Blade Blasters
- laser pistols used by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Blade Blasters
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Blade Blaster (shown at right), blade mode, Wild West Ranger laser pistol


  • Upon morphing for the first time, the Rangers were wielding their Blade Blasters in blade mode.
  • The Rangers' holsters were on their left hips.
  • In one shot of Red Ranger on the rooftop, he had his Blade Blaster drawn, while he didn't in the previous and following shots.


  • Each Blade Blaster had "Zyuranger" written on its side.
  • Red Ranger's Blade Blaster blade mode had a red crystalline tip.
  • The Blade Blasters had what looked like dragon heads at the hilts.
  • A switch where the dragon head's neck would be flipped the Blade Blaster's tip out.
  • To transform the Blade Blasters into gun mode, a Ranger would simultaneously turn the weapon around and fold the top portion down while holding the handle, then shove in the rear portion of the gun.
  • The Blade Blasters in gun mode all shot red laser beams.
  • Trini used her Blade Blaster in blade mode to destroy all of the skeleton warriors in Bones's time warp as she ran by them.


  • Jason's Blade Blaster beam bounced off the Minotaur's shield.


  • For the Blade Blaster tower formation attack after their Power Weapons had been ruined, Kim and Trini leapt onto the shoulders of Billy, Jason, and Zack; the Rangers then held their Blade Blaster blades together, shooting a red energy triangle inside a blue energy triangle, surrounded by a yellow energy ring.
  • The first time the Rangers used the Tower Formation attack, Nasty Knight reflected the blast back at the Rangers.


  • The Rangers used the tower formation to blast the Power Eggs' chest away from Squatt and Baboo.


  • The Sword of Darkness dissolved in red energy upon being blasted by Jason's Blade Blaster.


  • After the Super Putties had been destroyed, the special weapons were briefly shown combined with the Rangers' Blade Blasters.


  • The Blade Blasters had a low power setting.
  • The Blade Blasters' burning outward through the cocoon of Scorpina's pet worm caused glows on the outside of the cocoon which matched the Rangers' colors, as if the Blade Blasters had been shooting Ranger-colored lasers.


  • Soccadillo in ball form was unharmed by the Tower Formation blast.


  • Morphed Jason shot Octophantom in the trunk with his Blade Blaster, upsetting the vain monster.


  • Yellow Ranger's Blade Blaster beam was yellow; from this point on unless otherwise noted, the Blade Blaster laser beams were always Ranger-colored rather than all red.
  • Morphed Trini freed Hallie from Zedd's evil forcefield with a beam from her Blade Blaster.


  • Magnetbrain's energy funnel made Red and Black Rangers' Blade Blasters backfire on them.


  • A laser from Yellow Ranger's Blade Blaster disintegrated the chains restraining Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson in the Cave of Despair.
  • A laser from Pink Ranger's Blade Blaster made the Serpent of Darkness vanish in a burst of pink globules.


  • Red and Blue Rangers' combined Blade Blaster lasers were unable to free the Sword of Light from its statue on the Deserted Planet.


  • After the power transfer which suited Rocky, Adam, and Aisha up as Rangers, Jason, Trini, and Zack were still wearing their Ranger suits, each still with his or her Power Coin, Morpher, and Blade Blaster, even though the three new Rangers had their own versions of the items on their duplicate suits.


  • Furious with Weldo for blasting the Bookala, morphed Billy destroyed the monster with the laser of his Blade Blaster.


  • The Wild West Rangers in 1880 had in place of Blade Blasters red laser pistols which slightly resembled revolvers.


  • Just after evil Billy had tackled him, Billy used his Morpher to activate his morph, after which both Billy and evil Billy were in the form of Blue Rangers; both Blue Rangers had a Morpher and Power Coin on their belts and a Blade Blaster in their holsters.
  • The Blue Ranger presumed to be evil Billy used his hands to deflect the combined laser fire from the five Blade Blasters and Saba but was soon overwhelmed by the lasers, and he vanished in a red energy flame effect.


  • Kim's Blade Blaster holster was on the wrong side when she reached for it in the battle against Artistmole.


  • The five Rangers used their Blade Blaster lasers to cause the Shogun Megazord's big toe emergency exit to open once some of the rust around it had been blasted; this was the last time the Blade Blasters were used.


  • The Aquitian Rangers' laser pistols could transform into daggers, just like the Blade Blasters.


  • Mannequins of the six Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (no Green) were on display in the Power Chamber's gallery after the teens had become Zeo Rangers; in the holsters of the original five Rangers were the Blade Blasters (or at least identical replicas).


  • Upon morphing for a while with his charred Power Morpher and Mastodon Power Coin, Adam had a Blade Blaster in his holster.

    - Phrases used to transform Blade Blasters into blade mode
    102-HiFv Jason: "Blade Blasters up!"

    - Phrases used to transform Blade Blasters into blaster mode
    108-PRPk Jason: "Blade Blasters up!"
    109-PL&W Billy (Jason and Zack down): "Blade Blasters up!"
    - Three remaining Rangers transform Blade Blasters
    Billy: "Fire!"
    110-FPIS Jason: "Blade Blasters up!"
    - Rangers transform Blade Blasters
    Jason: "Fire!"
    126-GuHo Zack (Jason absent): "Let's blast 'em!"
    - Four Rangers transform Blade Blasters
    Zack: "Fire!"

    Phrases used to transform, aim, and fire Blade Blasters and aim and fire Saba's eyebeams simultaneously
    252-BRGB Six Rangers: "Power blasters up!"

    - Phrases used for Tower Formation
    112-HBZk Jason: "Blade Blasters up! Let's bring 'em together!"
    116-BigS Jason: "Let's do it!"
    - Rangers get in formation
    Jason (as Rangers hold Blade Blasters together): "Power up!"
    Rangers: "Fire!"
    138-BROY Jason: "Rangers, Blade Blasters up!"
    - Rangers get in formation
    Rangers (holding Blade Blasters together): "Fire!"
    157-SeCh Jason: "Tower Formation!"
    Billy/Trini: "Right!"
    Kim/Zack: "Ready!"
    - Kim and Trini stand ready to flip up into position
    Trini: "Okay, we're in position!"
    Billy/Zack/Jason: "Now!"
    - Kim and Trini backflip up onto the guys' shoulders
    Kim/Trini: "Hyaaah!"
    Rangers (in formation): "Hyah!"
    Jason: "Power up..."
    - Rangers hold Blade Blasters together
    Jason: "Fire!"

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The five Blade Blasters were now Ranger-colored rather than all red; they were not used during the movie.

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