Billy's relatives
- relatives to Billy Cranston
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  • In his garage, Billy took out from a small black chest a toy cannon his little cousin had left there (in his garage, or perhaps simply his house) last summer.


  • Around Christmastime, Billy had gone "back" somewhere for his family reunion.


  • "Cranston" is generally accepted as Saban's last name for Billy, though it didn't appear in the show. (Sources: PR trading cards, unaired detailed credits list for 423-ICAG, etc.)

    Billy's parents
    - parents of Billy Cranston
    Billy's dad
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  • Billy's dad did not wear blue to Parent's Day, although the other teens' parents did wear their children's Ranger colors.
  • Billy's dad was looking for Billy at Parent's Day before Billy came in late.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Billy showed the class a photo of himself, near seven or eight years old, working on his mom's vacuum cleaner, recalling how he'd learned about dedication by spending four hours reassembling it; Kim remarked that she bet his mom hadn't been happy.
  • While the six kids were in the park, young Adam helped young Billy test a kite for which Billy's dad had helped Billy draw up the plans at home.


  • Billy's parents had met Ko years ago when Ko was living in the Orient; he had been running his huge garden (presumably just the one in Angel Grove) since Billy was ten years old.


  • At the police station in the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), young Billy was surprised to hear that his mother (actually young Kat) had called.


  • When young Tommy told the kids they'd better get home before their parents began to worry, young Billy stayed with the Aquitians to take them to the Command Center, asking Tommy to tell his (Billy's) dad that he'd be a little late, but Tommy wouldn't have known Billy's dad in the past.


  • As he prepared to get into Cestro's spacecraft to journey to Aquitar to help the Aquitians with a weapon to destroy the Hydro Contaminators, Billy, having apparently stopped by his house to pack, told Cestro that he'd dreamed of an opportunity like this since he was a boy and that he couldn't pass it up; "Besides," he added, "my parents gave me their permission."

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