- alien traveler from the planet of the same name
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First Appearance: 236-TGBE
Last Appearance: 236-TGBE
Pictures: Bookala, close-up (shown at right), Bookala's ship


  • Zedd was chasing the Bookala's small spacecraft in Serpentera, seeking the Lightning Diamond, power source to the Bookala's ship.
  • The Bookala's ship, approximately two feet in length, landed in Angel Grove Park, and Billy, Adam, and Aisha then took it to the Command Center.
  • The Bookala was in a non-conscious state and only a few inches tall while inside his ship's cockpit.
  • The Bookala's ship had what appeared to be a red Japanese symbol on it.
  • Merely by looking at the outside of the small ship, Billy saw that a monitor suggested there was a heartbeat in the miniature pilot.
  • Zordon had Billy open the ship's forward hatch and put the Lightning Diamond in the cockpit, in the tiny Bookala's hands, at which point the Bookala appeared outside the ship with white sparkles, now awake and at normal size (slightly larger than humanoid).
  • The Bookala had a golden Japanese symbol on his chest.
  • When the teens were startled by the Bookala, Zordon told them that the alien was merely a traveler, returning to his home planet (of the same name) many light-years away.
  • Zordon said the Bookala were very intelligent, and that this Bookala would try to imitate them and learn their language.
  • The Bookala held what appeared to be a red umbrella.
  • Billy told the Bookala he would repair his ship.
  • As Adam, Aisha, and Billy worked on his ship and the decoy Bookala doll and Lightning Diamond in a workshop, the Bookala already knew a good bit of English, but with awkward phrasing.
  • The Bookala missed the snow on his home planet.
  • Adam, Aisha, and Billy morphed in front of the Bookala.
  • The Bookala opened his red umbrella when Weldo started shooting lasers at him and the Rangers.
  • Weldo sent the Bookala flying through the air from an explosion from his eyebeam.
  • The Bookala was teleported to the Command Center in pale pink energy.
  • Billy told the Bookala he hoped to see the universe someday; the Bookala told him that he was always welcome on planet Bookala.
  • The Bookala made it snow briefly; earlier, Billy had remarked that he wished it would snow in Angel Grove.
  • The Bookala made himself shrink with white sparkles from the Lightning Diamond.
  • The Bookala's ship flew very close to the powerless Serpentera as it left the Earth.


  • Blue Senturion's ship appeared to be of the same design as the Bookala's ship, but presumably it was a larger version.

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