Blue Senturion
- robotic police officer sent from alternate timeline
Blue Senturion
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First Appearance: 513-MiMe
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2 (in person), 1310-StkO (character in video game)
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), patrol bike, evil Blue Senturion


  • Blue Senturion's ship came out of an interdimensional warp above Angel Grove, inside the Earth's atmosphere, a potentially dangerous situation which caused the ground to quake intermittently for several minutes until the ship appeared, heading toward the Power Chamber.
  • Blue Senturion's ship appeared to be of the same design as the Bookala's ship, but presumably, it was a larger version.
  • The small ship exploded, and Blue Senturion, in a clear cylinder of some sort, fell to Angel Grove Beach were Divatox and crew were having a pleasant day at the beach.
  • Dimitria assumed that the spacecraft had come from another galaxy.
  • Blue Senturion was lying unconscious among the wreckage on the beach; other pieces of wreckage had landed in various places all over Angel Grove.
  • Blue Senturion looked like a police officer, with a badge (bearing an "S" design) on the left side of his breastplate; he had "Police" written on either side of his head.
  • On Blue Senturion's left wrist was a silver device which looked similar to a Turbo Morpher.
  • Neither Divatox nor Elgar were familiar with Blue Senturion.
  • Divatox brought Blue Senturion back to her subcraft to find out what he was doing there.
  • In the subcraft, Porto switched Blue Senturion on by opening a panel in his back and touching a button inside.
  • Blue Senturion's voice always had click sounds before and after his sentences, as though he were speaking through a police radio.
  • Blue Senturion said, "I am the Blue Senturion, an intergalactic officer of the peace."; he said he had been sent from their future with an urgent message for Dimitria, a message which could forever change the balance of power in the universe.
  • Divatox impersonated Dimitria's voice, and Blue Senturion, after confirming that her voice print matched Dimitria of Inquiris, began playing his message, a hologram beamed out of his visor with blue energy.
  • At the beginning of Blue Senturion's hologram was the text, "Estimated future file now playing."
  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, then divide its wealth; only one force stood in their way. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)
  • Porto switched Blue Senturion off, despite the officer's protest that Porto didn't have authorization.
  • Divatox told Porto to reprogram Blue Senturion to turn him evil, but Porto explained, "He's an Intergalactic Police Officer. It can't be turned evil," so Divatox had him make Blue Senturion think the Power Rangers were evil and had to be destroyed for the good of the universe.
  • Before sending Blue Senturion on his way, Porto placed a detonator inside the officer's back.
  • Once Blue Senturion was activated, Divatox told Blue Senturion in Dimitria's voice that a Power Ranger (unmorphed Tommy) was attacking defenseless citizens (Piranhatron); Blue Senturion searched his database and found the following definition for Power Rangers: "evil teenagers dedicated to overthrowing good."
  • Blue Senturion's teleportation effect consisted of thin blue vertical lines streaked together like an ever-varying barcode.
  • Blue Senturion rode up to morphed Tommy on his patrol bike.
  • Blue Senturion told Tommy, "I am the Blue Senturion, defender of intergalactic law. Halt your aggresive actions against these defenseless citizens at once."
  • Blue Senturion told Tommy he was under arrest.
  • When the other four Rangers teleported onto the scene to back Tommy up, Blue Senturion said before teleporting away (presumably with his bike) that he had other pressing matters to attend to and that he would return.
  • Alpha described Blue Senturion to the four teens as being a robot; apparently, he wasn't familiar with Blue Senturion.
  • When Tommy mentioned what Blue Senturion had called himself, Adam told the teens that Zordon had told him about them (presumably the Intergalactic Police), and that they were the most reliable form of robotic law enforcement in eight galaxies.
  • Blue Senturion attacked Tommy and Kat when they were alone at an industrial site; he rode toward the two and pulled out his laser pistol, at which point Kat shoved Tommy aside and took the laser blast in her right ankle.
  • Tommy grabbed Blue Senturion, causing Blue Senturion to grab him back; Tommy then threw three punches, which Blue Senturion blocked, and it was only then that Blue Senturion began attacking Tommy with hand-to-hand combat.
  • Watching the Rangers fight Terrortooth after it had attacked Kat, Blue Senturion planned to report this offense against the creature.
  • Once Tanya had grappled Blue Senturion, Justin quickly opened his back and turned him off.
  • Fumbling around inside Blue Senturion for the detonator, Justin activated the first half of the hologram from the future.
  • When Justin turned Blue Senturion back on, the officer said that the memory change had been corrected and that it was time to apprehend the true perpetrators for crimes against the universe.
  • When Terrortooth grew to giant size, Blue Senturion told him, "You are in violation of intergalactic codes! Stop or I will be forced to restrain you!"; as giant Terrortooth picked him up, Blue Senturion shouted, "You are violating numerous codes! This is unauthorized action! Release me at once!", but he was helpless until the Turbo Megazord caused the monster to drop him.
  • After Terrortooth had retreated, Tommy tried to warn Blue Senturion that he was in great danger as the officer chased the Piranhatrons, but Blue Senturion didn't stop.
  • There was a fiery explosion from around the corner just after Blue Senturion had run there, and Divatox then appeared to taunt the Rangers that their defender from the other galaxy was gone, but Blue Senturion would soon be shown riding Robo Racer into battle against giant Terrortooth, and the detonator was still inside him; the explosion may have been the enlargement of Terrortooth.
  • Driving in Robo Racer, Blue Senturion said, "The Blue Senturion always gets his man. Or in this case, monster."
  • After opening Blue Senturion's back panel after the fight, Alpha snipped a yellow wire, causing Blue Senturion's right arm to go up; Justin snipped a different wire, raising his other arm; finally, they decided it had to be the purple one, and they disabled the detonator by cutting the purple wire.
  • Later on the Power Chamber's medical table with wires hooked up to him, Blue Senturion played what he could of the message, but it was now in fragments which failed to name the only force which stood in the way of the villains' universal domination.
  • Blue Senturion's holographic imaging chip had been burnt in the battle.
  • Justin told Blue Senturion they'd figure out a way to get him back to his own galaxy, but that in the meantime, they were glad to have him there on Earth; he replied the feeling was mutual.


  • As the Rangers were fighting Elgar and Electrovolt, Blue Senturion walked onto the scene, asking if someone there had called for his assistance.


  • Blue Senturion arrived to help unmorphed Kat and Tanya fight Piranhatron outside an audition hall.
  • When asked where he'd learned to fight like that, Blue Senturion explained he'd been trained at the Intergalactic Police Academy.
  • When thanked, Blue Senturion said he was just doing his duty.
  • Later, when Rygog and Elgar arrived to help Griller fight the Rangers, Blue Senturion arrived, telling Griller that playing loud music without a permit was a violation of code 41028.
  • Blue Senturion said they had to restrain the perpetrator, and Tommy and Blue Senturion reached for their laser pistols.


  • Blue Senturion teleported onto the scene as Elgar was fighting Adam in front of a crowd of kids, preventing Adam from morphing.
  • As he teleported in, Blue Senturion strongly said, "Your kind of scum really bugs me! You're under arrest!"
  • After Elgar and the Piranhatrons had left, Blue Senturion remarked as he opened a notebook, "He is a clever criminal. I'll just make a note."
  • A fly buzzing around Blue Senturion's head made a high-pitched frequency which jammed his receivers and greatly bothered him.
  • Blue Senturion later helped an old lady cross a dangerous intersection, explaining he was programmed to serve and protect the good citizens of the town.
  • When Shrinkasect buzzed inside Blue Senturion's head in fly form, Blue Senturion went crazy, announcing, "Computer alert! Unauthorized entry into the system. Short-circuiting, cannot control motor functions!" and then, "Sensors on maximum overdrive! Red alert!"; finally, he announced, "Countdown to detonation!" apparently initiating a self-destruct sequence.
  • Blue Senturion's head began to smoke as he was struggling to fight off the teens, who were trying to restrain him.
  • While the five teens hadn't been able to restrain Blue Senturion, the teens were successful after Justin had left to stop the chimps in Lt. Stone's car.
  • Tommy opened a panel in the back of Blue Senturion's head, letting the tiny Shrinkasect out.
  • Shrinkasect shrank Blue Senturion to miniature size.
  • Justin found the shrunken Blue Senturion in the grass.


  • In the Power Chamber, tiny Blue Senturion's brain was scrambled, even though he had seemed to be all right when Justin had found him in the grass.
  • Being struck by torpedoes from Divatox's subcraft returned Blue Senturion to normal, both physically and mentally.


  • Blue Senturion was helping an old lady cross a street.
  • When a cart of coats was speeding toward Delisha (in human form), Blue Senturion told her to stay there (in the path of the cart), then he stopped it.
  • In thanks, Delisha had Blue Senturion try on a yellow coat, made for his large shoulders, with a Blue Senturion badge pinned to it already.
  • Yellow was Blue Senturion's favorite color.
  • Blue Senturion was put under the jacket's anger spell.
  • After realizing someone had gone outside of a crosswalk, Blue Senturion rushed off, stating, "He'll regret that."
  • Blue Senturion was smashing large flower pots outside a shop when Ashley arrived and asked him what he was doing with the jacket on, at which point he shot at her with his Synergizer, thinking she was after his jacket.
  • As Ashley left, Blue Senturion proudly declared, "At last! Free to wear high fashion!"
  • The teens all knew Blue Senturion.
  • Blue Senturion was shooting things at random when the Rangers arrived to stop him.
  • With his Synergizer in one hand, Blue Senturion spoke into something in his other hand to summon Robo Racer.
  • In the Robo Racer cockpit, T.J. pulled Blue Senturion's power pack (not shown), rendering Blue Senturion unconscious as T.J. removed the jacket from him, and the officer then returned to normal.


  • As the Rangers were being cooked inside a giant pizza by Mad Mike in a warehouse, Blue Senturion wandered in, saying it smelled like trouble and that the source seemed to be the very large oven.
  • Holding his Synergizer folded up in compact mode, Blue Senturion called out, "Red light, now!" and all the red lights on his and his weapon, except for his large shoulder lights, lit up, stopping the space cars and making the evil pizzas that had been controlling them fall off; Blue Senturion declared that the evil pizzas were no match for a simple stoplight.
  • Blue Senturion freed the Rangers with the laser from his Synergizer.
  • After the Turbine Laser had failed to destroy Mad Mike, the Rangers and Blue Senturion expressed their distress with the following sequence:
    T.J.: "Nuts!"
    Justin: "Rats!"
    Carlos: "Drat!"
    Ashley: "Curses!"
    Cassie: "Phooey!"
    Blue Senturion: "Uh, fiddlesticks!"
  • At all times except in 520-StWi, Blue Senturion would blow a whistle while summoning Robo Racer; in 532-GOEv, he merely blew the whistle without a summoning call.


  • As the Rangers used the Turbo Megazord against giant Translucitor, Blue Senturion joined in the fight in Robo Racer, even though he hadn't been seen earlier during several emergencies; this would be the only time he would be seen at all during the Phantom Ranger's period of helping out on Earth from 523-PhPh through 529-ClMz; below is a listing of all the major emergencies in that time in which Blue Senturion was absent.



  • Blue Senturion was also absent in this non-crisis episode, during which the teens tested Robot Rangers to help out on Eltar.


  • As Wicked Wisher was stealing coins from the fountain in the park while the teens fought Piranhatron summoned by Rygog, Blue Senturion leapt onto the scene, shooting Wicked Wisher with lasers from his Synergizer as he told the monster to halt.
  • When the teens thanked Blue Senturion after the villains had left, Blue Senturion replied that no thanks were necessary, as it was the duty of all Intergalactic Peace Officers to render assistance.
  • Divatox wished for Blue Senturion to be evil, and when he turned evil, most of the lights on his body turned black.
  • Blue Senturion had been helping a cyclist with his bicycle's tire when the wish turned him evil.
  • As Wicked Wisher and morphed T.J. fought in the city, Blue Senturion drove up on his patrol bike, nearly running T.J. over.
  • Blue Senturion was now truly evil, negating Porto's statement in 513-MiMe that Intergalactic Police Officers couldn't be turned evil.
  • After Elgar had accidentally knocked the last wishing coin to Earth, Wicked Wisher, Blue Senturion, and Piranhatron were getting coins from people in the park, looking for the coin.
  • When the Rangers arrived, Blue Senturion had Wicked Wisher leave the fighting to him, as he wanted to destroy the Rangers.
  • Blue Senturion summoned a Turbo Blade and threw it at the Rangers, but T.J. caught it.
  • As the torpedoes were coming to enlarge Wicked Wisher, Elgar brought a reluctant Blue Senturion back to the Space Base.


  • Blue Senturion went with Wild Weeder to search for the coin.
  • Blue Senturion summoned a school of Piranhatron to fight the Rangers.
  • Blue Senturion fought the Rangers for a bit but then left with Wild Weeder, leaving the Diva Drones to continue searching.
  • Blue Senturion and Elgar were then in the park, where Diva Drones brought them hundreds of coins in the search for the wishing coin.
  • After arriving with Wild Weeder to get the wishing coin from Bulk and Skull at a plant nursery, Blue Senturion fought the Rangers for a while after Bulk and Skull had left, but then he himself left with plans of the villains finding the coin.
  • Blue Senturion arrived to take over for Wild Weeder as he fought the Rangers in the city; Blue Senturion summoned Robo Racer and shot at the Rangers with Robo Racer's cannon.
  • Blue Senturion grew quite dizzy from the fight against the five Rescuezords in Robo Racer.
  • Justin used the wishing coin to wish for Blue Senturion to be good again, and the wish came true.


  • As Carlos was bummed by the sidewalk, Blue Senturion stopped his parking duty to ask Carlos what was wrong, as he looked troubled.
  • Carlos told Blue Senturion that he'd always played soccer with his buddies and hadn't kept score, but now it had all changed; Blue Senturion said it didn't sound like a legal matter he was qualified to help with, and Carlos agreed, leaving to sort things out for himself.
  • After wishing Carlos good luck, Blue Senturion paused for a moment before returning to work.
  • Blue Senturion detected Terrorzord's approach from above, and his sensors told him the Zord was not from this planet.
  • As he was losing to Terrorzord in Robo Racer, Blue Senturion called, "mayday," and his signal was detected by Alpha in the Power Chamber.


  • As the Rescue Megazord fought Terrorzord and giant Mr. Goorific, the villains were mysteriously blasted by something; as T.J. looked around in confusion, he said that they needed the Blue Senturion, at which point Robo Racer drove in.


  • Blue Senturion arrived in Robo Racer to help the Rescue Megazord against the Sharkzord.


  • Days later, Robo Racer was dragging the defeated Sharkzord away from the water, with Blue Senturion talking about the illegality of littering, when the Catzord was beginning its attack.


  • Blue Senturion was nowhere to be seen during the Rangers' nearly disastrous fight with Goldgoyle, resulting in the destruction of both Megazords.
  • After the battle, Dimitria gave the Rangers grave news, that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces; the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Dimitria said they had to stay to defend the Earth from Divatox, so she and Blue Senturion were leaving to try to help Zordon.
  • Immediately after Dimitria had mentioned his name, Blue Senturion entered from the western doors and told Dimitria he was ready.
  • Justin hugged Blue Senturion, and the officer embraced him back; Justin then gave him his lucky coin, in case he needed it; Blue Senturion thanked him and told the Blue Ranger he would miss him.
  • After Dimitria had teleported, Blue Senturion wished his friends farewell, and he then teleported away as well.


  • Probably only minutes after Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, a flaming face streaked in from the sky to tell her that Zordon had been captured and that she was to leave at once for the Cimmerian planet for Dark Specter's assembly of villains.


  • After Dark Specter had told Astronema to summon all of his evil forces to finally take over the universe, the Machine Empire's forces fought Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion in a mountainous desert on the Phantom's home planet (definitely not Eltar).
  • After Quadrafighters overhead had blasted at them, causing a huge explosion, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion were swarmed by the surrounding monsters.
  • Hours later, as Ecliptor's hologram in the sky explained that Dark Specter had been destroyed and Astronema was now their supreme ruler, the villains had Phantom and Blue Senturion restrained, with a Cog holding Blue Senturion's own Synergizer sword to the officer's throat.


  • Shortly, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • When the energy wave from Zordon's destruction turned all of the Machine Empire and its army into piles of sand, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion got up and looked around.
  • The two looked around in amazement, seeing the piles of sand all around them, then faced each other.

    - Phrases used for Blue Senturion to prepare for action
    513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Blue Senturion, patrol mode!"

    - Phrases used for Blue Senturion to arrest someone
    513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Blue Senturion arrest mode activated."
    513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Arrest mode on."

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