
  • Young Billy couldn't wait to get back to his computer when time was restored, as he missed surfing the Internet.
  • For his "cross your fingers" line before he tested his regenerator on himself, young Billy seemed to have an Aquitian sound effect in his voice.
  • Bluish-white energy from the regenerator swirled around Billy and restored his age.
  • When Goldar had stolen the regenerator, Billy angrily walked straight toward Rito and Goldar to retrieve the device, but Rito's blue eyebeams sent him flying into a wall.
  • When Slotsky confronted the kids and Billy sometime later, Billy was prepared to take on the monster alone with no powers, but Alpha teleported the six to the Command Center.
  • Zordon and Alpha expressed no surprise that Billy's age had been restored. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • When young Tommy wanted to go with Billy to get the Aquitians from the fountain where they were rehydrating, Billy told him, "Uh, Tommy, I really hate to say this to you, man, but I am older than you, and I'm telling you to stay here for your own good."; young Tommy complied.
  • Billy seemed to materialize in the park within view of the crowd of people around the rehydrating Aquitian Rangers, and he then told the Aquitians his name and told them about a monster, all in front of the crowd; he stood with the crowd as the Aquitians morphed and fought the Tengas and Slotsky.
  • When Billy ran over and joined the crowd, a woman told Billy the Aquitian Rangers were amazing and asked who they were; Billy replied he didn't know, but that whoever they were, they were heroes.
  • Watching with the kids from nearby as Mayor Carrington presented the unmorphed Aquitian Rangers with the Golden Star medals for bravery, Billy decided that they didn't have to worry about the Aquitians being seen in public anymore.


  • Billy had young Tommy and Kat watch his invention in the park while he ran to his lab.
  • In the park, Billy was using a molecular hydroatmospheric regenerator prototype to analyze the moisture and gases in the Earth's atmosphere to simulate Aquitian water.
  • When Billy returned to the park to find that an old woman was concerned that young Tommy and Kat had been left alone with "dangerous equipment," he scolded his "little brother and sister" for playing with his science experiment, and he threatened to take away their allowances.
  • Billy had brought with him a case containing the materials to make a real version of his molecular hydroatmospheric regenerator prototype to turn all of the lake into Aquitian water.
  • To set up his device after finishing his final device, Billy was swimming in the lake in a wetsuit.


  • On the kids' field trip to Splash City, chaperoned by Mr. Wilton, Billy was also a chaperon, posing as young Tommy's "Uncle William."
  • The kids begged Billy to ask Zordon about the Aquitian Rangers' well-being; they begged until Billy finally gave in and called the Command Center on the communicator disc, which he had with him.
  • When young Bulk and Skull threw large innertubes onto young Rocky, Aisha, and Adam from a bridge over the waterslide, Billy went to chew out young Bulk and Skull, hoping they would listen to him; he scolded them that what they'd done was dangerous.
  • When a lightning bolt from Rita and Zedd on the moon transformed young Bulk into Bratboy, Billy asked the monster what he'd done with Bulk.
  • Bratboy threw Billy into a shallow pool of water.
  • Billy had apparently been swimming just beforehand in a pool at the water park with the communicator disc on him; water made the disc stop working briefly.
  • As Billy and the kids sat around at the water park while the Aquitian Rangers and the Battle Borgs fought Bratboy, Billy was resting his head in his hand, seemingly stressed out.
  • Billy and the kids apparently didn't know that Bulk was the monster until young Skull reminded them that the lightning bolt had turned Bulk into the monster.
  • Since he was the only one of the six teens to have regained his proper age, Billy volunteered to retrieve the Zeo Subcrystals, but the subcrystals would only respond to those still affected by the Orb of Doom's time regression; in addition, the subcrystals were for some reason located in five countries and time periods which corresponded to the other five kids' heritages, omitting him.


  • When the Command Center was unable to access the location of a pure source of water for Cestro, Billy thought to have the Aquitians try to communicate with marine life at the Angel Grove Aquarium.
  • Billy led the five Aquitians to the Marine Aquarium of Angel Grove.
  • In front of young Bulk and Skull, Billy told the four Aquitians that their "friend" needed their help, evidently making an effort not to mention Cestro's name.


  • In Billy's garage, Cestro and Tideus stood beside Billy as he was frustrated by his crystal transformer invention not being adequate to reunite the Zeo Crystal.
  • Before heading out for Angel Grove University, Billy told Cestro and Tideus to try to stay out of trouble, then winked at them.
  • A female scientist at the Angel Grove University Test Launch Facility, outdoors, was impressed with the crystal energy coherence project Billy (calling him "William") had supposedly undertaken; she loaned him the older model of phase modulator that NASA had donated to the university a few years back.
  • Billy helped the scientist launch a model rocket.
  • Ambushing him as he returned to his garage, Arachnofiend took Billy and the phase modulator to her lair in a cavern beneath Angel Grove, then trapped him and the device in webbing; he was later freed following Arachnofiend's destruction.


  • In the mountains overlooking the lake, Billy had the pieces for a weather modulator that was to create purified rainwaters, but he had only brought Cestro along to test it, not wanting to get the other Aquitians' hopes up.
  • As the Tengas attacked his weather modulator invention, which had successfully rehydrated Cestro, Billy successfully shoved two Tengas away and grappled another.
  • When the weather modulator, approximately seven feet tall and made of metal, began to topple, Billy for some reason dove under it; the large invention landed on his back, momentarily making him grimace in pain, but he sustained no permanent injury.


  • Billy gave credit to Alpha for helping him to assemble four of the five Zeo Subcrystals.


  • When Zordon said the Aquitian Rangers needed more power against giant Hydro Hog than just the Shogun Megazord alone, Billy thought to use the Falconzord remote (which was simply lying on the top of a Command Center console) to bring in the Falconzord by remote and form the Shogun Megafalconzord.
  • In the Command Center, young Tanya, knowing who Billy was, handed him the yellow subcrystal and told him that the crystal was for him; she was presumably giving him the crystal for him to unite the Zeo Crystal, but another possibility is that she was transferring ownership of the crystal to him.
  • When Alpha approached the controls to teleport the six teens out as the Command Center was exploding, Billy yelled in panic and rushed over to Alpha, throwing himself on the controls and getting bathed in an explosion of sparks from the console; his exact purpose for throwing himself on the controls is unknown.
  • After the six teens had been teleported into the mountains nearby just after Billy's spark bath, Billy was lying motionless on the ground, but he soon stirred and got up, seemingly unharmed by the blast.


  • When the teens discovered the Zeo Crystal still in the rubble of the Command Center and Tommy held up the crystal, Zeo-colored pulses of energy flew from it; Billy told Tommy not to hold it, as there was no telling what effect the implosion had had on it.
  • When Tommy said they had to figure out where they were after the Zeo Crystal had made the six teens fall through a shaft into the Command Center basement, Billy replied that it looked like the Command Center's lower chamber.
  • After the other five teens had entered the strange green vortex in the Command Center tunnels following Alpha's verbal instructions, Rocky was nervous about stepping through, but Billy's hand reached back through the vortex and pulled him in.
  • In the Power Chamber, an awed Billy explained that it was the next generation in strategic command outposts; he said he'd seen plans for it in the mainframe, but he had no idea it existed.


  • When the teens and Billy asked a great deal of questions about the Machine Empire, Zordon told Billy (and specifically Billy) that he would in time attempt to provide him with the answers to all of the questions; the teens' questions asked who the Machine Empire were, where they'd come from, why they hadn't heard of them before (Billy's only question), how they could fight Mondo without their powers, what had become of Rita and Zedd, why the Machine Empire was coming here, what they wanted, and whether they (the teens) could somehow stop them.
  • After Zordon had shown the teens an image of the fully-energized Zeo Crystal, Billy reminded everyone that the five subdivisions of the Zeo Crystal would only provide enough power for five Rangers; Tanya volunteered to step down, since Billy was more experienced than she was.
  • Billy admitted that although they all had more experience than Tanya, working with the Aquitian Rangers had made him realize that his being in the Power Chamber might be more important than his being a Ranger; he said he thought it was time to pass the power on to someone else, and he said he was giving "his" crystal to Tanya; from this point on, he said, she was a Power Ranger.
  • Billy said that if there was ever an emergency, he could still assume the Zeo power; Zordon agreed.
  • Before the five teens used their Zeonizers, which were lying on a table an indeterminate amount of time after Billy had stepped down from being a Ranger, Alpha and Billy together pushed buttons on the eastern Power Chamber console.
  • After the Zeo Rangers had been suited up, Alpha commented, "They're amazing, Billy."
  • Perhaps a later day at the outdoor cafe, Billy's wardrobe now consisted of neutral colors (beige, brown, black, gray, or white) rather than blue (see table at bottom of page for timeline of Billy's wardrobe colors).
  • Billy continued wearing a communicator even after stepping down from being a Ranger; although the other guys now had their new Zeo colors on their communicator wristbands, Billy still had a blue-banded communicator (the color of which could be seen for certain in 410-GrBl and 424-BlkF).
  • When Tommy asked what they would do if the Machine Empire launched a full assault since the old Zords were gone, Billy replied, "We're working on that. You won't believe what we came up with."; apparently, he had been collaborating with Zordon and/or Alpha in working on the Zeozords.


  • Billy was working on the wiring beneath a control panel in the Power Chamber when Zordon thanked him for his technical help on the Zeozords; Billy replied that he was honored.
  • Billy wondered why the Zeozords were being hidden in the mountains outside of Angel Grove, and Zordon explained that the mountains might prevent the Zords from being picked up by the Machine Empire's scanning systems; Quadrafighters, however, quickly discovered the secret location (see "Zord Holding Bay"), and Mondo remarked that Zordon insulted him by thinking he could hide the Zords from him.
  • Billy and Alpha were shown walking in from the direction of the Power Chamber's east entrance as Billy protested the Rangers' using the Zeozords before they could be tested.
  • Zordon told Kat and Tanya that he had placed the responsibility of the Zeozords' arsenal in their hands; he told them to use Zeozord One's and Zeozord Two's tremendous firepower with temperance and good judgment.
  • When the Zeozords were being defeated by Staroid, Billy rushed into the Power Chamber's main room from the thin, northwest entrance, saying the Zeozords' main circuits were near overload.


  • Billy entered the Power Chamber's main room from the northwest entrance to tell Zordon that the Zeo Battle Helmets were ready for a test run; Zordon told him, "excellent work."
  • Excited along with Alpha about the new Battle Helmets, Billy said that each helmet was designed with its own power, and he then remarked that he and the others could've used the helmets back in "the old days"; Alpha joked that it was a shame they'd had to get by with only bows and arrows.
  • When the Rangers needed to use the Battle Helmets without first testing them, Alpha tried to warn that the helmets could backfire, but Billy insisted there was no other choice.


  • In the resource center, Billy was looking over Rocky's shoulder as Rocky worked on one of the computers there.
  • After baby Joey's initial burst of amplified crying, Billy had himself and Tommy go to the Power Chamber to seek Zordon's guidance.
  • After Alpha had been shorted out by a Cog's spear while watching Joey for the Rangers, Billy ran diagnostics on Alpha, who was now sitting up, deactivated, on the Power Chamber's medical table.
  • Billy did something to Alpha's chest to bring him back to life.
  • Boohoo's energy blast (perhaps inadvertantly) sent Joey's stroller falling off its high ledge, but mid-fall, as morphed Tommy was diving down to catch the stroller, Billy safely teleported Joey to the Power Chamber, and Billy was soon shown holding Joey in his arm in the Power Chamber.
  • A different day, Billy was with the teens in the resource center.


  • Billy answered in the Power Chamber when Adam called Zordon on the communicator.
  • While Rocky, Adam, and Tanya played in the big baseball game against Stone Canyon later that day, Tommy, Kat, and Billy watched from the stands.


  • As the Rangers tested the Zeo Jet Cycles around a lake, Kat noted that Billy and Alpha had worked really hard on the bikes.
  • Later, Billy, Tanya, and Tommy joined Adam and Rocky in the Youth Center, watching Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey trained for the police and given to Lt. Stone.
  • Later still, while Kat was stranded in the forest with a twisted ankle and a missing Zeonizer, Tommy was benchpressing in the Youth Center while Rocky and Billy stood nearby.
  • When Rocky and Tommy headed toward the Youth Center's southwest hall to morph after discovering Kat's communicator on Smokey's collar, Billy headed toward the east hall, Kat's communicator in hand, to return to the Power Chamber; Tommy told him to call Adam and Tanya.


  • As Tommy, Kat, and Rocky called the Power Chamber after evil Puppetman had turned the kids in the Youth Center into brats, Billy walked in through the Power Chamber's eastern sliding doors, holding what looked like a handheld scanner.
  • Billy told the Rangers that he and Alpha had been working on a new device that might break up evil Puppetman's frequency; Alpha said the Defender Wheel was designed to spin at a certain RPM which would probably be able to counter Puppetman's frequency.
  • Billy and the teens were later all together at Captain Pete's and Puppetman's show after the Rangers had destroyed evil Puppetman and Alpha had reassembled him.


  • Billy had put Adam's and Tommy's biorhythms into his computer and designed a workout program for them; now, he used a handheld scanner to monitor their energy outputs during their workout in the Youth Center.


  • Mr. Caplan called Billy into his office, having reviewed Billy's academic record and found an alarming mistake.
  • Due to a computer error, Billy had taken more credit hours than any other student at Angel Grove High and maintained a 4.0 grade point average; Mr. Caplan handed Billy his diploma, saying he'd exceeded Angel Grove High's requirements, even though he still had another year.
  • Upon graduating, Billy didn't know what to do.
  • Cestro, having landed in a spacecraft by the lake, told Bulk and Skull that he was Cestro of Aquitar and that the fate of a world depended on his finding a human named Billy.
  • The same day, the teens had organized a party for Billy in the Youth Center, a quick organization by his standards.
  • There were quite a few people at the "Congratulations, Billy!" party, including Mr. Caplan.
  • Billy hadn't had much time to think about what he was going to do with all his spare time.
  • Billy was friendly toward Skull.
  • Skull, trying not to agitate anyone at the party, led Billy outside to the outdoor cafe, where Bulk was waiting with Cestro.
  • Billy was the only Billy that Bulk and Skull knew.
  • In the Power Chamber, Cestro said the Aquitians had been trying to develop a weapon capable of destroying the Hydro Contaminators, the fearsome race of beings which was at war with Aquitar and was poisoning their water, but their prototype was unreliable, and they needed Billy's help.
  • After Billy and Cestro had retrieved the prototype's parts from Cestro's ship, the Rangers were standing by a table in the Power Chamber with the parts scattered all over it; when Tanya said all they had to do was find the Hydro Contaminator and stop it, Billy frustratedly slammed a part onto the control panel and then said it wouldn't be that easy if they couldn't fix the weapon.
  • As the Rangers used their actual Zeo Power Weapons in battle, Billy put together a toy versions of the Zeo Three and Zeo Four Power Weapons, with the Zeo One Power Shield nearby; he said he was modifying the power source of Cestro's weapon to work in conjunction with the Rangers' own individual weapons; if it worked, they should have a Zeo Blaster.
  • When Cestro remarked that the plan was ingenious as he inspected a small circuit board, Billy snatched the board away and said that the weapon would need additional modifications to work on Aquitar.
  • Since Cestro wasn't sure he could make the necessary modifications on the weapon, Billy decided to go to Aquitar with Cestro.
  • When Cestro slapped Billy on the back as he had seen Bulk do earlier, he knocked the contacts from Billy's eyes, and Alpha accidentally stepped on them, so Billy had to use a pair of old glasses he had "lying around" (where they had been lying around is unknown).
  • Later that same day, as Billy approached the spacecraft with Cestro at the lake, Billy had no glasses, and he carried a black backpack, a silver suitcase, his chemistry book, and a set of swimming flippers and a scuba mask; Cestro carried two silver suitcases as well.
  • Billy told Cestro that he'd dreamed of an opportunity like this since he was a boy and that he couldn't pass it up; "Besides," he added, "my parents gave me their permission."
  • Billy dropped his chemistry book as he was climbing into the ship.
  • When Billy and Cestro lifted off from the lake for Aquitar, the teens ran up to the launch site; apparently, Billy had left without telling them goodbye.


  • As the teens were discussing Billy's technical know-how in the Power Chamber, Billy appeared on the Viewing Screen, asking if he'd heard his name.
  • Billy was in front of a shimmering blue background on Aquitar, and he seemed quite cheerful.
  • In the transmission, Billy was wearing a black shirt with thin white and purple v-neck stripes (with white closest to him, and purple between the white and black).
  • Alpha and the teens were all surprised to hear from Billy.
  • Billy said that the Aquitians had been able to solve their conflict through peaceful means, so he was ready to come home.
  • Billy told the teens he missed them.


  • Billy piloted his spacecraft alone on his return flight.
  • Billy told the teens he missed everyone, including Bulk and Skull.
  • Billy couldn't wait to get back; the first thing he wanted was one of Ernie's smoothies.
  • Two blasts from the Machine Skybase's photon blaster disabled Billy's ship's communications and engines, at which point Billy announced, "Zordon, we have a problem."
  • Billy still had a static-filled audio feed to the Power Chamber.
  • Billy had vented almost all his oxygen reserves; his thrusters and heaters were down, and he was heading straight for the Machine Skybase.
  • Billy thought for the Power Chamber to push him out of his current trajectory.
  • Billy had stored the Power Chamber's spare fuel cells in the Angel Grove University warehouse.
  • After the tractor beam dish was eventually repaired, Tommy repeatedly called Billy but got no reply; Zordon told him to try again, saying that if they didn't hear from him within the next ten seconds, it would be too late.
  • Looking at the Earth on his approach, Billy said it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
  • Tommy told Billy he was buying them smoothies.


  • The teens and Billy were together at the Youth Center; while Tommy benchpressed, Rocky and Adam stood beside him, and Tanya, Kat, and Billy watched Heather Thompson's video or commercial on the Juice Bar TV with Ernie.
  • Billy said skiing, including skiing down the Widowmaker, looked fun.
  • Billy and Kat followed Tommy to the lake when he left after reading Kim's breakup letter.
  • To get Tommy's mind off Kimberly, Billy had himself and Kat take Tommy for a vacation in the mountains; they went skiing at Angel Grove Pines.
  • At the resort, Billy and Tommy had snowboards, while Kat had skis.
  • Billy and Tommy both snowboarded well.
  • Billy introduced himself and Tommy to Heather Thompson, champion snowboarder, when Tommy bumped into her inside.
  • Heather intimidated Tommy and Billy into following her down the Widowmaker.


  • Billy stayed with Heather, recently rescued from a cliff by Tommy's idea to tie jackets together, while Tommy and Kat ran off for Ranger business.
  • Later that day, Heather rode with Tommy on a red snowmobile while Kat rode with Billy on a black snowmobile.
  • Billy had himself and Tommy race on the snowmobiles.
  • Billy had never driven a snowmobile, but he explained that it was like riding the waverunners "back home" (presumably referring to Angel Grove).
  • Kat and Billy had told Heather a bit about Kim.
  • In the lodge with Kat that evening, Billy talked about how Heather seemed like a really nice girl and maybe things would work out between her and Tommy.


  • After hearing Zordon's warning of an impending battle, Tommy had himself, Kat, and Billy check out of the resort the next day, saying he didn't feel right having fun while Angel Grove was in trouble.
  • Later, after Kat, Tommy, and Billy had returned from their vacation, Billy and Kat came into the Youth Center together, where Rocky, Adam, and Tanya were; Tommy was by himself exercising.
  • As the Rangers fought Defoliator, Zordon told Billy they couldn't risk having Defoliator grow again, and Billy said he'd adjusted the Zeo Blaster to maximize the "Command Center"'s power cells.


  • Billy was in the Power Chamber when the Rangers had to retreat from battle with giant Main Drain.
  • After Main Drain had crippled the Zeo Megazord, Zordon said he had feared something like this would happen, so he and Billy had been preparing a new Zord, the Red Battlezord, for Tommy to pilot.
  • Billy had modified Tommy's Zeonizer Crystal to access the Red Battlezord.
  • Billy had used what he'd learned on Aquitar to have Tommy's brainwaves and biorhythms access the Red Battlezord control system, and his mind had to be at peace; his state of mind would directly affect his ability to control the Battlezord.


  • When the Rangers retreated from giant Punchabunch, Billy was in the Power Chamber, having watched the fight.


  • Billy was working on the Zeo Megazord in the repair bay, and Tommy had him meet the teens in the Power Chamber to discuss David's kidnapping.
  • Billy told the Rangers the Zeo Megazord should work, but with no guarantees.
  • Billy had been working on a Zeo Megazord / Red Battlezord interface to form the Zeo Megabattlezord; the interface relied solely on the Battlezord's control system, using a neural impulse reader to tie directly into Tommy's brain, and it wouldn't work unless Tommy's thoughts and emotions were clear.
  • After the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord were unable to merge because of Tommy's lack of focus, Billy began work on a bypass device for the Zeo Megabattlezord, but he couldn't get it to work.


  • When Zordon mentioned that the creature they saw in the Viewing Screen was an Autochthon monster, Billy explained to the other teens that it was one of the earliest inhabitants of the land and that it had to be thousands of years old.
  • While Tommy and David talked at the Juice Bar later, the other teens and Billy sat at a table nearby, happily watching the brothers.


  • Rocky, Tanya, and Billy went to the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo at the Youth Center together.
  • When the Rangers met up at the Power Chamber to discuss Defector the next day, Billy wasn't there.


  • Billy tested a remote-controlled toy truck which he would be donating to the upcoming Toy-A-Thon dance; Bulk and Skull tried to give him speeding tickets for the truck, but he merely rejected the tickets with impatience, telling them about the toy donation.
  • In the Power Chamber later, Billy told Alpha that they just needed one more component to complete the Zeo Cannon, and then it would shoot out a cryogenic ray to freeze Mondo's robots in their tracks; Billy then went back to his garage to get a chromium magnet so they could finish the Zeo Cannon.
  • After getting the magnet, Billy was walking along a dirt path, wearing a gray backpack and driving his toy truck as he walked; he called Alpha on the communicator to say that he had the magnet and should be back soon.
  • When Billy was attacked by Cogs, he pulled one out of a portal behind him and flipped it over his shoulder; after he was thrown down by a different Cog, he rolled aside and attached the magnet to his truck, then drove the truck around, dragging the Cogs, Sprocket, and the Toy robot along.
  • Billy called the Power Chamber the "Command Center."
  • When Alpha pointed out that the Rangers were in trouble, Billy, having since returned to the Power Chamber, decided to send them the Zeo Cannon.
  • For the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center, Billy wore a silver and black futuristic costume, and his hair was colored gray.


  • The five teens and Billy watched Tanya's music video for her song "Stick Together" on the Juice Bar TV set.
  • As the teens helped set up for Ernie's first late night opening of the Juice Bar on Saturday, Billy thought for Tanya to sing at the Youth Center that night.
  • That night and the next day, the teens and Billy listened to two different performances of Tanya's at the Youth Center.
  • After hearing Zordon's briefing to the teens on the communicator, Billy said he'd get back to the Power Chamber, then went a different way from the four teens when they left to morph.
  • Billy was with the teens in the Youth Center again after the battle.


  • Around Christmastime, Billy had gone "back" somewhere for his family reunion.


  • While sparring with the teens in the forest, Adam found a small, gold, gear-shaped medallion, and the teens took it to Billy in the Power Chamber for analysis.
  • A different day, Billy had discovered the medallion's power of invisibility, and he demonstrated it to Tommy, Rocky, and Kat by using it on himself.
  • The teens and Billy were in the audience during Adam's final round against Shawn in the kung fu tournament.


  • Billy was in the Power Chamber monitoring the situation as the Rangers split up into two teams to answer two simultaneous distress signals (both Machine Empire traps).
  • Billy was tinkering with something on a Power Chamber table when he suddenly noticed the Machine Empire ambush about to be sprung.
  • When Pyramidas caused interference in the Power Chamber during its approach of Earth, Billy was excited by the readings.
  • While showing the Rangers that the energy signatures of the Zeo Crystal and pyramid were an exact match, Billy made an effort to point out, apparently with regret, that he was no longer a Ranger.
  • The teens and Billy split into two groups, with Billy joining Tommy and Adam on a rooftop, to attempt to triangulate a lock on the pyramid.
  • Billy told Tommy and Adam that the first thing he'd realized upon observing the pyramid's readings was that if the power source were another Zeo Crystal, it would be a big help.
  • Just after Rocky, Tanya, and Kat were attacked by Cogs and Wolfbane elsewhere, Tommy and Adam realized that Billy was gone.
  • In the Power Chamber after the Gold Ranger had arrived and used Pyramidas to destroy giant Wolfbane, Alpha told the teens that he didn't yet have any word on Billy.
  • Billy soon walked in from the western double doors, looking tense.
  • When the teens asked Billy what had happened to him and whether he was okay, he uncomfortably replied that he was fine, then quickly said he'd just had some things he'd needed to take care of; he then immediately changed the subject, telling them he'd finally gotten a fix on the pyramid, but then it had disappeared; he claimed not to know about the Gold Ranger when asked.
  • When Alpha asked what would happen next, Billy smiled and said that with the Power Rangers, one never knew what would happen next.


  • In the Power Chamber, Tanya, Rocky, and Adam had Billy analyze Tommy's shrunken Jeep.
  • Billy seemed to remain in the Power Chamber the entire time Gold Ranger was in the desert rescuing Tommy and Kat and fighting Cogs.
  • Billy explained that Tommy and Kat's shrunken size was a result of the tightening of the spaces between their molecules, but this wouldn't have altered their masses as Sprocket's size reduction did.
  • After restoring Tommy and Kat's sizes with a molecular respacer, Billy said it had definitely been one of his biggest challenges.
  • Once the Rangers returned to battle, it's unknown whether Billy remained in the Power Chamber as Gold Ranger returned to help the Rangers fight Tarantabot.


  • Billy was in the Power Chamber with Tanya and Adam to analyze their sample of Angel Grove's polluted water.
  • Billy began work on a Cog oil antidote with Alpha; he soon discovered that destroying Leaky Facuet would break the spell and return the water to normal.
  • It's unknown whether Billy remained in the Power Chamber as Gold Ranger appeared to help the Rangers fight Leaky Faucet.


  • When Rocky, Adam, and Tanya were exhausted in the Juice Bar from the Machine Empire's constant attacks over the past two weeks, Billy rushed up a bit tensely, holding a black binder with large papers messily sticking out, and apologized that he was late; he didn't know why the teens were tired.
  • When Tanya asked where Billy had been, as she'd tried to call him repeatedly the previous night and he hadn't been home, he said he was just tired because he'd been working on a new project; when Rocky asked if it was anything interesting, Billy looked at his communicator like a watch and nervously remarked at the time, saying he was late and that he had to go; he then left quickly.
  • When the teens went to the Power Chamber for debriefing on the latest monster, Somnibot, and discussed altering her frequency, they wondered where Billy was; Alpha said he was sure Billy would be there soon.
  • Alpha adjusted the Rangers' Zeo power frequencies to protect them from Somnibot, but he needed Billy's help for one final calculation; just as Alpha was anxiously wondering where he could be, Billy entered through the eastern double doors, apologizing that he was late.
  • When Tommy asked Billy where he'd been, Billy glanced at the others and then continued working on the controls without answering; Zordon then told the teens that there was no time, as they had to stop Somnibot; after finishing the adjustments, Billy sighed, told them it was ready, glanced guiltily at Tommy, and then went over to another console.
  • When the Rangers' frequency shield failed, Billy gave up on studying the controls and left toward the eastern double doors to try something; immediately afterward, the Gold Ranger arrived to help the Rangers.
  • Back in the Power Chamber after Gold Ranger had left, Billy was unable to get a fix on Somnibot's amplitude, and he vanished after suggesting that Alpha send a power surge into Somnibot's power station; immediately afterward, Gold Ranger reappeared to help the Rangers once more.
  • After getting a good night's sleep, the teens were all in the Power Chamber with Billy the next day; Tommy handed Billy parts while Billy worked under one of the consoles.
  • Now that everyone was rested, Tommy suggested to Billy that it might be a good time he let everyone know what had been going on with him lately; he paused silently in his work.
  • Rocky said he'd already figured it out, but Billy amusedly told the teens there was nothing to figure out, just that he'd been working on something in his spare time and would tell them about it when the time was right.
  • Rocky continued, saying Billy was always exhausted but didn't fight with them anymore, and that he wasn't in the Power Chamber when the Gold Ranger showed up; he then told Billy to admit to being the Gold Ranger.
  • In response to Rocky's accusation, Billy silently chuckled and looked down, then looked back up at them and seemed surprised Rocky was serious; he asked, "Oh, come on, you don't really think I'd keep something like that from you, do you?"
  • Tommy believed Billy, but Tanya continued to look suspiciously at Billy; Rocky, meanwhile, looked outraged; Billy shot a coy smile in Rocky's direction as he went back under the console to continue working.


  • After the teens had mentioned that finding Pyramidas would lead them to Gold Ranger, Billy stepped into the Power Chamber from the northwestern entrance; he told them that he had something he had to take care of but that he'd check in with them later, and he then left through the eastern double doors.
  • Immediately after Billy's departure, Pyramidas flew through a vortex and landed near Angel Grove; Gold Ranger, in the cockpit, said he'd better get out of sight fast, and Pyramidas then became invisible, after which Gold Ranger left the Zord, secretly followed out by a Varox bounty hunter.
  • After Gold Ranger had left the Power Chamber and the five Zeo Rangers had destroyed giant Borax, Billy walked in from the eastern double doors.
  • Billy seemed stumped but not particularly concerned when Alpha recounted how Gold Ranger had known Alpha and Zordon.
  • When Zordon told the teens that the only way Gold Ranger could know them was if they also knew him, the teens suspiciously eyed Billy; he looked around as if to reply innocently, "Well, don't look at me!"


  • After Gold Ranger had been shot down on Aquitar in Pyramidas, Billy was in the Power Chamber with Tanya as they tried to locate Pyramidas with the scanner.
  • Immediately after the Treys had been teleported to the Power Chamber, they were shown officially presenting the Golden Power Staff and Gold Ranger powers to Billy in the following scene:
    Treys (walking toward Billy): "Billy, are you ready to receive the power of the Gold Ranger?"
    Billy (placid): "I am. I'm truly honored."
    - Billy looks up at Golden Power Staff as they hold it up next to him and seems to sigh
    Treys: "Gift of power, take flight! Billy, the Golden Power Staff is now yours."
  • As Billy's hand approached the Golden Power Staff, it glowed gold and lit up the Power Chamber with flashes of light; when he held onto the staff, gold energy started to flow from the head of the staff into his hand but then returned to the head.
  • When the Rangers returned, Billy, looking crestfallen as he turned to face them, said that the power of the Gold Ranger couldn't be infused into him; he said he'd run a biomolecular scan on himself and explained that when the Command Center had blown up, he'd absorbed an extremely high dosage of "negative proton molecules" which resisted the Golden power like two magnets (presumably the like poles of two magnets) put together.
  • The term "negative proton molecules," at first glance nonsensical technobabble, could actually describe the antimatter version of ionized hydrogen (though anti-electrons would be required), but contact between matter and antimatter would annihilate both and release large quantities of energy; if Billy had absorbed anti-hydrogen, he most certainly would not have survived.


  • When Tommy brought Jason into the Power Chamber, the four other teens were excited; Billy appeared tense but then smiled mildly.
  • Just as the five Rangers called for the Zeozords to fight giant Silo, Billy teleported all six Rangers back to the Power Chamber.
  • Billy told the Rangers that he'd been monitoring the fight to make sure that Jason had fully absorbed the Golden powers (which he had), but that he'd discovered that Silo was composed of a new metal which made him virtually invincible; if the Rangers took the Zeozords into battle, Billy was sure the Zords would be destroyed.


  • Billy sat at the Juice Bar, waiting for Jason to teach him a new kata; he said he had to get out of the Power Chamber at some point, as he'd been beginning to feel like he lived there.
  • After getting his drink from Ernie, Billy got up and left without saying anything else to Rocky even though they'd been chatting beforehand.
  • Billy appeared to be a black-belt by this point.
  • When the teens' communicators went off, Tommy told Billy that they needed him at the Power Chamber, so he ran off down the southwest hall while the others stood in the doorway to morph.
  • When Billy had teleported Jason's communicator to the Power Chamber after they'd been unable to contact Jason, the teens were all dumbfounded as to where he'd gone, but none of them seemed to remember that Rocky had mentioned that Bulk and Skull had stopped him in the Youth Center; Tommy, taking the communicator, had the teens and Billy split up.
  • When the teens planned to use the Super Zeo Megazord for the first time, Billy said the Megazord still needed one more part to work at its maximum efficiency; the part was a power booster from "one of the old Zords," and Billy had mistakenly sent the booster to the Angel Grove junkyard for recycling after dismantling some of the old Zord pieces.
  • After Mondo had been destroyed, Billy and the six teens, in the Youth Center, believed that they had won for good and that no more villains threatened the planet.
  • Billy hadn't thought they would ever win for good, as they believed they now had done.


  • Billy and the six teens helped Ernie set up the beach club at the lake.
  • When calling the five teens on the communicators, he referred to morphed Jason as "Gold Ranger"; rarely, if ever, would teens privately refer to their fellow Rangers by their Ranger titles rather than real names.
  • When Zordon asked Billy how the repairs on Louie Kaboom's remote control were going, Billy replied, seemingly in a snotty manner, "Slow. Look, I'm doing the best that I can. It's just that I've never seen wiring like this before."


  • One morning while running tests in the Power Chamber, Billy detected an object (later revealed to be Warrior Wheel) approaching the Earth, and he called Tommy and Adam to the Power Chamber to discuss it.
  • Billy, thinking that the approaching Warrior Wheel was an object that was going to strike the Earth, said that at the rate the object was approaching Earth, it would make the Grand Canyon look like a pothole; when the Rangers, with time running out, suggested that they use the Super Zeozords, Billy said there was no time; he tried making contact with the object once more, but it didn't work; fortunately, the object landed rather than crashed.


  • Billy was in the Power Chamber with Jason, Kat, and Tanya as Tanya discussed with Zordon traveling to Mysterio Island to look for her parents.


  • Billy thought to use an electromagnetic pulse in the medical table to turn Jason back to normal after he'd been turned to solid gold by the Midas Hound.


  • Removing the Golden Power Staff from a stand in the Power Chamber which had caused the staff to glow orange, Billy told Jason that the energy from the staff should now regenerate itself, even in battle.


  • Billy had gone to Triforia to help the Treys with their unification process.


  • Rocky reassured Kat that Billy would let them know the second they found out anything about the missing Tommy, but Billy was away on Triforia at the time.
  • After sending Jason and Kat back to the lake to investigate the supposed Zeo Ranger Five sighting there and telling the others to stay to help Alpha track the brainwaves of the captured Tommy, Zordon said he would contact Billy on Triforia and have him return to help.
  • Running toward a hologram of Zeo Ranger Five before he would have known whether Billy was back yet, morphed Jason called into his communicator, "Billy, we found him!"
  • After Jason had been sucked into the Machine Arena moments later and disappeared from the Power Chamber's scanner, Zordon said he would contact Billy and advise him to return from the Zeozord repair terminal.
  • Finally in the Power Chamber, Billy was present when Alpha got a thermal reading on Jason and then Bulk and Skull, all three of whom had been sucked into the Machine Arena dimension.
  • Billy got a reading on residual energy from the holographic portal and brought up a visual on the Machine Arena.


  • Billy and Alpha couldn't figure out who had teleported the Rangers into the Machine Arena; it had actually been Finster, from the moon.


  • From this episode through 446-AS&D, Billy was neither seen nor mentioned.


  • Jason, anxious and out of breath, got the teens and brought them to the Power Chamber, where they found Tommy with an aged Billy, appearing perhaps sixty years old or more.
  • Billy put on his glasses when the teens came in.
  • Smiling, old Billy asked Kat whether she recognized him.
  • Billy explained that back in the days when Master Vile had turned back time (see "Orb of Doom"), the regenerator device he'd used on himself before it had been destroyed had had a side-effect, and it was now speeding up Billy's aging process.
  • A flashback from Billy's recent aging showed teenaged Billy working on the wiring under the Power Chamber console (actually recycled footage from 403-ShSt) and then sitting up as he warped into his older version.
  • Zordon didn't know whether the aging was reversible.
  • Billy suddenly got an idea and walked away into the northwest exit; he was soon at the Juice Bar with Kat looking through the lost-and-found box, explaining that although he hadn't lost any devices at the Youth Center before, he had to check all the possibilities.
  • Billy appeared to be in good spirits while in his aged form; the last time he'd been in a visibly good mood as a teenager was after Mondo's apparent defeat in 435-MLSt, twelve episodes prior.
  • Billy handed Kat a lost purse, actually the one she'd made and apparently discarded.
  • Billy jovially shook a whistle which he'd found in the box and then blew it, hurting the ears of Bulk and Skull and Rita and Zedd, all of whom happened to be eavesdropping at the time.
  • Kat put on some goofy glasses she found in the box, and they both had a chuckle before Billy experienced another aging burst.
  • Billy suggested that the Rangers take the Zeo Jet Cycles to Angel Grove Falls on their journey for freshwater (needed to power Cestro's regenerator cannon), but they instead took the cycles to look for the monsters the Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd had just sent down; meanwhile, Jason went after the water.
  • Billy had been tuning up the Zeo Jet Cycles just before he'd begun aging, he told the teens.
  • After getting a bottle of pure water and putting it in the back of the regenerator, Cestro shot an orange pulse of energy from the device, and Billy almost became young, but the effect went away; Cestro said it wasn't enough and that the aging would continue at an accelerated rate.
  • Zordon said he was picking up some unusual readings in the "Zeozord Holding Bay," and the Viewing Screen showed a schematic of the Zeo Megazord with a red circle flashing over the top of Zeozord Two; Billy, looking at the Viewing Screen, said it looked like there was a loose wire in the auxiliary sub-cockpit, and he decided he'd better check it out.
  • Billy enthusiastically told the concerned teens that he thought staying active was good for him.
  • While Billy was in the sub-cockpit, Cog Changer's gear made the Zeo Megazord come to life, trashing the Zord Holding Bay and then flying outside.


  • Alpha found with a handheld scanner that the aging had accelerated even more; at this rate, Billy would reach 100 years in an hour.
  • Billy was later sitting in an old-fashioned rocking chair with a blanket in his lap.
  • Delphine told the teens that they'd found a way to treat Billy, but it could be dangerous; an old friend, Cestria, was bringing him water from the Aquitians' Eternal Falls.
  • For Aquitians, the Eternal Falls were like the humans' legendary Fountain of Youth: it made them younger; the effects it would have on a human, however, were unknown; Billy was willing to take the risk.
  • Billy was lying on the Power Chamber's medical table with his eyes closed when Cestria came in; as soon as he heard her voice, his eyes snapped open.
  • Cestria wished they were seeing each other under better circumstances.
  • Cestria fondly told Billy that he was the same Billy no matter what age he was; he looked at her, smiling.
  • The Eternal Falls water almost worked, but like the regenerator cannon, its effects were merely temporary.
  • Alpha suggested that Billy go to Aquitar for long-term treatment with stronger doses; Billy was willing to take the chance of the treatment doing more harm than good.
  • Cestria told Billy that she would never forgive herself if anything were to happen to him; he put his hand on hers, which was resting on his leg, and said that he would be all right and that he was going.
  • Billy told Jason to tell the others, and he and Cestria teleported away without any supplies.
  • As he teleported away with Cestria, Billy's teleportation effect was a black version of the Aquitian Rangers' teleportation.
  • An unknown number of days later, the Power Chamber received a transmission from Billy on Aquitar, but the strength of the transmission had been compromised by the recent overuse of the Aquitians' teleportation systems.
  • Cestria told the teens that they wanted to let them know that the Eternal Falls had worked and that Billy was young again.
  • Standing beside Cestria in the same clothes as he'd worn on his transmission to Earth in 413-MnSc, Billy's voice sounded nothing like Billy, but the teens didn't notice anything unusual.
  • Billy surprised the teens by telling them that he wasn't coming home; he'd made an important decision, and while he would miss the teens, he was staying on Aquitar with Cestria, as he thought he'd found someone he could really relate to.
  • While Billy was off-screen for a moment, Cestria happily told the teens that Billy was so happy, he was speechless.
  • As the teens and Billy said their goodbyes, Billy told them to stay in touch.


  • In the near future on Terra Venture, a smart teen in blue named Baxter, who stole designs from Damon before realizing the error of his ways, wore silver-framed glasses identical to those worn years earlier by Billy, before Billy had exchanged them for a more stylish gold-framed pair.

    Clothing colors
    (X = major color,
    x = minor color)
    BlueBrownBlack GrayWhiteBeige
    401-AZB1 X     
    402-AZB2  XX   
    403-ShSt   X   
    404-Trgt   XX  
    405-FCOL   XX xX
    406-Outf   X   
    407-EDog    X  
    408-PuBl   X   
    409-IORS   XX  
    410-GrBl   XX  
    413-MnSc   X   
    414-MBWR   XXx 
    415-Sno1   XXx  
    416-Sno2   X   
    417-Sno3    X  
    418-InSp   X   
    419-Chal    X  
    420-Lost   X x 
    422-TrMe    XX  
    424-BlkF   X   
    425-SSYw   xxXXXx 
    427-GHnr   XX  
    428-PwOG    X  
    429-SmPr      X
    430-OBOR      X
    431-RBye   xXxx 
    432-DIKY    X  
    433-RvOG      X
    435-MLSt     X 
    436-BITS     X 
    437-SOAW      X
    438-Aurc      X
    439-RCGo      X
    440-TJOB      X
    442-Kng1      X
    447-RTW1   XX   


  • "Cranston" is generally accepted as Saban's last name for Billy, though it didn't appear in the show. (Sources: PR trading cards, unaired detailed credits list for 423-ICAG, etc.)

    Pilot Episode Billy, pilot episode

  • Billy had thick black glasses and a different hairstyle.
  • While excitedly watching the brawl and gesturing with umpire calls, Billy inadvertently backfisted a punk in the stomach, making the punk double over; this made Billy nervous.
  • Billy knew that the ground shaking from the building movement in downtown Angel Grove was no normal earthquake.
  • While they were teleporting, Billy said they seemed to be demolecularized but then admitted he didn't understand it himself.
  • Impressed, Billy referred to Alpha as a "fully-sentient, multifunctional automaton."
  • Billy pushed a button on Alpha's chest, causing Alpha to turn around.
  • Billy and Trini, both seemingly somewhat reluctant to leave, were the last to walk out on Zoltar.
  • Zack and Billy were the first to be knocked down by Putties in the desert, when a Putty threw Zack into Billy.
  • Billy became the Blue Ranger.
  • After the Megazord Tank Mode was formed, Billy told the others he was quite excited.
  • In the Command Center excitedly describing their fight, Billy said the energy surge had reversed the polarity of their charged protons, then demonstrated a split they'd done, making a horrible crunching sound as he pulled a tendon; oddly, there had been no split anywhere in the fight scenes.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Billy's birthday was given as April 1, making him an Aries.
  • Billy's birthplace was given as Chicago, Illinois.
  • Agreeing with the later Fan Club Video, Billy's favorite food was guacamole cheeseburgers.
  • Billy was developing theories on gravity manipulation.
  • Billy was a member of the debate team, the science club, the math club, the chess club, Mensa, and the William F. Buckley Vocabulary Society.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Being interviewed, Billy sat in his lab; he had light brown hair and wore a blue shirt and his thin-framed glasses, using absolutely no technospeak, and furthermore using the occasional bit of incorrect grammar; whether he wore a communicator is unknown.
  • As a child, Billy had started reading very early and had read the newspaper with his dad; then when he went to school, he became interested in science and the world.
  • Recalling a frightening experience, Billy described fighting Madame Woe to save Marge, his girlfriend at the time; he said it had been hard and scary, but he'd done it.
  • Billy gave his favorite food as guacamole cheeseburgers, adding that he liked a lot of fast food, such as pizza, french fries, and hamburgers.
  • Billy said he tried to use his mind over muscle in his normal state, and even when fighting Putties, he'd try to outsmart them to make them injure or destroy themselves; if he had to get physical, he said, he would do it, but he used it only as a last resport.
  • Billy remarked that being smart could take you anywhere in life, and he said that his intelligence often allowed him to help devise solutions to problems, since Zordon and the other teens didn't always have the answers.
  • Billy said he was a straight-A student, which would take him somewhere after high school; he planned to move on to college and hopefully become one of the world's leading scientists.
  • Billy listed honor, respect, and courage as the most important things he'd learned from Zordon.
  • Talking about her friends, Kim said that Billy was great, because he was so smart, and she would always go to him for help with homework; he was such a giving person, he always helped out.

    MMPR: The Movie Billy, MMPR: The Movie

  • Billy wore no glasses at all.
  • After flipping an ooze being onto its back during the ooze being fight, Billy punched it in the chest, perhaps hinting at the teens' familiarity with fighting Zedd's Putties; his punch was ineffective, merely getting ooze on his hand.
  • Facing the Tengu on Phaedos, Billy noted that one didn't appreciate morphing until one couldn't do it anymore.
  • Billy told Dulcea they were looking for a "Great Power" on Phaedos, but only Rita had been heard mentioning the name "Great Power."
  • Dulcea told Billy he was the wolf, cunning and swift.
  • In the Ninja Megafalconzord, Billy thought to use Ryan's Comet to destroy Hornitor-Ivan.

    PRZ comic book

  • Around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, the Rangers thwarted Mondo's infiltration of a military installation, after which they were given a celebration which Billy attended, although the teens suspected it was hard for him to watch them get all the action and glory.
  • Billy wore glasses with a grayish-beige sweatshirt.
  • Later in the Power Chamber when Lord Zedd called from Gamma-Vile, Billy was outraged to learn Zedd had stolen their Power Coin energies when he'd destroyed the coins, but Zordon chastized him for his old animosities, having him call the Rangers to deal with the crisis.
  • Billy explained to the incredulous teens why they had to help Zedd and Rita fight off the Machine Empire on Gamma-Vile, and he accompanied them in the cockpit of the Zeo Megazord on their interstellar flight.
  • Billy repeatedly dismissed the teens' suggestions that he was partially motivated by wanting to regain his powers, instead asserting that all that mattered was keeping the energies away from Mondo and Zedd.
  • Billy had at some point reconfigured the Zeo Megazord for interstellar flight without the teens knowledge.
  • Upon reaching Gamma-Vile, Tommy had Tanya and Rocky use the Zeo-Jets against the Quadrafighters while he, Adam, and Kat battled the Cog army; Billy, meanwhile, stayed in the Zeo Megazord, which he piloted alone to help destroy Quadrafighters.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Klank's Scrap Heap monster in the Zeo Megazord, they leapt down to confront Rita and Zedd, but Master Vile had already given the Power Coin energies to the Machine Empire; Billy told the Rangers they had to do something to save the Earth, but the plot would go unresolved.

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