- former teen bully (101-DOTD through 252-BRGB)
- former Junior Police officer (307-NjQ4 through 501-SIT1)
- former detective (425-SSYw through 450-Good)
- former assistant to Professor Phenomenus (603-SOSh through 745-End3)
- former colonist of Terra Venture (701-QsQ1 through 745-End3)
- current proprietor of "Club Bulkmeier" (since 1034-FRed)
Bulk (right)
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Full Name: Farkas Bulkmeier (111-FWBT, 234-WSmF)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Bulk and Professor Phenomenus, in Comet Cafe (PRLG); also see Bulk and Skull page
See Also: Bulk's relatives, Bulk's house


  • Bulk fell over trying to do a tornado kick like Jason.
  • Ernie accidentally splashed the teens' drinks in Bulk's face during the earthquake caused by Rita's attack.


  • Trying to climb the Youth Center's rope, Bulk pulled down the rope and some pieces of ceiling.


  • Bulk dumped a recycle bin full of trash on a guy in Angel Grove High who picked up Bulk's can and recycled it.


  • Bulk had held a benchpressing record of 1,009 before Jason beat it with 1,010.
  • In the Youth Center, Bulk grappled Jason from behind and lifted him out of his chair; Jason freed himself by tickling Bulk and then stomping on his foot.
  • Bulk split his pants in reaction to Jason stomping his foot; he then fell over while chasing Skull for making his pants fall completely down.
  • Bulk vowed to get his benchpressing record back after Jason had beaten his old record.
  • Bulk was annoyed by Skull's repetition of what whatever Bulk said.
  • Bulk tripped over some weights and fell face-first into the cake of which Zack had offered him some.
  • Bulk shoved cake into Skull's face for laughing at his tripping into the cake.


  • While dancing in response to Zack's challenge to Skull to try dancing, Bulk kicked Jason's Juice Bar seat out from beneath him.
  • Trying to match Zack's dancing skill, Bulk got stuck in a split and soon afterward flung himself into some food and behind the Juice Bar.


  • Bulk looked slightly distressed upon accidentally hitting Skull with his pie while trying to start a food fight at the food festival.
  • Jason swung around chain link sausages like nunchucks, causing Bulk to become disoriented and drop a pie on his own head.
  • Zack caused Bulk to send himself flying down the Hawaiian table and send the punch bowl flying, dousing Mr. Caplan.
  • Bulk mocked Pudgy Pig until had it growled at him and Skull, at which point Bulk and Skull ran away.


  • Bulk threw three punches at Jason at the Junior Science Fair.


  • Bulk's locker was stuffed full with food and things like rubber snakes.
  • Bulk was submissive to Billy, who was under the effects of a punk potion, after punk Billy had lifted Bulk off his feet and shoved him up against the locker.
  • On Saturday when Skull was expecting to go on a date with Kimberly, Bulk propositioned Trini about a double date.
  • When Billy told Bulk and Skull that the girls didn't date Neanderthals, Bulk decided that he and Skull would show off their skill at volleyball.


  • Bulk skateboarded through the Youth Center, even riding down the Juice Bar steps, on a skateboard which appeared to have a life-sized skull on the front.
  • Bulk skateboarded right into a cake Ernie was holding, getting both himself and Skull banned from the Youth Center until he paid for the cake.
  • At the dance when pressed for money by Ernie, Bulk pulled out bills from between his toes on his left foot, calling it his "bank."
  • The smell of the money from Bulk's "bank" caused Ernie to fall over onto his new cake.


  • Bulk told Skull he always wanted to be a pilot, flying up in the sky and looking down at the world.


  • Bulk accidentally sprayed a bit of imitation lava into his face from Billy's model volcano, then spit some of it at Skull.
  • Bulk's first name is Farcus.


  • Bulk blew his nose on the banner Trini had been painting for Zack's birthday.
  • Bulk ran into a pole while charging Jason, then fell over into a box of balloons.


  • Bulk wanted to try reading Skull's mind with the thought transfer apparatus.
  • The malfunctioning invention switched Bulk and Skull's brains.


  • Kim accidentally dumped a bowl of veggie chili all over Bulk as he was peacefully eating a banana split at a table with Skull.


  • As people were evacuating the Youth Center during the quaking from giant Goldar's attack, Bulk wouldn't let himself and Skull leave until he'd finished his ice cream, but he quickly swallowed the rest and ran out as soon as a beam fell down from the ceiling.


  • After declaring that the basketball court was their space, Bulk grabbed Kim by the arm and grappled her from behind, then shoved her over to Skull.
  • Bulk seemed like he was about to punch Jason before Jason and Zack grabbed his arms again.


  • Bulk was apparently allergic to flowers.


  • A chain reaction of falling chairs started by Bulk tugging on a garland sent a bucket of white paint flying through the air and landing on his head.
  • Bulk wanted an excellent costume to win the costume contest at the masquerade party, and he had Skull search the chest in his room for costumes.
  • Skull had himself wear a Captain Hook costume and Bulk wear a Peter Pan costume, but Bulk refused to go anywhere wearing green tights; Skull had them dress up in a two-person brown horse costume, but Bulk refused to be the back end; Skull had them dress up as young and old Elvis, but Bulk seemed to have a problem with his back.
  • Bulk and Skull finally came to the party dressed as punks.
  • Bulk told Skull to "get 'im!" when the Frankenstein monster tossed a girl at the masquerade party around.


  • Bulk got knocked down by the swinging Youth Center punching bag.
  • Skull tripped and splashed a bucket of water on Bulk after their ninjas had lost at the Team Ninja Finals.


  • Bulk played Rumpelstiltskin in the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin."
  • Bulk apparently ruined Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel, a prop in the play, by making it get stuck.
  • Bulk seemed noticeably sad after Kim had screamed at him for ruining the spinning wheel.
  • During the play, Bulk's pants ripped open as he bent over while facing away from the audience.


  • Kim accidentally splashed her pink drink all over Bulk's shirt when Zack messed up a move and came careening toward her.
  • In front of a crowd at the Youth Center, Bulk pitted his dancing skill against Zack; he ended up knocking himself and Skull into a cluster of large column decorations which would be used for the dance contest later; some of the columns were broken as a result of Bulk and Skull's fall.


  • Bulk competed in the dance contest, with Skull joining in for a moment, and scored a 0, a 1, and a -3.


  • Bulk was eating pizza by folding it into a huge funnel at a picnic bench with Skull by the ocean cliffs.
  • Jason had been telling Jeremy about Bulk, the "famous bully."
  • Bulk smoved pizza into Skull's face for being amused by Jason's "famous bully" line.
  • Bulk tried to throw martial arts moves at Jason.
  • Bulk dove through the air at Jason, missing and landing face-first in his pizza on the ground.


  • After Tommy told Bulk and Skull to back off when they were harassing him and Kimberly, Bulk threw a punch at Tommy, but Tommy turned him around and shoved him, sending him flying through the air and sliding along the water on the floor into its source, the janitor's overturned cleaning bucket.


  • Skull was Bulk's manager for his audition for the karate commercial.
  • At the beach, Bulk dizzily fell over after being hit in the chest with a beach ball.
  • Bulk had come to the beach to get a tan for the audition, which was later that same day.
  • Skull accidentally splashed the entire bottle full of suntan lotion on Bulk's face, then smeared mayonnaise on Bulk, causing him to get a sunburn.
  • Bulk's performance was chosen for the Angel Grove Karate Center commercial to show what students would look like if they attempted to learn karate on their own.


  • Using his sense of smell, Bulk hunted down the boiled eggs that were apparently to be used as props in an act for the talent show in the Youth Center.
  • Bulk had his hair down for his and Skull's performance during the talent show.


  • When Zack dodged Bulk's charging, Bulk went head-first into a trash can and rolled down a hill.


  • Bulk coached a kid named Biff, who fought in a competition against Zack's student Cameron.
  • Bulk had taught Biff some new moves, apparently including kicking his opponent in the shin.
  • Biff kicked Bulk in the shin and told him he was getting a new coach.


  • Bulk wanted his and Skull's video project, with Bulk as the star, to show him working out; he also had himself filmed with the bags of trash the teens had picked up.
  • Bulk had promised Skull he could be in the workout scene with Bulk, so Bulk had Ernie film the scene.
  • While Skull was videotaping him for their video project, Bulk fell over in class, fell over onto a pile of bagged trash, and fell into a pile of recycled products, all while being recorded by Skull's camcorder.


  • The desk which Bulk had claimed earlier by writing his name on it was the front seat next to the windows; he'd spelled his name "Buulk."
  • Bulk's mom packed him a lunchbox full of food for detention every day.
  • If while counting backwards with his ears plugged Bulk could hear Skull's counting as it seems he could, then he also should have heard the teens morphing next to them.


  • The owner of the pig Norman loved agreed to adopt Norman, even though Bulk had previously adopted Norman and had been quite fond of the pig.


  • Bulk bumped into Ernie, causing Ernie to dump a jug of water on his head.
  • Bulk smiled impishly after finding a little green frog in his shirt, a frog which had apparently gotten in there when he and Skull had leapt into the pond to flee from Goatan.


  • Bulk got splashed with green paint, or perhaps water used to clean a green paintbrush, as he was trying to attack Skull for failing to remove the pricetag on the plastic tree they'd bought to outdo the teens' saplings.


  • Bulk was allergic to dust.
  • Bulk seemed allergic to chalk dust as well.


  • Bulk knew of the teens' plans to go scuba diving, and he planned for himself and Skull to go fishing at the pond.
  • Bulk shoved his head into the sack containing what Billy had caught and ended up having the live lobster inside grab onto his nose with its pincer.


  • Bulk was charging $50 an hour for cockroach kung fu lessons and $20 for a "sparring partner," actually a live cockroach.


  • Bulk seemed excited about arriving at Parent's Day with his parents.


  • Miss Appleby had told Bulk that if he didn't get a C on the upcoming science exam, she'd make the six top students in the class tutor him for the whole summer; Bulk was taking his test at least a day after Billy had taken it.


  • Zack managed to sneak away into the locker hall by having Bulk "magically" make him disappear from a magic booth; Bulk repeated the magic words "Iamag oon" several times before noticing he was saying "I am a goon" and realizing Zack was gone.
  • Bulk asked Angela out to the submarine races while Zack was gone.


  • Doing a cheer, Bulk ripped his pants while bending over away from Kelly and the teens.


  • Bulk was dressed as a mummy in the audience of Trick or Treat.
  • A rag from Bulk's mummy costume got caught in the door of the car the representative from network standards and practices had taken back, and he was spun around with no pants as the car drove off.


  • Jason and Tommy were ready to fight in the hallway, following Bulk's suggestion, until Miss Appleby came along, and Kim told her they were just practicing moves, at which point Miss Appleby scolded the two.


  • Bulk thought highly of his own soccer skills.
  • Bulk kicked a soccer ball down the hall, knocking papers out of Miss Appleby's hand and eventually knocking himself into a locker; Miss Appleby gave Bulk and Skull detention that afternoon for the soccer ball incident.
  • Bulk didn't think Miss Appleby would give Tommy back his "pager" (actually his communicator) because, as he said, she never gave anything back.


  • Bulk tried out for the football team.
  • Bulk made the Angel Grove High football team; his number was 76.
  • Bulk fell over after emerging with the rest of the football players; Skull said Bulk was still working on his agility.


  • Bulk didn't think he and little kids mixed.
  • Bulk inadvertently ate a handful of red-hot candies, then dunked his head in the apple-bobbing barrel, coming up with an apple in his mouth.


  • Bulk appeared to have hazel eyes.
  • While he and Skull babysat Jacob, Bulk had a black sports bag filled with a great deal of food, including what looked like a pizza in saran wrap, a pretzel, a bagel, a banana, a cob of corn, and a burrito.


  • Seeing the six teens of the World Teen Summit, Bulk suspected the six, whom he described as "super-smart" and "tops in the world," as being Power Rangers.
  • When Goldar and crew led the five World Teen Summit members into the main opening of the Cave of Despair, Bulk knew of a back entrance to the cave; he and Skull edged along a rock face for a while before falling onto a spot directly in front of the cave's main opening.


  • Seeing Aisha finding her locker while he emerged from Miss Appleby's classroom, Bulk told Aisha she looked nice on her first day and then offered to help her with her locker; she let him look at the card which contained her locker combination, and he ended up accidentally pulling the locker door off.


  • Bulk had his hair down in Miss Appleby's class.
  • When Miss Appleby asked anyone if he had a question following Adam's report on light refraction, Bulk asked how tall the tallest building in the world was; he seemed sincerely interested.


  • Bulk was playing an arcade game in the Juice Bar when Skull rushed in with an important discovery concerning the Rangers' identities.


  • Bulk thought he, not Aisha, would be selected by Firefighter Newman to be Fire Safety Captain; the next day, he and Skull came into class with a dalmation puppy and wearing Wanna-be Firefighter outfits, having joined the Wanna-be Firefighters Club.
  • Bulk interrupted Aisha's fire safety demonstration, wanting to show slides that proved his dad couldn't operate a barbeque, since the 1993 Bulkmeier family barbeque was supposedly known across the country to firefighters as "The Big One"; Bulk shorted out the plug trying to plug in his slide projector.


  • Like each of the six kids, young Bulk destroyed at least one Putty by throwing a dodgeball ball at it.


  • Bulk had his hair down in class.


  • According to Skull, Bulk always had weird dreams whenever he ate beans.


  • After Tommy had groggily and weakly asked Bulk and Skull where the other teens were, Bulk told Skull he blamed martial arts for Tommy's current condition.


  • When describing his and Skull's reason for being fired from Ernie's outdoor cafe, Bulk accidentally said "Lernie's lunch plate special" instead of "Ernie's lunch plate special."


  • The invisible Miss Chief used love potion to make Bulk fall in love with Aisha, who happened to be walking by at the time; Finster's antidote later cured Bulk from the spell.
  • Bulk was trying to woo Aisha in the hallway when Finster's antidote cured him from the love spell, at which point they both nervously parted.
  • At the Junior Police Ball in the Youth Center, Bulk was wearing some sort of formal military uniform, dancing suavely with a beautiful girl.


  • Referring to Kat's chimp Kelly, Bulk teased Tommy that it looked like he and his twin brother were going everywhere together these days.
  • When Kelly climbed up on Bulk, he seemed charmed.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), when Billy (normal age) scolded young Bulk and Skull for throwing innertubes onto the kids from the bridge above the waterslide, young Bulk pointed his finger into Billy's face and told him he did what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted.
  • Blue lightning from Rita and Zedd on the moon transformed young Bulk into Bratboy.
  • When Zordon warned the kids and Billy of the danger of trying to get giant Bratboy to fight from within, young Aisha said that Bulk was their friend and they had to try, and young Rocky nodded in agreement; this reaction from young Aisha came not long after young Rocky's private teasing of Bulk to Aisha had caused young Bulk and Skull to put Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in danger by throwing innertubes down on them.
  • After the kids had been calling out to him, saying they were his friends, giant Bratboy got on his hands and knees and cried, then in gold energy turned into normally-aged Bulk briefly, then young Bulk.
  • Rita and Zedd crossed their staves and generated a lightning bolt which turned young Bulk back into Bratboy.
  • When Rita and Zedd remotely ordered Bratboy to destroy either the kids and Billy or the Aquitian Rangers, the monster fired a blue energy beam from his hands at the moon, striking the palace's balcony.
  • Another lightning bolt from Rita and Zedd turned Bratboy back into young Bulk (normal Bulk briefly) again with gold energy, but this time, young Bulk was unconscious for a short while after being transformed.
  • Young Bulk soon awoke, thinking his being a monster fighting robots had been a dream; he remembered that Billy, young Tommy and the Aquitian Rangers had been there.
  • Young Rocky told young Bulk he'd hit his head pretty hard, and young Aisha told him that now he knew better than to horse around near the pool.
  • Young Skull told young Bulk that he'd turned into a monster, but Bulk insisted he hadn't.


  • Bulk's badge read "Police Officer," "Metropolitan," and "3226," before Rocky's mutant plant took a bite out of it.


  • At school, Bulk made fun of Adam's classical music class, and Skull made an exaggerated attempt to agree with him when asked.
  • That night at the music recital, Bulk came in eating popcorn, being rude and loud before noticing with shock that it was Skull who was excellently playing the classical piano music onstage.
  • After Skull's recital, Bulk went onto the stage and told Skull that it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever heard, then apologized for saying classical music was for dweebs.
  • Adam gave Skull a thumbs-up, and Skull, then Bulk, returned the gesture.


  • Bulk said he knew a little Spanish.


  • Bulk knew how to type, and he seemed to know what he was doing to look up David Trueheart in the computers in the resource center.


  • Bulk got a crush on rookie Connie Crandall, the police chief's daughter, as soon as Lt. Stone had introduced her to Bulk and Skull.
  • Tanya told Bulk she liked the sophisticated, worldly kind of guy, so he went to the police station dressed as an English gentleman to impress Connie, but he left in a hurry when Lt. Stone and Chief Crandall came in.
  • Bulk overheard Kat's and Rocky's conversation about a guy being sensitive and writing poetry, so Bulk got Skull to come into the police station with him; they were both dressed as beatniks, and Bulk read a nonsensical love poem to Connie.
  • At the dance at the Youth Center, Connie apologized to Bulk for her father's being overprotective, and she explained that she'd quit the Junior Police Patrol too, because she'd only joined to impress her father.
  • Connie asked Bulk to dance, and he accepted, realizing that they both shouldn't pretend to be people they weren't.


  • Bulk referred to Detective Stone as "Lt. Stone".


  • Bulk called Detective Stone "Lt. Stone" but then corrected himself by saying "Boss" instead.


  • Bulk wished he could be in the waverunner race that Detective Stone was going to be in.
  • With Skull reluctant, Bulk and Skull tried to ride Detective Stone's waverunner, but it wasn't working, so they simply rode it drifting through the lake.


  • Bulk had thought when he was a kid that it would be great to be invisible, which he and Skull now were temporarily after being turned back into humans.
  • After being turned human again, Bulk now had a ponytail again, yet his hair had been short when he'd been turned into a chimp in 501-SIT1.


  • On his resume, Bulk spelled his last name "Bulkmier" rather than "Bulkmeier."


  • Stopping to help with Bulk and Skull's stalled towtruck, Ashley told Bulk she didn't want to hear how a girl couldn't fix their truck, yet the reason for his protest went unsaid, so it's unknown whether he would have been sexist, or whether he was merely trying to warn her about the squirting oil which had hit him in the face just before she'd driven up.


  • Bulk loved the hot dogs served at Weinerama, a hot dog stand in Angel Grove.


  • On an alien stakeout with Professor Phenomenus, Bulk was excited, but Skull was skeptical and unamused.


  • When the Professor gestured and accidentally knocked over a vial of his plutonium fuel which would explode and destroy the city if spilled, Bulk fumbled with it but managed to catch it, apparently saving Angel Grove from annihilation.


  • As the Professor observed a beehive he thought was an alien pod, Bulk was awed, but Skull told the Professor with annoyance that it was a beehive.


  • The night after Astronema had conquered the Earth and told the people of Angel Grove to bring her the hiding Rangers or she would destroy the planet the next morning, a small group of survivors considered that the Rangers might have left them, but Bulk defended the Rangers, saying they'd never let them down before and that they had to believe they'd be here.
  • The next morning, watching with building intensity as the Rangers fought Quantrons and Piranhatrons after revealing their identities to the crowd, Bulk turned to the crowd and shouted, "Let's get in there!! Who's with me?!"; the crowd roared, and Bulk and Skull charged with them after shaking hands fiercely.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Professor Phenomenus stood with Bulk at the front of one of numerous lines of people clamoring to get one of the last shuttle flights to Terra Venture before its departure.
  • Professor Phenomenus told the agent looking at his open passport, "Of course it's real! I am one of the most acclaimed astronomers of all time!"; Bulk was not nervous, so it's unlikely Phenomenus was running a scam, or at least not one Bulk knew about.
  • Bulk was dressed in a suit but with leather fingerless gloves and a leather headcap like he'd worn as a punk.
  • Instead of paying attention to the ticketing process, Bulk was thinking that they'd forgotten something; meanwhile, Skull had slept through the ringing of his alarm clock.
  • Bulk and the Professor were elated as they took back their accepted passports.
  • After their flight, apparently the second to last flight from Angel Grove, Bulk was still sure they'd forgotten something, and the Professor searched his bag and found toothpaste, underwear (tie-dyed boxer shorts), and a green bottle of "anti-alien gel," at which point the two suddenly screamed as they realized they'd forgotten Skull.
  • Bulk was carrying a metal suitcase.
  • The two remained where they were, sobbing, for a while.


  • Bulk and Professor Phenomenus worked behind the counter of the Comet Cafe, both wearing brown outfits which seemed African in design.
  • Knowing Mike's name, Bulk asked "Mr. Second-in-command" how things were in the GSA, and Mike said they were pretty good.
  • Mike had thought the two were in the Science Division, and the Professor replied that they had been, but they obviously hadn't been ready for intelligence of their caliber; Bulk, rolling his eyes, said they'd been canned.
  • Sitting beside Mike in the Comet Cafe, Trakeena, disguised as a stunning human woman, asked for what he was having, and Bulk gave her Mike's plate of a burger and fries.
  • As Mike prepared to bite the burger which "Tracy" had returned after secretly poisoning it, Bulk apologized that they were all out of burgers, making Tracy exclaim, "Blast it!"; when Bulk and Mike looked at her oddly, she then said, "Oh, what a shame."
  • Remembering he had to meet his friends, Mike left with Tracy, leaving the secretly poisoned burger behind.


  • As legions of Stingwingers terrorized people who were being evacuated to shuttles after the city dome's crash on Mirinoi's moon, Bulk and Professor Phenomenus were among the fleeing people, both in their brown Comet Cafe robes.
  • With Phenomenus, Bulk was among the people who put luggage onto a growing pile of luggage that had to be left behind to board the shuttles.
  • After they'd landed on Mirinoi, Bulk and Professor Phenomenus shrieked happily and hugged; Phenomenus exclaimed they'd made it, wherever they were.


  • As people ran screaming in the direction the city dome was traveling on its collision course, Professor Phenomenus pulled Bulk away to flee.
  • As people ran screaming through the camp, the Professor frantically pulled on Bulk as the city dome roared overhead.
  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Pink Ranger and Bulk immediately hugged.
  • Bulk and Professor Phenomenus were excited, and Bulk high-fived with Pink Ranger.


  • The following bio (perhaps referring to the period between 702-QsQ2 and 717-StlB during which Bulk and Phenomenus worked in the Science Division) comes from the Fox Kids website:
    Bulk is Professor Phenomenus' assistant on the Terra Venture.  He helps the professor with his crazy experiments, which sometimes go haywire.

    Pilot Episode Bulk, pilot episode

  • Bulk had frazzled hair sticking out in all directions.
  • Bulk was one of the punks who participated in the large brawl of teens versus punks.
  • Jason used a bowling ball as a distraction before striking Bulk in the face with repeated spin-kicks, finally sending Bulk sliding down the bowling lane and crashing into the pins.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Bulk wore a badge on the vest he wore to skydive.

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