Bulk and Skull
- former teen bullies (101-DOTD through 252-BRGB)
- former Junior Police officers (307-NjQ4 through 501-SIT1)
- former detectives (425-SSYw through 450-Good)
- former assistants to Professor Phenomenus (603-SOSh through 701-QsQ1)
- current proprietor(s?) of "Club Bulkmeier" (since 1034-FRed)
Bulk and Skull
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  • Bulk and Skull had propositioned Kim and Trini about a double date.
  • Bulk and Skull lunged at Trini and Kim, respectively, after the girls had rejected them; in response, Trini and Kim flipped them onto the Youth Center mat.
  • After Kim had told Bulk and Skull to join Jason's karate class, Bulk and Skull were later shown in karate outfits, wanting Jason to teach them how to beat people up.


  • Bulk dropped a can on the floor, and Skull threw a can at Kim and Trini, before telling the girls to recycle the cans.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to grapple Kimberly in the hallway after she'd avoided the recycle bin they'd rolled at her.
  • Bulk and Skull inadvertently shoved each other into recycle bins.


  • Bulk mocked Pudgy Pig until it growled at him and Skull, at which point Bulk and Skull ran away.


  • Skull sprayed Bulk's pants with some sort of device that made his pants disappear.
  • Acting on a suggestion from Kim and Trini, Billy and Willy carted Bulk and Skull into the Funky Fashion Maker, an invention at the Junior Science Fair which put women's clothes and makeup on the two punks; they both ran out through the Youth Center's locker hall like that.
  • Bulk and Skull later returned wearing only towels, wanting their clothes back, but Kim and Trini had shrunk them.


  • Showing off their skill at volleyball in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull became tangled in the volleyball net and fell over after the ball had bounced off Skull's head.


  • When Bulk accidentally skateboarded into Ernie's "Rock Around the Clock" cake, Ernie told Bulk and Skull to pay for the cake or never come back; he then kicked them both out.
  • At the dance, Bulk and Skull wore fake nose and moustache disguises to get into the Youth Center, but Ernie recognized them and made Bulk pay for the cake.


  • Bulk and Skull were sitting at the airport near the fence, Bulk with binoculars, watching the planes go by.
  • Kim's uncle Steve let Bulk and Skull join him and Kim on their flight when Bulk asked.
  • Bulk and Skull fainted when they realized Steve was unconscious, and shortly after awakening later, they passed out again when they realized Kim was flying the plane.
  • In the Youth Center, Zack accidentally bumped drinks out of Angela's hands, dumping them on Bulk and Skull.


  • Bulk and Skull usually sat in the back corner of Miss Appleby's classroom, near the windows.
  • Bulk and Skull tossed Trini's favorite doll, Mr. Ticklesneezer, around to each other.
  • Bulk and Skull liked parasites, and they picked up fleas off stray dogs in "the neighborhood," perhaps inferring that he and Skull lived in the same neighborhood.


  • Bulk and Skull stole cotton candy from two unsuspecting women occupied playing some sort of throwing game at a stand in Rita's fake carnival.
  • Bulk called the teens his and Skull's "favorite group of pinheads."
  • The eggs Billy was juggling splattered on Bulk and Skull's heads.


  • Bulk and Skull turned Billy upside-down, shook him, and tossed him into the recycle bin to get more quarters from him so that Bulk could continue playing his arcade game.
  • Bulk and Skull hit their heads together trying to reach for the quarters on the floor and ended up stumbling away quarterless.
  • After Billy's graduation to yellow-belt, Bulk and Skull, in the same karate outfits as they'd worn in 101-DOTD, picked on Billy.
  • Without knowing that it was Trini's uncle Howard, temporarily invisible, who was beating them up, Bulk and Skull must have thought Billy was assaulting them telekinetically.


  • Bulk and Skull were hiding behind the RADBUG, spying on Billy's explanation and test use of his thought transfer apparatus.
  • There was a black and tan German shepard with a collar outside Billy's garage which chased Bulk and Skull away.
  • Bulk and Skull's brains were switched by Billy's invention, but Billy later allowed them to switch back.


  • Bulk and Skull walked by the alley just after Rita had sent Tommy back to Angel Grove.
  • Bulk and Skull saw Tommy's eyes flash green and then shoot green energy bolts at Bulk and Skull's feet and propel them into a dumpster.


  • In the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull offered to help Kim find Jason, saying missing persons were their specialty.
  • Kim tricked Skull into kissing Bulk on the cheek.


  • When giant Goldar approached, Bulk and Skull fled the Youth Center in the Youth Center bus; giant Goldar eventually picked up the bus.
  • While holding the bus, giant Goldar told the Rangers below that the people in the bus were friends of the Rangers', by the names of Bulk and Skull.
  • Giant Goldar set the bus on a ledge, where Squatt, Baboo, and Putties tried to push it off.
  • Goldar referred to Bulk and Skull as friends of the teens.
  • As they were about to head for the bus door to escape, Bulk and Skull suddenly caught sight of the Putties that had been outside the bus, directly in the front of their field of vision the entire time.
  • When the bus Bulk and Skull were in was pushed off a cliff, the Megazord caught it and set it down safely nearby.


  • In the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull claimed to have helped scare away giant Goldar.


  • Along with a hot dog vendor, Bulk and Skull were apparently in the area and approaching the basketball court while the teens were fighting Putties there.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to claim the basketball court as their space.
  • After Bulk and Skull had attacked the teens, Kim swung Skull around and slammed him into Bulk, causing the two to crash into and ruin the nearby hot dog stand; as Bulk and Skull had no money on them, the owner made them work off their debt to him, estimating it would take two weeks for them to pay him back.


  • At school, Bulk threw a tank-full of sand and bugs on the crowd near Billy and Trini's petition to save the Forest Spirit Statue; most of the sand and bugs landed on Tommy and Jason.


  • Bulk and Skull became covered with the Spit Flower's biting, energy-sucking flowers, leaving injuries which the two would later cover with Band-Aids.


  • Bulk told Skull to "get 'im!" when the Frankenstein monster tossed a girl at the masquerade party around; after Skull shot a suction cup dart at the monster, it picked Skull up and pushed him into Bulk, causing to Bulk and Skull to flee and run separate directions once outside.
  • After the Rangers' battle with the Frankenstein monster, Bulk and Skull were again shown at the party.
  • Bulk and Skull confronted Alpha in the Youth Center, wondering who he really was.


  • Bulk managed two mysterious ninjas in the Team Ninja Finals, and Skull was his assistant.


  • In front of a crowd at the Youth Center, Bulk pitted his dancing skill against Zack; he ended up knocking himself and Skull into a cluster of large column decorations which would be used for the dance contest later; some of the columns were broken as a result of Bulk and Skull's fall.


  • Jason fought Putties with Jeremy while Bulk and Skull may have been somewhere near the cliffs overlooking the beach.


  • Bulk and Skull went to the beach with a surfboard, inflatable raft, and other beach supplies at the same time the five teens were there.


  • Bulk played the electric guitar at the talent show in the Youth Center while Skull played bass.


  • Bulk and Skull flipped over onto the floor while Skull was trying to remove the jacket Bulk had pulled up over his head to tease Tommy and Zack.


  • Bulk and Skull were moving through the bushes making monkey sounds before they spotted the teens on "their" hill; if not for Bulk and Skull's interruption of claiming the park as their own, the teens might have been able to retrieve the Green Candle in time.


  • Bulk and Skull were in Miss Appleby's class with the teens, a class in which they all had to turn in video projects; Skull filmed Bulk with a camcorder, planning to edit out all of Bulk's accidents and embarrassments during the day.
  • Bulk and Skull's video was "Bulk: the World's Greatest Guy."
  • Skull edited together the raw footage for the video project and ended up, apparently accidentally, creating a video/audio collage that included all of Bulk's pratfalls during the day and some sound clips spliced together to misquote him in embarrassing ways; it is extremely unlikely that the tape could have been edited into its final form merely by chance.


  • Bulk and Skull were in detention with the teens, who had been given detention for a water fountain prank committed by their evil duplicates.
  • Skull tried to spray Kim with a can of soda but got Bulk instead, so Bulk hit Skull in the face with a pie.
  • Bulk brought a TV in his detention survival kit.
  • With Bulk and Skull listening, Jason referred to the Rangers as "we" before correcting himself.
  • Bulk and Skull cheered upon hearing that the Rangers had turned evil.
  • Bulk and Skull apparently couldn't count backward from ten.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to turn the teens in to Mr. Caplan for leaving detention, but the teens appeared in the classroom again once Bulk and Skull had gone to the door to tell Mr. Caplan.


  • Bulk had himself and Skull attend Power Ranger Day dressed as superheroes - "the Incredible Bulkster" and "Super Skull, Boy Wonderful" - to prove that the Rangers weren't the only superheroes in town.


  • Bulk and Skull went to pet adoption day, wanting a pet as well; Bulk chose to adopt Norman the pig.
  • Bulk and Skull took care of Norman, consulting a book on pigs for proper care of Norman.
  • Following Zack's instruction after Norman had transformed into Pudgy Pig, Bulk fed the monster his sub sandwich, then he and Skull ran off.
  • When Mr. Caplan brought in a live pig as a specimen for his (apparently biology) lecture, Bulk and Skull were terrified.


  • Bulk and Skull were on the team opposing the teens' team in the Oddball Games and ended up being pulled into the mud during the tug o' war.
  • Bulk and Skull stole the Noble Lion Trophy after their team had lost the Oddball Games.
  • Bulk called Skull "dog boy."
  • Skull jokingly kept splashing Bulk with the water of the pond they were using to wash off with.
  • After the Rangers' battle with Goatan, a police officer brought the mud-covered Bulk and Skull to the Youth Center to see if someone could positively identify them after they'd been swimming in the pond to escape from Goatan; Bulk asked the teens, "Oh, come on, guys, don't you recognize us? It's us - your friends - Bulk and Skull?"


  • Bulk and Skull purchased a plastic tree for $19.95 to outdo the saplings the teens had grown in Miss Appleby's class.
  • While the teens left their saplings in the park to get some fresh water, Bulk and Skull were ready to plant the teens' saplings elsewhere to take credit for them and get a good grade; their plan was interrupted when they bumped into Squatt in the park and ran away, hiding and becoming trapped together inside a portable toilet which would be dumped into a dumpster.


  • Mr. Caplan personally handed Bulk and Skull their mid-semester grades, and they were terrible; Mr. Caplan told Bulk and Skull that if they got D's on Monday's huge science test, they'd spend the rest of the year in detention.
  • Bulk and Skull followed the teens to Billy's uncle's cabin to find the teens' "secret study notes."
  • Two eggs fell on Bulk and Skull's heads while they watched the teens leave the cabin.
  • Bulk and Skull dressed up as maids to get into the teens' room.
  • Where Bulk and Skull were hiding under a bed after Jason, Zack, and Billy had come into the room, they would have been obvious for Jason and Billy to have seen them.
  • Bulk and Skull, sleeping while hidden under the bed, had the same nightmare induced by the Crystal of Nightmares: first, they morphed into Bulkster and Super Skull with burger and hotdog Morphers, respectively, shouting, "Burgersaurus!" and "Dogasaurus!"; they then attempted to pilot the Megazord but ended up sending it flying into a skyscraper.
  • In their dream, Bulk knew the morphing call of "It's morphing time!" (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • Also in the dream was a fairly accurate representation of the Megazord cockpit, but with the Tyrannosaurus symbol in back. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • Bulk and Skull got detentions for the rest of the year, apparently in Mr. Caplan's office rather than Miss Appleby's room, for failing their science exams.


  • The five teens, but apparently not Bulk and Skull, came out of Miss Appleby's classroom when the class was over.
  • Skull knocked Bulk over by yanking on a fishing net beneath his foot, and Bulk chased him down the hall.
  • Bulk and Skull fished a large pile of junk out of the pond, including a "no fishing" sign.
  • Bulk and Skull knocked themselves into the pond by catching themselves on their fishing hooks.
  • Bulk had told Skull to buy a really big fish so he could show it off in the Youth Center, but Skull had bought a large can of tuna instead.


  • Bulk and Skull took down the reward flyer for the lost dog so only they could find it for the reward.
  • Bulk and Skull stole the lost dog, which Jason had found, so that they could collect the reward money.
  • Fighting Flea's itch spell didn't work on Bulk and Skull immediately, but it did eventually set in.
  • As antidotes for Bulk and Skull, Billy gave the punks dog collars and told them not to take them off for a week.


  • Bulk and Skull wanted to make for Miss Appleby's time capsule the "Bulkwich," which they described as the "almighty, hail to the big... guy, stuff a gut, super sandwich."
  • Skull accidentally sprayed Bulk with mayonnaise.
  • Bulk and Skull finished the Bulkwich after the time capsule had already been buried, then dropped it on themselves out of shock that they'd missed their chance and began fighting with the pieces.


  • Skull accidentally splashed his shake on Bulk.
  • Bulk had himself and Skull start up cockroach kung fu as a way to get rich.
  • Bulk and Skull broke one of the Youth Center's neon lights during their cockroach kung fu demonstration.
  • After falling over during their demonstration, Bulk and Skull become covered with roaches.


  • Bulk and Skull were among the captives from Parent's Day to be returned with no memory of the ordeal after the destruction of Dramole in 150-ROF2.


  • Bulk and Skull started a food fight at Parent's Day.


  • Bulk and Skull teased Billy about getting a B on his test in Miss Appleby's class.


  • Bulk and Skull wanted to be in Jason and Tommy's women's self-defense class to meet babes.
  • When offered the chance to be the attackers in Jason and Tommy's women's self-defense class, Bulk and Skull eagerly agreed, with Skull actually throwing a punch at a mom; the two punks were then beat up by the two demonstrating moms.


  • Bulk and Skull slipped on a spilled drink while trying to juggle, then crashed into each other while trying to grab Zack, then ran off screaming from Zack's rubber snakes.


  • Immediately after Bulk and Skull had driven up to the Youth Center in the new red convertible Skull had won on Trick or Treat (Bulk driving), a representative from network standards and practices took Bulk and Skull's car back because they'd cheated at the game show.


  • Bulk and Skull sold many tickets for the fight between Jason and Tommy (both under a rivalry spell) in the Youth Center.
  • Bulk and Skull were chased out of the Youth Center by the angry mob who got cheated out of a fight when Jason and Tommy left for Ranger business.
  • Bulk and Skull swung at Jason at Tommy to punch them for leaving before the fight, but their punches ended up colliding with each other as Jason and Tommy ducked back.


  • Bulk and Skull had first period with Tommy (but not the other teens) in Miss Appleby's class.
  • Bulk and Skull appeared to have cut out yearbook pictures of themselves for their sumo thumb wrestling; Skull had neatly-combed hair in his picture.
  • Bulk and Skull supposedly had a routine of playing sumo thumb wrestling from 3:00 to 5:00 during detention.
  • Bulk beat Skull at sumo thumb wrestling.
  • When the ball Skull had thrown in the Youth Center flew back at the Bulk and Skull, it knocked them down, and they dumped a tray of drinks on themselves on the way down.


  • Bulk accidentally tackled Mr. Caplan in the hall; Mr. Caplan gave both Bulk and Skull a week of detention.
  • Having read a How to Play Football book, Skull had Bulk wear a tutu and practice ballet to increase his agility.


  • Following Kim's suggestion that they could improve themselves by dressing up and acting as gentlemen, Bulk and Skull did just that, but they also loaded a present for Miss Appleby full of trick silly-string shooters; Miss Appleby made them open the present for her, and their prank ended up spraying them instead of her.


  • Bulk and Skull were preparing for a music audition which, they said, would make them stars.
  • Bulk and Skull's audition got them jobs as singing telegram singers in red valentine's suits; they sang at the restaurant where Zack, Angela, Tommy, and Kim were eating, "La TÍte D'escargot Restaurant."
  • The words to Bulk and Skull's song were, "My baby's as fine as a porcupine, and her eyes are brown like mud.
  • But she's the queen of mean, so why does she treat me like a French bean?"; they later sang, "Oh, she's so mean, she's a tarantula's dream, I'm gonna treat her like a queen, she smells like turpentine."
  • Bulk played a red harp while Skull held a red electric guitar which he didn't play.
  • Later that day, Zack had Bulk and Skull play the accompaniment for his song to Angela, and their music was unusually good.


  • Bulk and Skull participated in the charity motor marathon.
  • While looking up at the clouds, Skull smashed his four wheeler into a large rock, and Bulk smashed his into Skull's, sending them flying into a tree and making one or both of the four wheelers lose oil.
  • Bulk and Skull were attacked by Zedd's Putties before they had a chance to steal the teens' unattended bikes.
  • Bulk and Skull were very impressed when the Rangers saved them from the Putties.
  • Bulk assumed that Jason and the other teens had been scared off by the Putties.
  • Realizing that since they'd heard the Rangers' voices they would be able to touch the Rangers as well, Bulk planned for himself and Skull to become famous by discovering the Rangers' identities; this quest to discover the Rangers' identities would last until 301-FIN1.


  • Bulk and Skull stole two of the teens' bikes to replace their damaged bikes in the motor rally.
  • Skull argued with Bulk about Bulk's homing instincts and about which way they should go, and they split up, with the loser to buy the winner all the pizza he could eat, only to wind up meeting each other on the same trail.
  • Pirantishead used his fish flute to send Bulk and Skull's bikes randomly racing around in reverse.


  • The teens teleported onto an open, flat plain as Bulk and Skull were nearby on their out-of-control bikes.
  • Bulk and Skull told Kim and Tommy of their plan to discover the Rangers' identities.


  • Bulk and Skull used listening devices in the park to try to detect Rangers.
  • Alpha appeared from white energy, sitting down, on the park trail directly in front of Bulk and Skull, who then ran away screaming.


  • Bulk and Skull were recording everyone's voices to compare them to the Rangers' voices.
  • Bulk and Skull decided to suspect everyone of being a Ranger, except for each other.
  • Miss Appleby had Bulk and Skull feed the iguana in her classroom while she made copies for a test; Zedd turned the iguana into the Saliguana just as Bulk was overfeeding it, causing the two to run off screaming.
  • Bulk and Skull were later in Miss Appleby's classroom taking a test; they made no reference to the Saliguana which had appeared in front of them earlier in the same room.
  • Bulk and Skull got detention because Skull accidentally played back Miss Appleby's last few words on his tape recorder as the test was beginning; they were then shown in detention with Zack and Billy the same day.
  • In a completely silent room, Zack and Billy had a not-quite-whispering conversation about their Putty hallucinations and Zedd having put a spell on them, while Bulk and Skull were sitting directly in front of them.
  • When Bulk and Skull put on the enchanted shades and saw Billy and Zack as Putties, they fearfully ran out of the classroom.
  • In Miss Appleby's class again later, Bulk and Skull weren't particularly afraid of the iguana when it crawled up Skull's leg after returning following the Saliguana's destruction, but Bulk realized that it had been near the Rangers and thought that it could sniff out the Rangers.


  • Bulk and Skull were in charge of the unsolved mysteries club.
  • At their club signup stand in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull appeared to have a remote-controlled toy car with a camera mounted on it; they also had such surveillance equipment as a microphone and a camcorder.
  • On what looked like Bulk and Skull's membership list were four names, one of them being "Froto" and another what may have been Mark Richardson.
  • Bulk and Skull teased Kim for having no members in her club.
  • Bulk and Skull had people in their club, but only because they had bribed them with free food; the club's first mission was to find the identities of the Power Rangers.
  • Skull dismissed Kim from possibly being a Ranger when she was crabby to them as a result of Zedd's spell on her.
  • Bulk and Skull successfully recorded Jason's and Tommy's voices as part of their plan to discover the Rangers' identities.
  • Bulk and Skull were planning on playing all the voices they'd recorded and seeing which they recognized as the Rangers; they made an announcement to the people in the Youth Center about their discovery, but the tape was ruined with mud.
  • Bulk and Skull called themselves "Indiana Bulk" and "Army Scout Skull."


  • In one of Miss Appleby's classes with Tommy, Bulk and Skull had to write a 500-word essay on a subject that interested them; Skull suggested slugs, toejam, or sweat, but Bulk decided they would write about the secret identities of the Power Rangers.
  • Bulk had bought an energy detector from a spy shop, and he and Skull were about to home in on the teens before Billy used his signal scrambler and made the energy detector lead the two to Ernie.


  • Having heard that the Rangers might be "in town," Bulk planned for himself and Skull to follow the cameraman for Angel Grove Weekend to the park, and when the Rangers showed up, they'd pull off the Rangers' helmets in front of the camera and be famous.
  • Bulk and Skull took the tape out of the unmanned Angel Grove Weekend camera in the park because Bulk thought that if they could see how the Rangers had gotten there, they could figure out who they really were; what they didn't know is that the tape actually contained footage of Jason, Kim, and Tommy fighting Putties and then morphing.
  • When Bulk and Skull were preparing to insert the tape to play it for a crowd in the Youth Center, Jason stopped them from inserting it, and Zack then took it, supposedly to label it so the two wouldn't lose it, then secretly switched tapes with Billy so that the tape Bulk and Skull played was of a cartoon Skull had seen before.


  • Bulk had bought a "smell-o-meter" from the back of a comic book, and he planned to get an odor sample of everyone at the broomball game and then match it to the smells of the Rangers, all while pretending to do fake interviews with the camcorder Skull had brought.


  • While Tommy, Kim, Trini, and Trini's neighbor Hallie were at the beach, Bulk and Skull were also there, disguised in low-quality Putty costumes to try to lure the Rangers to the area.
  • In the Youth Center after she'd been rescued from Venus Island by the Rangers, Hallie told Bulk and Skull that there were ten Rangers, that the Green Ranger was 6' or 6'1" and had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and was very muscular, and that the Red Ranger had brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, and big shoulders.
  • Bulk had a French artist named Pierre draw a sketch of the Rangers from Hallie's description; Pierre's drawing turned out to be of ten people in armor and dresses of mixed time periods.


  • Bulk and Skull dressed up as a green lizard monster and a princess, respectively, to lure the Rangers to the park so they could get one last good look at the Rangers; they were disappointed when the six teens, rather than the Rangers, came running.
  • The oversized cicada that landed on Skull's and then Bulk's shoulder became the Guitardo monster while it was sitting on Bulk's shoulders; the two then ran away with the monster chasing them.


  • After being rolled down the hallway at school in recycle bins by the five punks who'd just transferred in, Bulk and Skull ran away from the punks, terrified.


  • Kim spoke of Tommy, saying, "Ranger or no Ranger," with Bulk and Skull within hearing range, but all they apparently heard was the word "Ranger."
  • Bulk and Skull, in Bulk's aunt's taxi with the meter running (Bulk driving), followed the four teens as they drove to find Tommy at his uncle's cabin; Bulk and Skull, having heard the word "Ranger," didn't want the teens to find the Rangers' identities before they did.
  • The four teens morphed on an open street with Bulk and Skull in the area, but the two only spotted Goldar.
  • A nest of eggs fell on Bulk and Skull from above as they tried to take a picture of Goldar and, now, as they had heard them talking to Goldar, the Rangers.
  • Later, Bulk and Skull stopped Billy, Kim, Jason, and Zack outside of the Youth Center to show them that one of their photos proved that they had been close to the Power Rangers; as they hadn't checked their "evidence" before displaying it to others, they were suddenly dismayed to discover that none of the photos was of the Rangers.


  • Bulk and Skull went to the place the Rangers were last seen, by the lake, to make casts of their footprints to test out on everyone until they found a match.
  • Skull accidentally made the wet cement mixture from their wheelbarrow splash all over Bulk.
  • As soon as the Rangers had been teleported away after fighting imaginary monsters, Bulk and Skull made casts of the footprints left in the sand.
  • Bulk and Skull brought their concrete slab with the Ranger footprints in it to the Juice Bar and planned to have everyone line up against the Juice Bar to try the footprints; Zack had Richie play a new CD that caused everyone in the Juice Bar to rush past Bulk and Skull to dance in the Youth Center area; Bulk managed not to drop the slab in the rush for the dance floor, but a pat on the back from Skull made him drop the slab and shatter it.


  • Bulk decided that he and Skull would go to Madam Swampy, whose ad he saw in the newspaper Kim had left behind, to find out who the Power Rangers were.
  • Madam Swampy charged $5, but Bulk and Skull only had a quarter and a few pieces of candy (from Skull) and an empty candy wrapper and two cheap rings (from Bulk).
  • Madam Swampy gave Bulk and Skull a map to the Youth Center that was on the back of a flyer.
  • As Billy discovered, on the back of Bulk and Skull's map was a large coupon for one free protein muffin at "Ernie's Juice Bar," with the fine print reading "with lunch purchased," but Billy neglected to read that part before Bulk and Skull had taken bites out of two muffins.
  • Also adding to Bulk and Skull's thinking that the muffins were free was Richie's offering of "free muffins" to Bulk and Skull but waiting until the two had taken two muffins and bitten into them before telling them that the muffins were free only with the purchase of lunch.
  • Bulk and Skull had to wash dishes for Ernie to pay off either the lunch or the muffins.


  • Bulk and Skull were sitting on a hill in the park where the Rangers were last seen, on a stakeout to catch them if they returned.
  • When Skull was growing impatient, Bulk told him that all of the great detectives had perseverance.
  • When Rita's space dumpster crashed nearby, Bulk and Skull took the it to Skull's dad's workshop, thinking the canister was an omen that would reveal the secrets of the Power Rangers.


  • After using on the space dumpster a drill, a chainsaw, a crowbar, and any other tools that were in the workshop, with nothing seeming to work, Bulk and Skull borrowed an enormous can opener several feet long from the Juice Bar to help them attempt to open the canister; even this failed to open it.
  • Bulk and Skull fainted upon seeing the shrunken Rita on the table, having escaped from the space dumpster.
  • While Bulk and Skull were unconscious, the Rangers put Rita back in the space dumpster and put the lid back on, then left with the space dumpster.
  • After the unmorphed Kim and Trini had awakened them, Bulk and Skull referred to Rita as a "witch" and a "creature," but they didn't mention it being Rita.
  • Upon walking into the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull were hit by Tommy's welcome back cake, which Richie had accidentally kicked from Ernie's hands while demonstrating one of his moves, as requested by the teens.


  • Bulk and Skull came into the Juice Bar with a "Power Ranger detector," built and designed by Bulk's cousin Waldo, a student at Angel Grove Tech; the detector led Bulk and Skull past Jason and Tommy to a place where the two teens had been working out.
  • Bulk and Skull used their Power Ranger detector in the park; it led them straight into the lake, and they would later walk out of the lake at the end of the episode.


  • Bulk and Skull planned on going into the woods with a contraption they'd invented and hooking it up to "the giant satellite in the sky" to send out a message to find the Rangers; the nature of this giant satellite was unknown, although see "Terra Venture."
  • A bear roared at Bulk and Skull during the chaos of Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption.


  • Bulk and Skull wore gladiator costumes for Halloween.
  • Bulk said the Rangers probably had the ability to shrink, and that some of the kids wearing Ranger costumes might be real Rangers.
  • When Bulk yanked off the helmet of a kid disguised as Red Ranger, she turned around smiling, and the group of kids sprayed Bulk and Skull with silly string; a woman dressed as a witch continued beating Bulk with her broom until he and Skull had left.
  • Skull thought for himself and Bulk to pretend to be scared when two more kid Rangers walk by so that the Rangers would save them, but one of the kids (either a Blue or Red Ranger) said, "It's those weirdos again! Let's get out of here!"
  • Later in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull had eaten too much candy; Kim and Tommy teased them with gummy worms, making them stagger out of the Youth Center.


  • Skull's dodging Jacob's runaway stroller caused a hot dog stand vendor to spray Bulk's face with catsup.
  • While Skull was laughing at the baby taking himself for a walk, Bulk snapped to action and grabbed his helmet, and he and Skull chased after the stroller on their triple-skateboards; they ended up eventually running into a bush.
  • Bulk and Skull both somehow knew the name of Jacob, the son of Mr. Anderson, a teacher at Stone Canyon High.
  • Bulk and Skull watched the Ninja Tournament Finals beside Mr. Anderson and Jacob, and Skull smiled at Jacob.
  • Bulk and Skull were rooting for the Hasper City ninjas even though they seemed to be on friendly terms with Mr. Anderson, who was rooting for Stone Canyon.
  • After the ninja competition was over, Bulk and Skull walked up to the Youth Center parking lot eating popsicles.
  • Bulk and Skull watched Goldar, whom they recognized, vanish with Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson; Bulk then immediately thought of "the baby!", Jacob, whom they took from Mr. Anderson's deserted car and babysat in the park, planning to watch the baby until the Rangers showed up.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to act macho when a few girls walked by as they were singing "I'm a Little Teapot" to Jacob in the park.


  • When Jacob's diaper needed changing, Skull came running back to the picnic table with his arms full with diaper boxes; Bulk used up all of the diapers trying to change Jacob, and he finally settled with Skull's black bandanna.
  • Bulk and Skull told Mr. Anderson they knew the Power Rangers would save him, as Rangers had saved them once as well.
  • Mr. Anderson asked Bulk and Skull to babysit again sometime, but they declined and ran away.


  • As the Stone Canyon Triathalon participants swam by, Bulk and Skull were in a boat in the lake, with Skull fishing with his dad's fishing pole as Bulk used an energy output meter device to scan the participants for high energy outputs, like the Rangers would give off.
  • Zedd made Skull's dad's fishing pole and Bulk's energy output meter vanish from the boat; he used them to create Beamcaster.
  • Beamcaster hypnotized Bulk and Skull; rather than chanting, "Hail Lord Zedd" like everyone else, Skull chanted, "Hail Lord Fred"; the two would later be freed from the spell with Beamcaster's destruction.


  • Seeing the six teens of the World Teen Summit, Bulk suspected the six, whom he described as "super-smart" and "tops in the world," as being Power Rangers.
  • Bulk and Skull followed the five World Teen Summit members as they were led away by Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Putties; when the villains led the five teens into a cave opening, Bulk figured the teens were waiting to see where the villains were taking them before they sprang into action.
  • Bulk and Skull fell onto an area outside the Cave of Despair immediately after the Rangers and World Teen Summit members had walked by, yet they still suspected the members of being Power Rangers. Right after the Rangers had walked the teen ambassadors out of the cave, Bulk and Skull fell from above, landing right where the Rangers and teen ambassadors had been, yet Bulk still suspected the ambassadors as being Rangers.
  • Outside of the Cave of Despair's entrance, Bulk and Skull discovered a red box with "Power Rangers' Power Coins" written on its label; Bulk planned for them to take the coins to the teen summit and reveal the summit members' identities, but Skull then unwrapped one and discovered that they were chocolate, and delicious chocolate at that.
  • By flying a chocolate coin toward Bulk's mouth like an airplane, Skull had Bulk taste one even though Bulk was disheartened by the realization that the coins were fake.


  • As the three teens chosen for the World Peace Summit in Switzerland were announced, Bulk and Skull were dressed up in Swiss outfits, eating Swiss chocolate, as if they were expecting to be chosen; they were later at school that same day.


  • Two punk girls wanted to take Bulk and Skull to the vice-versa dance; a thin blonde girl wanted Bulk, and a large, brown-haired girl wanted Skull, but Bulk and Skull would have none of it.
  • Bulk and Skull ran away from the two girls, saying that had a detention with Mr. Caplan to get to.
  • The two girls left Bulk and Skull notes saying they had what Bulk and Skull had been looking for; Bulk and Skull thought they were clues about the identities of the Power Rangers, but the girls were referring to true love.
  • Continuing to find the punk girls looking for them when following the clues left by the notes they'd found, Bulk and Skull fled, more concerned with escaping from the girls than discovering the Rangers' identities.
  • At the vice-versa dance with each other, Bulk and Skull were discovered by the two punk girls; the girls made the guys dance and then kissed their respective guys on the lips.


  • Bulk and Skull came into the Youth Center wearing karate outfits, with Skull holding a "How to Karate" booklet; their intention was to learn karate so that they could keep up with the Rangers.


  • When Bulk and Skull were mesmerized by the perpetual motion pendulum device on Rocky, Adam, and Aisha's table in the Juice Bar, Rocky verbally hypnotized them.
  • On a stakeout in the desert which Rocky called a "park," Bulk and Skull saw Rocky, Aisha, Tommy, and Kim teleport into the area; Bulk said they'd been playing dweebs all this time just to throw them off.
  • Bulk and Skull watched Rocky and Aisha morph, then saw Billy and Adam teleport into the area as well.
  • Bulk and Skull watched as Scatterbrain scrambled Billy and Adam, then as he scrambled and demorphed the Red and Yellow Rangers.
  • Knowing that without the prisms Billy and Adam had brought, the Power Rangers would be lost forever, Bulk and Skull held the prisms and faced off with Scatterbrain, but the monster scrambled them as well, making them collapse without any memory of recent events.
  • When the prisms flew up in the air after Bulk and Skull were scrambled by Scatterbrain, a stray beam somehow bounced off the prisms and struck the six teens, simultaneously morphing them back into Rangers and restoring their memories (though Adam had not been in Ranger form when scrambled). (Source: Corrected by Rene Charbonneau)
  • Semi-conscious, Skull recognized the White Ranger on sight, but White Ranger had to tell Bulk and Skull that they'd saved the Rangers.
  • Bulk and Skull later told the people in the Youth Center about having saved the Rangers by pulling the teeth out of a monster's jaws, apparently a story they'd concocted to fill the void of their lost short-term memories (especially considering that Scatterbrain had no jaws).
  • As a girl in the Youth Center pointed out, the least the Rangers could have done was to come by and thank Bulk and Skull for saving their lives, but they didn't; instead, Kim and Aisha told Bulk and Skull they believed them because, although they were strange, they came through in a pinch and were courageous and honorable; Bulk and Skull, after praising themselves, asked the girls out, but Kim and Aisha told them not to get carried away.


  • Skull rushed into the Juice Bar with a great deal of data for Bulk to look at, apparently having spent a large amount of time researching the Rangers' identities; he found that monster attacks for the last six months corresponded with Ernie's days off.
  • Bulk was upset upon realizing that Ernie had been at the Youth Center the entire time the Rangers had battled giant Pachinko Head and Serpentera.


  • Bulk had himself and Skull get behind the scenes of the Harvey Garvey Show the day the Power Rangers were making an appearance; his intention was for them to unmask the Rangers on national television.
  • Backstage, Bulk planned to have Skull release a sandbag onto the Rangers so he could pull their helmets off, but Skull dropped one right next to Bulk, then Bulk dropped one on his own head.
  • Trying to unmask the Rangers on national television, Bulk and Skull collided with Harvey just after the Rangers had left the Harvey Garvey Show.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull came into Miss Appleby's class late, thinking they were stars because of their TV appearance; Miss Appleby gave them a week's detention for being ten minutes late to class.


  • The day after Aisha had been selected as Fire Safety Captain (Bulk had thought he would be selected), Bulk and Skull came into the class dressed as Wanna-be Firefighters and walking a dalmation puppy; they had joined the Wanna-be Firefighters Club.
  • Bulk's helmet number was 197, and Skull's was 322.
  • Skull wasn't sure he wanted to be a fireman, since he thought his calling was in politics, but Bulk explained that their connection to fire might get them near the Rangers, since fire meant trouble.
  • Bulk and Skull had recently eaten burritos in a cafeteria, most likely Angel Grove High's cafeteria.
  • When Skull said fire was kinda scary and suggested that they yell "fire" to attract the Rangers, Bulk said Skull was a wimp and that the Rangers were too smart to fall for that, but then he and Skull ran screaming and jumped into the lake as they spotted a flaming bin.
  • With Bulk and Skull last shown looking back toward Flame Head's location after fleeing and jumping into the lake, Rocky, Tommy, and Adam then ran up to the area of flaming bins and confronted the monster, then morphed.
  • Bulk and Skull were kicked out of the Wanna-be Firefighters Club for hiding in the lake during a fire; the club had taken away the puppy, saddening Skull.
  • When Ernie brought out a cake for Aisha, Bulk and Skull panicked in reaction to the flaming candles, and Skull threw a jug full of water in Bulk's face.


  • Bulk and Skull were dressed up as gypsies, and with them was Gypsy Aballonia, whom Bulk said would use her special gypsy powers to find the Rangers' secret identities.
  • With Bulk and Skull beside her, Gypsy Aballonia sensed the Rangers' vibrations in the area as they stood in the otherwise deserted hallway of Angel Grove High with Tommy, Kim, and Adam; when Bulk became dizzy from looking into Aballonia's eyes, Skull told him it was "just the scavengers."
  • Gypsy Aballonia later felt the presence of the Power Rangers at the Juice Bar, where only the six teens were; she was certain about the Rangers being there.
  • Bulk and Skull mistakenly thought Gypsy Aballonia had merely led them to Ernie's photograph of the Rangers and thus fired her.


  • In a book on UFOs, Bulk read about the powers of the ability to fly unassisted, disappearance on command, and super strength and concluded that the Power Rangers were definitely extraterrestrials; he and Skull drew white lines on the grass in the park to attract UFOs and the Rangers, and soon the Bookala's ship flew over them.
  • Before checking their worthless photos first, Bulk and Skull presented the photos they'd taken in the park, claiming to have found the identities of the Power Rangers.


  • Bulk and Skull, having heard about "the new thing the Power Rangers [did], 'jetting,'" so they built jetpacks to catch up with them.
  • Bulk and Skull used silver buckets as helmets to go along with their jetpacks.
  • In the park, the jetpacks, with sparks flooding out the backs of the inventions, sent Bulk and Skull running through the park out of control and crashing into a haystack.
  • The male teens later laughed at Bulk and Skull when they came into the Youth Center bandaged up from their failed jetpack attempt.


  • Bulk and Skull were at the lake in black and white striped full-body swimsuits, on a blue and white innertube.
  • Bulk and Skull wore shark fin disguises in the lake to attempt to lure in the Rangers, but they were disappointed when Billy and Rocky drove out to them on a waverunner and scolded them for their trick.
  • Some time later, Bulk and Skull wanted revenge on Billy and Rocky for foiling their plans to lure in the Rangers.
  • Zedd turned Bulk and Skull's innertube into the Tube Monster; young Dougie had to rescue the two from drowning.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Bulk and Skull showed the class a photo of themselves near seven or eight years old; at the time the photo was taken, Skull had been sticking a grape popsicle down Bulk's back, and it was when Bulk didn't clobber him that they knew they were meant to be lifelong friends.
  • Young Bulk and Skull thought young Kim was the teacher's pet.
  • Young Skull put a balloon with what looked like shaving cream inside on young Kim's chair, but it fell off before she sat down and ended up popping in his and young Bulk's faces, as well as all over Kim's legs.
  • As a middleaged couple prepared to take a Polaroid of the six kids, young Bulk and Skull scared the couple, causing the woman to panic and put her head into a trash can.
  • Young Bulk and Skull took Billy's kite and then tangled themselves up in the string.
  • Young Bulk later wouldn't let himself and Skull play dodgeball with the six kids because he thought it was a sissy game.
  • Young Bulk had told young Skull that the Boogeyman didn't exist.
  • Young Bulk and Skull helped the six kids against the Putties in the park.
  • Young Bulk and Skull were secretly following the six kids; Tommy, knowing they were following them, told the two to admit it if they were scared; young Skull told the kids he and Bulk were following them to protect them.
  • Young Bulk and Skull watched as a Ranger-colored multicolored ray shot from the eye on Photomare's chest and trapped the six kids in a photograph.


  • When the wind blew the photograph of the six kids over to young Bulk and Skull, they took it and ran to give it to an adult.
  • Goldar and Photomare had young Bulk and Skull cornered from front and behind; Goldar demanded they give him the photograph.
  • In front of young Bulk and Skull, Goldar called Alpha "Zordon's bucket of bolts."
  • After Alpha had frozen Goldar and then Photomare in their tracks with a white beam from his laser stun scanner, young Bulk and Skull went to Angel Grove High School, now somehow an elementary school, to show someone the photograph.
  • When young Bulk and Skull told Mr. Caplan about Goldar (a "gold baboon"), Photomare (a "camera monster"), Alpha (a "little red martian" chasing them), and the photograph containing the six kids, Mr. Caplan dragged them off to detention for lying and had them each write an essay on the evils of lying.
  • In detention, young Bulk and Skull were drawing moustaches on the six kids in the photograph.
  • Once time was back to normal, Mr. Caplan asked Bulk and Skull if they were finished with the essays, but neither he nor Bulk and Skull remembered why they were in detention.
  • Mr. Caplan had Bulk and Skull write 100 times on the chalkboard, "Silence is golden, and I will abide by the rules."


  • Bulk and Skull were in the same group as the teens on the school trip to Australia but planned to ditch the teens upon landing in Australia.
  • At an outdoor waterfront restaurant where the teens were also eating, Bulk and Skull ordered an extra-fresh lobster which turned out to be alive.
  • While on a shopping trip in the teens' group, Bulk thought for himself and Skull to ditch the others, as apparently he and Skull had forgotten their preexisting identical plan.


  • Stumbling upon the items bought by the teens on their shopping excursion and then left behind when they had gone to the Spectre Theater, Bulk and Skull planned to steal the items.
  • Evil Alpha secretly teleported Bulk and Skull into the Outback in Australian wilderness outfits.


  • Alpha later teleported Bulk and Skull back to where they had been earlier, back in their normal clothes, and the two pretended nothing had happened.
  • The chaperon for the teens' group didn't mention that she was looking for Bulk and Skull, despite her exasperation over the teens' disappearance.


  • In the Macarthur Pavilion where the teens were after school, Bulk and Skull were thumb wrestling with faces drawn on their thumbs, accompanied by martial arts whoops and sound effects.
  • As he and Skull walked through a park, Bulk suggested that they go to school every day and try to get an education, but Skull began to howl with laughter, thinking it to be a joke.
  • The Wizard of Deception hypnotized Bulk and Skull and told them to retrieve a sample of Tommy's hair so that the wizard could clone him.
  • When the two failed in their mission, the wizard made them pass out with red energy from his wand.


  • After the two had awakened, Bulk remembered the Wizard of Deception while Skull did not.


  • Bulk decided to run for school president so he would have access to the student files, and with those, he and Skull could find out who the Rangers were.
  • Bulk's campaign promise was to reveal the identities of the Power Rangers if elected.
  • Bulk received only one vote - his own; Skull had voted for Kimberly.


  • Bulk bought a book called Monster Making Made Easy, planning for them to build a monster to let loose on Angel Grove and unmask the Rangers when they showed up.
  • Bulk later started making their monster in what looked like Skull's dad's workshop while Skull was reading the cookbook he'd bought for his mom.
  • Bulk left for the store to get nine-volt batteries for their monster project, leaving Skull to continue the directions, but Skull actually followed directions from the How to Cook a Thanksgiving Feast book he'd been reading.


  • Bulk and Skull were using disembalming gas in their monster creation, and they both took a good, long sniff of it.
  • When their monster came to life in the form of Turkeyjerk (actually created by Zedd from their monster attempt), Bulk and Skull fled the workshop in terror, ultimately climbing a tree to escape from the monster.
  • While Bulk and Skull watched the fight of three Rangers against Turkeyjerk from a tree within earshot, Yellow Ranger loudly called Blue Ranger "Billy," then called Black Ranger "Adam" in a more conversational tone, after which Blue Ranger later called Black Ranger "Adam" in a bit louder than conversational tone, and finally Blue Ranger fairly loudly called Yellow Ranger "Aisha."
  • As Bulk rooted for the Rangers, Skull pointed out that it would be their fault if the monster destroyed the Rangers, but Bulk said that the Rangers never lost; Skull wasn't so sure.
  • Bulk and Skull donated their two books (Monster Making Made Easy and How to Cook a Thanksgiving Feast) back to the book fair, saying their monster-making days were over.
  • Kim handed Bulk and Skull Grumble the Magic Elf, and the two punks ran away when Grumble, inside, waved to them and said hello.


  • In art class, Bulk and Skull made a sculpture that would be a statue of the Rangers, and when the Rangers came to thank them, they'd rip their "heads" off and show the world who they were.
  • A later day, Bulk and Skull unveiled the statue Violet had made for them; they were shocked to see that she'd made the statue (roughly a foot tall) of Billy wearing a gold Power Ranger suit without a helmet; Bulk said that Billy as a Power Ranger was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard in his life.


  • In the Juice Bar, Bulk told Skull that the two pretty girls at the bar were nuts over the Rangers; Bulk planned for himself and Skull to pretend to be Rangers so the girls would like them.
  • Skull told Bulk, so that the two girls could hear, that the Rangers gathered at a secret location every day, in the mountainside near East Angel Grove Heights.


  • At East Angel Grove Heights, Skull dressed up as a Red Ranger, and Bulk dressed up as a Blue Ranger, both in costumes that hardly looked like the Rangers'.
  • Bulk and Skull pretended to be two Rangers, but the two girls didn't believe them for a second.
  • When Repellator appeared on the scene, and made the four teenagers flee, the two girls wouldn't let Bulk and Skull into their car to protect the two punks from the monster.
  • After the girls had driven off, Bulk and Skull reached behind their backs to confront Repellator but then ran off.
  • Bulk later told Skull to staple his mouth shut if he ever came up with another idea involving the Rangers.


  • Watching the Annual Volleyball Championship with Ernie, Bulk and Skull simultaneously told Ernie to shut up when he told them to give Billy a break for the ball hitting Bulk on the head in Billy's moment of distraction.
  • Bulk was holding red Stone Canyon flags, while Skull was holding purple Angel Grove flags.
  • Later at the outdoor cafe, Bulk and Skull overheard two girls talking about loving men in uniform, and they wondered where they could get uniforms so girls would love them; Bulk spotted Junior Police Patrol recruitment sign beside them, inspiring Bulk to have himself and Skull join the Junior Police.
  • Skull splashed pink drink on Bulk's shirt while trying to get everyone's attention for Bulk's announcement.
  • Bulk announced to everyone that he and Skull had decided to enlist in the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol, shocking everyone including Skull.


  • At the Angel Grove Police Academy to enroll, Bulk and Skull told an officer that they would be two of Angel Grove's finest future detectives and that they wanted to wear uniforms to impress the girls; this motive didn't please the officer, but he let them pass when Bulk modified it to wanting to protect the girls.
  • Bulk and Skull were terrorized by seeing the workouts of the other cadets, but Bulk dragged Skull to the registration desk.


  • Bulk and Skull screamed when they saw their bald heads in the mirrors after their heads had been shaved for their Junior Police training.


  • Bulk and Skull made repeated efforts to rest during their Junior Police Patrol training, but each attempt was thwarted by Lt. Stone.
  • Bulk and Skull successfully graduated from the training program, graduating into the Junior Police Patrol.
  • Bulk accidentally knocked the other nine or so graduating rookies over with his about-face; Lt. Stone jabbed Bulk and Skull's hands with the pins when handing them their badges, then told them he'd have them on parking ticket detail for the rest of their lives.


  • Bulk and Skull, always in Junior Police uniforms unless otherwise stated, fell asleep on the job of watching the exhibits of the Junior Police Patrol art benefit in the Youth Center, then interrogated people at school to try to find a missing mole painting.
  • Upon seeing the mole painting back the next day, Bulk and Skull accused Kim's mom and her painter fiancee of stealing the painting, but they soon learned that the painter had taken his painting to repair a loose frame.


  • Bulk and Skull were hanging out in the Juice Bar in uniform.
  • Bulk and Skull nearly sent Adam's family heirloom crashing to the ground unintentionally but then left, embarrassed, after their near accident.
  • Bulk and Skull were later walking through Ko's garden (where five of the teens happened to be), assigned to patrol the area.
  • Bulk, Skull and Ko were all somewhere in the area when the teens morphed into Ninja Rangers and fought the Tengas.
  • Bulk and Skull overheard the teens speak of Oriental lanterns being stolen, and they began searching for the stolen lanterns.
  • When Bulk and Skull discovered Rito, Squatt, and Baboo in the park with all the stolen lanterns, Skull consulted their Junior Detective Manual, and he and Bulk began screaming when the three villains had teleported away, terrorized because evil space aliens were using their magical powers in front of them.
  • Bulk and Skull had found Adam's lantern in the park, but Lanterra made them flee and leave it behind.
  • Bulk and Skull later insisted on following Billy, Aisha, and Tommy to the Youth Center because, the two said, the walk was too dangerous.
  • In the Youth Center, Bulk gave Adam back his lantern, saying they'd had to battle the lantern monster (Lanterra), and Skull said they'd had to battle the "huge pigeons" (the Tengas), to get it; if they had indeed seen the Tengas, they probably also saw the Ninja Rangers; they may have been the first people to see the Tengas and Ninja Rangers.
  • Bulk and Skull slipped on the floor Ernie had just mopped.


  • Bulk and Skull were issuing parking tickets.
  • When Bulk pointed out Rocky dressed in a suit and carrying teacher's books (for the "Teacher for a Day" program), Skull concluded that there was a new teacher in school who looked just like Rocky; Bulk suspected that Rocky was using the teacher's books to cheat, so Bulk and Skull, dressed as trash cans, later took the books from Rocky's locker at school as evidence.
  • Bulk and Skull had never heard of the "Teacher for a Day" program.
  • When Mr. Wilton was furious with Bulk and Skull's interference, Skull fearfully told the teacher that they'd see him in class.


  • After Mr. Wilton's class had evacuated their classroom because of smoke caused by an incorrect chemical reaction, Bulk and Skull, in uniform, came along and helped usher the students back into the room until Mr. Wilton made them leave.
  • Bulk and Skull had been assigned to guard Rocky's uncle, the famous quarterback Joe Haley, who was there to give some pointers to the Angel Grove High football team; Bulk and Skull were his official Junior Police Patrol escorts back to his hotel after his talk.
  • Bulk and Skull had Mr. Haley sign his autograph on the backs of parking violations.
  • Bulk groaned, "Not again!" upon seeing the Centiback monster in the football field with them; when Joe asked what it was, Bulk told him it was a monster.
  • When Centiback pulled back his spiked football to throw it, Bulk and Skull got in front of Joe to protect him.
  • Being struck by Centiback's football turned Bulk and Skull into footballs, each one blue and white; they were later turned back to normal with the use of two modified buckets Alpha had given to Rocky and Ninjor to reverse the spiked football's energy wave.
  • After being restored, Bulk and Skull (and Alan and Joe Haley, who had been Centiback's victims after the two junior officers) probably saw Red Ranger and Ninjor briefly before being teleported in white energy back to the football field by Alpha.
  • Bulk and Skull later ate at the outdoor cafe.
  • Bulk and Skull were terrified by the football Lt. Stone was holding; Lt. Stone demanded to know why they weren't on the football field, and he didn't believe their story that they were turned into footballs; he said it was the last time they'd ever receive celebrity duty, and that they'd be lucky to get crossing guard duty.
  • When Lt. Stone tossed the football to Bulk and Skull to have them take it back to the field, they fumbled with it until it flew onto a bowl and splashed tropical fruit pieces and juice all over Bulk's shirt.


  • Bulk and Skull went to the museum to research Kahmalan culture because, as Bulk explained, they had to pass their report or be kicked off the force, which meant no uniforms, which meant no babes.
  • Bulk and Skull didn't believe the legend of the Face Stealer, with Bulk saying they were into cold, hard facts, wanting some evidence.
  • Bulk and Skull later rushed into an area outdoors following a report of trouble yet were horrified to find the Rangers fighting the Face Stealer.
  • Face Stealer stole Bulk and Skull's faces and souls; he was freed when the other Rangers used ancient Kahmalan masks against the monster.
  • When the Rangers walked up to the museum to return the artifacts, Bulk and Skull took the urn and masks from them to get all the credit, but once they entered the museum, they were captured by two museum security guards.


  • Bulk and Skull assumed the roles of detectives to discover the identity of the graffiti bandit.


  • Bulk and Skull were waiters for Ernie's outdoor cafe as a stakeout for the graffiti bandit.
  • Bulk accidentally dumped a pastry on a woman in the outdoor cafe.
  • Bulk and Skull were fired shortly after being hired, for dumping Ernie's lunch plate special all over the governor's wife.
  • Hate Master put Bulk and Skull under his hate spell in the park.
  • Bulk shoved Skull's fake moustache up his nose.
  • Once the positive energy beam Alpha had generated from the love in Aisha's family necklace had countered the hate spell, Bulk and Skull held each other's hands and told each other, "I love you, man."
  • Bulk and Skull later opened an envelope revealing the identity of the graffiti bandit, whose fingerprints had been found on a spraypaint can; the bandit had actually been Skull, sleepwalking.
  • Ernie had Bulk and Skull clean up the graffiti.


  • Bulk and Skull sold tickets to the Junior Police Ball at school.
  • Lt. Stone poked his head into Miss Appleby's classroom looking for Bulk and Skull, yet the two were in the hall just outside the classroom door, both before and after Lt. Stone's search.


  • Bulk and Skull harrassed Aisha for bringing P.C., her cat, to the outdoor cafe and thus violating health code violations.
  • Bulk and Skull didn't have any assignments.
  • Bulk planned for them to return the cat to its owner and then become heroes; parents would thank them, kids would love them, and Lt. Stone would promote them.
  • When Bulk and Skull spotted Rito outside the animal shelter, Bulk planned for them to watch him and then bust him, but then they immediately went to arrest him.
  • After fleeing, Bulk and Skull brought Lt. Stone to the animal shelter to see the monster, but it was no longer there; Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull they'd be assigned to wash police cars.


  • Bulk and Skull were assigned to keep the "beach" (actually the lake) clean and free of trouble.
  • Bulk and Skull threw off their uniforms, revealing their prison-striped full-body suits, and leapt into the water to save kids who appeared to be drowning, but who were merely playing in a shallow part of the lake.
  • Later, Bulk and Skull panicked and ran away when the Tengas attacked the lake.
  • After Kat had stolen Kim's Power Coin from her bookbag, she started to go for Aisha's coin was well, but Bulk and Skull inadvertently prevented her by supposedly leading her to safety (actually just running away after speaking to her).
  • Bulk and Skull were running with Kat running a medium distance behind them, then she stopped and teleported away, and then Bulk and Skull were then weirded out by turning around to see she was gone, reacting as though they had seen her teleport; they then passed out.


  • At the outdoor cafe, Lt. Stone scolded Bulk and Skull at the cafe for fleeing from supposed Tengas at the lake.
  • Lt. Stone said he found it very odd that Bulk and Skull were the only people in Angel Grove, aside from the Power Rangers, to face off with a different monster every week.
  • Lt. Stone gave Bulk and Skull twenty-four hours to show him a monster.
  • Later, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone had been on a monster stakeout nearly all day.


  • Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone were sleeping when the teens went to that area to set up the PortalCom to rescue Kim from Zedd's dimension.
  • Upon waking up to a red dragon kite having landed beside him as a result of kids having fun in the park, Lt. Stone ran off screaming, thinking he'd seen a monster.


  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to watch the area where there had been a recent rash of car thefts and apprehend any suspicious suspects, then to report back at 1600 hours.
  • Bulk and Skull rushed over to the car thief to pick up his bag and tool for him, then helped him drive away in Kim's car, not realizing he was the car thief.
  • After learning that the thief had stolen Kim's car, Bulk and Skull commandeered a cab (Bulk driving) to pursue him, and Kim rode along.
  • After the cab had been transformed into Crabby Cabbie, Bulk, Skull, and Kim were trapped within a dark, slowly warping car interior with multicolored light effects around them; they were eventually freed from the then-giant monster by Alpha's molecular scrambler.
  • After falling out the tailpipe of the giant Crabby Cabbie, Bulk, Skull, and Kim hid behind a bush and watched the Shogunzords battle the monster.
  • Bulk and Skull later caught the car thief when he was working under the hood of Kim's car.
  • Bulk and Skull drove up to the street beside the outdoor cafe in Kim's car after having apprehended the thief.


  • Suspecting that Kim's gymnastics coach Gunthar Schmidt was actually international spy Johann Gauss (whose description Coach Schmidt somewhat matched), Bulk was trying to think of a way to get closer to Schmidt and know what he was thinking, and Skull suggested making a citizen's arrest and then interrogating him.
  • Following Bulk's plan, the two pretended to be gymnasts seeking Coach Schmidt's training for the Pan Global Games so that they could casually ask him a few questions.
  • Minutes later, Bulk and Skull left the exercise area after discovering how difficult gymnastics was; some of the activities they'd performed for Coach Schmidt were shown in the outtakes segment of 323-DSP2.


  • Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone were hiding in a laundry bin in the hospital on a stakeout for Coach Schmidt the next morning.
  • The three were pushed in a cart six floors down through the laundry chute by an unobservant hospital aide.
  • Later, the three emerged from the hospital and saw the five Rangers (no Pink) fighting Tengas as Kat was being restrained by Garbage Mouth; Bulk and Skull recognized the Tengas, and the three fled the scene.


  • Bulk and Skull, out of uniform, were among the guests at the surprise party for Kim in the Youth Center at least a day after she'd won the Pan Global trials.


  • On Christmas Eve, Skull was singing a Christmas song off-key, but all the holiday spirit was giving Bulk a headache.
  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull do their community service training at the Christmas Eve party in the Youth Center, with Bulk dressing up as Santa and Skull as a reindeer.
  • After getting Tommy's help hanging the mistletoe, Kim closed her eyes, waiting for a kiss, but before Tommy could give her a kiss, Skull kissed her instead, on the cheek; Bulk wanted to kiss her as well, but he looked at Tommy and then scurried off.
  • When a little girl named Becky thanked Bulk (playing Santa) for bringing her dad home and fulfilling her Christmas wish, Bulk smiled warmly as Becky left after kissing him on the cheek, and Skull cried happily.


  • Bulk and Skull were hungry in the Juice Bar, and Skull ordered the "indigestion inducer," a huge plate of junk food.
  • Suffering intense cravings for junk food after inadvertently ingesting the shrunken Ravenator monster, Tommy took Skull's tray of junk food.
  • Bulk and Skull were assigned to work at the Junior Police Patrol bake sale, located in the main hallway in Angel Grove High.
  • At the bake sale, Bulk figured that whatever they didn't sell by the end of the day, they got to keep, so he and Skull tried to gross out potential customers by describing pies with fish filling.
  • Bulk and Skull ate the food at the bake sale until they were sick.
  • Lt. Stone had wanted to give the leftovers to the elderly home, so Bulk and Skull gave him money from their own wallets.
  • Lt. Stone offered Bulk and Skull a sundae he'd made himself, but they ran away.


  • Bulk and Skull were among the people helping out with Kat's housing project.
  • Skull accidentally knocked Bulk into a large bucket of soapy water.
  • Bulk sped away with Skull in a wheelbarrow upon waking up to the Tengas' attacking the housing site.
  • Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone surveyed the wrecked site a bit later.
  • When Bulk and Skull told Lt. Stone that they had been attacked by monsters ("giant bird-looking things"), Lt. Stone merely ordered them to get the building supplies back.
  • Bulk and Skull saw Blue Ranger fighting Brick Bully in the residential area.
  • Rito appeared behind Bulk and Skull and scared them off after telling them his sister had turned the wall into the monster.
  • When Bulk and Skull apprehended Mayor Carrington at the housing site, thinking she was a potential thief, Lt. Stone dragged Bulk and Skull off, saying they'd be washing the mayor's car for five years and then Lt. Stone's car for five years, and then all the cars in Angel Grove.


  • Bulk and Skull attended Miss Appleby's class (out of uniform) for the last assignment of the year.
  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to give a ten-minute report on a language, Bulk planned for himself and Skull to get an A for standing there and talking, since English counted.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull, who were now in uniform, that the bananas Ernie was going to use for his special new smoothies were stolen from behind the outdoor cafe.
  • Suspecting Kat's chimp Kelly of having stolen the bananas, Bulk and Skull enticed Kelly away from Aisha's house with a banana after the chimp had walked out the front door on her own; Bulk and Skull took Kelly to have her show them where Ernie's stolen bananas were; she led them to a fruit stand run by a Jamaican man.
  • Days later, Bulk and Skull dragged the Jamaican fruit vendor into the Juice Bar, but, as Ernie had merely misplaced the "stolen" bananas, the innocent vendor told Bulk and Skull they'd be hearing from his attorney.


  • The police department sponsored a horse trek for Nature Appreciation Week, and the six teens, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone went riding.
  • After the darkness and quaking from Master Vile's arrival on the moon, Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that he didn't know where the teens had gone, but that his years of police experience and his keen instinct told him that the darkness meant there was going to be a monster attack, so he had Bulk and Skull ride for help.
  • On their journey to get help, Bulk and Skull were attacked by super-strong Tengas.


  • Bulk and Skull eventually reached the outdoor cafe, where they tried to warn Ernie; Master Vile and the moon palace villains then arrived, with Vile telling the humans to call everyone out for a party.
  • When Ernie asked about the Power Rangers, Bulk assumed they must have lost.
  • Bulk began dancing against his will.


  • At Master Vile's End of the World Party in the Youth Center when Tommy, Rocky, and Kat walked in, Bulk and Skull wondered what had happened to the them, saying the three teens must have gotten quite lost; they then asked the three if they'd seen the Rangers anywhere, with Bulk suspecting that something terrible had happened to them.
  • Another day (or perhaps week), Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone galloped with the teens on whatever day Lt. Stone had chosen to continue the Nature Appreciation Ride.


  • Out of uniform, Bulk and Skull wanted the music room at Angel Grove High to practice for their entry in the school song contest.
  • Later, Bulk and Skull brought an enormous speaker setup to the outdoor cafe so they could practice singing in public.
  • Bulk called the six teens young and hip.
  • Bulk and Skull's song was called "Angel Grove Rules."
  • Bulk and Skull's music blew a large hole in the front of the massive speaker, but prior to the blowout, the speaker already had faint lines arranged in the jagged pattern of the future blowout.


  • Bulk and Skull were on parking duty at the carnival.
  • Bulk and Skull had been working ten minutes before taking a break from being exposed to Lt. Stone's sedan's exhaust problem.
  • As the six teens were among the people at the carnival watching the beam from the Orb of Doom project into the sky, Bulk and Skull stood directly behind them for the following dialogue:
    Aisha: "We can't just let this happen! We've got to do something!"
    Kat: "Maybe we should call the Command Center."
    Tommy: "No, we can't leave everyone here!"
    Bulk (to Skull): "Well, I've seen enough. How about you?"
    Skull: "Yeah, let's get something to eat."
  • When the Orb of Doom turned back time, Bulk and Skull turned into children still wearing Junior Police uniforms; they appeared confused, making them the only people other than the six Ranger kids and possibly Lt. Stone to show awareness of the change in time.


  • After the kids had left the carnival on their trek through Angel Grove to the desert, young Bulk and Skull were now in punk clothes with skateboards, and they only knew Billy, suspecting that the other five were from the chess club.
  • Young Bulk and Skull listened as young Billy theorized that the six kids' memory retention was due to the Power Coins.
  • Bulk and Skull then followed the six kids around for no particular reason.
  • Young Tommy called Rito by name when the villain confronted the six kids and Bulk and Skull.
  • Young Bulk and Skull heard as Rito told the six kids to hand over the Power Coins.
  • Young Bulk and Skull worked with young Billy and Rocky to set up a see-saw; Bulk's jumping onto the board as Rito stood on it sent Rito and a Tenga flying, with both landing in shopping carts.
  • When Bulk and Skull heard a police car drive by, Bulk and Skull went to them, despite the protests of young Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Adam.
  • Soon after young Bulk and Skull had been taken to the police station for being out during the monster curfew, their angry mothers picked them up and dragged them out of the police station.
  • Skull's mom told young Skull for him and Bulk to stay away from each other.


  • Young Bulk and Skull, ready to swim at the lake, walked up behind young Billy after Alpha had said from the communicator disc in Billy's hand that the Alien Rangers would be there soon; Billy pretended to be giving the kids a lesson about light and prism effects in the disc.
  • Young Bulk and Skull tried to make the kids leave the lake, claiming it.
  • When Goldar, Rito, and Tengas appeared at the lake, Skull and then Bulk agreed that they'd had enough of being cool, and they then ran away.
  • After the Aquitian Rangers' victory using the Battle Borgs and Shogun Megazord, young Bulk told a reporter on a live TV broadcast that they'd seen the superheroes who'd saved the city, and young Skull told her that the superheroes were aliens who had come from the sky; apparently the two had stuck around long enough to see the Aquitian Rangers' arrival soon after Goldar, Rito, and the Tengas had confronted the six kids and the kids had defended themselves by throwing beach toys at the goons.


  • Young Bulk and Skull had a bag of water balloons on the bus after school.


  • Young Bulk and Skull were fishing at the lake; four of the Aquitians, upset nearby, projected their blue watery energy to telekinetically pull on young Skull's hook, dragging both Bulk and Skull into the water, seemingly without the two kids noticing the Aquitians' presence.


  • At Bulk's uncle's waterpark Splash City, young Bulk and Skull shoved their way through the long line at a ride, with Bulk saying his uncle owned the park.
  • Young Bulk and Skull wore the same (but smaller) prison-striped swimming suits.
  • A park employee told young Bulk and Skull to get in line, but they ran away instead.
  • When young Bulk and Skull got in each other's faces after landing in the pool at the bottom of a water slide, young Rocky chuckled to young Aisha from the railing nearby that those guys didn't know what they were doing, and Bulk had Skull collect round tubes and meet him up on the bridge; when young Rocky, Adam, and Aisha eventually rode down the water slide, Bulk and Skull threw large tubes onto the three kids from above, causing Billy to scold them.
  • Young Bulk was turned into a monster and ended up fighting the Aquitian Rangers and the Battle Borgs; when young Bulk awoke, he had dreamlike memories of the Aquitian Rangers.


  • Young Bulk and Skull had detention at school with a woman with short black hair; they were wearing "I <heart> Aliens" pins and shirts, as well as pins that showed a close-up of one of the Aquitians, seemingly Aurico.
  • In detention, young Skull was daydreaming about the Aquitian Rangers, wondering whether they could beat Darth Vader, or a Klingon, or Dracula.
  • When young Skull told his teacher that he and Bulk were talking about the Alien Rangers rather than thinking of a topic for their science project, she said that although they all admired the Alien Rangers, the two boys should concentrate more on their assignment.
  • Young Bulk decided to do their science project on fish, and they would go to the aquarium after school to do some research.
  • At the aquarium, young Bulk and Skull encountered the Aquitian Rangers with Billy, whom they recognized as "the old guy from the water park."
  • Young Bulk and Skull told the Aquitian Rangers they were their biggest fans, saying they'd almost gotten expelled from school because of them.
  • Young Skull asked the Aquitians if they'd ever met Captain Kirk, and Bulk said it was a stupid question, then asked if they could have a ride in their UFO.
  • Cestro said in young Bulk and Skull's presence that he must go and would return once he had rehydrated.
  • Young Bulk and Skull watched Cestro simultaneously morph and teleport from the aquarium.
  • Young Skull demanded that the four remaining Aquitians take them to their leader, and Bulk told them to beam them up; the Aquitians were all exasperated with the two boys.
  • Young Bulk and Skull then watched the four other Aquitian Rangers morph and teleport, leaving only Billy behind.


  • Everyone swimming at the lake was wearing wetsuits, including young Bulk and Skull, who had boogie boards.


  • Young Bulk and Skull were at a playground having a swinging contest; after the Zeo Crystal had restored time, their normally-aged versions were still wearing the same clothes and were still concentrating on the swinging contest, but they both soon grew confused, and they planned not to tell anybody about what had just happened.


  • After learning on the Juice Bar TV about a secret alien spaceship, Bulk and Skull thought Lt. Stone would give them medals if they brought an extraterrestrial into the police station.
  • Hearing Bulk and Skull's plans to find the ship to prove something to Lt. Stone, calling him a slavedriver, Lt. Stone dragged them into a field in the mountains and had them stand watch, or else they would be cleaning the latrines at headquarters with what appeared to be a toothpick.
  • On their stakeout, Bulk figured Lt. Stone was trying to break their spirits.
  • Soon, Bulk and Skull were asleep as a gear ship hovered over the field; as it descended toward the mountains below, Bulk woke up and got Skull's attention, and then as they ran away, the gear ship quickly rose back up from the mountain.
  • While they were running away, Skull didn't sound as though he'd seen the ship, but he had.
  • Hiding behind rocks, Bulk and Skull watched silver Cogs marching in different directions through the field; Bulk said they were the space aliens and that they had to find Lt. Stone, but Lt. Stone found them.
  • Bulk and Skull described their encounter with the aliens, and, seeing the Cogs marching in the background, Lt. Stone believed them; as the three ran from the robots, a Cog opened its face and shot three sets of energy pulses in their direction.
  • Bulk and Skull, now dirty, came into the Juice Bar and told Ernie about seeing aliens, but he didn't seem to believe them; Lt. Stone would not join them in the Juice Bar until some time later.
  • Later in the Youth Center, Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull went through a box and checklist of emergency supplies, including flashlights and blankets.
  • In 401-AZB1, Bulk and Skull would make no reference to the invading Machine Empire even though the Rangers were still unaccounted for.


  • Skull brought Bulk into a cluttered garage to show him a junky bike with a sidecar that was parked there.
  • Skull wanted to use the bike as a patrol bike; Bulk liked the idea of a patrol bike even though he thought the bike was junk.


  • The amnesic Goldar and Rito politely entered Bulk and/or Skull's garage after Bulk and Skull had told them to come in; in a screaming fit of panic, Bulk and Skull ran around the garage until all four smashed heads together and fell back.
  • Bulk and Skull fearfully asked who Rito and Goldar were; surely they would have remembered their various past encounters with the two villains.
  • Rito and Goldar begged to live with Bulk and Skull; Bulk and Skull agreed to let them live there but made them be their personal servants.
  • Bulk and Skull didn't own cars.


  • Bulk had himself and Skull take the patrol bike out for a test drive.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Skull would always drive the patrol bike while Bulk rode in the sidecar.
  • Bulk thought that when Lt. Stone saw the crime-fighting power of the patrol bike, he'd be begging to give them the tough assignments.
  • When their patrol bike broke down in the mountains, Bulk and Skull were soon surrounded by Cogs, but one Cog then, audible to Bulk and Skull told the others to leave the humans alone, as their objective was the Zeozords.
  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull's bike towed, then happily fantasized about what life would be like without Bulk and Skull. (Source: 403-ShSt outtakes segment)


  • Lt. Stone said there had been a rash of break-ins around the junkyard (the break-ins were actually due to the Cogs' construction of Silo), and he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard the area.
  • Silo walked up to Bulk and Skull and asked them where the Power Rangers were; the two ran off screaming without giving him an answer.


  • Lt. Stone ate a cheeseburger at the outdoor cafe, waiting for Bulk and Skull; in the patrol bike, Bulk and Skull were in a hurry to get there before 3:00, or else Lt. Stone would give them a special, surprise assignment.
  • When the patrol bike's accelerator apparently got stuck (or the brakes didn't work), the bike, with Bulk and Skull in it, crashed into the outdoor cafe, wrecking the entire place.
  • Lt. Stone's special assignment was to give out textbooks at Angel Grove High.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull tried to prevent Kat from bringing baby Joey back into the resource center, saying the area had been designated as a "no cry zone"; Skull held up a crying baby drawing with a "no" symbol over it; Kat and Tommy took Joey in anyway, with Kat saying she'd take Joey outside if he woke up and started to cry.


  • Early one day at the fun park, Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to "Operation: Refuse Removal," giving them their TP-480's (trash-poking sticks) and T-140 receptacles (trash bags); Bulk and Skull were excited to be put on trash cleanup duty.
  • Some time later, Skull ditched the assignment and wanted to hit a few balls in the batting cage, and Bulk dropped the assignment too when Skull asked who would know the difference.
  • Bulk and Skull shouted nonsense at each other through the fence after Bulk had struck out.


  • Lt. Stone made Smokey the rescue dog the new sergeant in the Angel Grove Search and Rescue unit.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to give Smokey a bath.
  • Outside, Bulk started to shampoo himself and Skull, saying that they had to get clean before they could wash the new sargeant. - When Smokey left, smelling something, Bulk and Skull ran after the dog with shampooey hair.
  • Bulk pulled out of the parking lot driving the patrol bike, but Skull was then driving.
  • Bulk tried to lasso Smokey but caught a fire hydrant instead, jerking him out of the sidecar.
  • After the guys discovered Kat's communicator around Smokey's collar in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull came in and took the dog back to the police station before the guys could have him take them to Kat.
  • Bulk and Skull soon discovered in the outdoor cafe that Smokey was no longer on their leash; to go looking for him in the patrol bike, Bulk drove.
  • A different day, Bulk had Lt. Stone's missing sandwich in his pocket for some reason.
  • Lt. Stone told Smokey to escort Bulk and Skull (calling them "trainees") back to headquarters so they could start their new duty, cleaning every trash can between the Youth Center and city hall.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull do him a personal favor by watching his cousin Arnie while he was on patrol.
  • When Cogs teleported onto the Captain Pete stage, Bulk and Skull watched intently, scarfing down popcorn, until the Cogs teleported away.
  • While the other kids in the Youth Center were trashing the place as a result of evil Puppetman's spell, Arnie tied Bulk and Skull to a chair.
  • When Arnie was later describing how they'd been saved by the Power Rangers, he said Captain Pete's secret word and was hit in the face with a pie; Lt. Stone laughed with Bulk and Skull at Arnie's misfortune.


  • Lt. Stone was friends with the head of security of the set of the new Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface, and he wanted Bulk and Skull to make a good impression.
  • Bulk and Skull ate a large portion of the free food on the movie set as they watched over it.
  • Bulk and Skull thought the Cogs who had come to steal the movie's monster costumes were people in costumes for the movie, yet they had had several previous encounters with Cogs.


  • In Mr. Caplan's office was a bulletin board with a "Detention" side and an "Honor roll" side; Bulk and Skull were the only names on the "Detention" side.
  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull pick up trash in the park left over from the police academy picnic, and he would be back within the hour.
  • Skull was annoyed with having trash pickup duty.
  • Bulk was unable to whistle with his fingers, but Skull did it quite loudly.
  • Responding to the whistle, Goldar and Rito emerged from the bushes to pick up the trash for Bulk and Skull.
  • When a mysterious spacecraft landed by the lake, Bulk and Skull planned to rescue the occupant(s) and become heroes.
  • Rito, Goldar, Bulk, Skull, and Cestro all screamed when Cestro had emerged from the spacecraft.
  • Bulk and Skull apparently didn't recognize Cestro in present day, indicating that they hadn't retained their memories from the period in which time had been regressed by the Orb of Doom and the Aquitian Rangers had defended the Earth.
  • When Skull explained to Cestro that Rito and Goldar didn't bite, Bulk added, "...much."
  • Cestro told Bulk and Skull that he was Cestro of Aquitar and that the fate of a world depended on his finding a human named Billy.
  • Skull, trying not to agitate anyone at the "Congratulations, Billy!" party in the Youth Center, led Billy outside to the outdoor cafe, where Bulk was waiting with Cestro.
  • Billy was the only Billy that Bulk and Skull knew.
  • Bulk and Skull heard Cestro's name, that Billy and Cestro knew each other, that Billy's great intelligence was known on Aquitar, and that Aquitar was in terrible trouble.
  • Bulk and Skull had made Goldar and Rito guard Cestro's spaceship.
  • After chasing Goldar and Rito around, Lt. Stone later told Bulk and Skull they were under alien attack, describing the aliens as a "monkey in gold armor" and a "bunch of badly stacked bones."


  • Rocky, Adam, Bulk, and Skull were in the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society Greenhouse; Skull was mourning the death of the plant he'd grown, and Bulk was trying to console him rather than grow a plant of his own.
  • Bulk took a flower from Rocky's mutant plant to replace Skull's dead plant to make him happy, saying Rocky wouldn't miss the flower at the rate his plant was growing.
  • Bulk and Skull hadn't known that Lt. Stone was a founding member of the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society.
  • After hearing on Lt. Stone's police radio that several rare species of plants had reportedly been stolen from the Angel Grove community greenhouse, Bulk and Skull left to go after the thieves (actually Cogs), knowing Skull's plant had been taken.
  • Bulk and Skull used large hunks of metal, then their patrol bike, as bait in hopes to lure the plants to them.
  • Bulk and Skull, still on their stakeout after the Rangers had destroyed Pollenator, thought the sound of a push mower nearby was the plant taking the "bait," and they assaulted a man with a push lawnmower and then wrestled his lawnmower.


  • Bulk and Skull were at school, out of uniform, when Miss Rodriguez was giving students new schedules.


  • When computer systems in Angel Grove went haywire, Lt. Stone called Bulk and Skull and told them to proceed immediately to the intersection of 3rd and Elm to help with the code blue traffic situation; they actually went to 4th and Maple.
  • Bulk and Skull used what Bulk called the most powerful tools in law enforcement at their disposal: their white gloves and traffic whistles.
  • Bulk and Skull were heartbroken when Lt. Stone took away their gloves as punishment for going to the wrong intersection.


  • Bulk and Skull were trekking through Angel Grove High with a compass; Lt. Stone had had them take a course in orienteering as part of their special training.
  • Bulk and Skull trekked out in the wilderness.
  • Bulk and Skull eventually made it back to the Juice Bar in record time, and Lt. Stone was very impressed.
  • As Lt. Stone soon discovered, Bulk and Skull had actually taken a cab ride from Angel Grove Forest (from the same driver whose cab they'd commandeered in 321-FCab).
  • Bulk and Skull fled from Lt. Stone without paying the driver.


  • Bulk and Skull's patrol bike broke down nearly every day, and Bulk was ready to scrap it before Robocupid made Bulk and Skull fall in love with it.


  • The next day, the police horticultural society was having its final judging that afternoon, and Lt. Stone's "American beauties" had never lost; he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard his garden.
  • After Defoliator's heat wave had killed Lt. Stone's prize roses, Bulk and Skull thought they'd killed the flowers; Skull considered fleeing to Mexico.
  • Bulk and Skull ended up replacing Lt. Stone's plants with plastic plants, but the judges noticed that they were artificial.


  • Since the Native American arts festival in the Youth Center, sponsored by the police cultural committee, had to be a big event, Lt. Stone put Bulk and Skull in charge of sales.
  • Bulk and Skull didn't seem particularly impressed by the job of selling raffle tickets, until Lt. Stone mentioned that the prize for selling the most tickets for the silver and turquoise arrowhead was an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii.
  • Bulk and Skull tried selling raffle tickets to people, but many people had already bought tickets from Delmar.
  • Bulk and Skull made a pact to go to Hawaii, Delmar or no Delmar.
  • Just as Bulk and Skull were about to sell tickets to two kids who hadn't bought any from Delmar, Main Drain appeared in the playground and scared them all off.
  • Bulk and Skull rushed into the Youth Center, with Bulk telling someone to call 911, as there was a monster on the playground.
  • In the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull later tried to bully Delmar until Lt. Stone told them that Delmar was the son of the chief of police.
  • Delmar had Bulk and Skull buy fifty tickets each from him; this would have greatly increased Bulk and Skull's chance of winning the silver and turquoise arrowhead.


  • When people were lining up to sign up for free boxing lessons with Lt. Stone in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull barged through the line just to ask Adam what the line was for.
  • Bulk and Skull were set to sign up for free lessons, but they were less than thrilled to discover that the lessons were boxing lessons taught by Lt. Stone.
  • Bulk and Skull were reluctant to jump rope, saying it was for girls; they eventually got tangled up in each other's jump ropes.


  • When Bulk and Skull saw Tommy with his brother David in the Youth Center, Skull thought he was seeing doubles, and that it was caused by excess sugar in Ernie's donuts.
  • Upon overhearing that David was Tommy's brother, Bulk and Skull said he didn't look anything like Tommy and that he was probably a fake, so they went to the resource center at school to run a background check on him.
  • In the resource center, Skull asked Bulk if he'd remembered to feed Rito and Goldar, but Bulk said it was Skull's turn.
  • Bulk and Skull knew Rito and Goldar's names.
  • Bulk and Skull left to check on Rito and Goldar.
  • Skull had forgotten to lock the garage door.
  • Goldar and Rito had run away, and Bulk and Skull later drove around on their patrol bike calling out for them, with Bulk calling for Goldar and Skull for Rito.
  • Bulk and Skull put up reward flyers with pictures of Goldar and Rito, saying, "Have you seen our pets? Call 555-1912."
  • Lt. Stone found Bulk and Skull out during a monster alert, and Bulk and Skull wouldn't say why they were out.
  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull retreat with him when he saw Goldar and Rito walking down the street; Bulk and Skull reluctantly left.
  • Later that day, Bulk and Skull sadly put up their flyers, while around the corner, Rito and Goldar put up a flyer with a picture of Bulk and Skull, reading, "Have you seen these things?" and then "Call ??? [sic]." (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
  • Skull and Rito simultaneously hit their thumbs with their hammers, and the four then looked around the corner at each other. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
  • Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were all quite happy to be back together. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
  • Bulk and Goldar hugged, and Bulk kissed Goldar on the nose, making Goldar chuckle bashfully. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)


  • Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were together in the garage when Lt. Stone came by, forcing Rito and Goldar to hide.
  • Lt. Stone had to give Bulk and Skull a psychological exam to see whether they were fit to be junior officers.
  • During their psychological exam, Bulk and Skull saw all the inkblots in their Rorschach test as monsters.
  • Bulk and Skull remembered the Putties (see "Putty Patrollers" and "Zedd's Putties"); Bulk thought one inkblot looked like one, and he and Skull imitated a Putty's babbling.
  • Lt. Stone said the test showed that Bulk and Skull thought about almost nothing but monsters; in any other city, that would mean they couldn't be junior officers, but in Angel Grove, they needed people like Bulk and Skull, the book said.


  • Lt. Stone was giving Bulk and Skull an undercover test; as he hunted for them, Bulk was disguised as a hot dog vendor, with Skull stuffed inside the hot dog steamer.
  • Later, Bulk and Skull were disguised as statues in the park, and Lt. Stone didn't recognize them.
  • Sitting with Bulk and Skull, who were in disguise as women a different day, Lt. Stone told them he was in charge of everything at headquarters, then asked them what they were doing later; when the two revealed themselves, Lt. Stone angrily chased them out of embarrassment, claiming he'd known it was them all along.


  • Bulk and Skull were sleeping in the doorway outside the resource center at Angel Grove High as Adam and Tanya studied alone one night; Lt. Stone had put them on night patrol.
  • Bulk and Skull wanted to walk Tanya home since there was a storm on the way; Tanya agreed to walk them home, and they thanked her.
  • The next morning, Bulk and Skull chased a black cat through the resource center, having been chasing her for days as an assignment from Lt. Stone.


  • Bulk and Skull chased a remote-controlled toy truck through the playground to give it a ticket for speeding.
  • Lt. Stone introduced to Bulk and Skull the new rookie, Cadet Connie Crandall, the daughter of the police chief; Bulk got a crush on her, but Skull thought she was weird.
  • The remote-controlled truck belonged to Billy, who was testing it before donating it to the upcoming Toy-A-Thon dance; Bulk and Skull tried to give him speeding tickets for the truck, but he merely rejected the tickets with impatience, telling them about the toy donation.
  • As Bulk and Skull handed out more parking tickets, Bulk couldn't get Connie off his mind; Skull said he had the same problem with cheese sometimes.
  • Skull encouraged Bulk to ask Connie to the dance, and Bulk, not knowing how to ask her, sought the help of an expert at love (Tanya).
  • Bulk got Skull to come into the police station with him; they were both dressed as beatniks, and Bulk read a nonsensical love poem to Connie.
  • When Bulk and Skull had a fan blow papers and feathers all over the place as Bulk held a chicken as a visual aid, Lt. Stone and Chief Crandall came into the room; Chief Crandall fired Lt. Stone for the actions of Bulk and Skull, and Bulk and Skull quit as well.
  • For the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull were dressed as keystone cops.
  • Bulk and Skull felt badly about getting Lt. Stone fired.
  • Stone, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, thanked Bulk and Skull for giving him the chance to start a life-long dream of his: having his own detective agency.
  • Stone asked Bulk and Skull to be his detectives, and they eagerly accepted.


  • Now dressed as detectives, their default attire unless otherwise specified, Bulk and Skull were playing ping-pong in the detective agency, which was filled with trash; when they realized Detective Stone was coming, they quickly cleaned up the place and transformed the ping-pong table back into their desk.
  • Detective Stone had their first assignment: the National Association of Record Companies was concerned about an increase in phony record producers who were scamming unsuspecting kids, and Stone said Ernie's new after-hours club was the perfect place for the jokers to operate.
  • Bulk and Skull, with Bulk hiding in a trash can, spied on Vincent Nova, a producer from SC Records, as he ate a burger the next day.
  • The next day, the producer and director from SC Records thought Bulk and Skull had a great look and asked them to be in a new music video, but, thinking the men were fakes, Bulk and Skull rejected their offer.
  • After realizing that the men were real producers, Bulk and Skull chased them to their limo outside, but to no avail.


  • All of the actions of Bulk, Skull, Detective Stone, Rito, and Goldar in this episode were apparently included in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, but how Tommy would have known of their actions (including their affiliation with Rito and Goldar) is unknown.
  • Skull was trying to wrap a bowling ball as a Christmas present for Detective Stone.
  • Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull the case of the missing fruitcakes, as someone had been stealing fruitcakes all over town.
  • In the middle of a residential street was a giant fruitcake, over six feet tall, which Rito and Goldar had made as a present for Bulk and Skull from the stolen fruitcakes.
  • Goldar knew Rito's name.
  • Skull used his shoe phone to call his Aunt Millie to ask her to replace the stolen fruitcakes.


  • Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that as they knew, trees had been mysteriously disappearing from the Angel Grove National Forest (secretly due to the Machine Empire's invisibility medallions), and he sent Bulk and Skull to investigate.
  • In the forest, Cogs and Admiral Abominator captured Bulk and Skull and locked them up in a cage made of bamboo.
  • In the cage, Skull was playing a harmonica, and Bulk told him to do them both a favor and stick to the piano.
  • After waking up in the cage as they were being freed by the Rangers, Bulk and Skull were impressed that the Power Rangers had saved them.
  • At the kung fu tournament on the beach, Bulk and Skull were in the crowd, and Bulk was wrapped in gauze like a mummy because he'd wrapped himself in poison ivy when they were going undercover as trees.
  • Detective Stone was impressed by Skull's story of their having used brute force to escape from their monster-built prison in the forest.


  • The granddaughter of Old Man Murphy, a man who had been looking for gold out in the desert, hired Bulk and Skull to look through Murphy's old notes and go mining to see if he had really discovered the mother lode, the richest vein of gold in the United States.
  • Sprocket confronted Bulk and Skull in Murphy's Mine, making them flee deeper into the mine.
  • Bulk, alone, emerged from a different entrance than the one they'd gone into, and while looking for Skull, he encountered the Gold Ranger, making him run screaming.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Tarantabot, Bulk, wandering through the desert looking for Skull, saw Gold Ranger with blurry vision on a ledge, then after rubbing his eyes twice, saw no Gold Ranger, but rather, Skull walking toward him from below where the Gold Ranger had been; when asked what he was doing out there, Skull replied, "I... needed some fresh air."
  • Detective Stone, having been looking all over for Bulk and Skull, finally found them in the Youth Center and thought it was appropriate that they'd spent the entire day in Murphy's Mine digging up what was actually fools' gold. (Source: 429-SmPr outtakes segment)


  • Detective Stone taught Bulk and Skull how to make coffee.


  • Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull guard the safe/refrigerator of their new client, Mrs. Hufford, containing her priceless, irreplaceable, most valued possession (later revealed to be her secret recipe for her blue-ribbon egg salad sandwiches, as well as several sandwiches).
  • A man impersonated a deliveryman from Smith and Smith Locksmith to steal the safe.
  • Somnibot put Bulk, Skull, and the supposed repairman to sleep just as the two detectives caught him about to load the safe into a large moving truck.
  • Some time later, Bulk and Skull returned to the agency with the safe, where the owner revealed its secret and let them try the sandwiches inside.


  • Mrs. Filler, a woman whose dog, Princess, had run away when frightened by the landing of Pyramidas, hired Bulk and Skull to find the dog, since the police were too busy.
  • Princess had been under Mrs. Filler's sofa the entire time; since Bulk and Skull didn't solve the case and Detective Stone had already cashed Mrs. Filler's check, Stone had Bulk and Skull do all the chores Mrs. Filler wanted done, including watching Princess, washing the windows, unclogging the sinks, cleaning out the garage, cooking, and reshingling the roof.
  • Bulk planned to have Rito and Goldar do the chores for them; when he rang his bell once he and Skull were alone, Goldar and Rito, in maid outfits, stumbled out of the closet in the detective agency.


  • Bulk and Skull, wearing punk clothes in the agency, hadn't had a case in weeks, but they'd had cases in 432-DIKY and (although it was apparently part of elderly Tommy's story in the future) 426-ASTR.
  • Bulk and Skull were reading comic books, with Skull's being a Tales from Space.
  • Rito and Goldar later walked in the front door of the detective agency, upsetting Bulk and Skull, who had told the two creatures not to go off by themselves.
  • Rito and Goldar paid Bulk and Skull a sack of junk as the first payment for Bulk and Skull to find their family.
  • Bulk's plan was for them to cruise the town to look for clues about Rito and Goldar's family, but they eventually came back with no clues.
  • Bulk and Skull still had their patrol bike after quitting the Junior Police.
  • When orange spheres flew out of a silver box that had come in the mail for Rito and Goldar, Bulk and Skull fainted before Rita and Zedd's images had formed in the spheres.


  • Outside the agency building, Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull wax his new red sportscar.
  • Skull felt demeaned, as they were supposed to be detectives.
  • Bulk rang the bell for Rito and Goldar to do their chore, but the two villains had recovered their memories; they got in Bulk and Skull's patrol bike and drove off after Goldar had shot an orange beam of energy from his sword at the two detectives.
  • Bulk and Skull chased after Rito and Goldar in Detective Stone's sportscar; Bulk drove.
  • When Detective Stone's car ran out of gas, Bulk and Skull barely managed to leap away from the car before giant Silo stomped it flat.
  • Later, Detective Stone pined over his squashed car and dismissed Bulk and Skull to leave him alone with the car, not listening to their explanation.


  • While the other guys sparred with Jason in the Youth Center, making Rocky feel left out, Skull told Rocky it looked like he was being replaced.
  • Seeming to try to bother Rocky, Bulk and Skull later remarked on Jason's impressive physique and moves; Skull noted that Jason must work out, then asked Rocky if he did.
  • Detective Stone introduced Bulk and Skull to their new client, Harriet Gerard, executor of the Randolph B. Burble Foundation, makers of Burble Baby Food; the Burble Baby Food Foundation was looking for Mr. Burble's long-lost nephew, the original Burbling Burble Baby; whoever found the baby would receive $10,000; the foundation's records indicated that the baby would be a teenager and would have just moved to the city.
  • Bulk suspected Jason of being the Burble Baby and wanted Skull to get Jason's fingerprints.
  • When the teens' communicators went off, Jason tried to follow the others into a hallway, but Bulk and Skull caught him and tried to get his fingerprint, inadvertantly causing his communicator to fall off into their bag.
  • Back in the agency later, Jason's communicator was on the table in front of Skull; when it kept beeping, Bulk tried to answer the phone, and Skull appeared to casually stop the beeping by turning something on the communicator.
  • When asked about the communicator, Skull told Bulk it was Jason's bracelet that had apparently fallen into his bag; Bulk told him to take it back.
  • The communicator teleported away with gold energy as Bulk and Skull were both holding it; Bulk was upset about the communicator's vanishing, but Skull silenced him simply by inserting a spoonful of Burble Baby Food into Bulk's mouth.


  • On one of their first days off since becoming detectives, Bulk and Skull went to the beach.
  • Skull (seemingly unintentionally) squirted sunscreen on Bulk's face.
  • Rito and Goldar had Bulk and Skull, look for the remote to Louie Kaboom, which the two villains had lost on the beach.


  • Detective Stone assigned Bulk and Skull (with the nicknames "agents zero and double-zero"; unknown which was which) to be undercover security for a professional model who was in the Mr. Stenchy fashion show; they used small earpieces to communicate.
  • Bulk was a hairdresser behind the scenes, and Skull was dressed in a skunk suit.
  • Bulk and Detective Stone were eating burritos on a swingset when they were turned smelly and chased away by the Stenchy monster.


  • Detective Stone had another identical red sportscar and assigned Bulk and Skull to watch it.


  • When Bulk and Skull laughed at Jason and Adam doing ballet for Kat and Tanya's ballet, Tanya named Patrick Swayze, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Gene Kelley as masculine dancers.
  • When Kat told Tanya they couldn't get the props from the high school, Bulk and Skull, between assignments, offered to be paid to find the props on the list.
  • In the bet started mostly by Kat, Bulk and Skull bet Kat and Tanya that they could find all the items; if they did, they were to be paid twice their regular rate; if they didn't, the girls got to name the penalty.
  • Bulk and Skull drove around on their patrol bike looking for gold items at garage sales for the ballet.
  • Bulk and Skull discovered the Midas Hound at a garage sale, planted there by Louie Kaboom; it turned things into gold, and Bulk and Skull turned many items into gold; later in the park, they were wearing a great deal of gold necklaces.
  • Skull used the Midas Hound to turn several coins into gold, one of which he used to pay for his and Bulk's hot dogs.
  • When the Midas Hound started going out of control, Bulk and Skull ran to the Juice Bar and stammered right next to Adam and Kat about the dog's turning everything to gold, with Skull talking directly to Kat.
  • Everything that the Midas Hound had turned to gold apparently returned to normal when the Red Battlezord destroyed giant Midas Monster's golderizer.
  • Having failed to get all the props for the ballet, Kat and Tanya made them take Jason's and Adam's places in the ballet.
  • Bulk played King Midas, and Skull played someone who worked for him.
  • Bulk and Skull tripped all over themselves and essentially made a disaster of the ballet.


  • When Miss Rodriguez was determined to find the culprit(s) behind the practical jokes at Angel Grove High, Bulk and Skull volunteered for the job, and Miss Rodriguez agreed to hire them; when Humphrey and Bogart, "Ace Crimesolvers" (and the actual culprits) gave Miss Rodriguez their card, Miss Rodriguez said the first duo to find the practical jokester would be handsomely rewarded.
  • Although it had been Kat and Tanya who identified Humphrey and Bogart as the culprits behind the practical jokes, Miss Rodriguez told Bulk and Skull their check would be in the mail as she hauled Humphrey and Bogart off.


  • Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull wash his waverunner for the upcoming waverunner race; the two detectives wore bathing suits with floatation vests.
  • With Skull reluctant, Bulk and Skull tried to ride Detective Stone's waverunner, but it wasn't working, so they simply rode it drifting through the lake for a while before returning it to the shore.
  • The waverunner turned into the Cruel Chrome monster right after Bulk and Skull had gotten off it; they ran screaming.
  • After Cruel Chrome was destroyed, Alpha replaced the waverunner with an identical one; Detective Stone later asked Bulk and Skull why his waverunner (calling it a "wavejumper") was running so well, then congratulated them, causing them to faint.


  • Bulk and Skull, in punk clothes, told a crowd in the Juice Bar about seeing a light at the lake, with Zeo Ranger Five inside the light, standing there while translucent; they went back to the lake when two kids wanted proof.
  • Back at the lake, Bulk and Skull were sucked into the Zeo Ranger Five hologram's portal to the Machine Arena; Gasket had Archerina send them to a holding cell, where they met the lizardman alien Trider.


  • Trider told Bulk and Skull that after Gasket had conquered his home planet of Horath, Gasket had vowed that Earth would be his next conquest.
  • Trider said that he was taken to compete in the arena and that Gasket took the best warriors from each planet he conquered and put their powers in his machine monsters; Bulk and Skull's presence indicated they were the fiercest warriors on Earth; Skull tried to correct him, but Bulk went along with it.
  • Trider got Bulk and Skull's help in his plans to escape and foil Prince Gasket.


  • Once Trider, Bulk, and Skull had reached the arena's control room, Trider locked Bulk and Skull out of the control room to fend off the Cogs while he demolished everything in the control room.
  • Bulk and Skull ran through the Cogs screaming martial arts wails while trying to do wild martial arts on the Cogs.
  • Bulk repeatedly dodged attacks by Cogs and even ran into two, making them fall over.
  • Skull deftly dodged Cog attacks, then made a Cog fall and short-circuit after he'd kicked a barrel into its legs.
  • The control room eventually exploded with Trider inside, apparently destroying the Cogs behind Bulk and Skull; Trider soon emerged from the flames, unharmed.
  • Trider told Bulk and Skull that when he returned to Horath, he and his people would make legends of the two.
  • Trider said he'd drop Bulk and Skull off, and he then teleported them and himself away.
  • Later that day, Bulk and Skull walked around the beach club, telling people how they had saved the Rangers.
  • When Bulk and Skull sat at the teens' table to tell them about saving the Rangers by breaking the forcefield, Kat said she was sure the Rangers were grateful for their help; Tommy added that he bet the Rangers would really want to thank Bulk and Skull; even though the three teens insisted that they believed the two, Bulk and Skull left in a huff, thinking the teens were being sarcastic.


  • Because Bulk made Skull pay for their sodas (which he did so by throwing a handful of change onto the Juice Bar), Skull got Bulk back by shaking up his soda, causing it to spray onto Bulk's face.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Bulk dressed as a chef, and Skull dressed as a chauffeur.


  • Detective Stone took Bulk and Skull on a fishing trip on their day off as a lesson on finding criminals, saying fishing taught patience, concentration, and how to listen.
  • Bulk and Skull fell into the water while trying to listen to it.
  • A blue energy gear fired from the Machine Skybase turned Detective Stone's "armor-plated, fully-automated Mechaterpillar 2000" fishing lure into the Mechaterpillar robot monster, which emerged from the lake, terrifying Detective Stone, Bulk, and Skull.
  • Another day, Bulk and Skull came into the Juice Bar smelling fishy, having spent the last twenty-four hours cleaning fish.


  • Bulk and Skull were studying in the Juice Bar, as they were going for their detectives' licenses to become full-fledged detectives.


  • Immediately after Detective Stone stepped out for an hour right after having Bulk and Skull start their tests in the agency, the city's monster alarm went off; Bulk figured the alarm was part of their test, and they continued working on the test to show they could concentrate under fire.
  • In the Juice Bar a different day, Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that they'd passed their detective's exams, but only because the examiners had given them extra points for completing their test during a monster attack.
  • Bulk and Skull fainted into their huge ice cream bowls after realizing the attack had been real.


  • Bulk and Skull planned on sleeping in the agency when it appeared Detective Stone wasn't in.
  • Bulk and Skull, desperately needing jobs to save their bankrupt detective agency, got Ernie to hire them for security at his beach club luau, but he made them dress in Hawaiian costumes.
  • At the luau, Bulk and Skull were inaccurately dressed as Hawaiian warriors, and Ernie sent them to wash off their face paint, but, unfortunately, they'd used permanent ink.


  • Bulk and Skull (no longer having ink on their faces) now had an official document from the Detective License Bureau, certifying that they were real detectives.
  • Bulk was unhappy that even though they were real detectives, they were still doing housework, since Detective Stone, Bulk said, didn't trust them enough to give them a real case.
  • Just as Bulk and Skull planned to find themselves a really tough case to earn Detective Stone's respect, a balloon with a note from a French detective named Inspector Cousteau drifted into the agency office; the note read, "Meet me at the northmost bench in Angel Grove Park in 1600 hours. Don't be late. -- I.K."
  • At four o'clock, Bulk and Skull were in the park, dressed up as old ladies; Bulk didn't know why as detectives they wore disguises, but he said they just did.
  • Inspector Cousteau met Bulk and Skull, having been sent to recruit detectives for a secret mission off the coast of France; if they accepted, Cousteau would have their assignment to them before the end of the day, and by that time the next day, they would be on the streets of Paris.
  • Bulk and Skull took Inspector Cousteau's case in France to prove themselves to Detective Stone, but rather than telling Stone of their case, they merely told him they were quitting since they'd gotten a better offer.
  • Detective Stone was furious at Bulk and Skull for quitting, and he told them not to bother coming back if they walked out the door, not caring how much they would beg or plead; as the two detectives walked out on him, he said, still bothered, that they would be back, but once they had left and he had resumed his paperwork, he looked up sadly at the door.


  • Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull were doing security jobs at the baseball stadium in black uniforms which looked like police uniforms.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that he didn't have to remind them of their luck in getting re-hired.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to relieve him of his duties at the International Dance-a-thon at 1900 hours.
  • Skull accidentally sprayed Lt. Stone's face with mustard.
  • No mention was made of the detective agency or Bulk and Skull's trip to France.
  • That night, Bulk and Skull were at a stop sign in their patrol bike, disagreeing about which way they should go, when Divatox's subcraft hovered over them and shone a light down on them; they sped away, but after they'd crashed into Norman's Bait Shop, the subcraft's bluish-white light teleported them into the craft after seeming to bleach their hair gray.
  • Later, Elgar had scrambled Bulk and Skull's brains so they'd be easier to deal with; they stood staring blankly in the subcraft.
  • Bulk and Skull were later being held in a cell adjoining the bilge in which Jason and Kim were being held; Bulk and Skull's brains were scrambled, and they didn't seem to know who they were or who Jason and Kim were.
    +   While his brain was scrambled, Bulk spoke in an Austrian accent, and Skull spoke in a Spanish accent, calling himself Antonio Montana, a reference to Al Pacino's role in the movie Scarface. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)
  • Brain-scrambled Bulk and Skull may have heard Kim wishing that she and Jason could morph.
  • Two days later as Jason and Kim were trying to remove a panel from the wall, when Bulk asked if they were going swimming, Jason whirled around and screamed furiously, "Would you guys be quiet?!! I'm trying to get us out of here!!"; this was the first time in two days that Bulk or Skull had been shown saying anything.
  • After they'd removed the panel and the bilge had filled up with water, Jason and Kim merely turned the wheel on the door connecting their room with Bulk and Skull's and then opened the door to let Bulk and Skull swim through; why they hadn't opened this door sooner is unknown.
  • The four teens simultaneously took a breath at the top of the bilge and then, underwater, swam out the exit one at a time while the others waited without getting another breath; this was a waste of lung capacity.
  • Some time later, Kim was lying exhausted on a shore of Muiranthias, but Bulk and Skull, hiding behind some trees nearby, were not exhausted.
  • When the savage Malachians captured Kim, Bulk and Skull (with their brains still scrambled) decided to relax and enjoy the beach rather than rescue her; more Malachians soon attacked them as well, though, and they were forced to flee into the jungle.
  • Later, after the Turbo Megazord had destroyed giant Maligore, Bulk and Skull were merely standing around in a daze in the jungle when Divatox shoved them aside as she ran past, shouting that she wanted her mommy.
  • Shortly afterward, Jason, Kim, Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel emerged from the jungle with Bulk and Skull and were picked up by the Turbo Megazord.
  • In the cockpit while Jason and Kim were chatting with the Rangers, Bulk's hand brushing up against a joystick accidentally made the Turbo Megazord veer to the right.
  • After turning around and seeing the Liarians, Kim, and Jason standing with the Red Turbo Ranger, Bulk and Skull started dancing, then fell down and passed out, apparently having bumped heads while dancing.


  • Bulk and Skull were now wearing their normal uniforms again, with their shirts light blue rather than black.
  • Lt. Stone had told Bulk and Skull that the only way they'd get back to the police force permanently was if they put tickets on fifty cars by the end of the day, but they'd gone to a parking lot near the lake, where there were no cars.
  • Divatox's subcraft hovered over Angel Grove Lake and sank into the water as Bulk and Skull watched; Bulk decided that they would keep their mouths shut about it.
  • Captain Crandall had decided to give Lt. Stone one final chance, making Lt. Stone decide to give Bulk and Skull one final chance as well.
  • Lt. Stone sent Bulk and Skull to the Angel Grove Energy Center to take over for the private security company that had been let go; he said this was their last chance.
  • Bulk and Skull were bored by their assignment at the energy center, since nothing exciting was happening there.
  • When Elgar confronted Bulk and Skull at the energy center, saying he'd blast them if they didn't step aside, they boldly did a choreographed sequence with their batons, having learned it in their last class at the academy.
  • Elgar blasted Bulk and Skull with the changer laser, turning them into chimps.
  • Bulk and Skull could talk to each other as chimps, but everyone else heard it as nonsensical chattering.
  • Bulk and Skull referred to Elgar as an alien.
  • Bulk and Skull had had a police small radio with them.
  • Bulk and Skull heard Justin refer to Elgar by name.
  • Bulk and Skull, craving bananas, left for Ernie's.


  • Lt. Stone found the two chimps outside the Youth Center, and they brought him inside.
  • Lt. Stone thought the chimps were trying to tell him something.
  • Rushing to stop Bulk from eating a banana split, Lt. Stone bumped a male waiter and sent a banana split flying onto his own face.
  • Lt. Stone told the chimps there was something awfully familiar about them.


  • The chimps had apparently been stealing things from Tommy and Justin out of boredom for weeks and taking the stolen items to the old outdoor cafe area of the Youth Center, which Lt. Stone now owned.
  • The chimps now wore small-sized clothes.
  • Discovering the chimps' thievery, Lt. Stone guessed he had to keep a closer eye on the chimps until he could figure out what to do with them.
  • A thrown ball from Bulk sent a pizza flying onto Lt. Stone's face.
  • Lt. Stone still got the feeling he knew the chimps.


  • Listening to Tanya's radio show on KAGV while he and Skull read a newspaper in the Youth Center, Bulk thought for himself and Skull to go to the radio station to get noticed.
  • Bulk and Skull saved Tanya's job by taking over for her while she was away on Ranger business (though where she had gone, they most likely didn't know); they were trying to get help, but all they did was amuse the owner of KAGV, Mr. Marshall.


  • Lt. Stone brought the chimps along with him when he announced the Angel Grove Derby.
  • Bulk planned for himself and Skull to win the derby with last year's winner, the Slippery Shark, and become famous, then maybe the Power Rangers would help turn them back into humans.
  • Lt. Stone had brought the chimps to the derby for some fresh air, but threatened to put them back on banana peeling duty in the Juice Bar if they didn't be quiet.
  • After the derby was rescheduled to another day after Warren's accident, the chimps began racing in the Slippery Shark too early, and Bulk crashed the racer into the derby's smoothie stand, dumping smoothie all over a pageant winner who had been attending the race and seemed to be a part of the smoothie stand.
  • Lt. Stone took the chimps away, and then the pageant winner dumped papaya smoothie on Lt. Stone's head for what his chimps had done.
  • Bulk licked smoothie off Lt. Stone's cheek.


  • Skull thought the upcoming drag race between Tony and Rob at Angels' Bluff was trouble, and Bulk planned to meet the Rangers when they showed up, since trouble meant Rangers.
  • Bulk held Skull's hand as they left from behind the Juice Bar counter, and Skull asked him not to.
  • Bulk planned for them to ride in the back of the cars, then pop out when the Rangers showed up, and the Rangers would turn them back into humans once they got them to recognize them.
  • For no apparent reason, Bulk and Skull simultaneously covered the eyes of the drivers of their respective cars during the drag race, causing the two cars to go off the cliff.
  • After Lt. Stone had shown up, Bulk and Skull drove off in his car while he was talking to the crowd at the drag race.


  • The chimps were in the Racing Technologies garage as the four teens prepared a surprise party for Justin; in theory, the teens might have been less protective of their secret identities while only in the company of chimps.
  • After the four teens had gone outside to help Lt. Stone put something in his car, then teleported away on Ranger business, Bulk and Skull knew that everyone was gone, and they began to play; during this commotion, Bulk called himself a "power primate."
  • Lt. Stone later came into the garage with balloons and was speechless at the disaster the chimps had caused.
  • The chimps gave Justin a banana as a gift.


  • At Lt. Stone's volunteer car wash, Bulk decided to be mischievous by kinking the hose Lt. Stone was using, then letting go to make him spray himself.
  • As the chimps clamored to get to the Rangers so that, according to Bulk's plan, they could be changed back, they accidentally knocked the detonator the Rangers were searching for into the air, making it land in a bucket of soapy water, where it short-circuited and merely made the water explode out of the bucket.
  • The Red and Pink Rangers picked up the chimps; Pink Ranger asked the chimps if they'd ever considered detective work.
  • Later, in the Juice Bar, the chimps were making drinks; Lt. Stone had Tanya, Justin, and Kat taste disgusting-tasting smoothies to make sure he wasn't going crazy in suspecting the chimps had added a few ingredients of their own when he wasn't looking.
  • Bulk was mixing fruit and sardines into a smoothie which splashed up in Lt. Stone's face when he rushed to put the lid on.


  • When all the writing in the Youth Center was turned into hieroglyphics, Bulk planned for himself and Skull to use pictures to show everyone what had happened to them.
  • A different day, the chimps had painted all over a wall behind the Youth Center, but no one understood the meaning of the painting; the chimps then proceeded to paint Lt. Stone's face.


  • In the Youth Center, Skull said he was so hungry he could eat New Jersey.
  • The chimps had stacked dishes in complicated patterns, following Bulk's plan to impress Lt. Stone.
  • Bulk and Skull went after the teens' food they'd left behind.
  • Skull tried to use the tiny periscope from Divatox's subcraft (poking up from Kat's glass of water) as a straw; Lt. Stone got water splashed on his face when the periscope was retrieved quickly, and he then knocked over all the stacked dishes by reeling back from the water splash.
  • After Kat's performance in the Nutcracker ballet, Bulk, remembering the time they'd danced in Kat's ballet (in 439-RCGo), had himself and Skull dance ballet onstage to get her to remember them. (Source: 511-Wt&S outtakes segment)


  • The chimps were holding Lt. Stone's hands as he told everyone to go into the parking lot as he checked for the reason behind the fire alarm, but the alarm then stopped.
  • The chimps later served drinks to Adam and Tanya.
  • Adam noted it was sometimes eerie how human the chimps were; Tommy said it was almost like they were trying to tell the teens something, and Tanya, thinking she knew what it was, gave the chimps a dollar or two, saying Lt. Stone had taught them well.
  • After checking out the alarm system, Lt. Stone made the Bulk give him the money.
  • When the subcraft's medium-sized periscope emerged from a bucket of water behind the Juice Bar, Bulk noted, "Hey, here's that funky little eyeball thing again," but the last time they'd seen it, it had been straw-sized; the chimps proceeded to play with it, causing havoc in the subcraft.
  • When another fire alarm went off, the chimps, doing as Lt. Stone had just said, treated the alarm like the real thing and splashed water from one of the water buckets on him.


  • Lt. Stone served the chimps a bowl of mashed bananas at a table, but Bulk was sick of bananas.
  • Bulk suggested they try to use Adam's magic wand prop to change themselves back into humans, and as Skull held up the wand and said "Abracadabra," getting Justin's attention, the ground quaked from Blue Senturion's arrival in space.
  • When there was an earthquake, Bulk threw the bowl of mashed bananas threw the air, and it landed on Lt. Stone's head.


  • Bulk and Skull were in the Youth Center watching Tommy, Kat, and Tanya work out.
  • Bulk, having overheard about the upcoming soccer game against Stone Canyon, planned for himself and Skull to get noticed at the game.
  • Skull said he'd tried playing soccer but kept tripping over his own arms.
  • At the game, Bulk did cheerleading during the game, but Skull sat uninterested.


  • The chimps were playing cards in the Juice Bar when they overheard Lt. Stone trying to balance his books; Bulk, recalling an accounting class they'd taken and failed three times in a row, thought of another idea for them to prove their identities.
  • The chimps took the week's money from Lt. Stone but later returned it in a wagon.


  • At Angel Grove Cleanup Week, Bulk planned for himself and Skull to win the prize for collecting the most trash.
  • Later, in the Youth Center, which was being used as a recycling center for the cleanup week, the chimps were playing chess at a table, but they left after Bulk had stolen Lt. Stone's keys.
  • Outside the Youth Center, the chimps inadvertantly made Shrinkasect drop his can-shaped detonator, and they took it with them.
  • Careening down the road in Lt. Stone's car, Bulk and Skull (with Bulk driving) thought that the Blue Ranger that landed on the roof of their car was a blue monkey.
  • Bulk pulled over after realizing the blue guy was a Power Ranger.
  • Morphed Justin spoke in the presence of Lt. Stone and the chimps, talking directly to Lt. Stone; they made no particular reaction to his childlike voice.
  • Lt. Stone told Blue Ranger that the chimps' driving days were over; after Blue Ranger had teleported away, Lt. Stone scolded the chimps, "Now how many times have I told you guys? Don't drive without me in the car!"


  • Lt. Stone sat on the hood of his car by the beach, wondering what he was going to do with the chimps.
  • Lt. Stone was down that the chimps didn't act like chimps should, and that he was talking to them as if they understood.
  • The chimps left with their trash they'd collected (as well as the can-shaped detonator), and left without Lt. Stone noticing, to prove their humanity; this was the last time Lt. Stone would see the chimps.
  • The chimps were later collecting trash on the beach.
  • The chimps watched as Blue Ranger set a shrunken Blue Senturion into the sand just before two torpedoes struck the spot, causing the other four Rangers to appear with a normal-sized Blue Senturion.
  • After the Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer had destroyed giant Shrinkasect, chimp-Skull noted that if they'd been humans, they could've helped out in some way; this was the first time Skull had shown a clear desire to be human again, with the possible exception of his wanting to rush forward with Bulk to meet the Rangers at the car wash in 509-WLie.
  • After morphed Justin had thrown the detonator-of-the-day into the air and it had exploded, the smoke from the torpedoes' crater near the chimps began to glow blue, and when it stopped, Bulk and Skull had been turned human again, but they were invisible.
  • Before the chimps' transformation, Blue Ranger had spoken to them; they heard him but made no mention of his childlike voice.
  • Bulk and Skull were elated to be human again; they ran off screaming upon discovering that they were invisible.


  • Bulk and Skull, invisible, took food from a couple and their grandkids at the beach.
  • Bulk had thought when he was a kid that it would be great to be invisible.
  • Later, at some sort of outdoor merchant area near the beach, Bulk and Skull were doing magic tricks for money with their invisibility, with Bulk as the wrapped-up magician and Skull as the hidden performer.
  • Bulk's bare wrist could be seen beneath his sleeve, not invisible.
  • Later, in the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull pulled out chairs at the table of two students and began to eat their food.
  • Bulk and Skull materialized as they ate, and they were wearing human-sized shirts and overalls like the clothes they'd worn as chimps; Bulk's shirt was orange, and Skull's, red.
  • After Bulk and Skull had reappeared in plain sight, one of the students poured a milkshake on Bulk's head, apparently only upset that Bulk had eaten his food, but making no particular reaction to Bulk and Skull's appearance from thin air.
  • Lt. Stone was delighted to see Bulk and Skull, saying they'd just dropped out of sight; Bulk told him they'd just been monkeying around.
  • When Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull it was great to see them, Bulk thanked him, calling him "Jerome."


  • Lt. Stone's cousin, presumably the man named Joe, was doing Lt. Stone a big favor by hiring Bulk and Skull.
  • Joe had Bulk and Skull slow and stop cars driving by as cement nearby dried, the job all new employees got.
  • Bulk and Skull fell into the wet cement behind them when unmorphed T.J. raced by in Lightning Cruiser, which soon took off; it's unknown whether they saw that it was T.J. driving the car, or whether they saw the car lift off.
  • As they were smoothing out a new batch of wet cement, Skull was missing his wallet, and Bulk was missing his keys.
  • Bulk and Skull were knocked into the cement again as the Elgar and Piranhatrons drove by.
  • In the end, Bulk and Skull were mostly buried in the concrete, and Joe complained to Lt. Stone that monkeys could've done better.


  • Bulk and Skull were delivery men for Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor.
  • Bulk and Skull (Skull driving) drove around on their patrol bike, dropping and eating the pizzas they were supposed to deliver.


  • Bulk and Skull were security guards for Angel Grove Bank, with Bulk outside and Skull inside.
  • Bulk took a woman's grocery bag and reached through her tub of melted ice cream for stolen money.
  • Bulk was too busy tying his shoelaces to notice as the costumed Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons nearly sneaked into the bank's front entrance to rob it.
  • Bulk and Skull were thrilled when money from the villains' failed robbery flew into the air, but the Turbo Rangers and other bystanders helped pick it up.
  • Angel Grove had a gold mine, and Bulk and Skull were assigned to guard it, almost immediately after their job as security guards at Angel Grove Bank.
  • Bulk and Skull quit and ran away when the villains attacked the gold mine.


  • Bulk and Skull interviewed with the tough boss of a singing telegram company.
  • Bulk listed on his resume (which was presumably similar to Skull's) that, as training, he had attended Angel Grove High and UAG (University of Angel Grove).
  • Also under "training," Bulk listed "junior detectives," but they had been junior police officers and actual, certified detectives.
  • Under "skills," Bulk claimed to be a singer with the Philharmonic Orchestra, a deep sea diver, a sky diver, and a dancer.
  • Bulk listed Lt. Stone as a reference (or perhaps as a former employer).
  • Bulk and Skull pretended to have sung with the Philharmonic Orchestra and at Carnegie Hall for their job interview.
  • Bulk and Skull both said they had valid driver's licenses.
  • Bulk and Skull became costumed birthday singers in the Juice Bar.
  • Later on their first day on the job, Bulk and Skull begged Cassie and Ashley to let them sing the girls a birthday song, as they'd lost their cards on their clients, and their boss was watching them; the girls agreed, but when Skull tried to pull a thread off Bulk's superhero costume, it caused his entire costume to fall off, revealing his undershirt and boxer shorts.
  • Bulk pulled Skull's costume off in retaliation, and the two ran off, losing their job.


  • Bulk and Skull tried to sell a Total Vac 8000 to Lt. Stone, as they were salesmen for the Total Vac Corporation.
  • The vacuum cleaner made Lt. Stone spill shakes onto his face and shirt, then the vacuum blew feathers onto him.
  • Bulk and Skull later tried to sell Lt. Stone the Total Vac 9000, a much more powerful version, as they had to sell one or get fired.
  • The vacuum sucked off Lt. Stone's shirt.


  • Bulk and Skull were tour guides on the Angel Grove Monster Tours, owned by Lt. Stone.
  • As part of the tour, Skull jumped out from behind a tree in a furry costume, pretending to be a monster, but he removed the head from his costume after a little girl had kicked him in the shin, knowing he wasn't a monster.
  • Lt. Stone had heard the "alien spacecraft in the lake" story (referring to Divatox's subcraft in 501-SIT1) multiple times.
  • Lt. Stone planned for Bulk and Skull to try again the next day, as their first monster tour left its customers disappointed.
  • On the monster tour the next day, as the tour ended downtown, Bulk reminded the tour group that Angel Grove had a highly sophisticated monster detection system, and that in the case of an attack, they were to proceed directly to the designated monster safety zone without panicking.


  • The next day, beside a large building with a number of windows high up along its side, Bulk and Skull showed a monster tour group a city corner where the Rangers had supposedly fought Mechanizer; actually, in 414-MBWR, the Zeo Rangers had fought Mechanizer in the Angel Grove University warehouse in the warehouse district, and the fight had caused the entire warehouse to explode in a massive fireball.
  • As the tour group was upset about not yet seeing the Rangers or a monster, Bulk pointed to the Lightning Cruiser flying overhead, but the people missed it and didn't believe him.
  • Lt. Stone led the group into a skyscraper, from the top of which they could see the entire city; this building, with a large, curved bottom side, would soon be severely damaged by Metallasaurus.
  • Bulk and Skull left Lt. Stone, with Bulk saying the building had the best food on the 43rd floor.
  • With everyone but Bulk and Skull presumably having left the building, Metallasaurus started to pull up the skyscraper they were in; apparently not noticing this, Bulk and Skull soon came to the penthouse office with their food, where they realized Metallasaurus was outside the building, causing them to drop their food and faint.
  • Once the two had awakened, Bulk went back for his milkshake despite Skull's protests; the milkshakes were now upright, despite having spilled when dropped earlier.
  • Metallasaurus's eyebeams sliced off the top of the building, but the Star Racer Rescuezord caught it and gave it to Thunder Loader.
  • Bulk and Skull's milkshakes were still upright after their portion of the building had fallen and landed in Star Racer's scoop.
  • In the Youth Center after Metallasaurus had been defeated, T.J. helped Bulk and Skull suit up with protective padding for their next monster tour.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull they were giving tour from a big yellow bus, not a battle tank, but Bulk took him out to the parking lot to show him otherwise.


  • In the Juice Bar another day, Bulk and Skull tried to convince T.J., Carlos, and Ashley to wear Turbo Ranger costumes for their monster tour.
  • Bulk said Justin was too short to be a Ranger, and Skull pointed at Justin and laughed a falsetto teasing laugh.
  • Bulk and Skull ended up hiring five other people to pretend to be Turbo Rangers for the monster tour, with Red being overweight and Yellow having a cane.


  • Lt. Stone had hired Bulk and Skull to run a tennis ball machine and videotape people's lessons, but they were trying to proposition Ashley and Cassie for tennis lessons of their own.
  • Ashley (secretly a robot) hit tennis balls so hard that she mangled her tennis racket during her practice while Bulk and Skull watched, with Skull videotaping her.
  • Elgar, Flash Head, and Piranhatron appeared, scaring Bulk and Skull away.


  • Bulk and Skull were doing plumbing for Angel Grove Plumbing at a woman's house when Divatox's third wishing coin dropped into their hands.
  • Bulk and Skull were fired for being wrong about a pipe being clogged.
  • Bulk and Skull, later in punk clothes in the Juice Bar, spent the coin in a pinball machine.


  • Bulk and Skull demolished the Juice Bar's pinball machine by inserting the wishing coin.
  • After handing them back their coin, Lt. Stone gave Bulk and Skull the address to Martha's plant nursery so they could get jobs there.
  • Bulk and Skull were later working for Martha.
  • Bulk was about to use the wishing coin in the drink machine at the nursery when Diva Drones accosted them.
  • When Diva Drones, Wild Weeder, and evil Blue Senturion confronted Bulk and Skull and told them to give them the wishing coin, which Blue Senturion said he hoped they hadn't given to the Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull struck martial arts poses to try to intimidate the villains but then ran away once the Rangers had arrived.
  • Hiding from the Diva Drones, Bulk and Skull now knew the coin was a wishing coin; Skull told Bulk to make a wish, saying they could be rich or famous.
  • Bulk began to wish, "I wish that we had the most--" but was interrupted by the Diva Drones.
  • As the Rescuezords fought Robo Racer, Bulk and Skull flagged down the Rangers and, once Blue Ranger had leapt down, gave him the coin before they could make a wish.
  • Blue Ranger spoke to Bulk and Skull, but they made no reaction to his childlike voice.


  • Bulk and Skull were fire spotters for Angel Grove Forest; they were supposed to watch out for anything unusual from the southern watchtower.
  • Bulk and Skull were later reading Big Bad Beetleborgs comic books while listening to music over headphones; Skull briefly looked around with binoculars but was bored when he didn't see anything, and went back to reading.
  • Bulk and Skull didn't notice a fire in the forest until it approached their watchtower.
  • To save them from the forest fire, Red Ranger had Bulk and Skull jump into Lightning Cruiser as it hovered beside their lookout tower.
  • Bulk and Skull were no longer in Lightning Cruiser when Red Ranger got back in the car after fighting Torch Tiger briefly with the other Rangers.
  • Bulk and Skull later told a crowd in the Juice Bar about their heroics during the fire; doing so, they got gold paint from the recently-painted Juice Bar poles on themselves.


  • Bulk and Skull, working for Angel Grove Towing, came to tow Ashley's car after it had broken down.
  • Bulk and Skull knew Ashley.
  • Skull accidentally backed the towtruck into Ashley's car, smashing the headlights.
  • After Elgar and Piranhatrons had arrived, Skull hid inside the truck while Ashley fought the Piranhatrons and Elgar stole many parts from her car; meanwhile, Bulk was distracted under the car trying to attach the truck's chains.
  • Bulk and Skull drove Ashley to the Youth Center since her car had been demolished by Elgar.
  • Bulk and Skull ignored a page for an emergency towing call to get two milkshakes from Lt. Stone.
  • Another day, Bulk and Skull dropped off a car frame for Mr. Decker's auto shop class at Angel Grove High.
  • Yet another day, Bulk got oil sprayed on his face as he tried to fix the truck's engine on the side of the road.
  • An hour ago, Bulk and Skull's boss had said they were fired if they didn't get to their next towing job in ten minutes.
  • Ashley fixed the truck, but Bulk and Skull were already out of a job for being late.


  • Bulk and Skull were paperboys, with Skull driving the patrol bike, and Bulk inaccurately throwing papers.
  • The next morning, on their paper route, Bulk threw newspapers expertly.
  • Another morning, Bulk was extremely skilled at throwing the newspapers, hitting all his targets dead-on without any effort whatsoever.
  • A man from the Angel Grove Gazette fired Bulk and Skull because (although they claimed not to have missed a house in two weeks, they were always early, they were very good, and their customers loved them) they hadn't made their customers pay anything.


  • Bulk and Skull auditioned for Cassie's and Vicki's band, with Bulk as a long-haired rocker on drums and Skull a death metal rocker on the guitar.
  • Bulk and Skull had thought being in the band would pay, but when they were told otherwise, Bulk decided they'd do it for the babes; they were turned down, however.
  • Many days later, after the Rangers had destroyed Crash and the Creeps, Bulk and Skull, having heard the girls were short on band members, tried to audition again, this time as tuba players, but Lt. Stone kicked them out of the Youth Center for being obnoxious.


  • Bulk and Skull delivered water jugs from Angel Grove Water to the soccer field during the soccer team's practice; they ended up dumping water all over each other in clumsiness.


  • Bulk and Skull tried to get jobs out of a month-old newspaper which Skull had brought; when Bulk realized how old the paper was, Cassie sent her dog Jetson to buy them a new one.
  • Upon hearing that Cassie had lost Jetson in the park, Bulk and Skull volunteered to find the dog, mentioning their experience as detectives.
  • Seeing Cassie on a sidewalk with Jethro, Bulk and Skull, with Bulk driving, drove up in a nice dark green or blue pickup truck, having found a dachshund.
  • Bulk and Skull were later still hot on the trail, but they didn't realize that the dog with Cassie was the dog they were looking for.


  • Bulk and Skull's job was to draw chalk lines on a baseball field.
  • Bulk and Skull ended up making a mess of the field and themselves; although this was shown only in the outtakes segment of this episode, there is little doubt they would have ended up doing anything else.


  • Bulk and Skull were hosts for "Bulk and Skull's Scary Film Festival", dressed up as vampires; they had rented a movie and the Youth Center to show scary movies.
  • Bulk and Skull's movie one afternoon was a vampire movie.
  • Bulk and Skull charged Carlos and Justin $3.00 for admission; whether this was their combined price or the price per person is uncertain.
  • After the movie, Bulk and Skull said they'd have another vampire movie next week.
  • Walking through the park at dusk, Bulk and Skull saw Carlos get bitten by the vampiric bat monster Count Nocturn.
  • Bulk and Skull, holding a reel called "Vampire Hunters," decided to become vampire hunters.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull tracked Carlos through Angel Grove High while wearing garlic necklaces.
  • Bulk and Skull saw Carlos's fangs and red eyes.
  • After Carlos had left, Justin asked Bulk and Skull what they were doing, and Skull gave Justin some garlic for protection.
  • Mr. Caplan thought Bulk and Skull had graduated, and they nodded affirmatively, but he sent them to detention.
  • Bulk and Skull, armed with garlic, wooden stakes, and mirrors, later found Carlos at the blood drive in the Youth Center, but he slipped out through the southeast exit.
  • The next week, Bulk and Skull no longer suspected that Carlos was a vampire; what explanation he had given them is unknown.
  • Bulk and Skull had switched to werewolf movies.
  • When Skull wondered whether werewolves would show up like the vampires had, Bulk pet the side of Skull's face and reassured him that they'd quit the movie business for good if a werewolf showed up; when Lt. Stone startled them by telling them the delivery man for their newest film was there, Skull clutched the side of his face Bulk had been stroking.
  • Bulk and Skull freaked out when the delivery man looked hairy and had an underbite, making him resemble a werewolf.


  • The Juice Bar was plagued by ants when Bulk and Skull, working for the "Get the Bugs Out Exterminator Company," came in wearing special protective suits and began spraying Juice Bar with their special "Ant Be Gone" formula, which Bulk said was totally organic.
  • Lt. Stone made Bulk and Skull leave, not wanting them to spray the chemicals all over the place.


  • Bulk and Skull were deliverymen for the "Super Duper Fast Deliveries" company.
  • Bulk and Skull gave Lt. Stone a delivery that was supposed to be the new blender he'd ordered, but the wrapped package was empty.
  • The "Daytime Thief" had been stealing things out of Bulk and Skull's packages, including a radio and a microwave.
  • Bulk and Skull's boss thought they were stealing the things, and if they didn't find where it had gone, they'd be arrested.
  • T.J. told Cassie that Bulk and Skull made mistakes, but they weren't thieves, and he teamed up with them for a stakeout to catch the Daytime Thief.
  • At the Super Duper Fast Deliveries warehouse, Bulk, Skull, and T.J. held their stakeout.
  • T.J. and Bulk wore earpiece mics with which they could communicate on their stakeout.
  • Later, Bulk sent T.J. for food.
  • While T.J. was gone, the Daytime Thief struck the entire warehouse without Bulk and Skull seeing his identity, as they had been busy cowering.
  • Another day, Ashley and Cassie dressed Skull up as a woman, and the guys and Lt. Stone prepared packages in the Juice Bar for a major stakeout.
  • Skull, as an old lady, clipped the hedges of a front lawn while T.J. watched from the bushes; nearby in Ashley's car were the other teens, with whom T.J. communicated with his communicator, but their presence on the stakeout was kept secret from Bulk and Skull for some reason.
  • Bulk made a delivery to Skull, and as he was delivering to another house, Piranhatron arrived to loot the delivery truck.
  • T.J. had at all earlier points held his earpiece, apparently to disable it, while speaking with the other teens on the communicator, but when he exclaimed, "Piranhatrons?! What do they want?" he was not touching his earpiece.
  • The Piranhatrons nearly attacked Skull, but T.J. led Bulk and Skull to flee to safety.
  • After successfully hiding from the Piranhatron and then seeing an electronics component inside the box they'd taken with them, T.J. had Bulk and Skull meet him in the Juice Bar in two hours.
  • When Bulk and Skull's boss had brought two police officers to arrest Bulk and Skull in the Juice Bar, not believing their story that aliens had stolen their missing deliveries, the Turbo Rangers teleported into the Juice Bar for Red Ranger to say the following:
    "Officers, wait. These two should be thanked. They're the ones that helped discover the thieves. Divatox stole the packages, and unfortunately, this is all that's left. (puts smoking, damaged remote on Juice Bar counter) Mr. Bulkmeier, you're a very brave man. As are you, Mr. Skullovitch. Thank you very much for your sacrifice. May the Power protect you both. Good work, you two."
  • T.J. walked in immediately after the Rangers had teleported away, and Bulk told him he'd missed the Rangers' saving their jobs.
  • The boss apparently let Bulk and Skull keep their jobs.
  • Bulk told Ashley and Cassie that their friend T.J. was a-okay; Cassie said he'd said the same thing about Bulk and Skull, causing Bulk to give T.J. a warm hug.


  • In the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull were among the people watching the live news coverage on TV of the landing of a NASADA shuttle.
  • After the broadcast, Bulk and Skull threw shakes on each other.


  • One night, Bulk and Skull were using a telescope to look for a new comet to become rich and famous, apparently Bulk's plan, when they saw the Dark Fortress appear in Earth orbit; half of the saucer craft was composed of green gridlines.
  • Bulk and Skull fainted after seeing the UFO.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull were in the Surf Spot, where the teens had happened to bring their new friend Andros after their weeks of absence; the two paid no attention to the teens.
  • Skull had forgotten his wallet, but Bulk wouldn't let him have any of his fries.
  • Andros, disturbed by Bulk hogging all the french fries while only letting Skull have his own water, subtlely used telekinesis with two fingers to pour hot sauce into Bulk's milkshake while Bulk was reading the newspaper; Ashley was apparently the only person to notice.
  • Bulk read about Professor Phenomenus, an expert on aliens, in the newspaper.
  • After accidentally drinking the hot sauce and finding Skull's water glass empty, Bulk rushed to the teens' table and poured a jug of water into his mouth, making Andros chuckle to himself behind his hand as Carlos asked "Bulkie" if he was okay.
  • Skull, wondering whether the Professor would believe them, mockingly gave their dialogue as the teens listened: "Professor! Last night we saw an alien spaceship! Round, with big pointy antennas, half invisible, just green lines, really!"
  • Bulk and Skull then left to find the Professor.
  • Later, in the middle of nowhere, Bulk and Skull talked with Phenomenus through a customized mailbox with contraptions on it.
  • At the mention of aliens, the Professor screeched up to Bulk and Skull in his modified purple RV.
  • The Professor excitedly recruited Bulk and Skull, giving them lab coats, after hearing their experience of nobody believing their UFO sighting and being called crazy.
  • Later, the Professor stopped the RV outside a NASADA guard booth, and Skull and Bulk assumed he'd brilliantly stopped there because of their top-secret alien spacecraft or their satellites and telescopes the size of cannons, but he had actually stopped because of a flat tire.
  • Suddenly, the Professor's alien detector inside the RV went off, and the three looked under the RV as the Professor called out, "There! Aliens!" while using the chirping striped wand device.
  • Skull told the Professor it was a NASADA sign, and the Professor replied with what would be his trademark reply, "Perhaps to the untrained eye!"
  • Bulk asked the Professor if he was sure he was a world-renowned scientist, asking for some I.D., but three Quantrons suddenly appeared in front of the sign, startling them but making the Professor laugh.


  • Driving down a road, the Professor told Bulk and Skull that there were aliens right here on Earth, a concept which intrigued them, yet why they would've found this unusual after five straight years of attacks from evil space aliens is unclear.
  • The Professor explained that the aliens came as seedling aliens, eggs which grew larger with "each breath of the horrible creatures' insides," then one day broke out and attacked.
  • The Professor stopped and had himself, Bulk, and Skull explore a watermelon patch, where he thought a watermelon was an alien pod.
  • After getting a watermelon, the Professor shook it and yelled for the evil alien to come out, then said they'd take it back to the lab for molecular analysis.
  • As Bulk held the watermelon, he thought it moved, and the Professor warned him to hold it away in case the alien popped out and latched onto his face.
  • The Professor used a stethoscope and said he heard a heartbeat and thought it was scratching to come out; in a panic, Bulk threw the watermelon into the air, making it splatter onto his head, and the Professor laughed triumphantly upon discovering it was seedless.


  • In a park near some very large power lines, the Professor set down a bowl of celery and carrots, then ran back to hide in a trash can beside which Bulk and Skull were in cans of their own on their stakeout in which the Professor thought a rabbit was an alien.
  • Bulk was excited on the stakeout, but Skull was skeptical and unamused.
  • After sanitation workers had dumped old food into their three bins, the Professor declared, "This is the price you pay for science!"
  • Later, Skull was asleep when the rabbit approached the bowl of food, and the Professor began to creep up on the "furry little alien" but turned back to shh his assitants as Bulk was harassing Skull to wake him up; while the Professor's back was turned, Voltage Hog appeared near the rabbit, making it hop away.
  • Seeing the monster now having taken the place of the rabbit, Bulk and Skull were terrified, and as they fled, Bulk dragged a reluctant Professor away to the RV.
  • Some time later, Skull, impressed that the Professor had known the rabbit was an alien, said he'd never doubt him again.
  • In the RV, the Professor was examining a small vial when Bulk grabbed it and shook it teasingly; in a panic, the Professor shouted to be careful, as it would explode if spilled.


  • Downtown in front of a large glass skyscraper, standing with a microphone near his RV, the Professor told a growing crowd of reporters and onlookers: "I have developed the most powerful plutonium fuel ever made!"
  • The Professor said that with the fuel, he would send his two assistants up into the universe to find aliens.
  • Bulk and Skull emerged from behind the RV in silver spacesuits with white helmets, with their nicknames in large print.
  • When asked by a reporter whether it was true that the canister could destroy the entire city if it broke open, the Professor said yes, but that it would be safe in his laboratory at the top of the skyscraper behind them.
  • Gesturing, the Professor accidentally knocked the canister off its podium, making everyone scream in terror, but Bulk fumbled and eventually caught it.
  • Later, as the skyscraper containing the plutonium was nearly being pushed over by Elephantitan despite the Blue and Black Rangers' efforts, the Professor's RV drove up beside the building, and the three got out and looked up, with the Professor distraught over his plutonium fuel.
  • Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus, having hidden behind the Professor's RV as giant Elephantitan pushed the skyscraper over onto them, were somehow unhurt afterward, as was the RV, despite all of them being covered in rubble.
  • Beside the rubble of the skyscraper, rubble from which Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus were emerging, Cassie met up with the four Rangers; she stood in front of the Rangers and angrily shouted up at the monster, "All right, you've caused me a lot of trouble!" then summoned her Morpher and morphed to give him some trouble in return.


  • One night, the Professor had the RV parked by a fence downtown, and he told Bulk that with these inventions they could hear everything that was happening in all of Angel Grove, especially concerning aliens; the two of them wore striped headphone inventions with small dishes extending from either earpiece.
  • The Professor told Skull to turn it up, and when Skull did from the back of the RV, the feedback hurt the Professor's and Bulk's ears.
  • Afterward, the Professor looked into the sky, startled while Bulk didn't see whatever it was, and then used a viewing device to look into the sky and shouted, "Invasion!!" and rushed into the RV.
  • Bulk looked into the viewer and saw the thousands of parachuting Craterites descending into the city; the Professor then sped away, dragging Bulk by the headphones.
  • The next day, the RV was parked in a plaza downtown as the Professor worked on an invention to catch the aliens, saying once the invention was done there would be nowhere to hide.
  • Later, after the Rangers had destroyed the Craterites, Bulk and Skull rushed into the Surf Spot with the Professor's invention, connected to the RV outside with a long cable.
  • To the crowd, perhaps directed toward the teens, Bulk shouted that they knew who they really were, and Skull told the "sinister space aliens" to show themselves, or, Bulk said, they'd blast them with their space alien stripper and reveal their true identities.
  • As Bulk held out the device, large bubbles from the device dissolved his and Skull's clothes, leaving them only in underwear, and they ran out as everyone laughed.


  • In the woods, Sting King scolded Waspicable for picking flowers rather than being evil; meanwhile, elsewhere in the woods, the Professor observed a beehive and was sure it was an alien pod.
  • Bulk was awed, but Skull told the Professor with annoyance that it was a beehive, making the Professor laugh, "Perhaps to the untrained eye!"
  • Wearing gloves and a helmet, the Professor carefully took down the beehive and then shouted for the evil space alien inside to come out; he suddenly cried out that it lived but, realizing there were bees inside, threw it down and ran away with Bulk and Skull.
  • As they soon rested behind a tree, with Bulk a bit exasperated as the Professor laughed heartily that they'd outrun them, Skull shouted: "You said they were aliens! You wouldn't know aliens if they came up to you and said--"; just then, Waspicable said to them, "Hello, boys."
  • Terrified, the three ran, and Waspicable amusedly fired several eyeblasts at the ground behind them and delightedly chased after them, calling out for them to wait for him.
  • At the RV, the Professor fumbled with his keys to unlock the door as Waspicable approached and blasted near them, remarking if "they" wanted evil, he'd show them evil.
  • When Waspicable charged, they ran around to the other side of the van; when the monster looked under the van and then leapt out at them, just their stiff pants and shoes remained, and they were sneaking away pantsless, but they screamed once they were discovered.
  • Waspicable told them to go ahead and run some more, as this was great, at which point Pink Ranger leapt in and kicked the monster back.
  • Looking back to tell the three she'd take over from here, Pink Ranger quickly covered her visor and apologized, telling them she wasn't looking.
  • Bulk and Skull ran with Bulk carrying a reluctant Professor who was shouting that that was his alien.


  • Outside a Phenomenus Ingenious Inc. facility, the Professor prepared to test his Evilyzer invention; he told Bulk and Skull that with the device they could give anything an attitude.
  • The Professor had Skull place a three-wheeled robot toy on the table, and the Professor considered, "Good or evil?" with Bulk and Skull mischievously excited.
  • The dial was initially turned to "Good," but the Professor turned it to "Evil," saying, "Let's see how evil we can make it."
  • After the Professor had delivered a dose of green energy waves to the toy, nothing seemed to have happened, but then the robot face contorted into a grimace, and it spoke threateningly to them; frigthened, they fled into the RV, but the toy drove off the table and flew into the RV after them.
  • Outside, Ecliptor, probably unnoticed, took the Evilyzer and walked off with it.
  • Later, in a field of tall plants, perhaps corn, Bulk, Skull, and the Professor took a break from their running; they pretended not to be afraid, but the toy drove up to them and laughed at the idea that they'd thought they could get rid of him that easily, and the three ran screaming in the direction from which they'd come.


  • At a compound somewhere, the Professor, Bulk, and Skull emerged from the RV to set up something or perhaps work on the RV's trailer; they were suddenly chased by Lizwizard, who sought the Professor's genius for a key piece of information it contained on building Astronema's "grand weapon"; during the chase, the monster shouted, "Come on, Professor. Just consider it a science experiment!"
  • Once the three had stopped and were cowering, Lizwizard fired two green warning blasts near them.
  • Lizwizard told them to relax, as they wouldn't feel anything.
  • Black Ranger leapt down, landing between the three and Lizwizard; he had them run and then proceeded to fight the monster, doing poorly against the monster's tongue attack and invisibility.


  • The Rangers fought giant Batarax in the Astro Megazord; the monster told them their defenses were useless and then emitted a steady sonic blast from the speakers in his ears, paralyzing and weakening the Megazord.
  • As the Megazord nearly collapsed, the monster's signal was suddenly neutralized; Batarax looked down toward the ground and planned to change frequencies, and the Megazord's display showed red sonic beams coming from giant Batarax and blue sonic beams hitting him from a device atop a van, quite probably Professor Phenomenus's RV.
  • As giant Batarax reached down toward the unseen van, the Megazord caught his arm with the Astro Megazord Saber in whip form, then blasted out the speakers in his ears with the Astro Megazord Blaster.


  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor were at a campsite at night with the Professor looking at the stars with a telescope, hoping to spot a UFO; meanwhile, Bulk and Skull were roasting marshmallows.
  • The Professor spotted an enormous asteroid heading for Earth, thrilling Bulk and Skull, but the Professor explained that this asteroid would destroy everything, as its force would be equivalent to several hydrogen bombs, and the impact would make the Earth as they knew it cease to exist.
  • At this point, the Professor hurried his screaming assistants to the RV.
  • The next day, as General Norquist was being driven out of NASADA, the Professor watched with his viewer device and, as the car prepared to pass by, drove the RV out from its hiding place in the bushes, blocking the car's path.
  • The driver, in camouflage fatigues, and the two uniformed guards held the three back as the Professor shouted about having to see the commander, and as Bulk and Skull shouted about a national - no, world - emergency, Norquist curiously got out and asked about the emergency.
  • The Professor said there was an asteroid heading straight for Earth, but Norquist seemed skeptical.
  • Later, following General Norquist's announcement to the world that an asteroid capable of wiping out life on the planet was headed for Earth, a channel 6 reporter asked the Professor, incorrectly pronouncing his name "Phenonemus," what their viewers should be doing if the world was on the brink of destruction; his reply was to panic, and Bulk and Skull did so.
  • Soon, people were running everywhere in panic, and military personnel were trotting alongside the personnel truck at NASADA, with the Professor, Bulk, and Skull trotting behind them before the three stopped.
  • The Professor saw a sign pointing to a restricted area where an experimental spacecraft was located, and when a loudspeaker called all guards to report to area C, making two uniformed guards leave, the three went to the experimental spacecraft area.
  • The Professor soon beheld the large Saturn V-like rocket on a launchpad nearby and planned to blast off into space before the asteroid hit.
  • The Professor, Bulk, and Skull got into the rocket from its gantry, and the rocket quickly lifted off.


  • In the desert, the Professor, Bulk, and Skull had crashed their rocket but had survived the crash unharmed, thinking they were on an alien planet.
  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor found a payphone with a shoe on the phone; they looked over a rock formation and were disappointed to find a town in the distance, realizing they were still on Earth.
  • Frightwing leapt in and confronted the three, telling them his name and that Astronema had sent him to destroy them once and for all; he then chased them, calling them Power Rangers.
  • The three soon came to a rock wall dead end; panicking, Bulk and Skull tried to have the monster take the Professor.
  • Suddenly, the six Rangers got in front of the three and told the monster to stay where he was after he'd been blasted.
  • Standing amongst the Rangers, the Professor boldly told the monster, "These, by the way, are the Power Rangers, and you are about to get your behind kicked!"; he then made crazy gestures and took an offensive stance, at which point the Rangers, Bulk, and Skull all posed with him simultaneously.
  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor hid behind a rock while the Rangers fought Frightwing.
  • Yellow Ranger loudly called out Carlos's name when Black Ranger was knocked down.
  • After Red Ranger's Silver-boosted flying kick, the Satellasers enlarged Frightwing, and the Rangers summoned the Mega Voyager.
  • Once the Winged Mega Voyager had destroyed giant Frightwing in midair with the Mega V-3 missile mode, the Professor, Bulk, and Skull cheered and met up with the six Rangers to thank them.
  • As Skull shook Red Ranger's hand triumphantly, Pink Ranger asked if they were all right, to which Skull replied in a falsetto voice, "Never better!"
  • Bulk claimed that they'd had everything under control, but then thanked the Rangers again anyway.
  • When Blue Ranger asked what the three had been doing out in the desert, they laughed weakly, and the Professor told them he couldn't answer that.
  • Red Ranger offered the three a lift back to town; soon, Pink Ranger asked Skull what he thought as he slid his hand amazed on the hovering blue Galaxy Glider, with Blue Ranger telling him to get on; he did so a little nervously, but liking it.
  • Excited, the Professor sat on the red Galaxy Glider with Red Ranger behind him; the Professor laughed and gave Red a thumbs up.
  • As the other Rangers were each on their own gliders, Bulk jumped onto the silver glider, making it wobble, and Silver got on as well, also making it wobble a bit; Bulk then sat up straight, seriously.
  • Once Red Ranger had called out, "Galaxy Gliders," and Silver, "Hang ten!" the Professor laughed, and Bulk and Skull were nervous, as the gliders flew them away.


  • After the Vacsacker monster had appeared in the plaza downtown, causing people to flee, Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus confronted him, with Bulk telling him to hold it right there.
  • Bulk and Skull were dressed as punks, but the Professor was dressed in a brown zoot suit.
  • Bulk, telling the monster not to make him use this, was wielding a striped gun-shaped device with two thin barrels, but the Professor informed him that it was his new toaster rather than an alien blaster; it was a striped toaster attached to a blaster handle.
  • Vacsacker shot a red ray from his cannon arm, making the three vanish, and he then started beaming away crowds of fleeing people as well, sending them all to Astronema's Secret City.


  • In a control room, Astronema had Quantrons bring in the guinea pigs, and they brought in Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull; the control room wasn't visible through an opaque viewing window from the testing room where the three were located.
  • Astronema fed in three data cards and activated the Data Laser, a beam apparatus which lowered and then dissolved them with a red ray which scanned them onto the data cards.
  • Later in the control room, Silver Ranger opened a file cabinet drawer which contained hundreds of data cards all lined up; quickly figuring out the computer, he proceeded to restore everyone with the blue ray after his first three test subjects, which turned out to be Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus.
  • The Professor reassured his assistants, saying they had been changed into data cards by aliens and almost transformed into mindless zombies, but they were okay now; Bulk and Skull appeared overwhelmed.


  • The night after Astronema had conquered the Earth and told the people of Angel Grove to bring her the hiding Rangers or she would destroy the planet the next morning, a small group of survivors, guarded by a Quantron standing somewhere in the general area, huddled around a fire and talked about having to do something about the situation; among them were Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus.
  • One frantic woman and a man agreed that the Rangers might have left them, but Bulk defended the Rangers, saying they'd never let them down before and that they had to believe they'd be here.
  • Frustrated the next morning by the people not having brought forth the Rangers, Astronema planned to let the destruction of Earth begin, but Bulk cried out for her to wait.
  • Boldly emerging from the crowd, Bulk declared that he was the Blue Ranger; after Skull and Professor Phenomenus had looked at each other, surprised, Skull mustered his courage and stepped forward, declaring that he was the Black Ranger, and the Professor joined in by declaring that he was the Red Ranger.
  • Now more and more people came forward, calling themselves Rangers as well; this frustrated Astronema to the point of having her forces attack.
  • When Zhane, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley stood atop a stone wall and declared seriously that they were the Power Rangers, Bulk got in Skull's face and asked with astonishment, "Them?"; Skull eyed Bulk cautiously.
  • After the five teens had morphed into the Space Rangers, the crowd cheered, and Bulk looked at Skull in bewilderment; Skull returned the look, but less so.
  • Watching with building intensity as the Rangers fought Quantrons and Piranhatrons, Bulk turned to the crowd and shouted, "Let's get in there!! Who's with me?!"; the crowd roared, and Bulk and Skull charged with them after shaking hands fiercely.
  • The crowd rushed in to help the Rangers against the Piranhatrons and Quantrons; after shoving through Quantrons, Bulk grabbed a Quantron off Silver Ranger and strangled it with one arm; Skull, meanwhile, threw a Piranhatron away from Yellow Ranger.
  • After the energy wave from the Dark Fortress in orbit had dissolved the forces of evil and demorphed the Rangers, the people cheered, Bulk and Skull hugged, and everyone hugged and congratulated the teens and Zhane, with Skull giving Cassie an enormous hug from behind.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Bulk and Skull went skydiving with the teens but didn't seem to be participating in the Jump-a-thon with them.
  • Bulk and Skull's skydiving nicknames for themselves were the Stealth Eagle and the Swooping Swallow, respectively.
  • Skydiving had been Bulk's idea.
  • Bulk and Skull waited until the plane was almost out of fuel to jump.
  • Bulk and Skull jumped out of the plane just barely after Bulk had slipped his other arm through his parachute; Skull never fastened his helmet.
  • Bulk and Skull touched down in a construction site rather than their apparent target of Ernie's for free food.
  • As the two landed, Skull was clinging to Bulk, the both of them drifting down on Bulk's parachute.
  • The next night, Bulk and Skull were at Ernie's amongst a large crowd of kids who had apparently overrun the place; while the kids were all having a great time playing with ooze in various ways, Bulk and Skull were sitting at a table with pizza and sodas; like all the kids there, the two punks had ooze smeared on their heads.
  • Fred whistled loudly, instantly getting the attention of every kid in Ernie's; he told them, "...you've all been brainwashed! Ivan's taking over the planet, and he's using all of us in his plans! And he's got our parents!" and, "Look, Ivan Ooze is evil. And if you don't come with me right now, our parents are gonna die! You gotta believe me!"; a number of kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, were later shown hurrying with Fred to the monorail to save the parents.
  • Bulk and Skull had skateboards as they hurried to the monorail.
  • At the construction site, Bulk and Skull helped Fred operate a bucket lift to try to spray the parents back from the cliff.
  • Once the parents had been saved, Bulk tried to hug Skull, but Skull made them shake hands instead.
  • At Angel Grove's Power Rangers celebration, Bulk and Skull were telling the crowd a story about facing Ivan's fifty-foot monsters and coming close to death.

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • Bulk and Skull voluntarily worked as Ivan Ooze's assistants, handing out free ooze to kids in the park, accidentally telling Fred the location of the missing parents, and ultimately helping Fred rescue the parents.

    PRZ comic book

  • During their time living together as junior police cadets, Bulk and Skull may have rented their dwelling; the apparent landlady was a middle-aged tacky dresser named Mrs. Crabtree, who frequently complained about the duo's noisy guests (Rito and Goldar).

    Bulk and Skull's cohorts
    - early friends of Bulk and Skull (103-Tmwk through 106-FdFt)
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    First Appearance: (girl) 103-Tmwk, (guy) 106-FdFt
    Last Appearance: (both) 106-FdFt


  • A punk girl hung out with Bulk and Skull in the hallway at Angel Grove High; she tried to help Bulk out of the recycle bin he was stuck in.


  • The aforementioned punk girl and an African-American teenager with shades and long braided hair hung out with Bulk and Skull at the food festival, helping to start the food fight.
  • The African-American guy landed face-first in a bucket of what may have been chili after rushing at Trini and Billy; Billy charged him $20 for it.

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